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Cosmic People

If the Divine Being were not in essence Omnipotent, He could not be Omnipotent specifically anywhere as on Earth during the near future time-period through an “Avatar” such as “Kalki”.  Therefore, because He chooses to limit or determine His action through involvement with a set of timebound conditions of a certain transitional time-shift of humanity at large does not make Him less Omnipotent any more than, say, Global Warming, makes Him less Omnipotent.  Anything happening on Earth or to humanity in Real Time would therefore be a peripheral manifestation of His Omnipotence, like the wake of a ship.  Hence His Self-limitations assumed in a particular personal instrument of His Intervening Work would be an act of Omnipotence, creating a paradox that only He would be able to understand.  From Above He selects a human body through which He is indeed Kalki, but from Below, that same human body is only identifiable to the masses as Gary Chicoine.


What we cannot and must not expect is that Kalki/Gary Chicoine will try to “prove” His Cosmic Status to undivine human beings through massive working of “miracles” and gathering larger and larger crowds of adoring believers.  He would be more likely to be gathering cosmic military forces into the Solar System for use at the right moment on the Earth as predicted in the Shambhala Prophecy of Padma Sambhava.  So, on the ground, He would appear as something like the character “The Mule” in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series, who appears as a hapless madman playing his unique musical instrument.  He, as Kalki, would thus be more likely to accomplish His Mission in a more down-to-earth way, keying off the treatment received by the doubtful individual, “Gary Chicoine”, preferring a period of anonymity as a claimant to being “Kalki” who gets revealed as nothing but “that weird character, Gary Chicoine”, much as some Sufis have learned to “incur blame” in order to work more privately with less disturbance from emotional and confused people who want attention more than uplift.


So, why is all the above being blatantly pointed out?  Because there are a few Cosmic People on the Earth, actual assistants of Kalki, who need to tune-in to the Action and not be confused by Kalki’s disguise, Gary Chicoine.  From the Cosmic View, it is not that “Gary Chicoine” is trying to convince Normal People that he is “Kalki”, but rather that Kalki is convincing Normal People that He was using “Kalki” as a pseudonym among pseudonyms in his cluster of spiritual websites.  For Normals, people without Real Perception, it was all “Gary Chicoine” after all, whereas for alert Cosmic People, “Gary Chicoine” is the primary pseudonym of Kalki so that he can operate incognito as an average Western Seeker who organizes spiritual teachings that he likes on the Web.


So where is all this going?  It turns out that Kalki is becoming a Cosmic Eventuality on Earth rather than a massive Social Event.  At most, some inwardly resonating Cosmic People will keep alive a necessary thought that Gary Chicoine may turn out to be Kalki after-all as a Cosmic Surprise for surviving Normal People after the New World Order completes a mass killing off of unevolving Normal People as the Severe Hand of Omnipotence.  The Merciful Hand of Omnipotence thus appears as the Cosmic Surprise when Kalki Rudra Chakrin’s Cosmic Army invades the Earth and takes out the New World Order of evil scumbag Reptilian-possessed world leaders who have been Anti-Avatars or impersonal instruments of the Severe Hand of Omnipotence. 


The Omnipotent Divine Being is thus playing out an all-educational game of Cosmic Solitaire on the Earth.  Hence, even Demi-gods, Adepts and Extraterrestrials are being educated by all this and not merely the eventually shocked and surprised Normal People who have been carrying on as detractors or emotional supporters of Gary Chicoine a.k.a. Kalki Rudra Chakrin, Gabriel Chiron, Qutub Sarmouni, etc.


Cosmic People will of course now engage in more extensive questioning of their assumptions, whereas Normal People coming to the new Gary Chicoine website will be even more doubtful, upset or confused.  Because of this, Kalki can work undisturbed by excessive useless visitors to his Lappland home or other places of residence precisely because the majority of interested Normals see Him as that Gary Chicoine character who is “playing games with everybody” and isn’t a “real Eastern Master”.  Kalki of course is infinitely more than a “Real Eastern Master”, but to hapless culture-bound “Eastern Masters”, Gary Chicoine the Vietnam War Veteran will always be that failed Cult Leader who never made it to “Real Eastern Mastery”.  So, for a little while, the hapless culture-bound “eastern masters” can enjoy their silly game of controlling thousands of gullible Western Adherents and Seekers who do not have the Cosmic Perception to see through The Game of Eastern Master.  To their stupid “relief”, the devastating Truth-presence of Qutub Sarmouni turned out to be “only that disreputable Gary Chicoine”!


Now, in the Light of all this, everybody concerned about it can be happy!  Cosmic People can be happy and relieved that Kalki is actually present on Earth at this time as predicted and in the way as predicted and Dull Normal Unreal People can be happy that (only) Gary Chicoine is here on Earth, (failing) to be a “Real Eastern Master”.  And there will always be an interface of Cosmic People and Dull Normal Unreal People on the Earth for a million years, just as there will be the same interface of Zen Host and Guest, Sufi Cosmic Self and Social Self, Mexican Seer Nagual and Tonal, as well as Martin Heidegger’s Authentic Individual and They-self, not to mention Gurdjieff’s Essence and Personality.  Think of it:  The entire Cosmic Earth Transition Crisis is nothing but a temporary gateway to a million years of Learning Opportunities on Earth for human causal-bodied souls to incarnate into sexual horniness and pseudo-spiritual brain confusions of imagining things about themselves!  All can fuck-and-talk and fuck-and-talk life after life, body after body, for a million years.  The Lord provides!