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#4562 - Friday, April 6, 2012 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights


Fred Davis's Awakening Clarity blog is featured. He put together a beautiful page about my life in nonduality.

Komal and Prem Daas are also featured.

Finally, I'm pleased to announce some extraordinary people who will appear on my Taking Nonduality Seriously panel at the Science and Nonduality Conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in early June, 2012.


I was honored to be featured on Fred Davis’s Awakening Clarity blog:

I tell some more of the nonduality story there.

What I really like is Fred’s appreciation of his guests. His introductions to each featured person make his site unique. Fred’s love, amazement, and wonder for each guest not only comes through but one can imagine that it extends to every element of existence. And that may be the great hidden value of his work, which reminds me of what Neem Karoli Baba said, “Love EveryOne, Feed EveryOne, Remember God, Tell the Truth.”


In Highlights issue #4560, the following quotation was given along with Lydia Davis's graphic design.

“Awareness is like a thread that passes through the eye of the needle to embroider in dimensions of existence on the fabric of nothingness.”

I indicated that the author of the quotation was not known. However, Highlights reader Prem Daas knew exactly where the quote came from. He had interviewed the person who spoke it. It was the teacher Komal, a sage living in Austin, Texas, who has never been featured on the Highlights. Watch the video here. I believe you'll like it:

Prem Daas writes:

It was truly my pleasure to spend a week with [Komal], filming and asking any question which arose. Near the end, he said, "All I know is that Everything Is." When he said that, a wave of love and energy flooded my entire being and I had a glimpse and a sense of what he truly meant.

Later, in I AM That, I read Nisargadatta say, "The bottom line is this: Nothing Is."

And a few weeks ago, I read Tony Parsons say, "Nothing is Everything."

What higher Truth could there be? Everything Is. Nothing Is. Nothing is Everything.


Science and Nonduality Europe ... News... Taking Nonduality Seriously panel.

I've created a second panel discussion for Euro-SAND, entitled Taking Nonduality Seriously. It features

Puppetji ,

Tim Freke

David Ellzey .

Paul Smit ,

What would you like to ask this panel? Send your question in reply to this email.

~ ~ ~

Read more about Euro - SAND and register:

~ ~ ~

What is the "new spirituality"? Contribute your creative video response to this film project that I'm pleased to endorse:

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