Notice:  About Gary Chicoine

Gary Chicoine has come down into a human body from the Divine Realm at this time of difficult cosmic transition of humanity on Earth.  He is the actual Kalki Avatar, which is increasingly coming to light as more and more receptive individuals are given direct proof of this within themselves through Divine Descent of Spiritual Power into their soul, mind and body.


So, why is this happening?  It is because this Avatar, residing at Björkudden near Randijaur near Jokkmokk in Lappland, Sweden, is now ready to lead the way for advanced individuals who are capable of working with full-blown Cosmic Information, Learning and Development without prejudice or illusion.  Through those people, the Avatar’s team, a New Shambhala will emerge for the Ascending Dwapara Yuga on the Earth.  This New Shambhala Team will not form a cult or commune in Lappland, but will function as a spiritually effective network along the lines of the now defunct Sarmoun Brotherhood of Central Asia.


This Avatar does not say “all religions are one”, but all religions are superficial and robotic and lack cosmic human development.  Traditions based of culture-bound religious conditioning are to be treated as blockages and resistance against the evolutionary future of genuine awakening individuals.


This Avatar does not promote or support any religion or political system whatsoever.


This Avatar does not line up visitors for “darshan” or “blessing” in the manner of Mother Meera, whom He has created for such purposes.  If His Divine Energy is not already working within an individual, He sees nothing to be done further with the individual.


Björkudden is not a utopian hotel or ashram for weak people hoping to escape from having to work for a living.


This Avatar will not work miracles for hopeful miracle-mongers who come to Björkudden.  Only those who have already been experiencing miracles or far-out coincidences in their lives that they can connect with this Avatar will experience miracles or far-out coincidences at Björkudden.  The Miraculous is Divine Shakti, the Goddess of Power, and She has a Supradivine Mind of Her own!  You have already been given “proof” of this Avatar or you will not be given “proof” at Björkudden.


Björkudden is a private home and waiting space for visitors is extremely limited.  Many visitors have already been rather uncomfortable and inconvenienced.


Currently, this Avatar, Baba Kalki, is only accepting some visitors until November 1st, 2007.  After that He will be relocating to other places of residence.