Nothing Lasts...

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Subido por el 14/06/2008

One weird trip of a track!

Music by: Shpongle
Track: Nothings Lasts...
Album: Nothings Lasts...But Nothing Is Lost




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Comentarios del usuario que ha subido el vídeo ( APEXofTRUTH )

  • Now i understand the title... Nothing lasts.Only 4:30.How many of you when you're total ''lost'' hearing this mind jewel,when ends,you feel like an eternity passed over.And after that,a thought with the speed of light arrives.''Nothing lasts''.Not even eternity... But nothing is lost!! You can hear it again... ;-)

  • I have to disagree on one matter though...eternity/immortality/­infinity cannot "last" as u mentioned, else they'de become "mortality/finity/etc....

    How does something with no beginning and no end ever ends...? its rather perplexing when dimension-related arguments arise, however I believe its more "sound" to say: "Most Things Do Not Last, But Nothing is Lost"...

  •  Is there any eternity/immortality/infinity in real world? or are they only concepts?

    How is that possible that nothing lasts? I think that you will know after your death.

  • there's no experiment to prove them, but when we talk about dimensions (esp. Time) you can conclude that surely there are eternal things do exist...and yes the "Hereafter" can be the answer to all that so u either believe in it or u don't since no one came back from death and talked of his/her experience...

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  • The sound of jellyfish making love at two thousand fathoms!

  • Its raja's favorite shpongle track he sais in an interview

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  • Sorry, but that is not infinity. Each time light bounces of a mirror part of it is absorbed.  You will get only finite amount of images.

  • Tigers and DNA. what's the connection?

  • place two mirrors in front of each other, stand in the middle and look into one of them. that's infinity.

  • @baby13sc how do you know?

  • when you die, and your life flashes before your eyes, you repeat the same process over and over and over. we are all made of the same shit. life is an illusion.

    so live your life good, and enlightened. it repeats, as we are all infinite.

    nothing last, but nothing is lost.

  • Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! :o

  • well i would say that those revelations are the secrets of their universes, because they know in the feeling that comes with the truth. whether popular science agrees or not, the truest things come directly from the soul

  • you ever trip dmt?

  • belief does not ONLY rely on evidence and proof; instead, its based on a harmonious intertwining of sensations rationality & instinct. the terms U use are no more than explanatory tools that, standalone, have no logical meaning. Moreover, if U only assume the existence of materialistic things than you are forced to abide by such narrow/shallow grounds...

  • why so many pics of lions and molecular diagrams?

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