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Christian Mysticism


There is a higher way and it is not about punishment and damnation. I feel people set up these alarms, but they are all only about security and power. The higher way transcends these tensions, anxieties and conflicts and flows into acceptance and love for all. As people gain some spiritual experience they seem to become calmer, more peaceful, loving individuals. It seems as people become quieter they start to be more sensitive, insightful and perceptive. They are no longer scattered, inefficient and confrontational as they tune themselves to the higher energies of love. May we all enjoy the deeper inner life and not let others kill the tender merciful presence of God. 



God is within each one of us so opening our consciousness to the unity of God's pure spiritual consciousness in Christian Mysticism reveals God in the condition of love, which is a kind of spiritual and physical unity.  This unity shows us that God's pure consciousness is within, not far removed from us, but with us in the here and now. Jesus also said this when he gave us the saying; The Kingdom of God is within.

 Christian Mysticism explains how our actions and thoughts within and without resolve themselves in the simplicity of the whole experience, when we focus on our simple unity in God's pure consciousness and have become acquainted with God's unity. God is outside and within ourselves in His pure consciousness, which can be witnessed inside, when we know that reality is more than what is observed outside with the senses. Letting go of what is little, Christian Mysticism enters into a larger concept of life where there is nothing to fear because we realize that conflict is the result of seeing only in part, not the whole picture.



In the mystical awareness of Christ's immediate consciousness, one can derive pleasure from the objects around one because one gets the glow of victory of the Spirit over the ego mind. Life at this moment overcomes death and good overcomes evil in a Christian mystical sensuality. There is an immediate feeling of happiness with an aura of victory or success because love dominates over hate, pleasure over pain, and peace over agitation. This comes as a new Christian revelation of truth.

Our soul is a resident in a beautifully designed mind and a well-constructed physical body. In our worldly consciousness our mind only knows the outside of the home, the veneer of the body. If the ego continually directs the mind to the outside, the senses continually run around and about in service of the ego as it forgets the inner altar and the home of the soul. If the manipulation is long, the altar of the soul gets covered with the cobwebs of ignorance so in time it becomes hard for the mind to enjoy the peace and joy of the pure spirit. Tearing ourselves away from our self-created destiny, we can regain peace in the midst of our many activities if we direct ourselves to the center of our being, our soul and God's pure consciousness.



 Looking upon a broader horizon across all the experiences that are limited and unpleasant we can see the dazzling light of a new dawn where everything is unified. Our motions within and without resolve themselves in the simplicity of the whole experience, when we focus on simple unity and have become acquainted with God's pure consciousness that is apparently outside and within ourselves. This consciousness is witnessed inside, when we know that reality is more than what is observed outside with the senses. Letting go of what is little, we enter into a larger concept of life where there is nothing to fear because we realize that conflict is the result of seeing only in part, not the whole picture.


 Christ taught us that God is love, and we saw a sample of it in his compassion and suffering for the mediocre sinners in this world. Through Christ a new concept of God emerged because prior to him most people feared God. This teaching of love is more demanding and more important than his other lessons because it is the main belief of all Christians. I believe that Christian Mysticism is an inner path to understand that meaning of love. Love maintains our sense of unity with a presence and power that is greater than what we think we are. Mysticism is an experience of that unity and love that can't be placed with words so people try to describe the experience or how to obtain it. This might be new to some people and it might be dismissed as New Age similar to what I am sure Jesus experienced with his teachings. I think the spiritual experience one has with Jesus Christ says it all.


 The vigilance to stay in the ark of God's pure consciousness takes discipline, but satisfies our basic spiritual need by acting as a counter-weight to the ever increasing nervous, mental and physical tensions in modern life. This counteraction to the deterioration caused by our daily fight for survival helps us to grow healthier and more relaxed as we become calm, less inclined to agitation, frustration and a bad frame of mind. Therefore, the reassuring first step to know the meaning of God is to develop the conscious awareness of His omnipresence, this is Christian Mysticism which is ancient and as modern as the space age. Dedication to the recognition of this one God as an art and the unity of all things in His consciousness as a science will eliminate the stress and hustle of modern life.



Christianity is reverent and alive if one listens to the call from inside. The dull habit of preaching, giving sermons, patronizing, condemning or judging others as insufficient is the ego talking about Christ, not the religion of Christ. Descriptions about Jesus are not the spiritual ideas Jesus described. The experience of joy and the supernatural enlightenment of Christ is not about sins, hell or Satan, but the glorious energy of the soul. A healer doesn't rifle through the lives of others, but brings one from the outer personality to the inner-self arousing one from immaturity and prejudice to wholeness.
This solo journey of the mystic evolves from location to position, from view to vision onward towards total understanding. It is passed from mind to mind, a flame passed from candle to candle. There is nothing to buy, join or donate. A Christian vision beyond personality opens the eye to a new awareness, cultivating good qualities, internal clarity and introspection. It encourages one to believe the truth that is experienced and not necessarily to join. When one is tired of reading the menu, it is time for the inner spiritual meal to be experienced, a deeper reality beyond the normal worldly existence of guilt, pain and pleasure. Looking from the inside out the veil of ideological and religious conflict is parted giving clues to unity and wholeness. 
Christian mysticism looks at the world from a different angle giving meaning to life, not rejecting anything or waving a fist with scorn and resentment. One does not have to point a finger when the experience is direct because the power of Christ consciousness is accessible to provide the means to love in every form, enjoying, not judging what is encountered. These deeper understandings value love and see more to the physical world than what is in it. These windows look out on the path we are traveling to our destination, a spiritual experience that sooths the personality.
A consciousness focused on the core and not the superficial facade or surface personality aligns the personality with the soul. Watching the mind's intentions for what they are helps one to recognize a cold heart beneath polished and pleasing words and good intentions behind an unwise approach. Consciousness has the ability to seize the whole and not error in efforts to witness and read human nature so it refuses to go along with any cruelty. The surface of a thing is not the whole of it so Christian mysticism is the discovery that there are depths beyond depths of truth.


A Christian Mystic is on a spiritual journey towards unity and a new way of living. This is a compassionate path that recognizes and respects our diversity and interconnectedness.  A consciousness of unity gives a new concept of life which helps form a new humanity on the individual and community level for Christians and non-Christians. Unity transcends biological evolution and starts spiritual evolution. Spiritual evolution is not evolution with biological genes, but with ideas because they can transform fear to joy and frustration to fullfillment.

Unity is love so emphasis on religious differences, race or intolerance rather than the unity of God is a strange god indeed and can be a challenge for us to overcome so we need to invoke the unity of God in all things. This unity is an innocence that sees a fresh world in a new way giving life, awareness, and ideas that love so kindness can replace judgement.

Without a doubt the mind of God is everywhere in pure consciousness and in the individual consciousness of all living things. The spirit of God is the principal partner in the human compound of body, mind and spirit, but it is usually ignored because it does not come across as the voice of authority especially to those who like things cut and dried. Organized religion is the voice of authority and it can meddle, tinker and mean well, but to break up old patterns of thought and behavior, we need to open ourselves to new possibilities. With the highest exercise of our intellect we know the purpose of our existence and can proceed to live intelligently according to it, if we direct our physical and mental activities to the pure consciousness of God. We know we are on the right path because God's pure consciousness makes cheerful every action and person contacted. Once we are in touch with the spirit within we can offer more to others, religion or the church.