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The Ouspensky Foundation has a library, a modest-sized, yet unique collection of more than 200 books, magazines, sheet music, newspaper articles, videos and a little over forty tapes of J.G. Bennett's lectures.
Since many of the books have antiquarian value, they cannot be lent out.

Read extracts from some of the books.

Eureka Booksellers in Utrecht, the Netherlands, has an extensive Fourth Way Stock List.

Many Fourth Way books can be ordered from Abintra, the USA bookseller. E-mail address:


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ADIE, George A Friend Remembered in his own Words
AMIS, Robin A Different Christianity. New York, 1995
ANDERSON, Angela Valley of Search. Oxford, 1990
ANDERSON, Margaret The Fiery Fountains. Rider and Company, London
ANDERSON, Margaret The Unknowable Gurdjieff. London 1967 and New York 1975
(ANON.) A Point in the Work. A Continuation of the Work of G.I. Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky & Maurice Nicoll. London, 1985
(ANON.) Opening. Sunderland, 1993
BENJAMIN, Harry Basic Self-Knowledge Gurdjieff System with reference to writings of Krishnamurti. London, 1960 (?) & York Beach, 1989
BENNETT, John G. Gurdjieff, A Very Great Enigma. Samuel Weiser, New York, 1990
BENNETT, John G. A Call for a New Society. Claymont Communications, 1979
BENNETT, John G. Conscious Labour and Intentional Suffering. Shaftesbury, 1974
BENNETT, John G. Creative Thinking. Masham, 1982
BENNETT, John G. Leven in Zeven Werelden. Ankh Hermes, 1987
BENNETT, John G. Deeper Man. London, 1978 & Santa Fe, 1994
BENNETT, John G. Enneagram Studies. York Beach, 1983
BENNETT, John G. Gurdjieff, Artisan d'un Monde Nouveau. Paris, 1977
BENNETT, John G. Gurdjieff, Making a New World. New York, 1973 & Santa Fe, 1992
BENNETT, John G. & Elizabeth Idiots in Paris. Diaries of JGB and Elizabeth Bennett 1949. Masham, 1980 & York Beach, 1991
BENNETT, John G. & Elizabeth Idioten in Parijs. Karnak, 1993
BENNETT, John G. Intimations. Talks with J.G. Bennett at Beshara. New York, 1975
BENNETT, John G. Is there "Life" on Earth? An Introduction to Gurdjieff. Santa Fe, 1989
BENNETT, John G. Long Pilgrimage. The Life and Teachings of the Shivapura Baba. London, 1965
BENNETT, John G. Needs of a New Age Community. Santa Fe, 1990
BENNETT, John G. Radiations and Emanations. Ellingstring, 1971
BENNETT, John G. Sacred Influences. Ellingstring, 1982 & Santa Fe, 1989
BENNETT, John G. Sufi Spiritual Techniques. Ellingstring, 1978
BENNETT, John G. Talks on Beelzebub's Tales. York Beach, 1988
BENNETT, John G. The Crisis in Human Affairs. London, 1949
BENNETT, John G. Hazard. The Risk of Realization. Santa Fe, 1991, 2x
BENNETT, John G. The Sermon on the Mount II. Bovingdon, 1977
BENNETT, John G. The Sevenfold Work. Daglingworth, 1979
BENNETT, John G. The Way to be Free. New York, 1980
BENNETT, John G. Transformation. Sherborne, 1978
BENNETT, John G. What are we living for? London, 1949
BENNETT, John G. Work on Oneself. Bovingdon, 1978
(BENNETT, John G.) Right Life. Teachings of the Shivapuri Baba. Sherborne, 1984
(BENNETT John G. e.a.) The Spiritual Hunger of the Modern Child, A Series of Lectures by J.G. Bennett, Clifford J. Williams, Mario Montessori, Adam Bittleston, Maung Ji, Hugh S. Thwaites. Charlestown, 1984
BLAKE, A.G.E. A Seminar on Time. Charlestown, 1980
BLAKE, A.G.E. The Intelligent Enneagram. Shambala, 1996
BLAND, Rosemund Nine Letters. Stourton Press, 1952
BRAGDON, Claude An introduction to yoga. New York 1941
BROOK, Peter The Shifting Point. Forty Years of Theatrical Exploration 1946-1987. London, 1988
BROOK, Peter There are no Secrets. Thoughts on Acting and Theatre. London, 1993
BURTON, Robert Self-Remembering. New York, 1991
BUTTKOVSKY-HEWITT, Anna With Gurdjieff in St. Petersburg and Paris. London, 1978
CARUSO, Dorothy A Personal History. New York, 1952
COLLIN, Rodney Last Remembrances
COLLIN, Rodney Hellas. Cape Town, 1951
COLLIN, Rodney The Herald of Harmony. Edmonds, 1984
COLLIN, Rodney The Mirror of Light. London, 1959
COLLIN, Rodney The Theory of Celestial Influence. London, 1954 & 1993
COLLIN, Rodney The Theory of Conscious Harmony, Boulder, 1984
COLLIN, Rodney The Theory of Eternal Life. Cape Town, 1950 & Boulder, 1984
COLLIN, Rodney Eeuwig leven. Wassenaar, 1979
COLLIN-SMITH, Joyce Call No Man Master. Fifty Years of Spiritual Adventure in Praise of Teachers, but wary of Gurus. 1988
CONVERSATIONS of a Working Group Volume II, Number 1. Littleton, 1993
COX, Jan Dialogen met Gurdjieff. Servire, 1983
COOKE, Ruth H. & NEEDLEMAN, Jacob The Uses of Life, A Conversation. San Francisco, 1990
DAUMAL, René Le Mont Analogue. Paris, 1968
DAUMAL, René Mount Analogue. London, 1959
DIOGENES in "Time and Tide" (1955-1960). Utrecht, 1955
DOOLING, D.M. A Way of Working, The Spiritual Dimension of Craft. New York, 1986
DOOLING, D.M. The Spirit of Quest, Essays and Poems. New York, 1994
DOUGAN, A. 40 Days, An Account of a Discipline. London, 1978
DOUGAN, A. Probings. London, 1979
DUKES, Paul On a single breath. London, 1996
EARL, Brian The Living Work, Gurdjieff's Teaching in Action. Victoria (Australië), 1984
EARNEST, Franklin III Transitional Man, The Anatomy of a Miracle. San Francisco, 1981
FREMANTLE, Anne Three-Cornered Heart. New York, 1971
FREMANTLE, Christopher On Attention. Talks, Essays and Letters to his Pupils. Denville, 1993
FRIEDLANDER, Joel Body types. New York, 1986
FROM ANTIQUITY A grateful Tribute by a Pupil of G.I. Gurdjieff. Haslemere, 1986
FUCHS, John Forty Years after Gurdjieff, Guide to Practical Work, Gurdjieff Group of Denver. Denver, 1994
GOLD, E.J. Creation Story Verbatim. 1981
GOLD, E.J. Life in the Labyrinth. Nevada City, 1986
GOLD, E.J. Secret Talks with Mr. G. 1978
GOLD, E.J. Beyond Sex. 1978
GOLD, E.J. Nimbus, The Creation Story according to Mr. G. 1978
GOLD, E.J. The Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus. Nevada City, 1985
GREEN, John A Diagnosis for Man. Aurora, 1985
GURDJIEFF, G.I. The Herald of Coming Good. Weiser, 1933
GURDJIEFF, G.I. Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson. London, 1981, 3 dln.
GURDJIEFF, G.I. Meetings with Remarkable Men. London, 1971 & 1979
GURDJIEFF, G.I. Life is Real only then, when "I am". London, 1981
GURDJIEFF, G.I. Het leven is alleen echt wanneer "Ik ben". Mirananda, 1986
GURDJIEFF, G.I. Récits de Belzebuth à son Petit-Fils. Paris, 1956 & Monaco, 1983, 2 dln.
GURDJIEFF, G.I. Rencontres avec des Hommes Remarquables. Paris, 1960 & 1979
GURDJIEFF, G.I. Views from the Real World. Early Talks of Gurdjieff. London, 1984
GURDJIEFF, G.I. Two lectures, on the Enneagram and on Two Spirits. Prieuré, 1923 (photocopies) Other lectures:- On the Meaning of Life- The History of the Institute- The Search for Truth- The Study of Psychology- Tricks- Palm Sunday- Ecstasy of Revelation- On Hypnotism
(GURDJIEFF, G.I.) Guide and Index to Gurdjieff's All and Everything. London, 1979
(GURDJIEFF, G.I.) Gurdjieff parle à ses Elèves. Paris, 1980
(GURDJIEFF, G.I. e.a.) - RANDOM, Michel Les Puissances du Dedans. Luc Dietrich, Lanza del Vasto, René Daumal, Gurdjieff. Paris, 1966
GURDJIEFF, Luba A Memoir with Recipes. Berkeley, 1993
HACHMUTH, Donna The Circle of Our Lives. Aurora, 1981
HANDS, Rina Diary of Madame Egout Pour Sweet. With Mr. Gurdjieff in Paris 1948-1949. 1991
HARTEN, Marjorie von Walking in the World. Sherborne, 1978
HARTMANN DE, Th.& O. Our Life with Mr. Gurdjieff. New York, 1964 & London, 1992
HARTMANN DE, Olga What for?
HEAP, Jane The Notes of Jane Heap. 1994
HERMETICA A New Translation. Far West Editions, San Francisco, 1977 - Far West Editions is connected with the Gurdjieff Foundation in San Francisco.
The Way of HERMES Translation. London, 1999
HEYNEMANN, Martha The Breathing Cathedral, Feeling our Way into a Living Cosmos. San Francisco, 1993
HODGSON, A.M. Crisis in the Search for Truth. Masham, 1984
(HOGROGIAN, N., Illustrator) The Pearl, Hymn of the Robe of Glory. Aurora, 1979
HORN, Alexander In Search of a Solar Hero. 1987
HORN, Alexander Ponderings of a Citizen of the Milky Way. 1987
HOWARTH, Dushka Diary. New York, 1998
HULME, Kathryn Annie's Captain. London, 1961
HULME, Kathryn The Nun's Story. Boston, 1956
HULME, Kathryn The Wild Place. Boston, 1953
HULME, Kathryn Undiscovered Country, In Search of Gurdjieff. Boston, 1966
HULME, Kathryn Diary of Kathryn Hulme
HUNTER, Bob Ouspensky, Pioneer of the Fourth Way. Eureka, 2000
HUPKES, Laurens Gurdjieff en het Jodendom, 1998
KHERDIAN, David Friends, A Memoir. New York, 1993
KHERDIAN, David Forkroads, A Journal of Ethnic-American Literature, Nr. 1. 1995
KHERDIAN, David A Song for Uncle Harry. New York, 1989
KHERDIAN, David Monkey, A Journey to the West. Boston, 1992
KHERDIAN, David My Racine. New York, 1994
KHERDIAN, David & HOGROGIAN, N. Right Now. New York, 1983
KHERDIAN, David The Dividing River, The Meeting Shore. Santa Fe, 1990
KHERDIAN, David The Farm. Aurora, 1978
KHERDIAN, David Threads of Light. Aurora, 1985
KHERDIAN, David The Farm, Book Two. Aurora, 1981
KHERDIAN, David The Song in the Walnut Grove. New York, 1982
KHERDIAN, David The Road from Home, The Story of an Armenian Girl. New York, 1979
KHERDIAN, David Finding Home. New York, 1981
(KHERDIAN, David) 13 book catalogues of "Abintra, the Bookseller" (David Kherdian)
KHERDIAN, David On a Spaceship with Beelzebub, By a Grandson of Gurdjieff. New York, 1991
KING, Daly C. The States of Human Consciousness. New York, 1963
KING, Daly C. The Oragean Version
LEFORT, Rafael Les Maîtres de Gurdjieff. Paris, 1977
LEFORT, Rafael The Teachers of Gurdjieff. New York, 1976
LEWIS, Cecil All my Yesterdays, An Autobiography. Shaftesbury, 1993
LEWIS, Cecil Gemini to Johannesburg
LLOYD WRIGHT, Oligivanna The Struggle within
LLOYD WRIGHT, Iovanna A Diary
McCORKLE, Beth The Kramurg. New York, 1991
MOORE, James Gurdjieff, The Anatomy of a Myth, A Biography. Shaftesbury, 1991
MOURAVIEFF, Boris. Gnosis, Etudes et Commentaires sur la Tradition Esotérique de l'Orthodoxie Orientale. Neuchâtel, 1969 - 1972, 3 dln.
MOURAVIEFF, Boris Gnosis, Studies and Commentaries on the Esoteric Tradition of Eastern Orthodoxy, Vol. I: Exoteric Cycle, Vol. II: Mesoteric Cycle, Vol. III: Esoteric Cycle. Shaftesbury, 1989-1993
MOURAVIEFF, Boris Ouspensky, Gurdjieff et les Fragments d'un Enseignement inconnu. Genève, 1957
NEEDLEMAN, Jacob Lost Christianity. Shaftesbury, 1990
NEEDLEMAN, Jacob A Sense of the Cosmos. London, 1988
NEEDLEMAN, Jacob Consciousness and Tradition. New York, 1982
NEEDLEMAN, Jacob Money and the Meaning of Life. New York, 1991
NEEDLEMAN, Jacob Sorcerers. London, 1989.
(NEEDLEMAN, Jacob) Speaking of My Life, The Art of Living in the Cultural Revolution. San Francisco, 1979
NICOLL, Maurice Living Time. London, 1964
NICOLL, Maurice Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky. London, 1952 (parts 1-3) & 1975-1976 (parts 4-5) In addition, part 2 - 3 of the first edition, London, 1949
NICOLL, Maurice Simple Explanation of Work Ideas. York, 1993
NICOLL, Maurice The Mark. London, 1958
NICOLL, Maurice The New Man. London, 1950
NICOLL, Maurice Informal Work Talks and Teachings. York, 1995
(NICOLL, M.) - COPLEY, Sam Portrait of a Vertical Man, Maurice Nicoll, an Appreciation. London, 1989
(NICOLL, M.) - POGSON, Beryl Maurice Nicoll, a Portrait. London 1961 & New York, 1987, 3x
NOTT, C.S. Journey through this World, Meetings with Gurdjieff, Orage & Ouspensky. London, 1969
NOTT, C.S. Teachings of Gurdjieff, a Pupil's Journal. London, 1974 & 1982
NOTT, C.S. Further Teachings of Gurdjieff. London, 1978
OLDHAM, Ronald & Muriel Work Teaching, Work Poems. York, 1993
ORAGE, A.R. Consciousness, Animal, Human and Superman. London & Benares, 1907
ORAGE, A.R. Essays and Aphorisms. London, 1954
ORAGE, A.R. Psychological Exercises and Essays. New York, 1979
ORAGE, A.R. The Active Mind. London, 1954
(ORAGE, A.R.) A.R. Orage's Commentaries on G.I. Gurdjieff's All and Everything. Aurora, 1985
(ORAGE, A.R.) - MAIRET, Philip A.R. Orage, A Memoir. New York, 1966
OUSPENSKY, P.D. Tertium Organum. London, 1949, Random House, 1970
OUSPENSKY, P.D. A New Model of the Universe. London, 1934
OUSPENSKY, P.D. The Fourth Way. London, 1967 & 1986
OUSPENSKY, P.D. De Vierde Weg. Mirananda, 1978
OUSPENSKY, P.D. In Search of the Miraculous. London, 1950
OUSPENSKY, P.D. Fragments d'un Enseignement Inconnu. Paris, 1961
(OUSPENSKY, P.D.) An Index to In Search of the Miraculous. Sherborne, 1982
OUSPENSKY, P.D. A Synthesis of some of the Sayings and Writings of P.D. Ouspensky on the Subject of Negative Emotions. Cape Town, 1953
OUSPENSKY, P.D. Memory, Extracts from the Sayings and Writings of P.D. Ouspensky about Memory, Self-Remembering and Recurrence. Cape Town, 1953
OUSPENSKY, P.D. Letters from Russia. London, 1978, 2x
OUSPENSKY, P.D. The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution. New York, 1954, 1974 & 1981
OUSPENSKY, P.D. De mens en zijn mogelijke evolutie. Mirananda, 1979
OUSPENSKY, P.D. Psykologien om menneskets mulige evolusjon. Oslo, 1996
OUSPENSKY, P.D. The Cosmology of Man's Possible Evolution. The Cosmological Lectures 1934-1940. Robertsbridge, 1989
OUSPENSKY, P.D. Strange Life of Ivan Osokin. London, 1983
OUSPENSKY, P.D. Script of Ivan Osokin adapted for play, Dutch Translation. Ouspensky Stichting, 1996
OUSPENSKY, P.D. Talks with a devil. Thurnstone Press, 1972
(OUSPENSKY, P.D.) Poems of sacrifice. Attributed to P.D. Ouspensky. Oregon, 1997
OUSPENSKY, P.D. Conscience, The Search for Truth. 1988
OUSPENSKY, P.D. A Record of Meetings. London, 1992
OUSPENSKY, P.D. A Further Record, Extracts from Meetings 1928-1945. London, 1986
(OUSPENSKY, P.D.) Remembering P.D. Ouspensky. Yale, 1978
(OUSPENSKY, P.D.) New Horizons, extracts from P.D.O. Globe Press, 1990
OYEN, Van P.G. Het Enneagram Nu. Conversion Productions, 2001, 2x
PATTERSON, W.P. Eating the "I". An Account of the Esoteric Teaching of the Fourth Way. The Way of Transformation in Ordinary Life. San Anselmo, 1992
PATTERSON, W.P. Struggle of the Magicians. California, 1996
PATTERSON, W.P. Taking with the left hand. California, 1998
PATTERSON, W.P. Ladies of the Rope. California, 1999
PAUWELS, Louis Monsieur Gurdjieff. Paris, 1934
PETERS, Fritz Gurdjieff Remembered. New York, 1971
PETERS, Fritz Boyhood with Gurdjieff. 1964
PETERS, Fritz Balanced Man
POGSON, Beryl Commentary on the Fourth Gospel. York, 1993
POGSON, Beryl In the East my Pleasure lies and other esoteric interpretations of plays by William Shakespeare. York, 1994
POGSON, Beryl More Work Talks. York, 1993, 2x
POGSON, Beryl The Work Life, Based on Teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky and Maurice Nicoll. York Beach, 1994
POGSON, Beryl Work Talks at the Dicker 1966. York, 1993, 2x
POGSON, Beryl Work Talks in Brighton. York, 1993
POGSON, Beryl Centenary Fragments. Compiled by Lewis Creed. York, 1995
POGSON, Beryl Practical Work Tasks. Compiled by Lewis Creed. York, 1995
POGSON, Beryl a.o. Unforgotten Fragments. Compiled by Lewis Creed. York, 1994
POGSON, Beryl a.o. Meeting taken by Beryl Pogson 7th May, 1963
POPOFF, Irmis B. Gurdjieff, His Work on Myself... With Others... for the Work. New York, 1978
POPOFF, Irmis B. Gurdjieff Group Work with Willem Nyland. New York, 1983
POPOFF, Irmis B. The Enneagram of the Man of Unity. New York, 1978
POPOFF, Irmis B. The Wish to Awaken. Morris, 1987
REYMOND, Lizelle (en Sri ANIRVAN) La Vie dans la Vie. Lausanne, 1969
REYMOND, Lizelle (en Sri ANIRVAN) To Live Within. Teachings of a Baul. Masham, 1984
REYNER, J.H. A Philosophy of Delight. London, 1976
REYNER, J.H., LAWRENCE, G. & UPTON, C. Psionic Medicine. The Study and Treatment of the causative Factors in Illness. London, 1974
REYNER, J.H. Gurdjieff in Action. London, 1980
REYNER, J.H. No Easy Immortality. London, 1979
REYNER, J.H. Ouspensky, The Unsung Genius. London, 1981
REYNER, J.H. The Age of Miracles. London, 1975
REYNER, J.H. The Gurdjieff Inheritance. Wellingborough, 1984
REYNER, J.H. The Universe of Relationships. London, 1960
RHODES, Peter S. Aim, The Workbook. San Francisco, 1994
ROLES, Francis Voyage of Discovery. New York, 1992
ROLES, Francis Lasting Freedom. London, 1972
ROLES, Francis A lasting Freedom. U.K., 1973
ROPP, Robert de Self-Completion. Nevada City, 1991
ROPP, Robert de Talks by Madame Ouspensky. 1984
ROPP, Robert de The Master Game. London, 1969
ROPP, Robert de Warrior's Way. Nevada City, 1992
SMITH, Russell A. Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets. Sanger, 1993
SOLANO, Solita A Diary
SPEETH, Kathleen R. The Gurdjieff Work. London, 1977
STAVELEY, A.L. Me - I am. Aurora, 1984
STAVELEY, A.L. Memories of Gurdjieff. Aurora, 1978
STAVELEY, A.L. Themes (Vol. 1, 2 & 3). Aurora, 1981
STAVELEY, A.L. Where is Bernardino? Aurora, 1982
STUART, Vincent Changing Mind. Boulder & London, 1980
TART, Charles Altered States of Consciousness. A Book of Readings. New York, 1969
TART, Charles Waking Up. Shaftesbury, 1988
TERESHCHENKO, Nicolas A Look at Fourth Way Work. Edinburgh, 1983
THOMASSON, Henry The Pursuit of the Present. Journal of Twenty Years in the Gurdjieff Work. Avebury, 1980
TOOMER, Jean Cane. New York, 1989
TRACOL, Henry. The Taste for Things that are True. Shaftesbury, 1994
TRAVERS, P.L. George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff. Toronto, 1973
VAYSSE, Jean Toward Awakening. An Approach to the Teaching left by G.I. Gurdjieff. London, 1980
WALDBERG, Michel Gurdjieff, An Approach to his Ideas. London, 1989
WALDBERG, Michel Gurdjieff hors les murs. Paris, 1978
WALKER, Kenneth A Doctor Digresses. London, 1950
WALKER, Kenneth A Study of Gurdjieff's Teaching. London, 1957
WALKER, Kenneth Commentary on Age. London, 1952
WALKER, Kenneth Life's long Journey. London, 1960
WALKER, Kenneth Only the Silent Hear. London, 1953
WALKER, Kenneth So Great a Mystery. London, 1958
WALKER, Kenneth The Circle of Life. London, 1944
WALKER, Kenneth The Conscious Mind. London, 1953
WALKER, Kenneth The Healing Arts. London, 1953
WALKER, Kenneth The Making of Man. London, 1963
WALKER, Kenneth The Unsconscious Mind. London, 1961
WALKER, Kenneth Venture with Ideas. New York, 1972
WEBB, James The Harmonious Circle. London, 1980
WELCH, Louise Orage with Gurdjieff in America. London, 1982
WELCH, William J. What Happened in Between. A Doctor's Story. New York, 1972
WILSON, Colin The war against sleep. London, 1980
WILSON, Colin The Strange life of P.D. Ouspensky. 1993
WIRK, Stella Stella's Letters. Utrecht, 1993
WIRK, Stella Three Essays. Utrecht, 1993
WOOD, Barbara Alias Papa, a life of F.Schumacher. London, 1984
ZUBER, René Qui êtes-vous Mr. Gurdjieff? Paris, 1977
ZUBER, René Who are you, Monsieur Gurdjieff? London, 1990
BRIDGE, THE Study Society
MATERIAL FOR THOUGHT Reviews & Articles of Interest. San Francisco 1970, 1971, 1972, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1986, 1990, 1992 - 12 numbers
IMPRESSIONS A Journal of the Claymont Society - Vol. 1: 4 numbers (Nr. 1 and 3 in photo copy)- Vol. 2: 4 numbers- Vol. 3: 4 numbers (Nr. 3 and 4 in photo copy)- Vol. 6: Nr. 4- Vol. 7: 4 numbers- Vol. 8: Nr. 1- Bound in one volume: Vol. 4, 5 & 6. - Complete series up to and including Vol. 8, Nr. 1.- Vol. 4, 5 en 6 bound in one volume
IN THE WORK Newsletter, Numbers 1-2, 4-7
JOURNAL OF OUR TIME, A. Numbers 1-4. Toronto, 1977-1986
WONDERBAARLIJKE, HET Ouspensky Foundation
IK Dutch translation by David Horn, Ouspensky Foundation
DE TOVENAAR Dutch translation by David Horn, Ouspensky Foundation
HET BETOOG Dutch translation by David Horn, Ouspensky Foundation
DAILY NEWS, THE Newspaper articles from the Daily News. Londen, 1923
BROOK, Peter Meetings with Remarkable Men
KORNFIELD, J. Practice of meditation
NARANJO, C. Transmission of knowledge
NEEDLEMAN, J. Spirituality and the intellect
PALMER, H. Personality development
SPEETH, K. Gurdjieff Work
SUN, P. Intuitive risk taking
TART, C. Self observation / Cultivating mindfulness
TART, C. Waking up
TWEEDY, I. Spiritual training
YOUNG, S. Overcoming compulsive behaviour
V.P.R.O. Demonstration of Movements and interview, Wim van Dullemen's group for V.P.R.O. (Dutch television), 1998
BENNETT, John G. 43 tapes with J.G. Bennett's lectures about various subjects
GURDJIEFF/HARTMANN, DE Most of the sheet music, piano solo and music for movements
HARTMANN, DE Deuxième Sonate, dedicated to P.D. Ouspensky, 1957
HARTMANN, DE/BELAIEFF Two Nocturnes, 1955
HARTMANN, DE Chants Bulgares, 1938
HARTMANN, DE Russian Fairy Tales, 1937
(GURDJIEFF) Gurdjieff Improvisations on the hand organ, a 33 record, 1949
WIM VAN DULLEMEN, Piano The Music of G.I. Gurdjieff
WIM VAN DULLEMEN, Piano Gurdjieff's Music for the Movements
CECIL LYTLE Seekers of the Truth, 4 CDs