Session One, Spirit Messages


What makes this message a Spirit Message is that you need to hear it with your Spirit and not just your brain.  After you have heard this message with your Spirit, go on and hear the next message with your Spirit.

Anything is potentially a Spirit Message.  Shaman people have always known that from living in closer union with Nature.  You may consider this as a kind of logic in your brain, as a “modern” person who wants to “understand” Shamanism, but that procedure locks you out of your Spirit and keeps you a prisoner of your unspiritual brain.  This imprisonment is wasting your life!  Hear this message with your Spirit before it is too late.

Let your brain serve as a useful cognitive faculty that presents this message to your Spirit.  Do you find this simple, open thing as something difficult and confusing?  If you do, you are refusing to listen with your Spirit, but are trying to create or control Spirit as a brain-self.

This is a Spirit Message.  Try to register this fact in your Spirit beyond your brain.  The beauty of the Spirit Message is in itself, not in the brain trying to be quiet.  The “silent brain” is just a way of the brain being obsessed with itself.  Shifting consciousness into the Spirit position is what this is all about.  That this will silence the brain is just a side-effect, not a means of spiritual progress.  When the Spirit is strong, it is directly available to Itself beyond the brain; when the Spirit is weak, the brain struggles to somehow become silent so that something extraordinary will happen to it.

This is another Spirit Message for your Spirit.  Be Spirit!  Do not be a brain searching for Spirit or trying to be Spiritual!

Repeating words like, “I am Spirit” in your brain will not necessarily get you to the Real Spirit of yourself.  Only the words the Spirit repeats have real power.  Make sure you understand this with your Spirit before you read the next message.

Your brain is being very clever in all this.  It imagines that it can substitute for the Spirit through using its stored-up knowledge from books.  Your brain compares various “Spiritual Teachings” that it thinks it knows, but your Spirit remains deaf and blind!  You need to take a new step in Spirit that is truly beyond your brain.  Try to actually take this step directly in Spirit before you confront the next message.

Your brain is occupying itself with this message in a way that plugs up your Spirit and pushes It out of all this.  You need to receive the truth of all this with your Spirit.  This obviously needs pointed out in many different ways.

Spirit Messages are not a “teaching” or a “website”.  Spirit Messages happen for the Spirit in the vast realm of Spirit.  You are either awake There in Heightened Awareness or you are not.  Spirit Messages only appear to be something your brain can accept or reject for one of your usual brain purposes.

The Shaman is a Spirit Individual, not a conditioned member of a tribe, culture, nation, religion or language.  One does not become a Shaman, a Spirit Individual, through “studying” the “Shamanism” of some poor tribe of ignorant assholes trying to “maintain their spiritual values in modern times as an oppressed people”.  Both the oppressors and the oppressed are spiritually blind and deaf through identification with bodily habits of belief and behavior.  Only the Spirit can be a Shaman, just as only the Spirit can hear this message.