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My Cosmic Music

Back in the early 1980’s I created various volumes of Cosmic Music as an experiment of stimulation of Cosmic Consciousness in human beings of our Earth through utilizing special musical constructs.  I gave concerts of Cosmic Music to the people of John Bennett’s Institute, which I had inherited.  Unfortunately, those were typical cult type followers, rather dull and inert in their causal bodies and lacking the higher intelligence and sensitivity that would allow supracausal vibrations to reach them.  Basically, stones and plants could “hear” or feel the Cosmic Music better than those poor John Bennett cult members.


In the end, I gave up on the project and put the Cosmic Music into deep storage along with lots of other things, awaiting a more auspicious time to re-ignite the Cosmic Transmission Experiment, which is now.  Who knows, there might be a rare listener out there who will be able to pick-up the Cosmic Signal and develop something about it in their own Self.


Volume One is now available for possible downloading if you are interested in having a go at listening for Cosmic Signals.  There will be other volumes available from time to time if you check this page.


Keep in mind that you are prohibited from attempting to publish this music yourself to charge money for it, which would violate copyright, but feel free to give copies to friends whom you feel may have a cosmic disposition.  I do not believe I am particularly talented as a musician as such, but I do believe I have instilled genuine cosmic vibrations of a high order into the music.




Volume One:      Total Planetary Reaction


This depicts millions of musicians on the Mother Planet that orbits Sirius B.  They have linked together simultaneously on the electronic music grid of their type of Internet.  The musicians are spontaneously reacting ecstatically to a Cosmic News Event.  Their musical Total Planetary Reaction depicts a highly developed and joyous Real People who live in harmony with each other and their planet.  The humanity of Earth is probably a million years away from a general state like the people of the Mother Planet of Sirius B.






Volume Two:       Binary Star Passion

Depicts an intimate exchange of energies between the inhabitants of two planets of two nearby solar systems of a male Star Deity and a female Star Deity.  Includes the feel of interstellar travel being discovered by the evolving people of both star systems.


Volume Three:       Shefnumeki Development

Sacred music of a spiritual tradition on an unknown other planet in our galaxy.  These people have a tradition similar to the Sufi way in Turkey on the Earth, but without Islamic pettiness.  They offer their music to their Stellar Deity for His Blessings.  They perform sacred dance at times within this music.


Volume Four:       Lumia Depth Probe

This music depicts a group of highly advanced cosmic humanoids from the central regions of the Universe who have been sent to the Earth.  From their gigantic orbitting invisible spacecraft they are sending down telepathic waves of Divine and Cosmic meaning into the minds of spiritual aspirants on Earth to see if anyone can hear and understand such meanings and telepathically respond in like kind.  On the whole it is a futile exercise and they have to return to the central regions of the Universe and report that the problems on Earth are nothing but a Galactic local difficulty.