Meher Baba on the Triune nature of the Godhead

Tom Hickey

In God Speaks, Meher Baba discourses on three "states" of the indivisible Unity of God.  The first state is the Beyond Beyond God, of which nothing can be said. In the process of knowing itself, this state of God knows, "I am Everything."  This absolute knowledge, "I am Everything," is the Beyond state of God as Infinite Consciousness. But to be Everything, this Everything must also contain Nothing. So in knowing himself as everything, God also knows himself as Nothing. From this Nothing that is (maya literally means "that which is not") springs all worlds that appear to be in finite awarenesses. Thus, the Nothing apparently engenders all, sustains all and eventually dissolves all into itself. On attaining knowledge of the Nothing (Nirvana as Emptiness), one instantaneously realizes the Everything in the state of Infinite Consciousness (Nirvikalpa Samadhi). Most attain this on dropping the body in their last lifetime (videha mukta) and remain in this state without regaining consciousness of creation, which is after all, "less than Nothing," so nothing is lost. However, because some of the Realized have further duty to perform in the cosmic schema of things, they "come back" to embodied consciousness of creation while maintaining Infinite Consciousness. These are the Perfect Ones (jivan mukta), who "embody" the three states of God as an indivisible Unity while seeming to act as men and women. Of these a few have the role of Perfect Master (sadguru). The Avatar is the direct descent of God into human form without going through the process of evolution and involution.

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