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This Notes Author, Gary Chicoine, is a multi-faceted being in a multi-faceted Universe dwelling presently on a multi-faceted planet called Earth whose humanity is insane.  Notes are a Cosmic School for restoring genuine Cosmic Sanity to human beings on any planet that suffers from Cosmic Insanity and Ignorance.


This Notes Author, Gary Chicoine, is a retired international management consultant, a cognitive facilitator, Zen Master, Sarmoun Sufi Master, a Greater Nagual, The World Teacher, Maitreya Buddha, the Kalki Avatar Rudra Chakrin, Gabriel Chiron the Ultraterrestrial and, above all, Nobody the Taoist.  Naturally, insane humanity of the Earth takes outer social names and identities very seriously even in the spiritual field.  This problem in many respects can be ascribed to a failure to read Notes and awaken to their Cosmic Self beyond their Social Self.


This Notes Author, Gary Chicoine, is temporarily residing at Björkudden in Lapland, Sweden, which is on Lake Randijaur, 35 km west of Jokkmokk on the road to Kvikkjokk.  He will be doing Live Breakthrough Notes there until November 1st, 2007, after which he is relocating and will probably personally disappear in seclusion for another twenty years and refuse to teach again.  If you are a “Friend of the Notes Author” and want to go fully into Notes, the gateway of Direct Ultraterrestrial Encounter only opens once!


Anyone who imagines this Notes Author is going to endlessly be waiting about as a sitting duck target for superficial social gossip about Who's Who On The Spiritual Scene is nothing less than a self-deceptive prisoner of what Juan Matus calls the Flyer or Mud Shadow as described in Carlos Castaneda's book, The Active Side of Infinity.  Think about it!


This Notes Author, the Owner of a human body of the Earth called “Gary Chicoine” is actually a Cosmic Being.  In fact, if you are not a Cosmic Being beyond your bodily identity, you are just another mediocre asshole and no student or associate of this Notes Author!  What-the-fuck does it take to wake you up?   How long are you going to believe the World and its societal divisions of Socially Constructed Realities?


This Notes Author, Gary Chicoine, has no Final Teaching you can nail down as an item in your own Personally Constructed Reality of all the teachings from various sources that you have accumulated into your cognitive pattern you use to try to assess your spiritual possibilities.  For the same reason, Notes have no beginning and no end.  They are one little thread or current in Cosmic Mind Transmission or Meta-Zen.  They are hints of Cosmic Information moving in your own Sutratma, Thread-Self, which is why you should continuously do Quantum Kundalini Yoga.


This Notes Author, Gary Chicoine, is the direct individual reincarnation of Adam Shiva, father of the Aryan Race on Earth.  He is here on Earth now to finish the Cosmic Task He began thousands of years ago and which He has worked on carefully through many human lifetimes designed by His Sadguru Brahman Swami Nathji.  So, for a few discerning Cosmic Students on Earth, this is a stupendous personal opportunity to connect with this Rudra Chakrin culmination during the present Kali Yuga Climax crisis of humanity as everybody's karma is accelerated during the 2012 AD shift of the Solar System into the Ascending Dwapara Yuga in the Sun's orbit around the Ma'at Black Hole (Kali Ma) every 26,000 years.  Since this Notes Author has experienced being worshipped as God in India for thousands of years, why do so many Western assholes imagine that the Notes Author would want to be a “Cult Leader” of gullible, neurotic Westerners or even Notes-readers?  All must learn to recognize their own Shivatma, Godself!  Gary Chicoine is here to help you with that.


This Message is for the few should-be cosmic students and assistants of Gary Chicoine who should now rouse themselves to a personal cosmic journey and fresh attunement to their cosmic duties during the present cosmic transition crisis on the planet.  This message is:  Shit or get off the pot!   The Superguru is going to a lot of trouble for you right now to open this personal door at this time.  All sorts of draining and useless would-be students and assistants could potentially visit and want to form a Personality Cult.  If this were India, millions would congregate day and night chanting and beating the drums and frothing at the mouth.  Try to see how useful it is when social groupings desperately make scandalous and derogatory comments about “Gary Chicoine” out of fear that his Greater Truth would become popular and deplete their false spiritual authority over gullible adherents.  For them, Gary Chicoine is a dangerous new bull in their pasture who is competing for market share of superficial believers.  This protects his privacy!


You, the should-be associate and student, are one who is not afraid or authoritarianly upset that Gary Chicoine is the Real Thing, is an Innocently Miraculous Divine Individual with an Impeccable Reincarnational Pedigree.  You will know why personal access to Gary Chicoine has to be a very small and well-timed eventuality on this fucked-up planet of would-be attention seekers who can only uselessly belong or seek arguments of spiritual opinion.


This Note, like all Notes, really is a Note!  To see this, recognize the reason why Notes are a favorite Cosmic Mind Transmission device of this Notes Author.  Then, if you are up to it try to picture the real advantages of a live Note Session with the Notes Author which is also a Quantum Kundalini Shaktipat where both Awareness and Power are brought to bear on your should-be recipient system.


Remember:  I cannot hold this door open much longer.  Think of what would happen if thousands of Sufism or Gurdjieff Work adherents were to suddenly realize that Gary Chicoine is the Real Deal!  We can't have that, can we?  Would you want such mass insanity to happen to you?  The Malamati Path-of-Blame applies where it applies.  Learn this now!


Oh, and by the way, is it not natural discharge of Cosmic Duty to take the time of personal retirement to open a little door for personal exchange with should-be students and start providing them long stored-up important sights and sounds that were held-back because the time was not right for their release?  Why are most should-be students talking so stupidly to one another lately about such obvious things?


This Note is about Our Extraterrestrial readers who know Gary Chicoine more as Gabriel Chiron the Ultraterrestrial.  Do you have any idea why the vast majority of supposedly “spiritual” people on Earth cannot handle such information?  It is an obvious learning disability.  Do you have a learning disability?


The Notes Author is one-with-Brahman as in the old Vedantic teaching of I Am ThatGary Chicoine is the name of a physical body that directly reflects That Being and enables the writing down of this brilliant Note that is rather upsetting to those who hate the real possibility that the Notes Author is the same in essence as the Lord of the Universe.  Of course, they are the same assholes who doubted the Self-realization of Nisargadatta Maharaj when they observed His body smoking cigarettes and living as an ordinary Indian householder in Mumbai/Bombay.


Further hint:  Make deeper and more extensive use of the oracle on Absolute Interactive II or the Cosmic Teacher cannot help you where you need His help the most.  Try to understand that people are fucked-up about that oracle not because it is bad or misleading, but because it is so good and uncanny. They do not like to find out how wrong they are about so many things!  Again, they have learning disabilities that the Absolute Oracle would correct over time.


Now, make direct experience your God!  Hence, when I say, “I am God”, I mean:  “I Am Direct Experience”.  In fact, this reminds me of when Mulla Nasrudin was repeating the Zikr, “I am Cowabunga” over and over.  Now, as you must know, the old California Surfer term, cowabunga”, originally meant, “the feeling on the head of one's cock when one first puts it into the pussy”. Well, Nasrudin had transmitted the real meaning of cowabunga” to his wife, so she asked him: “Mulla, why are you repeating 'I am Cowabunga' instead of 'Ana'l Haqq' ('I am Reality')?”  His answer was,  “Because the only danger is that the Muslims will only cut off my cock instead of every limb as they did with Mansur Hallaj!”  Of course, when I say “I Am Direct Experience, I also mean along with Wei Wu Wei/Terence Gray, “Am This Here Now” which is also the Godself in English.  Therefore, this obviously means I am Divine Authority.  So, what-the-fuck are you when you realize you are not the given name of your body?  Make direct experience your God!  Cowabunga!


This Note suggests that you ask someone sometime, “Do you believe in Direct Experience?”  Then ask, “Do you believe in Gary Chicoine?”  Then ask, “Do you believe in the Supreme Extraterrestrial Note Reader?”  But please do not ask the idiotic question, “Do you believe in God?”










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