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Yogācāra Texts: The Mahāyānasaṃgraha
[2003]: 9-49; e-reserve); Paul Griffiths, “Pure Consciousness and Indian.
Buddhism” (in Robert Forman, ed., The Problem of Pure Consciousness:
Mysticism ... - - Páginas similares
What Does Mysticism Have To Teach Us About Consciousness?*
which has been called the pure consciousness event, or PCE, has been
identified in vir- .... the eyes are open or closed, and whether one is a Zen
Buddhist, a Jew or a Christian. .... to persist as “some form of contentless and
attributeless consciousness” (Griffiths, 1990, p. 83). ...... Pure Consciousness and
Indian Buddhism. - - Páginas similares
Are There Pure Conscious Events
into the mind. Defenders of PCEs often make references to pure consciousness
in the mysticism literature. For example, the Buddhist philosopher Paramaartha (
499-569) said .... analogous to Hume‟s view on persons (e.g. Collins 1982,
Griffiths 1986). But, of course ..... Pure consciousness and Indian Buddhism. In
Forman ... - - Páginas similares
Buddhist Contributions to the Question of (Un)mediated Mystical ...
May 17, 2011 ... ert M. Gimello, :Mysticism and Meditation,” 170–199; Paul J. Griffiths, “Pure
Consciousness and. Indian Buddhism,” in The Problem of Pure ... - - Páginas similares
Mindful Wisdom: The <italic>Sati-pahna-sutta</italic> on ...
is among the most important and well-known early Buddhist texts, a para- ..... 15
Paul J. Griffiths, in his essay “Pure Consciousness in Indian Buddhism” (in
Forman, ..... .org/contentimage/PDF/Dhamma%20from%20Ajahn%20Tong%207.
pdf. - - Páginas similares
Does the Concept of “Altered States of Consciousness” Rest on a ...
288-304). New York: Oxford Univer- sity Press. Griffiths, P. J. (1990). Pure
consciousness and Indian. Buddhism. In R. K. C. Forman (Ed.), The problem of
pure ... - - Páginas similares
History, Time, and Knowledge in Ancient India
without any structural opposition between subject and object: see Paul J. Griffiths,
Pure. Consciousness and Indian Buddhism,” in The Problem of Pure ... - - Páginas similares
Buddhism is not Monistic, but Non-dualistic” Scottish Journal of Religious
Studies .....Pure Consciousness and Indian Buddhism,” The Problem of Pure ....
Akademikerschaft,” (Frankfurt, 2003). online at [ ....
De la vision inclusive de Jules Monchanin à la vision complémentaire de Bede
Griffiths,” ... - 107k - Páginas similares
States of Consciousness Redefined as Patterns of Phenomenal ...
Abstract Although so-called states of consciousness have been the focus of
considerable ...... Griffiths PJ (1990) Pure consciousness and Indian Buddhism. - - Páginas similares
Griffiths, P. “Pure Consciousness and Indian Buddhism”, in The Problem of Pure.
Consciousness, pp71-96. Robert K. C. Forman editor. Oxford University Press ... - - Páginas similares