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Use Kalki Agni Yoga To Protect
Yourself From The New World Order
GM Attack On Your Body

by Gary Chicoine

The New World Order (which clearly includes the Neocons and New Labour puppet political leaders) are obviously utilizing GM crops to capture and pervert the World food supply to deliberately sicken and ultimately kill humanity to reduce population indiscriminately.  They are using the big food companies to inject dangerous GM and other poisons into a variety of food products for the same reason, which includes injecting aspartame and MSG.  They have already destroyed soya and corn through nefarious GM contamination and now they are going after rice.  It is increasingly difficult for people to keep these debilitating poisons out of their body.  Humanity is therefore getting sicker and sicker with strange maladies engineered and injected into them by the black governments of the hideous New World Order.


The New World Order is also taking steps to capture, control and even destroy natural organic seeds by making them illegal(!).  In addition to these vile horrors of GM attacks by stealth(?) (as if it is not known what they are doing when the real problem is general public self-destructive stupidity and apathy), there is a huge bad side-effect of GM crops resulting in the widespread death of bees.  Without bees there is severely reduced pollination, which can lend itself to mass starvation from inability to grow food.


All of this ugly, deliberate evil being done with our food also involves the New World Order drive to design and spread mass killer plagues through things like AIDS, SARS and Bird Flu.  They also like to use contaminated, poisonous vaccines on children through mass inoculation programs.  Whatever they can use to get into our bodies with their debilitating and deadly shit, they will use!


Because of their control of the mass mind with propaganda and mass hypnosis, there can be no means to combat these GM attacks on our bodily health indirectly through hopeful attempts at political change with utopian idealistic minority movements of concerned citizens.  Political movements are a losing battle, which is obvious from detached, intelligent observation.  So how do we fight this battle?


If you want to win this battle against the demonic forces of the New World Order attack on our physical health (which also includes their big pharma attack on vitamins and herbal supplements in order to force people to use ineffectual and debilitating chemical “medicines”), we have to individually detoxify our physical systems and learn through Yoga to transform our physical bodies so that we also gain powers of physical transmutation.


Clearly we should take steps to not intake more GM foods, injected additives and all such self-poisonings, including our own bad habit intakes from tobacco, alcohol, coffee, coke, red meat and sugar.  All bodily self-poisoning must stop!  There is no point in adding good things like vitamins, health foods, Kombucha, Goji or HGH for health and longevity onto an inner physical base of heavy and debilitating elements.  Taking out the bad shit through fasting, semi-fasting and sweating in the sauna is every bit as important as putting good stuff in!


The Amerindians prolonged their lives through the frequent use of the Sacred Sweat Lodge.  The same with Northern Asian Shamans and the Scandinavians, who learned it from the natives, like the Finns who adopted the Sauna.  Sweating is a primary means of detoxifying the body!


Kalki Agni Kriya Yoga is a set of advanced breathing-with-mantras approach to neurophysiological transformation to be done in the sauna as a Fire Path, Agni Yoga.  This is a personal path of Shambhala that includes Shamanism, Taoist Yoga and Hindu Kriya Yoga with Sri Vidya Mantra as Divine Goddess Empowerment of Mahakundalini Shaktipat and Aurobindo's Supramental Descent and physical opening to what Mother Meera calls the Light of Paramatman or what Guru Sant Ji Maharaj calls “Knowledge” or working with Divine Light and Sound.  The Kriya technique of breathing-in up the spine and breathing-out down the spine stems from Herakhan Baba Gorakhnath who gave it to Lahiri Mahasay.  It has also been transmitted in South India by the fifty-thousand years old sage, Agastya Muni, an alien from Sirius B.


My own New Shambhala version of this ancient alien cosmic Fire Yoga technique works as follows:


Sitting upright in the sauna, hold a set of rudraksha berry beads (108 in number) in your fingers, and do six (6) circulations of inner visualization and mental mantra breathing — breathing-in upward and breathing-out downward as follows:


1st: The Taoist Macrocosmic Orbit of Inner Chit-Shakti, Power of Awareness, of your own Shivatma, Godself.

Breathe upward from the heels of your feet to the back of your head with the inhaling mental mantra, So'hawm Kaw Hawmsaw.  Pause for a moment.  Then breathe downward from the top of your head, down the front of your spine to the Life-center in your lower belly behind your navel.  While exhaling downward, mentally sound the seed-syllable Klee.  This breathing visualization breath cycle should be done 108 times.  Also pause a moment at the bottom with each descent.


2nd: The Taoist Microcosmic Orbit of Inner Ananda-Shakti, Power of Bliss, of your own Shivatma, Godself.

Breathe upward from the base of your spine to the back of your head with the inhaling mental mantra, Klee Hawmsaw Klee Law.  Pause for a moment.  Then breathe downward from the top of your head, down the front of your spine to the Life-center in your lower belly behind your navel.  While exhaling downward, mentally sound the seed-syllable Klee.  Pause for a moment with the breath held out below.  This breathing visualization breath cycle should be done 108 times.


3rd: The Taoist Partial Cleansing Orbit of Inner Iccha-Shakti, Power of Will, of your own Shivatma, Godself.

Breathe upward from your Life-center in your lower belly to your left and right armpits through the double lymph channels on the left and right sides of your stomach with the inhaling mental mantra, Kaw Ei Ee Law.  Pause for a moment with the breath held in.  Then breathe out visualizing down your arms from your armpits down to the palms of your hands with the mental sound of Klee.  Keep the breath held out for a moment in your palms.  Do this cycle 108 times.  This strengthens your righteous Intent or Divine Will to transform your body through Yoga.  Also, at this point, if it is becoming difficult to stay in the sauna heat, get out and take a break with a cool shower of about five minutes, then get back in for the next three steps.


4th: The Taoist Partial Cleansing Orbit of Inner Jñana-Shakti, Power of Knowing, of your own Shivatma, Godself.

Breathe upward from the palms of your hands to your armpits with the mental mantra, Haw Saw Kaw Law.  Pause for a moment with breath held in your armpits.  Then breathe out downward through the twin lymphatic channels in the left and right sides of your chest and stomach from your armpits down to your Life-center behind your navel.  Do this exhalation with the mental sound of Hree.  Do this cycle 108 times.  This will dramatically increase your Power of Intuition, of Direct Knowing without need of external information.  Hold the breath out for a moment in your Life-center as deep knowing.  As the Japanese say, “There is an all-knowing Buddha in your Hara (Belly).  Wake Him up!”


5th: The Taoist Partial Cleansing Orbit of Inner Kriya-Shakti, Power of Action, of your own Shivatma, Godself.

Breathe upward from your Life-center to the core of your Solar Plexus in your upper belly.  Inhale upward that way with the mental mantra, Haw Saw Kaw Haw Law.  Pause for a moment with your breath held in your Solar Plexus.  Then breathe out visualizing down inside your hips and legs to the bottoms of your feet with the mental sound Sree.  Hold your breath out at the bottoms of your feet.  Do this cycle 108 times.

 This gives great personal power.  Sree develops the Twenty-Four Siddhis or Miraculous Powers of Siddhayoga, which are:


1.     Anima: The cognitive power to see into a single atom and explore the atomic microcosm or to place yourself in a single cell and know the Brahmanda Cellular Omniverse and the Mind of the Cells as explained by Sat Prem about Auro-Mother.


2.     Mahima: The cognitive power of Cosmic Consciousness to see and visualize our entire twelvefold Timespace Universe or to see the Egg of Brahman, Omniverse of the Tao or Supreme Cell of Liquid Space.


3.     Laghima: The power of levitation of the physical body; ability to physically fly or to do Tibetan Lung-Ta Running.  Also to move objects with the mind.


4.     Vashita: The power to materialize food or drink, to be independent of the world and insane society for taking care of material needs.  Even a house or car can be produced out of thin air.  The same with any money or ID or passports.  A Siddha with Vashita Siddhi is out of control of governments, big business or petty-minded communities.


5.     Anumitwa: The power of freedom from hunger or thirst or exhaustion.  An Anumitwa Siddha can go endlessly without sleeping, drinking or eating, pissing or excreting, and is no longer a personal slave to these physical bodily functions, but can turn them off or on at will.


6.     Manojay: Is the ability to move the physical body at the speed of thought.  The body can appear in any visualized place instantly in any known timespace location.  This Manojay Siddha becomes a Kala Bhairava, Time-Spanner, after extensive practice.  The Bird-People of our Milky Way Galaxy are natural Manojay Siddha(s).


7.    Kamroop: This is the ability to give the body any form and function the Siddha likes for communion or enjoyment.  It is the ability to mutate at will.  The Cronenberg movie Nightbreed depicts this Siddhi in a horrifying but fascinating manner.


8.     Swacchand Mrityu: This is the ability to simulate death in a deep trance through cessation of breathing and heartbeat.  It also gives the ability to die at the time of one's own choosing.  It also gives the ability to do “astral traveling”, “lucid dreaming”, going about in the subtle realm consciously, and then return to the entranced or sleeping body when one chooses.  The realm of dreams and death is completely available to the Swacchand Mrityu Siddha.


9.  Adwandwata: This siddhi gives the body freedom from the effects of heat and cold.  The Awandwata Siddha can gain complete personal privacy when needed by staying in extremely hot or cold locations where ordinary stupid, boring, neurotic and vicious people cannot comfortably stay.


10.  Prapti: This is unlimited cognitive extension.  The Prapti Siddha can see the real physical architectures of material existence on any level of existence without the cognitive limitations of his body he is centered in at the time.  He can see, for instance, through an Earthly physical body, wavelengths like infrared, ultraviolet, x-rays or nuclear radiation, just for starters.  He can see the actual way the human brain projects an external world of sights and sounds that are organically subjective.  He can have all the truly objective perception he likes or needs.  He is not a prisoner of sense-limitations.


11. Prakashya: The ability to inwardly, mentally know or illuminate whatever is happening anywhere in the world in any situation, or whatever is happening in any other alien worlds outside the Earth.  No people anywhere can hide what they are doing from the Prakashya Siddha.


12.  Dur Shravan: The power of clairaudience — the ability to hear from afar. 


13. Dur Darshan: This is clairvoyance, or subtle seeing with the Third Eye, scenes of past, present or even sometimes the future of what the Dur Darshan Siddha has no direct physical perception of.


14.Devkreeda Darshan: The ability to see angels, demons or inorganic beings, as well as the ability to leave his physical body and use his energy body to visit the realms of involutionary, inorganic beings as reported by Carlos Castaneda in his book, The Art of Dreaming.  This is a dangerous siddhi because the Devkreeda Darshan Siddha can become voluntarily trapped in an Inorganic Involutionary realm, which slowly disintegrates one's causal body and puts one backward in evolution.  All magicians rely heavily on this Siddhi for their trips on the Backward Downward Path of the Tunnels of Set or turning the body into an animal.


15. Yathasamkalpa: The power to get anything one wishes for, whether as a whim or some special need, such as a rare hard-to-find object.  A Yathasamkalpa Siddha becomes a little like a dragon sitting on a secret treasure of unusual and prized things, books, etc.


16. Trikaldarshitwa: The causal ability to look into any karmic structure of Time and Destiny of individuals or collective peoples.  This Siddha is a Grand Prophet and an Ultimate Historian.


17.  Kamavasaita: This power can make anything the way one wants.  The power of the Self-determination of a Kamavasaita Siddha is impossible by ordinary, undeveloped people to thwart.  His righteous designs and plans cannot be changed or distorted by pompous, neurotic idiots.


18.  Prakamya: This means no ordinary obstacles can stop one from using something or going somewhere as needed.  A broken vehicle mysteriously works.  Fire or flood do not stop the Prakamya Siddha.  No prison or cell can contain this body.  He can walk through walls.


19.  Agnyadistambhan: The ability to command the elements.  The Agnyadistambhan Siddha can transmute anything.  He can turn water into wine or human blood into wine or human piss into lemonade, lead into gold, poison into nectar.  He can turn New World Order GM food into pure organic food or turn their private organic food into smelly shit.


20.   Parkay Pravesh: The power to enter another human body (that another soul has vacated for some reason) and use it for awhile as one's own.  Gorakhnath for instance took up another body for awhile in this way at Herakhan and became Herakhan Baba there.  The same took place in Gujarat by Dadaji Lakulish.  This kind of thing is also depicted in the movie, Meet Joe Black.


21. Agnya Pratihata Gati: This means one's command is nowhere refused by ordinary mechanical minds.  This is depicted in the movie Dune where the Reverend Mother of Paul Atreides used “The Voice” or in the movie Star Wars where the Jedi just tells a weakminded soldier of the Empire to let the Jedi and companions pass through somewhere.


22.   Parichitabhignta: The power of mind-reading and telepathy.  This siddhi enables one to learn mentally through communion at a distance from an advanced Sufi, a Siddha Guru or even a Deity.  An advanced Siddha Ultraterrestrial or Siddha Extraterrestrial will sometimes teach or transmit something in some way through a chosen telepathic human “channel”.  The Parichitabhignta Siddha can also understand the language of birds and animals.


23. Apapajay: This is the personal power of always being as popular, magnetic, welcome and respected as one chooses to be.


24. Kriya-Shakti  is also itself a Grand Power or Mahasiddhi called Durshita which enables one to materialize a magic castle, a hidden valley full of cottages, or even a moon or planet.  The seed-syllable Sree is all-fulfilling, giving wealth, health and the coming true of good visions.


6th: The Taoist Partial Cleansing Orbit of Inner Kundalini-Shakti, Power of Quantum Cosmic Atomic Energy, of your own Shivatma, Godself.

Breathing in and visualizing upward from the heels of the feet up the legs to the Life-center with the mental mantra Saw Kaw Law.  Hold in the breath for a pause in the Life-center.  Then breathe out visualizing a downward breath with the mental sound Kree down into the Muladhara Chakra or root center of Kundalini Shakti at the base of the spine where the breath is held out for a moment.  This cycle should also be done 108 times.

Kree is the seed-syllable of Kundalini Shakti.  This Kriya stimulates the rising levels of Quantum Energy in the physical atomic structure to raise the purifying inner heat and fire to higher and higher levels of Kundalini rising up through the neurocenters of higher developmental functioning.

With the upward breath of Saw Kaw Law, into the Sex or Life-center the personal power of tantric sex ecstasy and physical immortalization are increased with no contradiction between them.  This leads to sexually active Tantric groups from Earth traveling to the stars in the future as long-lived guest colonists on extraterrestrial planets where they are invited in the future.  The present evil New World Order and destruction of unyogic stupid humanity will of course be mere history by then.


All scattered individual New Yogis and Yoginis on Earth doing this Sixfold Kalki Agni Kriya Yoga of bodily self-purification and transformation (or similar approaches) are the invisible but real Network of the New Shambhala, which is the real path of a Shambhala Warrior to overcome the black-hearted, evil-minded New World Order and its mindless minions, controllers and bad nation-state governments that engage in lying to the people and stealthily arrange for corruption, abuse, slavery and death.  The central shield and sword in this global war for the future of humanity are personal detoxification and Yoga transformation.  Absolutely no outwardly organized social or political movement can substitute for the central and real personally private path.  To think otherwise and stay in bad habits of self-neglect in a diseased, poisoned body while cynically speaking against Yoga breathing and sacred mantric Divine Empowerment is to share in the suicidally proud arrogance of contemporary spiritually blind fools.  Merely contributing articles of complaint through the alternative news media will not of itself do much of anything, even though we all should speak and share the truth and keep alive some atmosphere of truth as a public service.


The big cities and towns are death-traps.  Live as far out of town as possible.  Conserve organic seeds and create your own private garden.  Multiply Kombucha and drink it.  Develop better habits of living.  Set up a sauna and do Kalki Agni Yoga as described.  Do not stay in a cult or socially confrontational idealistic community.  Belong to no particular religion or spiritual tradition.  Keep your Tantric group to only a handful of people at most and do not try to convert relatives or neighbors or change acquaintances to what you do. Do not put on spiritual airs or show-off “spiritual clothing”.  The real confrontation with anti-spiritual Humanity is in your own private body and private mind.  You cannot change Humanity or the world.  What you can change is the actual state of your physical, subtle and causal body.  These must become what the Tibetans call Buddha-bodies: Nirmanakaya, Sambhogakaya and Dharmakaya.  Aurobindo calls this the Triple Transformation in his excellent book, The Synthesis of Yoga.  Other important books you can read for Kalki Yoga are Charles Luk (Lu K'uan Yu), Taoist Yoga Alchemy and Immortality as well as Jaidev Singh, Siva Sutras which will tell you more about the Taoist Yoga breathing orbits and the Godself Activation of the Five Divine Powers.  To better understand the essence of Sri Vidya, there is a little booklet of limited but useful scope called Quintessence of Sri Vidya by S. Shankaranarayan.  And if you would like a pragmatic example of a full-blown Supramentalized individual with the three transformed bodies, read the W.Y. Evan-Wentz volume, The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation, especially the section entitled, An Epitome of the Life and Teachings of Tibet's Great Guru Padma- Sambhava.  A good companion volume to this is Chögyam Trungpa, Crazy Wisdom which enables the spiritual psychology of Western seekers to come to grips with the central thrust of the ongoing immortal presence and teachings of Padma-Sambhava, who is also probably the figure called the “Death Defier” in the Carlos Castaneda books.


To understand the kinds of things your body and mind can go through if your practice Kalki Agni Kriya Yoga in the sauna, read Gopi Krishna, Kundalini and Sat Prem, The Mind of the Cells.  These accounts show the need for a patiently prolonged and difficult sadhana of gradual physical transformation.  No matter how “high” you or others have gotten in the past from a Muktananda Shaktipat Intensive, a Darshan Blessing of Guru Sant Ji Maharaj or having Mother Meera hold your head and look at you with Light of Paramatman, no such overnight Divine “booster shots” give anything sustainable without something like prolonged detoxification and Kriya Yoga.  Darshan or Shaktipat dependency and emotional clinging are no substitute for the real, private path of Yoga, though there are times when individuals need a higher intervention on their behalf to help them on their way.  The Grand Pattern of how all these kinds of necessities are taken care of behind the scenes within the Divine Plan for Earth are what the Naqshbandi Sufis call The Naqsh.  It is understood by attuning yourself to it, not by developing self-important emotional problems.


To understand the contemporary implications of the Old Shambhala, you really should read Edwin Bernbaum, The Way to Shambhala; to understand the contemporary implications of the New Shambhala, you really should read James Redfield, The Secret of Shambhala.


If you want to understand the structural issues of the evolution of human causal bodies, read Jaidev Singh, Pratyabhijñāhrdayam; I.K. Taimni, The Secret of Self-realization; Swami Yogeshwaranand Saraswati, Science of Soul; A.E. Powell, The Causal Body, Meher Baba, God Speaks; and Wendelle Stevens plus Stefan Denaerde, UFO...Contact From Planet Iarga.


To gain greater understanding of the Naqsh or Grand Cosmic Design of Evolution, I recommend P.D. Ouspensky, In Search of the Miraculous; Geoffrey A. Barborka, The Divine Plan; A.E. Powell, The Solar System; and Courtney Brown, Cosmic Voyage.


You do not have to remain ignorant, helpless or untransformed in the face of massive global self-destruction being arranged by the deluded secular leaders of the New World Order outwardly and cosmic karmic engineers behind the scenes who operate through subtle mechanisms described by David Icke, who knows quite a bit about the Problem but is very immature about the Solution.  Not all of his Occult History of the Earth is correct.  His books should be supplemented by The Urantia Book, which is also a distortion wrongly centered in the Galaxy of Andromeda.


For Great Yoga one must have a Great Perspective.  It is not a matter of Experience versus Knowledge.  Only little minds think like that.  Big minds realize the need for Great Experiencing and Great Knowledge on a basis of the Great Heart of Cosmic Devotion beyond all petty little conditioned religions of insane and ignorant humanity.  To stimulate Great Heartedness in this respect, try listening to Chishti Qawwali Music of the Sabri Brothers, not with an eye to join Islam, but with a Universal Love that even include heartfelt Sufi Dervishes in our Way of Cosmic Yoga.  A Way without a Heart just won't work, which clever, atheistic New Agers of the West haven't learned with their cynical self-importance and miracle-mongering.  My Heart will always be a Universal Chishti!  Just as My Consciousness will always be a Universal Zen Master!  These are the Left Heart and Right Heart of what the Tibetans call Bodhichitta, Enlightened causal Heart-consciousness of Compassion and Wisdom.  All who want to excel at Agni Kriya Yoga must develop Bodhichitta.  This is the rule of evolutionary progress in both the Old and New Shambhala.


The Sufi, the Vedantic Yogi and the Zen Master are the three teaching heads of Hermes Trismegistus or Dattatreya Avadhoot!


The Six Kriya breath-cycles are the Six Heads of Kartikeya, Sanat Kumara, the Old Lord of the World, Who is also Herakhan Baba Gorakhnath, Who is like Yoga Itself in person over sixteen million years.


Learn to respect those who are truly great and truly great transformative Blessing, Baraka, will enter into your being and your life, giving you acceleration of your efforts of world-conquering detoxification and personal physical transformation and development of the Twenty Four Siddhis and activation of the Five Divine Powers of Godself.


This today is My Kalki Message for all seekers everywhere who feel oppressed and discouraged by our utterly sick and degenerative planet Earth and its ignorant, proud and insane humanity. 


I send my special salutations to Agastya Muni of Sirius B for his fifty thousand years of regular spiritually inspiring efforts on the planet Earth.


Finally, I must say in regard to the stupid controversy over whether this Kalki is for real of not, I can only say with my dear friend, Jellel ud-Din Rumi, “Do not look at me, but take what is in my hand.”