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York Dobyns


V:N Title Author(s) Link
1:1 A Brief History of the Society for Scientific Exploration P. Sturrock pdf
  Alterations in Recollection of Unusual and Unexpected Events D. Hall, et al. pdf
  Toward a Quantitative Theory of Intellectual Discovery (Esp. in Phys.) R. Fowler pdf
  Engineering Anomalies Research R. Jahn et. al. pdf
  Common Knowledge About the Loch Ness Monster H. Bauer pdf
  An Analysis of the Condon Report on the Colorado UFO Project P. Sturrock pdf
1:2 The Strange Properties of Psychokinesis H. Schmidt pdf
  What Do We Mean by "Scientific?" H. Bauer pdf
  Analysis of a UFO Photograph R. Haines pdf
  Periodically Flashing Lights Filmed Off the Coast of New Zealand B. Maccabee pdf
2:1 Commonalities in Arguments Over Anomalies H. Bauer pdf
  Remote Viewing and Computer Communications–An Experiment J. Vallee pdf
  Is There a Mars Effect? M. Gauquelin pdf
  Raising the Hurdle for the Athletes’ Mars Effect S. Ertel pdf
2:2 UFOs and NASA R. Henry pdf
  The Nature of Time Y. Terzian pdf
  Operator-Related Anomalies in a Random Mechanical Cascade B. Dunne et al. pdf
  Archaeological Anomalies in the Bahamas D. Richards pdf
  Evidence for a Short-Period Internal Clock in Humans T. Slanger pdf
  Three New Cases of Reincarnation Types in Sri Lanka With Written Records I. Stevenson et al. pdf
3:1 Arguments Over Anomalies: Polemics H. Bauer pdf
  Anomalies: Analysis and Aesthetics R. Jahn pdf
  Trends in the Study of Out-of-Body Experiences C. Alvarado pdf
  A Methodology for the Objective Study of Transpersonal Imagery W. Braud / M. Schlitz pdf
  The Influence of Intention on Random and Pseudorandom Events D. Radin / J. Utts pdf
  Case of Possession Type in India With Evidence of Paranormal Knowledge I. Stevenson et al. pdf
3:2 New Ideas in Science T. Gold pdf
  Photo Analysis of an Aerial Disc Over Costa Rica R. Haines / J. Vallee pdf
  Three Cases of Children in Northern India Who Remember a Previous Life A. Mills pdf
  ‘‘Signatures’’ in Anomalous Human-Machine Interaction Data D. Radin pdf
  A Case of Severe Birth Defects Possibly Due to Cursing I. Stevenson pdf
4:1 Biochemical Traumatology/Plant Metabolic Disorders in a UFO Landing M. Bounias pdf
  Return to Trans-en-Provence J. Vallee pdf
  Analysis of Anomalous Physical Traces: 1981 Trans-en-Provence UFO Case J. Velasco pdf
  Physical Interpretation of Very Small Concentrations H. Bauer pdf
  Luminous Phenomena and Seismic Energy in the Central United States J. Derr / M. Persinger pdf
  Photo Analysis of an Aerial Disc Over Costa Rica: New Evidence R. Haines / J. Vallee pdf
  A Scientific Inquiry Into the Validity of Astrology J. McGrew / R. McFall pdf
  Planetary Influences on Human Behavior: Absurd for a Scientific Explanation? A. Müller pdf
  Five Arguments Against Extraterrestrial Origin of Unidentified Flying Objects J. Vallee pdf
4:2 Using the Study of Anomalies to Enhance Critical Thinking in the Classroom M. Swords pdf
  Observations of Electromagnetic Signals Prior to California Earthquakes M. Adams pdf
  Bayesian Analysis of Random Event Generator Data W. Jefferys pdf
  Moslem Case of Reincarnation Type in Northern India: Analysis of 26 Cases A. Mills pdf
  Electromagnetic Disturbances Associated With Earthquakes M. Parrot pdf
  Extrasensory Interactions Between Homo Sapiens and Microbes C. Pleass / N. Dey pdf
  Correlation Between Mental Processes and External Random Events H. Schmidt pdf
  Phobias in Children Who Claim to Remember Previous Lives I. Stevenson pdf
  A Gas Discharge Device for Investigating Focused Human Attention W. Tiller pdf
  Radio Emissions From an Earthquake J. Warwick pdf
5:1 The Cydonian Hypothesis J. Brandenburg et al. pdf
  Cases in Burma, Thailand, and Turkey: Aspects of I. Stevenson’s Research J. Keil pdf
  Effects of Consciousness on the Fall of Dice: A Meta-Analysis D. Radin / D. Ferrari pdf
  The Wasgo or Sisiutl: A Cryptozoological Sea-Animal M. Swords pdf
  The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis Is Not That Bad R. Wood pdf
  Toward a Second-Degree Extraterrestrial Theory of UFOs J. Vallee pdf
  Low-Frequency Emissions: Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions in Japan T. Yoshino pdf
5:2 Eccles’s Model of Mind-Brain Interaction and Psychokinesis W. Giroldini pdf
  Ball Lightning and St. Elmo’s Fire as Forms of Thunderstorm Activity A. Grigorev et al. pdf
  Social Scientific Paradigms for Investigating Anomalous Experience J. McClenon pdf
  Count Population Profiles in Engineering Anomalies Experiments R. Jahn et al. pdf
  Children Claiming Past-Life Memories: Four Cases in Sri Lanka E. Haraldsson pdf
6:1 Can the UFO Extraterrestrial Hypothesis and Vallee Hypotheses Be Reconciled? W. Bramley pdf
  Learning for Discovery: Establishing the Foundations R. Domaingue pdf
  On the Bayesian Analysis of REG Data (Response from W. Jefferys) Y. Dobyns pdf
  Electrodynamic Activities and Their Role in the Organization of Body Pattern M. W. Ho et al. pdf
6:2 Review of Approaches to the Study of Spontaneous Psi Experiences R. White pdf
  Survival or Super-Psi?: Interchange Responses S. Braude / I. Stevenson pdf
  The Psychokinesis Effect: Geomagnetic Influence, Age and Sex Differences L. Gissurarson pdf
  Are Reincarnation Type Cases Shaped by Parental Guidance? S. Pasricha pdf
6:3 Heim’s Theory of Elementary Particle Structures T. Auerbach pdf
  Better Blood Through Chemistry: A Laboratory Replication of a Miracle M. Epstein pdf
  The Gauquelin Effect Explained? Comments on Müller’s Planetary Correlations S. Ertel pdf
  The Gauquelin Effect Explained? A Rejoinder to Ertel’s Critique A. Müller pdf
  Ball Lightning Penetration into Closed Rooms: 43 Eyewitness Accounts A. Grivorev et al. pdf
  A Series of Possibly Paranormal Recurrent Dreams I. Stevenson pdf
6:4 Experiments in Remote Human/Machine Interaction B. Dunne et al. pdf
  A Low Light Level Diffraction Experiment for Anomalies Research S. Jeffers et al. pdf
  A New Look at Maternal Impressions: An Analysis of 50 Published Cases I. Stevenson pdf
  Alternative Healing Therapy on Regeneration Rate of Salamander Forelimbs D. Wirth et al. pdf
7:1 Accultured Topographical Effects of Shamanic Trance Consciousness P. Devereux pdf
  Mainstream Sciences vs. Parasciences: Toward an Old Dualism? G. L. Eberlein pdf
  Existence of Life and Homeostasis in an Atmospheric Environment S. Moriyama pdf
  A Guide to UFO Research M. D. Swords pdf
7:2 Non-Causality as the Earmark of Psi H. Schmidt pdf
  Adequate Epistemology for Scientific Exploration of Consciousness W. W. Harman pdf
  Puzzling Eminence Effects Might Make Good Sense S. Ertel pdf
  Comments on Puzzling Eminence Effects J. W. Nienhuys pdf
  A Systematic Survey of Near-Death Experiences in South India S. Pasricha pdf
  The Willamette Pass Oregon UFO Photo Revisited: An Explanation I. Wieder pdf
7:3 Near Death Experiences: Evidence for Life After Death? M. Schröter-Kunhardt pdf
  Analysis of the May 18, 1992 UFO Sighting in Gulf Breeze, Florida B. Maccabee pdf
  Selection Versus Influence in Remote REG Anomalies Y. Dobyns pdf
  Dutch Investigation of the Gauquelin Mars Effect J. Nienhuys pdf
  Comments on Dutch Investigations of the Gauquelin Mars Effect S. Ertel pdf
  What Are Subtle Energies? W. Tiller pdf
7:4 Explaining the Mysterious Sounds Produced by Very Large Meteor Fireballs C. S. L. Keay pdf
  Neural Network Analyses of Consciousness-Related Patterns D. I. Radin pdf
  Applied Parapsychology: Studies of Psychics and Healers S. A. Schouten pdf
  Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons I. Stevenson pdf
  The ‘‘Enemies’’ of Parapsychology R. McConnell pdf
8:1 Survey of the American Astronomical Society Concerning UFOs: Part 1 P. Sturrock pdf
  Anatomy of a Hoax: The Philadelphia Experiment Fifty Years Later J. Vallee pdf
  Healing and the Mind: Is There a Dark Side? L. Dossey pdf
  Alleged Experiences Inside UFOs: An Analysis of Abduction Reports V. Ballester Olmos pdf
  What I See When I Close My Eyes R. Targ pdf
8:2 Survey of the American Astronomical Society Concerning UFOs: Part 2 P. Sturrock pdf
  Series Position Effects in Random Event Generator Experiments B. Dunne et al. pdf
  Re-Examination of the Law of Conservation of Mass in Chemical Reactions K. Volkamer et al. pdf
  The ‘Genius Hypothesis’: Exploratory Concepts for Creativity E. Laszlo pdf
8:3 Survey of the American Astronomical Society Concerning UFOs: Part 3 P. Sturrock pdf
  Strong Magnetic Field Detected Following a Sighting of an UFO B. Maccabee pdf
  Complementary Healing Therapy for Patients with Type I Diabetes Mellitus D. P. Wirth pdf
  Report of an Indian Swami Claiming to Materialize Objects E. Haraldsson pdf
8:4 Scientific Analysis of Four Photos of a Flying Disk Near Lac Chauvet, France P. Guérin pdf
  A Linear Pendulum Experiment: Operator Intention on Damping Rate R. D. Nelson pdf
  Applied Scientific Inference P. A. Sturrock pdf
  The Mind-Brain Problem J. Beloff pdf
9:1 Unconventional Water Detection: Field Test of Dowsing in Dry Zones: Part 1 H. Betz pdf
  Digital Video Analysis of Anomalous Space Objects M. Carlotto pdf
  The Critical Role of Analytical Science in the Study of Anomalies M. Epstein pdf
  Near-Death Experiences in South India: A Systematic Survey S. Pasricha pdf
  Human Consciousness Influence on Water Structure L. Pyatnitsky / V. Fonkin pdf
9:2 Unconventional Water Detection: Field Test of Dowsing in Dry Zones: Part 2 H. Betz pdf
  Semi-molten Meteoric Iron Associated with a Crop Formation W. Levengood / J. Burke pdf
  Experiments on a Possible g-Ray Emission Caused by a Chemical Proces V. Noninski et al. pdf
  The Effect of Paranormal Healing on Tumor Growth F. Snel / P. van der Sijde pdf
  Psychokinetic Action of Young Chicks on the Path of An Illuminated Source R. Peoc’h pdf
  Eddington’s Thinking on the Relation between Science and Religion A. Batten pdf
  Two Kinds of Knowledge: Maps and Stories H. Bauer pdf
9:3 Experiments on Claimed Beta Particle Emission Decay V. Noninski et al. pdf
  Assessing Commonalities in Randomly Paired Individuals T. Rowe et al. pdf
  Anomalously Large Body Voltage Surges on Exceptional Subjects W. Tiller et al. pdf
  Six Modern Apparitional Experiences I. Stevenson pdf
  Viewing the Future: A Pilot Study with an Error-Detecting Protocol R. Targ et al. pdf
  Could Extraterrestrial Intelligences be Expected to Breathe Our Air? M. Swords pdf
9:4 Decision Augmentation Theory: Applications to Random Number Generators E. May pdf
  Extrasensory Perception of Subatomic Particles & Referee Interchange (Dobyns) S. Phillips pdf
  North American Indian Effigy Mounds A. Apostol pdf
  A Holistic Aesthetic for Science B. Kirchoff pdf
10:1 An Assessment of the Evidence for Psychic Functioning J. Utts pdf
  Evaluation of a Program on Anomalous Mental Phenomena R. Hyman pdf
  CIA-Initiated Remote Viewing Program at Stanford Research Institute H. Puthoff pdf
  Remote Viewing at Stanford Research Institute in the 1970s: A Memoir R. Targ pdf
  American Institutes for Research Review of the STAR GATE Program E. May pdf
  FieldREG Anomalies in Group Situations R. Nelson et al. pdf
  Anomalous Organization of Random Events by Group Consciousness D. Radin et al. pdf
10:2 Critical Review of the ‘‘Cold Fusion’’ Effect E. Storms pdf
  Do Nuclear Reactions Take Place Under Chemical Stimulation? J. Bockris et al. pdf
  Claimed Transmutation of Elements Caused by a Chemical Process V. Noninski et al. pdf
  Selection Versus Influence Revisited: New Methods and Conclusions Y. Dobyns pdf
  Illegitimate Science? A Personal Story B. Maccabee pdf
  Anomalous Phenomena Observed in the Presence of a Brazilian ‘‘Sensitive’’ S. Krippner et al. pdf
10:3 Mass Modification Experiment Definition Study R. Forward pdf
  Atmospheric Mass Loss on Mars and the Consequences H. Lammer pdf
  Exploring Correlations Between Local Emotional and Global Emotional Events D. Bierman pdf
  Archetypes, Neurognosis and the Quantum Sea C. Laughlin pdf
10:4 Distance Healing of Patients with Major Depression B. Greyson pdf
  Cases of the Reincarnation Type: Evaluation of Some Indirect Evidence J. Keil pdf
  Enhanced Congruence Between Dreams and Distant Target Material S. Krippner et al. pdf
  Recent Responses to Survival Research (Responses by Braude & Wheatley) R. Almeder pdf
  Toward a Philosophy of Science in Women’s Health Research A. Lettieri pdf
11:1 Biased Data Selection in Mars Effect Research S. Ertel / K. Irving pdf
  Is the ‘‘Mars Effect’’ Genuine? P. Kurtz et al. pdf
  Fortean Phenomena on Film: Evidence or Artifact? R. Lange / J. Houran pdf
  Wishing for Good Weather: A Natural Experiment in Group Consciousness R. Nelson pdf
  Empirical Evidence for a Non-Classical Experimenter Effect H. Walach / S. Schmidt pdf
  Consciousness, Causality, and Quantum Physics D. Pratt pdf
11.2 Anomalous Cognition Experiments and Local Sidereal Time S. J. P. Spottiswoode pdf
  Evidence that Objects on Mars are Artificial in Origin M. Carlotto pdf
  The Astrology of Time Twins: A Re-Analysis & Referee Interchange (Roberts) C. French et al. pdf
  Unconscious Perception of Future Emotions: An Experiment in Presentiment D. Radin pdf
  A Bayesian Maximum-Entropy Approach to Hypothesis Testing P. Sturrock pdf
  Planetary Diameters in the Surya-Siddhanta R. Thompson pdf
  Science of the Subjective R. Jahn / B. Dunne pdf
11:3 Accessing Anomalous States of Consciousness with Binaural Beat Technology F. Holmes Atwater pdf
  The ‘‘Mars Effect’’ As Seen by the Committee PARA J. Dommanget pdf
  Astrology and Sociability: A Comparative Psychological Analysis S. Fuzeau-Braesch pdf
  Comparison Between Children With and Without Previous-Life Memories E. Haraldsson pdf
  Did Life Originate in Space? Discussion of Implications of Recent Research A. Mugan pdf
  Correlations of Random Binary Sequences with Pre-Stated Operator Intention R. Jahn et al pdf
  The Hidden Side of Wolfgange Pauli: An Encounter with Depth Psychology Atmanspacher / Primas pdf
11:4 Topographic Brain Mapping of UFO Experiencers N. Don / G. Moura pdf
  Toward a Model Relating Empathy, Charisma, and Telepathy J. Donovan pdf
  The Zero-Point Field and the NASA Challenge of Create the Space Drive B. Haisch / A. Rueda pdf
  Motivation and Meaningful Coincidence: Further Examination of Synchronicity T. Rowe et al. pdf
  A Critique of Arguments Offered Against Reincarnation R. Almeder pdf
  The Archaeology of Consciousness P. Devereux pdf
12:1 Terminological Reform in Parapsychology: A Giant Step Backward S. E. Braude pdf
  Gender Differences in Human/Machine Anomalies B. Dunne pdf
  Statement Validity Analysis of ‘‘Jim Ragsdale Story’’: Roswell Implications J. Houran / S. Porter pdf
  Experiment Effects in Scientific Research: How Widely Are They Neglected? R. Sheldrake pdf
  Roswell—Anatomy of a Myth K. Jeffery pdf
  A Different View of ‘‘Roswell—Anatomy of a Myth’’ M. Swords pdf
  Critique of ‘‘Roswell—Anatomy of a Myth’’ R. Wood pdf
12:2 Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports P. A. Sturrock et al pdf
  Empirical Evidence Against Decision Augmentation Theory Y. Dobyns / R. Nelson pdf
  Cases of Reincarnation in Northern India with Birthmarks and Birth Defects S. Pasricha pdf
  Can the Vacuum Be Engineered for Spaceflight Applications? H. E. Puthoff pdf
  Four Paradoxes Involving the Second Law of Thermodynamics D. Sheehan pdf
  The Paranormal is not Excluded from Physics O. Costa de Beauregard pdf
12:3 Estimates of Optical Power Output in Six Cases of Unexplained Aerial Objects J. Vallee pdf
  Analyses in Ten Cases of Unexplained Aerial Objects with Material Samples J. Vallee pdf
  Do Near-Death Experiences Provide Evidence for Survival of Human Personality E. Cook et al. pdf
  Anomalous Statistical Influence Depends on Details of Random Process M. Ibison pdf
  FieldREG II: Consciousness Field Effects: Replications and Explorations R. D. Nelson et al. pdf
  Biological Effects of Very Low Frequency (VLF) Atmospherics in Humans A. Schienle et al. pdf
12:4 The Timing of Conscious Experience: Causality-Violating F. A. Wolf pdf
  Double-Slit Diffraction Experiment of Investigate Consciousness Anomalies M. Ibison / S. Jeffers pdf
  Techno-Dowsing: A Physiological Response System to Improve Psi Training P. Stevens pdf
  Physical Measurement of Episodes of Focused Group Energy W. Rowe pdf
  Experimental Studies of Telepathic Group Communication of Emotions J. Dalkvist / Westerlund pdf
  Strategies for Dissenting Scientists B. Martin pdf
13:1 Significance Levels for the Assessment of Anomalous Phenomena R. A. J. Matthews pdf
  Retrotransposons as Engines of Human Bodily Transformation C. A. Kelleher pdf
  A Rescaled Range Analysis of Random Events F. Pallikari / E. Boller pdf
  Subtle Domain Connections to the Physical Domain Aspect of Reality W. A. Tiller pdf
  Parapsychology In Intelligence: A Personal Review and Conclusions K. A. Kress pdf
  Dreaming Consciousness: More Than a Bit Player in the Mind/Body Problem M. Ullman pdf
13:2 The Effect of ‘‘Healing with Intent’’ on Pepsin Enzyme Activity T. Bunnell pdf
  Electronic Device-Mediated pH Changes in Water W. Dibble / W. Tiller pdf
  Variations on the Foundations of Dirac’s Quantum Physics J. Edmonds pdf
  Do Cases of the Reincarnation Type Show Similar Features Over Many Years? J. Keil / I. Stevenson pdf
  Optical Power Output of an Unidentified High Altitude Light Source B. Maccabee pdf
  Registration of Actual and Intended Eye Gaze: Correlation with Spiritual Beliefs G. Schwartz / L. Russek pdf
  Real Communication? Report on a SORRAT Letter-Writing Experiment I. Grattan-Guinness pdf
  What are the Irreducible Components of the Scientific Enterprise? I. Stevenson pdf
  Anomalies in the History of Relativity I. McCausland pdf
  Magic of Signs: A Nonlocal Interpretation of Homeopathy H. Walach pdf
13:3 Second Sight and Family History: Pedigree and Segregation Analyses S. Cohn pdf
  Mound Configurations on the Martian Cydonia Plain H. Crater / S. McDaniel pdf
  Geomorphology of Selected Massifs on the Plains of Cydonia, Mars D. Pieri pdf
  Atmosphere or UFO? A Response to the 1997 SSE Review Panel Report B. Maccabee pdf
  An Unusual Case of Stigmatization M. Margnelli pdf
  Methuselah: Oldest Myth or Oldest Man? L. McKague pdf
  Analysis of Technically Inventive Dream-Like Mental Imagery B. Towe / Randall-May pdf
  Exploring the Limits of Direct Mental Influence: Two Studies C. Watt et al. pdf
13:4 Experimental Systems in Mind-Matter Research R. Morris pdf
  Basic Elements and Problems of Probability Theory H. Primas pdf
  The Significance of Statistics in Mind-Matter Research R. Utts pdf
  Introductory Remarks on Large Deviations Statistics Amann / Atmanspacher pdf
  p-adic Information Spaces. Small Probabilities and Anomalous Phenomena A. Khrennikov pdf
  Towards an Understanding of the Nature of Racial Prejudice Hoyle / Wickramasinghe pdf
  Clyde Tombaugh, Mars and UFOs M. Swords pdf
14:1 Investigating Deviations from Dynamical Randomness with Scaling Indices Atmanspacher et al. pdf
  Valentich Disappearence: New Evidence and New Conclusion R. Haines / P. Norman pdf
  Protection of Mice from Tularemia with Ultra-Low Agitated Dilutions W. Jonas / D. Dillner pdf
  The Correlation of the Gradient of Shannon Entropy and Anomalous Cognition May / Spottiswoode / Faith pdf
  Contributions to Variance in REG Experiments: ANOVA Models R. Nelson et al. pdf
  Publication Bias: The ‘‘File-Drawer’’ Problem in Scientific Inference J. Scargle pdf
  Remote Viewing in a Group Setting R. Targ / J. Katra pdf
14:2 Overview of Several Theoretical Models on PEAR Data Y. Dobyns pdf
  The Ordering of Random Events by Emotional Expression R. Blasband pdf
  Energy, Fitness and Information-Augmented EMFs in Drosophila melanogaster M. Kohane / W.Tiller pdf
  A Dog That Seems to Know When His Owner Is Coming Home R. Sheldrake / P. Smart pdf
  What Can Elementary Particles Tell Us About the World in Which We Live? R. Bryan pdf
  Modern Physics and Subtle Realms: Not Mutually Exclusive R. Klauber pdf
14:3 Plate Tectonics: A Paradigm Under Threat D. Pratt pdf
  The Effect of the ‘‘Laying On of Hands’’ on Transplanted Breast Cancer in Mice B. Bengston / Krinsley pdf
  Stability of Assessments of Paranormal Connections in Reincarnation Type Cases I. Stevenson / J. Keil pdf
  ArtREG: A Random Event Experiment Utilizing Picture-Preference Feedback R. G. Jahn et al. pdf
  Can Population Growth Rule Out Reincarnation? D. Bishai pdf
  The Mars Effect is Genuine S. Ertel / K. Irving pdf
  Bulky Mars Effect Hard to Hide S. Ertel pdf
  What Has Science Come to? H. Arp pdf
14:4 Mind/Machine Interaction Consortium: PortREG Replication Experiments Jahn / Mischo / Vaitl et al. pdf
  Unusual Play in Young Children Who Claim to Remember Previous Lives I. Stevenson pdf
  A Scale to Measure the Strength of Children’s Claims of Previous Lives J. B. Tucker pdf
  Reanalysis of the 1965 Heflin UFO Photos Druffel / Wood / Kelson pdf
  Should You Take Aspirin to Prevent Heart Attack? J. M. Kauffman pdf
15:1 The Biomedical Significance of Homocysteine K. McCully pdf
  20th and 21st Century Science: Reflections and Projections R. G. Jahn pdf
  To Be Or Not to Be! A ‘Paraphysics’ for the New Millennium J. E. Beichler pdf
  Science of the Future in Light of Alterations of Consciousness I. Barušs pdf
  Composition Analysis of the Brazil Magnesium P. A. Sturrock pdf
  Does Recurrent ISP Involve More Than Congnitive Neuroscience? J.-C. Terrillon / S. Marques Bonham pdf
15:2 The Scole Investigation: Critical Analysis of Paranormal Physical Phenomena M. Keen pdf
  Bio-photons and Bio-communication R. VanWijk pdf
  Scalar Waves: Theory and Experiments K. Meyl pdf
  Commentary: On Existence of K. Meyl’s Scalar Waves G. W. Bruhn pdf
  Cases of the Reincarnation Type in South India: Why So Few Reports? S. K. Pasricha pdf
  Mind, Matter, and Diversity of Stable Isotopes J. P. Pui / A. A. Berezin pdf
  Are the Apparitions of Medjugorge Real? J. P. Pandarakalam pdf
  Where Do We File ‘Flying Saucers’? Archivist and Uncertainty Principle H. Evans pdf
  The Bakken: A Library and Museum of Electricity in Life D. Stillings pdf
15:3 A Modular Model of Mind/Matter Manifestations (M5) R. G. Jahn / B. J. Dunne pdf
  The Speed of Thought: Complex Space-Time Metric and Psychic Phenomenon E. A. Rauscher / R. Targ pdf
  Failure to Replicate Electronic Voice Phenomenon I. Baruss pdf
  Experimental Study on Precognition Vasilescu / Vasilescu pdf
  Unexplained Temporal Coincidence of Crystallization Constain / Davies pdf
15:4 The Challenge of Consciousness R. G. Jahn pdf
  Anomalies and Surprises H. H. Bauer pdf
  Earth Geodynamic Hypotheses Updated N. C. Smoot pdf
  Unexplained Weight Gain Transients at the Moment of Death L. E. Hollander, Jr. pdf
  Physico-Chemical Properties of Water Following Exposure to Resonant Circuits C. Cardella et al. pdf
16:1 Can Physics Accommodate Clairvoyance, Precognition, and Psychokinesis? R. Shoup pdf
  The Pineal Gland and the Ancient Art of Iatromathematica F. McGillion pdf
  Confounds in Deciphering the Ramey Memo from the Roswell UFO Case J. Houran / K. D. Randle pdf
  The Pathology of Organized Skepticism L. D. Leiter pdf
  Aspects of the Wave Mechanics of Two Particles in a Many Body Quantum System Y. S. Jain pdf
  Microscopic Theory of a System of Interacting Bosons: A Unifying New Approach Y. S. Jain pdf
  Unification of the Physics of Interacting Bosons and Fermions Y. S. Jain pdf
16:2 Arguing for an Observational Theory of Paranormal Phenomena J. M. Houtkooper pdf
  Differential Event-Related Potentials to Targets and Decoys in Guessing Task McDonough et al. pdf
  Stigmatic Phenomena: An Alleged Case in Brazil S. Krippner pdf
  The Case for the Loch Ness ‘‘Monster’’: The Scientific Evidence H. H. Bauer pdf
  What’s an Editor to Do? H. H. Bauer pdf
16:3 M*: Vector Representation of the Subliminal Seed Regime of M5 R. G. Jahn pdf
  Can Longitudinal Electromagnetic Waves Exist? G. W. Bruhn pdf
  Development of Certainty about the Deceased in Reincarnation Case in Lebano Haraldsson / Izzeddin pdf
  Manifestation and Effects of External Qi of Yan Xin Life Science Technology Yan et al. pdf
  Face-Like Feature at West Candor Chasma, Mars MGS Image AB 108403 Crater / Levasseur pdf
  A Search for Anomalies W. R. Corliss pdf
  Common Knowledge about the Loch Ness Monster: Television, Videos, and Film H. H. Bauer pdf
16:4 Relationships Between Random Physical Events and Mass Human Attention D. Radin pdf
  Coherent Consciousness and Reduced Randomness: Correlations on 9/11/2001 R. D. Nelson pdf
  Was There Evidence of Global Consciousness on September 11, 2001? J. Scargle pdf
  A Dog That Seems To Know When His Owner Is Coming Home D. Radin pdf
  An Investigation on the Activity Pattern of Alchemical Transmutations J. Pérez-Pariente pdf
  Anomalies in Relativistic Rotation R. D. Klauber pdf
  The Vardøgr, Perhaps Another Indicator of the Non-Locality of Consciousness L. D. Leiter pdf
  Review of the Perrott-Warrick Conference Held at Cambridge, 3–5 April, 2000 B. Carr pdf
  Wavelike Coherence and CPT Invariance: Sesames of the Paranormal O. Costa de Beauregard pdf
  Why Only Four Dimensions Will Not Explain Relationships in Precognition Rauscher / Targ pdf
17:1 Problems Reporting Anomalous Observations in Anthropology C. Richards pdf
  The Fringe of American Archaeology A. B. Kehoe pdf
  Rocks That Crackle and Sparkle and Glow: Strange Pre-Earthquake Phenomena F. T. Freund pdf
  Poltergeists, Electromagnetism and Consciousness W. G. Roll pdf
  AIDS: Scientific or Viral Catastrophe? N. Hodgkinson pdf
17:2 Information and Uncertainty in Remote Perception Research B. J. Dunne / R. G. Jahn pdf
  Problems of Reproducibility in Complex Mind–Matter Systems H. Atmanspacher pdf
  Parapsychology: Science or Pseudo-Science? M.-C. Mousseau pdf
  The Similarity of Features of Reincarnation Type Cases Over Many Years: A Third Study I. Stevenson / E. Haraldsson pdf
  Communicating with the Dead: The Evidence Ignored. Why Paul Kurtz is Wrong M. Keen pdf
  Purported Anomalous Perception in a Highly Skilled Individual: Observations, Interpretations, Compassion G. E. Schwartz / L. A. Nelson / L. G Russek pdf
  Proof Positive—Loch Ness Was an Ancient Arm of the Sea R. H. Rines pdf
17:3 Radiation Hormesis: Demonstrated, Deconstructed, Denied, Dismissed, and Some Implications for Public Policy J. M. Kauffman pdf
  Video Analysis of an Anomalous Image Filmed during Apollo 16 H. Nakamura pdf
  The Missing Science of Ball Lightning D. J. Turner pdf
  Pattern Count Statistics for the Analysis of Time Series in Mind-Matter Studies W. Ehm pdf
  Replication Attempt: No Development of pH or Temperature Oscillations in Water Using Intention Imprinted Electronic Devices L. I. Mason / R. P. Patterson pdf
  Three Cases of the Reincarnation Type in the Netherlands T. Rivas pdf
17:4 Testing a Language-Using Parrot for Telepathy R. Sheldrake / A. Morgana pdf
  Skin Conductance Prestimulus Response: Analyses, Artifacts and a Pilot Study S. J. P. Spottiswoode / E. C. May pdf
  Effects of Frontal Lobe Lesions on Intentionality and Random Physical Phenomena M. Freedman / S. Jeffers / K. Saeger / M. Binns / S. Black pdf
  The Use of Music Therapy as a Clinical Intervention for Physiologic Functional Adaptation D. S. Berger / D. J. Schneck pdf
  Media Coverage of Parapsychology and the Prevalence of Irrational Beliefs M.-C. Mousseau pdf
  The Einstein Mystique I. McCausland pdf
18:1 A Retrospective on the Journal of Scientific Exploration B. Haisch / M. Sims pdf
  Anomalous Experience of a Family Physician J. H. Armstrong, Sr. pdf
  Historical Overview and Basic Facts Involved in the Sasquatch or Bigfoot Phenomenon J. Green pdf
  The Sasquatch: An Unwelcome and Premature Zoological Discovery? J. A. Bindernagel pdf
  Midfoot Flexibility, Fossil Footprints, and Sasquatch Steps: New Perspectives on the Evolution of Bipedalism D. J. Meldrum pdf
  Low-Carbohydrate Diets J. M. Kauffman pdf
18:2 Analysis of the Columbia Shuttle Disaster—Anatomy of a Flawed Investigation in a Pathological Organization J. P. MacLean / G. Campbell / S. Seals pdf
  A Long-Term Scientific Survey of the Hessdalen Phenomenon M. Teodorani pdf
  Electrodermal Presentiments of Future Emotions D. I. Radin pdf
  Intelligent Design: Ready for Prime Time? A. D. Gishlick pdf
  On Events Possibly Related to the ‘‘Brazil Magnesium’’ P. Kaufmann / P. A. Sturrock pdf
  Entropy and Subte Interactions G. Moddel pdf
  Can a Single Bubble Sink a Ship? D. Deming pdf
18:3 The MegaREG Experiment Y. H. Dobyns et al. pdf
  Replication and Interpretation Time-Series Analysis of a Catalog of UFO Events: Evidence of a Local-Sidereal-Time Modulation P. A. Sturrock pdf
  Challenging Dominant Physics Paradigms J. M. Campanario / B. Martin pdf
  Ball Lightning and Atmospheric Light Phenomena: A Common Origin? T. Wessel-Berg pdf
18:4 Sensors, Filters, and the Source of Reality R. G. Jahn / B. J. Dunne pdf
  The Hum: An Anomalous Sound Heard Around the World D. Deming pdf
  Experimental Test of Possible Psychological Benefits of Past-Life Regression K. Woods / I. Barušs pdf
  Inferences from the Case of Ajendra Singh Chauhan: The Effect of Parental Questioning, of Meeting the "Previous Life" Family, an Attempt to Quantify Probabilities, and the Impact on His Life as a Young Adult A. Mills pdf
  Science in the 21st Century: Knowledge Monopolies and Research Cartels H. H. Bauer pdf
  Organized Skepticism Revisited L. D. Leiter pdf
19:1 The Effect of a Change in Pro Attitude on Paranormal Performance: A Pilot Study Using Naive and Sophisticated Skeptics L. Storm / M. A. Thalbourne pdf
  The Paradox of Planetary Metals Y. Almirantis pdf
  An Integrated Alternative Conceptual Framework to Heat Engine Earth, Plate Tectonics, and Elastic Rebound S. T. Tassos / D. J. Ford pdf
  Children Who Claim to Remember Previous Lives: Cases with Written Records Made before the Previous Personality Was Identified H. H. Jürgen Keil / J. B. Tucker pdf
19:2 Balls of Light: The Questionable Science of Crop Circles F. Grassi / C. Cocheo / P. Russo pdf
  Children of Myanmar Who Behave like Japanese Soldiers: A Possible Third Element in Personality I. Stevenson / J. Keil pdf
  Challenging the Paradigm B. Maccabee pdf
  The PEAR Proposition R. G. Jahn / B. J. Dunne pdf
  Global Warming, the Politicization of Science, and Michael Crichton’s State of Fear D. Deming pdf
19:3 A State of Belief Is a State of Being C. Eisenstein pdf
  Anomalous Orbic ‘‘Spirit’’ Photographs? A Conventional Optical Explanation G. E. Schwartz / K. Creath pdf
  Some Bodily Malformations Attributed to Previous Lives S. K. Pasricha et al. pdf
  A State of Belief Is a State of Being C. Eisenstein pdf
  HIV, As Told by Its Discoverers H. H. Bauer pdf
  Kicking the Sacred Cow: Questioning the Unquestionable And Thinking the Impermissible H. H. Bauer pdf
19:4 Among the Anomalies J. Clark pdf
  What Biophoton Images of Plants Can Tell Us about Biofields and Healing K. Creath / G. E. Schwartz pdf
  Demographic Characteristics of HIV: I. How Did HIV Spread? H. H. Bauer pdf
20:1 Half a Career with the Paranormal I. Stevenson pdf
  Pure Inference with Credibility Functions M. Aickin pdf
  Questioning Answers on the Hessdalen Phenomenon M. Leone pdf
  Hessdalen Research: A Few Non-Questioning Answers M. Teodorani pdf
  Demographic Characteristics of HIV: II. How Did HIV Spread H. H. Bauer pdf
  Organized Opposition to Plate Techtonics: The New Concepts in Global Tectonics Group D. Pratt pdf
20:2 Time-Normalized Yield: A Natrual Unit for Effect Size in Anomalies Experiments R. D. Nelson pdf
  The Relative Motion of the Earth and the Ether Detected S. J. G. Gift pdf
  A Unified Theory of Ball Lightning and Unexplained Atmospheric Lights P. F. Coleman pdf
  Experimenter Effects in Laboratory Tests of ESP and PK Using a Common Protocol C. A. Roe / R. Davey / P. Stevens pdf
  Demographic Characteristics of HIV: III. Why Does HIV Discriminate by Race H. H. Bauer pdf
20:3 Assessing the Evidence for Mind-Matter Interaction Effects D. Radin et al. pdf
  Experiments Testing Models of Mind-Matter Interaction D. Radin pdf
  A Critique of the Parapsychological Random Number Generator Meta-Analyses of Radin and Nelson M. H. Schub pdf
  Comment on: "A Critique of the Parapsychological Random Number Generator Meta-Analyses of Radin and Nelson" J. D. Scargle pdf
  The Two-Edged Sword of Skepticism: Occam’s Razor and Occam’s Lobotomy H. H. Bauer pdf
20:4 Consciousness and the Anomalous Organization of Random Events: The Role of Absorption L. A. Nelson / G.E.Schwartz pdf
  Ufology: What Have We Learned? M. D. Swords pdf
21:1 Linking String and Membrane Theory to Quantum Mechanics and Special Relativity Equations, Avoiding Any Special Relativity Assumptions M. G. Hocking pdf
  Response of an REG-Driven Robot to Operator Intention R. G. Jahn et al. pdf
  Time-Series Power Spectrum Analysis of Performance in Free Response Anomalous Cognition Experiments P. A. Sturrock / S.J. Spottiswoode pdf
  A Methodology for Studying Various Interpretations of the N,N-dimethyltryptamine-Induced Alternate Reality M. A. Rodriguez pdf
  An Experimental Test of Instrumental Transcommunication I. Barušs pdf
  An Analysis of Contextual Variables and the Incidence of Photographic Anomalies at an Alleged Haunt and a Control Site D. B. Terhune et al. pdf
  The Function of Book Reviews in Anomalistics G. H. Hövelmann pdf
  Ockham’s Razor and Its Improper Use D. Gernert pdf
  Science: Past, Present, and Future H. H. Bauer pdf
21:2 The Role of Anomalies in Scientific Exploration P. A. Sturrock pdf
  The Yantra Experiment Y. H. Dobyns et al. pdf
  An Empirical Study of Some Astrological Factors in Relation to Dog Behaviour Differences by Statistical Analysis and Compared with Human Characteristics S. Fuzeau-Braesch / J.-B. Denis pdf
  Exploratory Study: The Random Number Generator and Group Meditation L. I. Mason et al. pdf
  Statistical Consequences of Data Selection Y. H. Dobyns pdf
21:3 Dependence of Anomalous REG Performance on Run length R. G. Jahn / Y. H. Dobyns pdf
  Dependence of Anomalous REG Performance on Elemental Binary Probability R. G. Jahn / J. C. Valentino pdf
  Effect of Belief on Psi Performance in a Card Guessing Task K. Walsh / G. Moddel pdf
  An Automated Online Telepathy Test R. Sheldrake / M. Lambert pdf
  Three Logical Proofs: The Five-Dimensional Reality of Space-Time J. E. Beichler pdf
  Children Who Claim to Remember Previous Lives: Past, Present, and Future Research J. B. Tucker pdf
  Memory and Precognition J. Taylor pdf
  AIDS, Cancer and Arthritis: A New Perspective N. Hodgkinson pdf
  Online Historical Materials about Psychic Phenomena C. S. Alvarado pdf
21:4 Synthesis of Biologically Important Precursors on Titan S. H. Abbas / D. S-Makuch pdf
  Is the Psychokinetic Effect as Found with Binary Random Number Generators Suitable to Account for Mind-Brain Interaction? W. Helfrich pdf
  Explorations in Precognitive Dreaming D. E. Graff pdf
  Climate Change Reexamined J. M. Kauffman pdf
  Franklin Wolff’s Mathematical Resolution of Existential Issues I. Barušs pdf
  From Healing to Religiosity K. W. Chen pdf
22:1 Theme and Variations: The Life and Work of Ian Stevenson E. W. Kelly / C. S. Alvarado pdf
  Ian Stevenson: Recollections K. L. White pdf
  Reflections on the Life and Work of Ian Stevenson A. Gauld pdf
  Ian Stevenson and Cases of the Reincarnation Type J. B. Tucker pdf
  Ian Stevenson and the Modern Study of Spontaneous ESP Experiences C. S. Alvarado / N. L. Zingrone pdf
  Ian Stevenson’s Contributions to Near-Death Studies B. Greyson pdf
  Where Science and Religion Intersect: The Work of Ian Stevenson E. F. Kelly / E. W. Kelly pdf
  Ian Stevenson’s Contributions to the Study of Mediumship E. Haraldsson pdf
  The Gentle American Doctor M. Muakkasah / A. Izzeddin pdf
  Professor Ian Stevenson-Some Personal Reminiscences M. R. Barrington pdf
  Ian Stevenson: A Recollection and Tribute S. E. Braude pdf
  Ian Stevenson and His Impact on Foreign Shores B. Carr pdf
  Ian Stevenson: Gentleman and Scholar L. Coly pdf
  The Quest for Acceptance S. J. Edelstein pdf
  Ian Stevenson: Founder of the Scientific Investigation of Human Reincarnation D. Wilsdorf pdf
  Remembering My Teacher L. D. Leiter pdf
  Comments on Ian Stevenson, M.D., Director of the Division of Personality Studies and Pioneer of Reincarnation Research A. Mills pdf
  Ian Stevenson: Reminiscences and Observations J. Palmer pdf
  Dr. Ian Stevenson: A Multifaceted Personality S. K. Pasricha pdf
  A Good Question T. Shroder pdf
  The Fight for the Truth J. Smythies pdf
  Ian Stevenson: A Man from Whom We Should Learn R. Stanford pdf
  Ian Stevenson and the Society for Scientific Exploration P. A. Sturrock pdf
  Ian Stevenson’s Early Years in Charlottesville R. B. Weeks pdf
  Tribute to a Remarkable Scholar D. J. West pdf
  An Ian Stevenson Remembrance R. Westphal pdf
22:2 Meditation on Consciousness I. Ivtzan pdf
  An Exploration of Degree of Meditation Attainment in Relation to Psychic Awareness with Tibetan Buddhists S. M. Roney-Dougal / J. Solfvin / J. Fox pdf
  Thematic Analysis of Research Mediums’ Experiences of Discarnate Communcation A. J. Rock / J. Beischel / G. E. Schwartz pdf
  Change the Rules! R. G. Jahn / B. J. Dunne pdf
  Proposed Criteria for the Necessary Conditions for Shamanic Journeying Imagery A. J. Rock / S. Krippner pdf
  Scalar Wave Effects according to Tesla and Far Range Transponder (K. Meyl) D. Kühlke pdf
  How to Reject Any Scientific Manuscript D. Gernert pdf
22:3 Unusual Atmospheric Phenomena Observed Near Channel Islands, UK, 23 April 2007 M. Shough et al. pdf
  The GCP Event Experiment: Design, Analytical Methods, Results P. Bancel / R. Nelson pdf
  New Insights into the Links between ESP and Geomagnetic Activity A. Ryan pdf
  Phenomenology of N,N-Dimethyltryptamine Use: A Thematic Analysis C. Cott / A. Rock pdf
  Altered Experience Mediates the Relationship between Schizo-typy and Mood Disturbance during Shamanic-Like Journeying A. Rock / G. Abbott / N. Kambouropoulos pdf
  Persistence of Past-Life Memories: Study of Adults Who Claimed in Their Childhood to Remember a Past Life E. Haraldsson pdf
22:4 Energy, Entropy and the Environment (How to Increase the First by Decreasing the Second to Save the Third) D. P. Sheehan pdf
  Effects of Distant Intention on Water Crystal Formation: A Triple-Blind Replication D. Radin / N. Lund / M. Emoto / T. Kizu pdf
  Changes in Physical Strength During Nutritional Testing C. F. Buhler / P. R. Burgess pdf
  Investigating Scopesthesia: Attentional Transitions, Controls and Error Rates in Repeated Tests R. Sheldrake / P. Smart pdf
  Shakespeare: The Authorship Question, A Bayesian Approach P. A. Sturrock pdf
  An Anomalous Legal Decision R. A. Blasband pdf
  Note on Charles Richet’s "La Suggestion Mentale et le Calcul des Probabilites" (1884) C. S. Alvarado pdf
  Hume’s Syndrome: Irrational Resistance to the Paranormal M. Grosso pdf
23:1 A New Experimental Approach to Weight Change Experiments at the Moment of Death with a Review of Lewis E. Hollander’s Experiments on Sheep M. Ishida pdf
  An Automated Test for Telepathy in Connection with Emails R. Sheldrake / L. Avraamides pdf
  Brain and Consciousness: The Ghost in the Machines J. Smythies pdf
  In Defense of Intuition: Exploring the Physical Foundations of Spontaneous Apprehension E. Laszlo pdf
  From Astronomy to Transcendental Darwinism: Carl du Prel (1839–1899) A. Sommer pdf
  A Brief History of Abduction Research D. M. Jacobs pdf
23:2 Psychical Research in the Psychological Review, 1894–1900: A Bibliographical Note C. S. Alvarado pdf
  Perspectival Awareness and Postmortem Survival S. Braude pdf
  Appraisal of Shawn Carlson’s Renowned Astrology Tests S. Ertel pdf
  A Field-Theoretic View of Consciousness: Reply to Critics D. W. Orme-Johnson / R. M. Oates pdf
  Super-Psi and the Survivalist Interpretation of Mediumship Author pdf
23:3 Scientific Research between Orthodoxy and Anomaly H. Atmanspacher pdf
  Marco Levi Bianchini: A Forgotten Italian Supporter of Parapsychology M. Biondi pdf
  Critical Commentary on Ervin Laszlo’s Paper “In Defense of Intuition” S. V. McDaniel / S. F. Geisz / E. Laszlo pdf
  Exploratory Evidence for Correlations between Entrained Mental Coherence and Random Physical Systems D. Radin / F. H. Atwater pdf
  Tackling Taboos—From Psychopathia Sexualis to the Materialisation of Dreams: Albert von Schrenck-Notzing (1862–1929) A. Sommer pdf
23:4 “Extraordinary Evidence” Replication Effort M. E. Little / S. R. Little pdf
  “Extraordinary Evidence” Replication Effort M. E. Little / S. R. Little pdf



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