The 9th Direction Of Through

9th directionI wanted to share with you this beautiful new art piece I’ve just created! The name of it is the 9th Direction.

When mystics have mastered the ability to travel the eight directions; when man knows himself to be the doorway between the vastness of inner space and outer space, the ninth direction beckons.

The ninth is the direction of through; the meeting place of form and formlessness. ~ Almine

Recently, Almine’s art was exhibited in the Beauty Art Exhibition in Pasadena, California. Take a look at the video clip here and see if you can spot Almine’s paintings.

For more of Almine’s art, visit her website:

Duality, Polarity And Illusion – A Mystic’s Perspective

Duality is that which instead of expressing as One, entertains the illusion that it can express as two opposites. Duality refers to the separation through illusion of the Oneness of all life. It is the beginning of space and the root of time.

Polarity deals with the movement of time, whereas duality deals with the separation of Oneness to create a space. Anything that moves across a space formed by duality creates polarity. Polarity is the back and forth fluxes between the receptive (feminine) and the proactive (masculine). It is a self-sustaining dynamo that produces resources, specifically energy, within the confined space created by duality. When a space is created it immediately cuts of all supply from the One Life. To compensate for this polarity and its movement it becomes a self generating energy dynamo to sustain life within the illusion of space.

Illusion at its root foundation is the imagining of separation – an impossibility that cannot exist within the ocean of the One Life. Illusion has served the purpose of creating incubation chambers formed by matrixes and grids that have provided the opportunity for life to experiment with itself. There are 144 core illusions that began the matrixes from which individuated life, which is in itself an illusion, sprang.

A Spiritual Retreat With Almine

The Retreats of Almine’s Teachings

Spiritual Retreats with AlmineThe retreats that offer the teachings of this world–renowned mystic have several unique and characteristic features. They may vary widely in that these globally occurring events each have a specific genre, but the following common elements can be found:

  • World-class mystics steeped in the bliss of expanded awareness, are seldom accessible to their followers. Almine personally teaches the entire workshop, with additional yoga or healing classes offered before or after class by qualified students, for free, in some retreats. She regards the global community of her students, as her “light-family” and personal inter-action is part of the teaching experience.
  • Every projected curriculum of a retreat is a prophetic statement of the new cutting-edge revelations and mysticism that is provided. Almine has silenced the internal dialogue of the mind and is therefore a clear vessel for the never-before-taught information that comes forth. Students that are able to follow her from retreat to retreat are able to have new and profound information each time.
  • Students are enabled to participate in accessing new teachings by the instant awakening of skills and the learning of tools previously unknown. This creates an empowering retreat experience, rather than a static lecture. Almine has stated that she is not gathering students, but assisting to awaken masters. She empties the mind of its deafening chatter, rather than filling it with more facts.
  • The numbers of students in her retreats are relatively small at this time, providing an intimate retreat experience. The masses gravitate to teachers of the known. Almine is a teacher of the unknown with a great gift of rendering even the unknowable understandable. The numbers of truth-seekers that gravitate towards the non-challenging material of the known have chosen a slower rate of growth. Her retreats are for the few who wish to “fly like eagles on higher thermals, leaving the flocks of birds behind. The belief that anything can be truly known is an illusion of the masses. Masters know that from our limited vantage point, nothing can be truly known. We live in the unknowable. Gravitating towards the known is like a fish that swims around and around the confines of its bowl.” ~ Almine.

Her retreats vary in their ambient nature. Some are an outdoor experience, some are in cosmopolitan areas and for now, there are rare opportunities for retreats in her hallowed and beautiful home in Oregon, USA. There are intensive men’s or women’s retreats on occasion that provide full immersal into the experience from dawn to the late evening. There are also presently opportunities for individual study or in small groups of no more than four.

Whatever the retreat of your choice, those who have had this indescribable experience are unanimous that it has been life-changing. Most who have experienced these powerful retreats and have participated in their miracles, express the heart-felt opinion that there is nothing else remotely like them. There is simply no comparison.

The Poison of Knowledge

After reading about the ways of the shaman, warrior and mystic to discover the One Self, here is the conclusion of this part of the Lemurian series The Way of the Windhorses.

Masters they are, each has overcome
The tyranny of appearances, the mirrors around everyone
From all races they come to rise beyond duality
They see the validity of both poles
While men give value selectively


The mystics’, the warriors’ and shamans’ ways
All must end here
For when they cease to strive, they become a master of the Windhorse Way
With the fluid clarity of a mountain stream
A new existence of mastery appears
The way is open but no baggage may you bring
Leave the poison of knowledge behind
For the accumulated knowledge bloats the body with toxicity
Not only ghosts of by gone days but their wisdom too, lies trapped in physicality

To be continued…

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Only Yourself You Can Find

After discussing the first way of discovering the self (that of the warrior) in the fifth post of the translation of the Way of the Windhorses scrolls, this post tells you about the second way, that of the mystic.

The mystic seeks to know the endlessness of the self
By communicating in the language of light
All forms tell the story to the mystic of the Windhorse Way
The mystic knows that oneness speaks through its myriad forms
He knows each one as part of himself
In which he rediscovers what he has hidden
He travels lightly; humility is his only cloak
He approaches life with wonderment
As truth leads him on
As his vision higher soars like the windhorse through the sky
No matter how far he reaches, only himself can he find