" We seek renewed reverence for the Earth and a vision of Nature as the ultimate context for human existence... "

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Welcome to Pantheist.Net!
The Internet home of the Universal Pantheist Society

Pantheist.Net is is the online home of the Universal Pantheist Society, an organization which since 1975 has provided a network for Pantheists. In Universal Pantheism, there is no creed or requirements to follow any particular belief or practices; rather we seek to provide ways for individuals to promote their own spiritual growth and understanding. Our goal is to provide Pantheism with a unified worldwide presence -- bringing Pantheists of all varieties together to share in our commonality while providing a continually growing source of information and inspiration.

What is Pantheism?

Pantheism holds that the cosmos, taken or conceived of as a whole, is synonymous with God. The Cosmos is divine, and the earth sacred.

The Cosmos is divine,
all share divinity.
Divinity does not transcend reality
  it surrounds us, and is within.

Divinity is immanent.

- Robb Miller

Pantheists do not propose belief in a deity; rather, they hold nature itself as a creative presence. Pantheism reconciles science and religion through ecology leading to strong environmental awareness.

Pantheists believe in Divine Immanence. To the Pantheist, divinity does not transcend reality; it surrounds, and is within. All share divinity. This leads the pantheist to personal ethics of tolerance and understanding.

What will you find here?

Pantheism is more than a philosophy.  It is also way of  life.  The Lifeways section presents key ideas to living a Pantheist lifestyle. 

Visit our page on Key Ideas to get an overview of modern universal Pantheism, then dig deeper on our Publications page.

The Universal Pantheist Society also offers an interactive on-line Network, an excellent place for Pantheists to gather and share ideas, information on celebratory practice,  cosmic experience, and upcoming events. You are welcome to join our online network free of charge.

When you are ready, if you would like to support the spread of pantheism and unite with other Pantheists in full membership, including subscription to our quarterly newsletter, Pantheist Vision, we invite you to join the Universal Pantheist Society. Learn more about how to join on our Membership page.

What is The Universal Pantheist Society?

The Universal Pantheist Society was the first organization to recognize Pantheism as a religion (organized under U.S. 501(c)(3) statutes).   It is a membership organization that has been serving Pantheists since 1975.  

"Faith in wilderness, or in nature as a creative force...  is a philosophy, a faith; it is even, if you like, a religion. It puts your ultimate trust not in human intelligence, but in whatever it is that created human intelligence." 

- Joseph Wood Krutch

Pantheism as "an ancient faith, but its principles have never been more relevant. It fulfills a vital need in regaining harmony between Earth and Humanity, as well as providing a satisfying world view for personal growth and human relationships".

Recognizing that freedom of belief is inherent in the Pantheist tradition, our bylaws prohibit any requirement for or subscription to any particular religious belief, doctrine, or creed. Persons uniting with the Society do so to further their own understanding of Pantheists attitudes, and through their fellowship with others find purposive means of expressing their faith in daily life.

For more information about the Society, click the Pantheist Society link.  For membership information, click the "members" button at the top of any page.

As well as being the Internet home of The Universal Pantheist Society, this website is also a starting point for information about Pantheism on other websites. While our approach is to be inclusive of all "stripes" or varieties of Pantheism, some of these other organizations hold to a specific view of Pantheism, so use your discretion in what you read. We are not responsible for the viewpoints of any other group linked to from this website. As a public service, in the spirit of promoting unification rather than division, you will find other groupsss listed on our Links page to learn about various Pantheist philosophies embraced by other groups. There is a wonderful, fulfilling, and creative diversity among Pantheists, but all are united in the our knowledge that the Cosmos is divine and the Earth is sacred.

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Pantheism \Pan"the*ism\, n. [Pan- + theism.]
Any doctrine, philosophy, or religious practice that holds Universe [cosmos], taken or conceived of as the totality of forces and/or matter, is synonymous with God.

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