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A Journal of Our Time  Traditional Studies Press, Totonto, Set of Four:
No1, 1977 - No 2, 1979 - No 3, 1982, - No 4, 1986  Set:  NEW  euro 50.00
ANDERSON, Margaret The Unknowable Gurdjieff
Penguin/Arkana, 1991,  NEW 212 pages,  pb euro 20.00
ANDERSON, Margaret The Fiery Fountains - My Thirty Years'War -
The Strange Necessity
Set of 3 paperbacks Horizon Press 1969 euro 60.00
BEEKMAN TAYLOR, Paul. Shadows of Heaven - Gurdjieff and Toomer --
Weiser 1998 NEW 244 pages, pb euro 24.00
BEEKMAN TAYLOR, Paul. Gurdjieff and Orage - Brother in Elysium --
Weiser 2001 used 268 pages, pb euro 28.00
BENNETT, J.G. A Spiritual Psychology Bennett Books, 1999 euro 25.00
BENNETT, J.G. Subud Translation into Dutch:
Subud, een weg tot vrijmaking van de mens euro 10.00
                               BOOKS ABOUT SUBUD
BENNETT, J.G. Creation
Bennett Books 1998, 80 pages NEW euro 17.50 
BENNETT, J.G. Deeper Man Bennett Books,
Santa Fe, 1994, 210 pages, pb NEW euro 25.00
BENNETT, J.G. Energies Claymont Communications,
1989, NEW 120 pages, pb  euro 17.50
Coombe Springs Press, 1977, 76 pages, pb NEW euro 12.50
BENNETT, J.G. Gurdjieff, A very great Enigma Weiser,
1996, 50 pages, pp NEW euro 12.50
BENNETT, J.G. Gurdjieff, Making a New World
Bennett Books, 1992, Santa Fe, 1992, 252 pages pb NEW euro 25.00
BENNETT, J.G. Hazard - The Risk of Realization
-- Bennett Books, Santa Fe, 1991, 116 pages, pb NEW euro 20.00  Also:
hb (no dw) NEW euro 30.00
BENNETT, J.G. Idiots in Paris Red Wheel/Weiser 2002
146 pages, pb NEW euro 20.00
BENNETT, J.G. Idioten in Parijs (Nederlandse editie) 2002
146 pages, pb NEW euro 20.00 
BENNETT, J.G. Intimations - Talks with J.G.Bennett
at Beshara Weiser, 1975,  100 pages,  pb euro 25.00
BENNETT, J.G. Is There "Life" on Earth?
Bennett Books, 1989, 118 pages, pb euro 20.00
BENNETT, J.G. Journeys in Islamic Countries-
Vol.I and II, Bennett Books 2001, pb,  euro 30.00
BENNETT, J.G. Long Pilgrimage Turnstone Books,
1982, 188 pages, pb euro 25.00
BENNETT, J.G. Making a Soul Bennett Books, 1995,
113 pages, hb NEW euro 25.00
BENNETT, J.G. Masters of Wisdom Bennett Books
euro 30.00
BENNETT, J.G. Needs of a New Age Community
Bennett Books, 1990,  NEW 118 pages,  pb euro 20.00
BENNETT, J.G. Sacred Influences
Bennett Books, 1989,  NEW 98 pages,  pb euro 18.00
BENNETT, J.G. The Sevenfold Work
Bennett Books/Coombe Springs Press, 1979,  NEW 156 pages, 
pb euro 20.00
BENNETT, J.G. Sex and Spiritual Development
new edition 2007 pb euro 18.00
BENNETT, J.G. Sunday Talks at Coombe Springs
Bennett Books, 2005,  NEW 312 pages,  pb euro 28.00 
BENNETT, J.G. The Dramatic Universe Bennett Books,
1999, 4 volumes, paperback NEW euro 140.00
BENNETT, J.G. The First Liberation
Bennett Books, SantaFe, 2002, 82 pages, pb euro 15.00  
BENNETT, J.G. The Way to be Free Weiser, 1980,
196 pages,  pb  euro 20.00
BENNETT, J.G. Transformation
Bennett Books/Coombe Springs Press, 1978,  NEW 198 pages, 
pb euro 20.00
BENNETT, J.G. What are we living for?
Bennett Books euro 25.00
BENNETT, J.G. Witness - The Story of a Search
Bennett Books, 1997,  NEW 315 pages,  pb out-of-print
(BENNETT) Roth, Allen Sherborne: An Experiment
Bennett Books, 1999, 120 pages, pb NEW euro 20.00
BLAKE, A.G.E. The Intelligent Enneagram Shambhala,
1996, 390 pages, pb NEW euro 30.00
BLAKE, A.G.E.  Intelligence By The Way Books,
1999, NEW 65 pages,  pb euro 15.00
BURTON, Robert  Self-Remembering
Weiser, 1995, pb NEW euro 25.00
Same: First edition, bound with wrapper in new condition - inquire
CLAUSTRES, Solange Becoming Conscious with G.I.Gurdjieff
Eureka Editions, 2005, 168 p. pb euro 25.00
CLAUSTRES, Solange La Prise de Conscience et G.I.Gurdjieff
Eureka Editions, 2003, 168 p. pb euro 25.00
COLLIN,Rodney The Theory of Celestial Influence
Mercury Publications Inc., 2006, NEW 468 pages, pb euro 50.00
COLLIN,Rodney The Theory of Eternal Life
Mercury Publications Inc., 2006, NEW 140 pages, pb euro 32.00
COLLIN,Rodney A Programme of Study
Eureka Editions, 2004, 14 pages, booklet euro 5.00
COLLIN,Rodney The Theory of Conscious Harmony
By The Way Books, 1998, NEW 212 pages, pb euro 25.00
COLLIN,Rodney Lessons in Religion for a Skeptical World
Reprint booklet 32 pages euro 12.50
COLLIN,Rodney Vom Ewigen Leben Edition Plejaden, 1984,
152 pages, hb/dw euro 30.00
COPLEY, Samuel  Portrait of a Vertical Man Maurice Nicoll, An Appreciation --
Swayne Publications, London, 1989, 82 pages, hb/dw NEW euro 20.00
DOOLING,D.M. (Edited by) A Way of Working - The Spiritual Dimension of Craft --
Parabola Books, 1986, 126 pages, pb NEW euro 15.00
DOOLING,D.M. The Spirit of Quest Essays and Poems --
Parabola Books, 1994, 96 pages, hb dw NEW euro 25.00
DOUGAN, A. Mirrors Gnostic Press, hb/dw NEW euro 30.00
DOUGAN, A. Probings Gnostic Press, hb/dw NEW euro 30.00
DOUGAN, A. 40 Days - An Account of a Discipline Gnostic Press, pb euro 20.00
DOUGAN, A The Quest Gnostic Press, 3 vols hb/dw euro 120.00
EARNEST,Franklin Transitional Man The Anatomy of a Miracle --
Far West Editions, 1981, 76 pages, NEW paperback euro 20.00
FUCHS,John Forty Years after Gurdjieff
Gurdjieff Group of Denver, 1994, 98 pages, pb euro 15.00
GEORGE, James Asking for the Earth - Waking Up to the Spiritual/Ecological Crisis --
Element Books, 1995, 198 pages, pb euro 20.00
GURDJIEFF/DEHARTMANN Oriental Suite The Complete Orchestral Music 1921-1924
Compiled by Gert-Jan Blom Book + 4 CD Available November 15, 2006 euro 80.00
+ shipping within Europe euro 5.00
Between 13 and 25 December 1923 the Gurdjieff Institute gave a series of
eight public demonstrations of the Sacred Gymnastics and Movements at the
Théâtre des Champs Elysées in Paris. The music, composed by Gurdjieff to
accompany these dances, was orchestrated by Thomas de Hartmann and performed by
an orchestra of thirty-five musicians. In January 1924, Gurdjieff and his pupils
sailed to America for a series of public demonstrations in New York, Boston and
Chicago. At Gurdjieff’s request, de Hartmann adapted the full orchestral scores
for a smaller ensemble that would accompany the demonstrations there.
The four CDs enclosed with this book contain both the Paris orchestrations and
the American versions, all recorded for the first time by the Metropole
Orchestra and the Little Orchestra. An addenda section features music that was
intended for Gurdjieff’s unfinished ballet The Struggle of the Magicians. In
order to complete the reconstruction of the orchestral Gurdjieff/ de Hartmann
music, the Oriental Suite, compiled by de Hartmann in 1956, is included as well.
The 255 page book is profusely illustrated with many new photos and unique
historical documents. It further contains recollections of people who were
present when these demonstrations were given, as well as a sampling of the
extensive press coverage that the Gurdjieff Institute generated during its first
(and final) public appearance.
GURDJIEFF, G.I.Harmonic Development The Complete Harmonium Recordings 1948-1949
Compiled by Gert-Jan Blom Book + 3 CD (one in MP3 format) euro 50.00
+ shipping within Europe euro 5.00
GURDJIEFF, G.I. Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson All and Everything - First series -
An Objectively Impartial Criticism of the Life of Man
Two Rivers Press -- reprint of original 1st edition, 1996
hardback/wrappers NEW euro 60.00  Same: Penguin Arkana, 1999, pb, euro 35.00
Also available: Russian edition: inquire
    From the backcover:
    The spiritual way brought by G.I.Gurdjieff (1866-1949) has been recognized as one of the most original,
    enduring, and penetrating teaching of our time. While he used various forms of transmission - such as
    group meetings, meditation, dance, and music - Gurdjieff gave special importance to the publication of
    Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson.
    This allegory, majestic in argument and scale, ranges in scope from the genesis of the cosmos and the
    unfolding of life at all levels. Through the history of mankind, to vividly detailed portraits that convey
    Gurdjieff's vision of human purpose in the vast cosmological scheme. It presents an incisive critique of
    the violence and misdirection in human culture, though this is always tempered by the author's
    compassionate humour and emphasis on the potential for evolution.
    In this book Gurdjieff speaks a patterned language, unlike that of any other writer, to dismay automatic

read by Dr Welch -- MP3 Format --
Traditional Studies Press 2004 -- euro 60.00
Gurdjieff died in Paris in October 1949, with Dr William Welch
in attendance. Subsequently, Dr Welch became an active member
of the Gurdjieff Foundation of New York, and served as its president from 1984 until his death in 1997.
In the Fall of 1992, a few people close to Dr Welch approached
him about the possibility of recording his reading of BEELZEBUB'S
TALES. Reading BEELZEBUB'S TALES aloud was one aspect of the oral
tradition, which Gurdjieff himself first learned in his father's
workshop, and which is practised in his teaching. Dr Welch agreed
to read, and the recording sessions began in the Welches' apartment.
On Sunday evenings, beginning at nine o'clock. Dr Welch would read for
about half an hour; these readings were often followed by discussion
that would continue late into the night.

Guide & Index to Gurdjieff's Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson
Traditional Studies Press, 2003, 564 pages
New Edition
hb/dw euro 50.00
GURDJIEFF, G.I. Récits de Belébuth à son petit-fils

Editions du Rocher, 1996, pb, 1178 pages euro 25.00
GURDJIEFF, G.I. Beëlzebubs Verhalen aan zijn kleinzoon
Mirananda, 1998, 894 pages, hb, no dw, NEW euro 40.00 (Dutch edition of B's Tales)
GURDJIEFF, G.I. Life is Real only then, when "I am"
Arkana/Penguin, NEW  177 pages, pb  euro 20.00
GURDJIEFF, G.I. Meetings with Remarkable Men
Penguin Arkana, 1985, 303 pages, NEW euro 20.00
GURDJIEFF, G.I. Ontmoetingen met Bijzondere Mensen
Servire, 1990 NIEUW 320 pag. pb euro 19.00
GURDJIEFF, G.I. Rencontres avec des Hommes Remarquables
Editions Stock, 1979, 350 pages, pb euro 30.00
GURDJIEFF/DeHARTMANN Music for Piano (Sheetmusic)
Vol.I Schott Music 1999, Asian Songs and Rhythms euro 25.00
Vol. II Schott Music 2002, Music of the Sayyids and the Dervishes euro 25.00
Vol.III Schott Music 2003, Hymns, Prayers and Rituals euro 25.00
Vol.IV: Schott Music 2005, euro 25.00
Set of 4 vols sheetmusic euro 90.00
Definite Edition. Edited by Linda Daniel Spitz, Charles Ketcham and Laurence Rosenthal.
Archives and Research (text) Thomas C.Daly.  
Two volumes of the first edition available, please inquire.
GURDJIEFF/DeHARTMANN Music for the Piano; on CD played by
Linda Daniel-Spitz - Charles Ketcham - Laurence Rosenthal
Volume 1: Asian Songs and Rhythms (2CD) euro 40.00
Volume 2: Music of the Sayyids and the Dervishes (2CD) euro 40.00
Volume 3: Hymns, prayers and rituals (3CD) euro 50.00
Volume 4: Hymns from a great temple and other selected works (2CD) euro 40.00
HANDS, Rina Diary of Madame Egout Pour Sweet With Mr.Gurdjieff in Paris 1948-1949 --
Two Rivers Press, 1991,88 pages, hb/dw euro 20.00
HAVEN, Girard Notes from a Conscious Teaching Ulysses Books,
1997, 159 pages, hb/dw NEW euro 20.00
HEAP, Jane The Notes of Jane Heap Two Rivers Press, 1994, 158 pages, hb/dw New euro 25.00
HULME, Kathryn  The Nun's Story Muller &Co, 1956, 1st ed. 337 pages hb dw  euro 20.00
HULME, Kathryn  Zuster Luc De Fontein, 1960, 289 pages, hb dw euro 15.00
HUNTER,Bob A Pupil's Postscript - Beryl Pogson teaching the Fourth Way --
Eureka Editions, 1998, 507 pages, pb NEW Second Edition euro 40.00
See Eureka Editions booklist
KHERDIAN, David On a Spaceship with Beelzebub By a Grandson of Gurdjieff --
Globe Press, 1991, NEW  282 pages, hb dw  euro 35.00
LACHMAN, Gary In Search of P.D.Ouspensky
The Genius in the Shadow of Gurdjieff
Quest Books, 2004, Hardback/wrapper, 329 pages euro 30.00
LAWRENCE, Ian Phillips The Good Obyvatel
Institute of Universal Energies, pb NEW euro 20.00
LEFORT, Rafael The Teachers of Gurdjieff Gollancz, 1971, 157 pages, hb/dw euro 30.00
LEWIS, Cecil All my Yesterdays - An Autobiography -- Element Books, 1993,
210 pages, hd/dw NEW euro 25.00
LEWIS, Cecil A Wish To Be - A Voyage of Self-Discovery --
Element Books, 1994,136 pages, pb NEW euro 15.00
Material for Thought Reviews & Articles of Interest -- Far West, San Francisco,
#1970 --    #1971 --    #1972 --    #1974 --    #1976 --
#1977 --   #1980 --    #1982 --    #1983 --   #1986 --
#1990 --    #1992 --   #1995 -- Set of 13:  euro 150.00
MOORE, James Gurdjieff, The Anatomy of a Myth - A Biography -- Element Books,
1991 NEW  415 pages,  pb euro 25.00
MOORE, James Gurdjieffian Confessions A self remembered -- Gurdjieff Studies Ltd.
2005 NEW 280 pages, hb dw euro 40.00
NEEDLEMAN, Jacob A Sense of the Cosmos The Encounter of Modern Science
and Ancient Truth -- Penguin/ Arkana, 1988, 178 pages, pb NEW euro 15.00
(NICOLL) COPLEY,Sam-- Portrait of a Vertical Man Maurice Nicoll, An Appreciation --
Privately Printed, 1989,  81 pages, hb/dw  NEW euro 20.00
More about Maurice Nicoll
NICOLL, Maurice De Nieuwe Mens Mirananda, 1977, 210 pag. hb/dw euro 20.00
NICOLL, Maurice Living Time Eureka Editions, 1998, 294 pages, pb dw euro 30.00
NICOLL, Maurice Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky
Stuart, Watkins and Robinson  Set of 5
Set four volumes  without the wrappers, vol 5 with wrappers. 1970/1972
Very good study copies, no pencil marking. euro 150.00
Set in 6 vols (with Index) Weiser/Red Wheel, NEW, euro 180.00 
Both sets come with a gift copy of Sam Copley's Portrait of a Vertical Man Maurice Nicoll, An Appreciation 
NICOLL, Maurice Selections from Meetings 1953 Eureka Editions, 212 pages  pb NEW euro 22.50
NICOLL, Maurice Simple Explanation of Work Ideas Eureka Editions, 1998, revised edition,
48 pages, pb, NEW euro 12.50
NICOLL, Maurice The New Man - An Interpretation of some Parables and Miracles of Christ --
Eureka Editions 1999, 202 pages pb NEW euro 27.50
Eureka Editions 2005, plain cover edition, with wrapper euro 20.00
NICOLL, Maurice The New Man -The Mark - Living Time Eureka Editions, 2000
Three handbound editions in a slipcase NEW euro 120.00 **40 individually numbered sets
(With a gift copy of Sam Copley's Portrait of a Vertical Man Maurice Nicoll, An Appreciation)
NICOLL, Maurice The Mark Eureka Editions, 1998, 257 pages, pb dw NEW euro 30.00
NOTT, C.S.. Teachings of Gurdjieff - A Pupil's Journal
Penguin/Arkana, 1990,  NEW 232 pages,  pb euro 18.00
ORAGE, A..R. On Love & Psychological Exercises (Combined new edition) Weiser 1999,
200 pages,NEW pb euro 20.00
(ORAGE) A.R.Orage's Commentaries on Gurdjieff's All and Everyhting
hb/dw NEW euro 25.00
OLDHAM,Ronald and Muriel Work Teaching - Work Poems Quack's Books, York, 1993, reprint,
57 pages, pb, NEW  euro 10.00
OUSPENSKY,P.D. A Further Record - Extracts from Meetings 1928-1945 -- Arkana, 1986,
318 p., pb NEW  euro 30.00
OUSPENSKY,P.D. A New Model of the Universe  KP,Trench & Trubner & Co, 1934, 552 pages,  hb dw euro 40.00
OUSPENSKY,P.D. De Psychologie van de Mogelijke Evolutie van de Mens
Servire, 1960, 110 pag. geb. euro 15.00
OUSPENSKY,P.D. Een Nieuw Model van het Heelal  Servire, 1959, 702 pag.  hb  euro 35.00
OUSPENSKY,P.D. Fragments d'un Enseignement Inconnu Stock, 1986, 540 pages, pb  euro 30.00
OUSPENSKY,P.D. Het Vreemde Leven van Ivan Osokin  Servire, 1976,  299 pag. pb euro 15.00
OUSPENSKY,P.D. In Search of the Miraculous RK&P, 1950, 1st english ed., 400 pages, hb dw
euro 65.00, large format
(OUSPENSKY, P.D.) Video In Search of the Miraculous euro 40.00 (PAL)
OUSPENSKY,P.D. Op Zoek naar het Wonderbaarlijke Servire, 1965,  419 pag. geb.  euro 35.00
Ook: pb NIEUW euro 20.00
OUSPENSKY,P.D. Strange Life of Ivan Osokin
Penguin Books (paperback) euro 15.00
OUSPENSKY,P.D. Tertium Organum Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1949, 306 pages, hb  euro 35.00
OUSPENSKY,P.D. The Fourth Way RK&P, 1967, 447 pages, hb dw euro 65.00 same, large format, pb  euro 35.00
(OUSPENSKY) The Bridge #12 - P.D.Ouspensky Commemorative Issue --
The Study Society, 1997, 258 p., pb NEW euro 25.00
PATTERSON, Patrick  Eating the "I" - An Account of the Esoteric Teaching of the Fourth Way -
The Way of Transformation in Ordinary Life -- Arete Communications, 1992, NEW 368 pages,  hb euro 35.00
PATTERSON, Patrick Struggle of the Magicians - Exploring the Teacher-Student Relationship --
Arete Communications, 1996 signed by the author 302 pages, pb euro 25.00
PAUWELS,Louis Monsieur Gurdjieff Editions du Seuil, 1954, 518 pages,  pp  euro 25.00
PETERS, Fritz Boyhood with Gurdjieff - Gurdjieff Remembered - Balanced Man
Three books in one book
Bardic Press, 2005, reprint, 362 pages , hardback/wrapper, NEW euro 48.00
POGSON,Beryl Commentary on the Fourth Gospel
Eureka Editions, 1997, reprint, 57 pages, pb, NEW euro 15.00
POGSON,Beryl In the East my Pleasure lies and other esoteric  interpretations of
plays by William Shakespeare -- Eureka Editions 1999, 145pages, pb,  NEW euro 20.00
POGSON,Beryl Maurice Nicoll, A Portrait
Stuart, London, 1961, First edition Hardback/wrapper , 288 pages, euro 30.00
For paperback edition see Eureka Editions Stocklist
POGSON,Beryl More Work Talks Quack's Books, York, 1993, reprint, 142 pages, pb, NEW euro 12.50
POGSON,Beryl Royalty of Nature Eureka Editions, 2002,
126 pages, pb, NEW euro 24.00
POGSON,Beryl The Work Life Weiser euro 20.00
POGSON,Beryl Work Talks at the Dicker 1966
Quacks Books, York, 1993, reprint, 184 pages, pb, NEW euro 17.50
POGSON,Beryl Work Talks in Brighton
Quack's Books, York, 1993, reprint, 96 pages, pb, NEW  euro 12.50
(POGSON/HUNTER) Brighton Work Talks Eureka Editions, 2000, 438 pages, hardback NEW euro 50.00
>>First edition in 40 individually numbered copies. This is an expanded edition(new material) of Work Talks in Brighton
(POGSON) CREED,Lewis (compiled by) Centenary Fragments by Beryl Pogson --
Eureka Editions, 2006, 407 pages, NEW pb euro 30.00
(POGSON/NICOLL) CREED,Lewis (compiled by)  Practical Work Tasks & Informal Work Talks
Eureka Editions, Utrecht, 1999, 270 pages, pb NEW euro 27.50
(POGSON) HUNTER,Bob A Pupil's Postscript - Beryl Pogson teaching the Fourth Way --
Eureka Editions, 1998, 507 pages, pb euro 30.00
REYNER, J.H. Gurdjieff in Action Eureka Editions, 2003, 140 pages NEW
limited edition of 70 copies, hb, no dw, euro 30.00
RHODES,Peter Aim: The Workbook -
A spiritual growth method developed from Swedenborg and Gurdjieff --
Appleseed , San Francisco, 1994, 165 pages, pb NEW euro 20.00
RHODES,Peter Observing Spirit
Evaluating your daily progress on the Path to Heaven with Gurdjieff & Swedenborg --
Appleseed , San Francisco, 2004, 165 pages, pb NEW euro 20.00
ROLES, Francis C. The Bridge No.14 - Francis Roles Study Society, 2002
322 pages, pb NEW  euro 25.00
ROLES, Francis C. Voyage of Discovery -- Sayings and Teachings --
Society for the Study of the Human Being, 1992 NEW 130 pages, hb, no dw euro 25.00
SEGAL, William A Voice at the Borders of Silence --The autobiography of William Segal 
An intimate View of the Gurdjieff Work, Zen Buddhism, and Art
The Overlook Press, 2002, NEW hb/dw 282 pages, euro 40.00
SEGAL, William Meetings with three Tibetan Masters Green River Press, 1995,
booklet, 35 pages, euro 15.00
STENNETT-WILLSON, Ronnie Towards Inner Freedom Society
for the Inner Development of Man 1999, 101 pages, pb NEW  euro 17.50
TAYLOR, Paul Beekman  Shadows of Heaven Gurdjieff and Toomer -- Weiser,
1999, 245 pages, pb NEW euro 20.00
WALKER, Kenneth The Conscious Mind - A Commentary on the Mystics
Rider&Co 1962, 1st Edition, hb/dw, 176 pages euro 30.00
WALKER, Kenneth I Talk of Dreams - An Experiment in Autobiography
Jonathan Cape, 1946, hb (no dw)219 pages euro 20.00
WALKER, Kenneth Only the Silent Hear - Jonathan Cape, 1953,
190 pages, hb (no dw) euro 20.00
WALKER, Kenneth Diagnosis of Man - Jonathan Cape, 1948,
255 pages, hb (no dw) euro 20.00
Most titles by Kenneth Walker available:
I TALK OF DREAMS Jonathan Cape 1946 2nd impression
hardback, no wrapper euro 20.00
DIAGNOSIS OF MAN Jonathan Cape 1948 3rd impression
hardback, no wrapper euro 20.00
DIAGNOSIS OF MAN Jonathan Cape 1943 Readers Union
Jonathan Cape hardback, no wrapper euro 15.00
COMMENTARY ON AGE Jonathan Cape 1952 1st edition
hardback, no wrapper euro 20.00
A DOCTOR DIGRESSES Jonathan Cape 1950 1ST edition
hardback, no wrapper euro 20.00
ONLY THE SILENT HEAR Jonathan Cape 1953 2nd impression
hardback, no wrapper euro 20.00
VENTURE WITH IDEAS Jonathan Cape 1951 1st edition
hardback, no wrapper euro 20.00
VENTURE WITH IDEAS Neville Spearman 1973 hardback &
wrapper with library stamp euro 25.00
VENTURE WITH IDEAS Jonathan Cape 1950 1st edition
hardback & wrapper almost mint condition euro 40.00
1979 paperback euro 10.00
1st edition hardback, no wrapper euro 30.00
1st edition hardback, no wrapper euro 40.00
This copy is signed by the author.
LIFE'S LONG JOURNEY Gollancz 1960 2nd impression
hardback & wrapper (clipped a bit) euro 25.00
THE CONSCIOUS MIND Rider & Co 1962 1st edition
hardback & wrapper good condition euro 25.00
MEANING AND PURPOSE Pelican pocket 1950 euro 10.00
WIRK, Stella  Three Essays Eureka Editions, 1993, 20 pages,  pp  NEW  euro 7.50
ZANNOS, Suzan Types - Essence and the Enneagram
Red Wheel-Weiser, pb NEW out-of-print
ZUBER, Rene Who are you Monsieur Gurdjieff? Penguin/Arkana 1980
pb, 74 pages euro 12.00

French Books - Livres Francais Quatrième Voie

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