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Dialogue with Richard Dawkins, Rowan Williams and Anthony Kenny


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Subido por el 28/02/2012

Sir Anthony Kenny chaired a dialogue at Oxford University between Archbishop Rowan Williams and Professor Richard Dawkins on the subject of "The nature of human beings and the question of their ultimate origin". The event was held on Thursday 23rd February 2012 in the Sheldonian Theatre, and was hosted by Sophia Europa (Theology Faculty) Oxford.


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  • "I think that should keep us going..."

    Brilliant, I've been looking forward to this :)

    Thanks for the upload!

  • Dawkins could do with reading Aristotle who made the distinction between animate and inanimate matter as the problematic of philosophy. Aristotle wrote the 'Physics' as an explanation of inanimate matter and the 'Metaphysics' as an attempt to explain the question 'what is life?' To apply physics to life, whilst tempting, leaves few solutions to the problems of Life and Being.

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  • That what makes Britain unique and adorable! Two clashing points of views, in a civil manner, express ideas and generate light. Thanks for the post

  • God bless Richard Dawkins also :)

  • Two really nice guys! It's nice to see a complete absence of hostility. :)

  • Rather disappointed that anthony kenny didn't/doesn't understand the anthropic principle (in its plantery sense)- you wonder how he can have thought about such things and not come into contact with it. It's not that the gunmen missed because we're alive, it's that there were millions of different executions going on and since we're alive, we must be the one where the gunmen missed- very simple concept.

  • And Richard Dawkins :)

  • God bless Sir Anthony Kenny and Archbishop Rowan Williams! :)

  • If one could attach sophisticated telemetry to the human cell through fertilisation to the birth of the human being, and one could do the same with a chimpanzee, say, and a water buffalo, what differences in principle would we see on the telemetry screens as gestation progressed? It seems to me that the chemical processes and electrical bonding would more or less be the application of the same processes according to the same physical laws. What, then, does it mean to be human?

  • Determinism doesn't imply predictability, even with complete information. Dennett should have been teaching his friend quite a little bit better.

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