New Interview With Gary Chicoine

Björkudden Visitor: 

  Have I arrived at a bad time?  On the Web I see that you have been under attack on the so-called “Friends of the Notes Author” Web-forum and that you have responded to it with your own “Spheres Club” and “Lappland News”, not to mention your fabulous giant squid!
G.C: All arrivals and departures are always on time in my Universe. I agree that I have been under attack on “Friends of the Notes Author”.  Most of my “Friends” are only slightly awake in their Heart and Soul at most.  They are being forced by new members to have useless, counter-productive discussions that will not help anyone have a genuine spiritual awakening.  These new members are obviously invasive detractors with hidden agendas.  Both the partial friends and the invasive detractors are mostly Unteachable Modern Emotional Minds.  Everything happening was and is predictable. 
B.V:  Why, if I may ask, did you link your website to “Friends of the Notes Author” in the first place?

G.C:  It looked like a good way to accelerate my Kalki Mission on Earth by compressing their social trip into just a few days in Cyber-Time.  As a consequence of the sociological controversies and gossip excitements about “Gary Chicoine, the Old Charismatic John Bennett Cult Leader Arising Anew on the Web After Twenty Years of Absence”, more people than ever are benefiting from using Wisdom Oracles I prepared for them and reading Wisdom Articles I have written for them.  The Web situation is contagious and the detractors feed it by attacking it.
B.V:  But isn’t it true that a lot of people find your Oracles too close to the bone and your Articles too destructive to their beliefs and prejudices?  Various spiritual schools of thought, traditions and Web-forums are obviously feeling that their sociological territory is threatened by your increasingly popular presence on the Web.  They obviously can’t handle a possible reincarnation of Shiva Himself as Kalki Avatar Rudra Chakrin (especially in a Western body!).  However, it is also true that some of us are handling it and having inner experiences and strange outer coincidences or “miracles” that prove it.  So how does this really work?  Why do a few get proof and most only get upset or turned-off?

G.C:  The Earth Humanity is in the midst of a Cosmic Transition Crisis that has also been called a “Judgment Day” or parting-of-the-ways of Souls.  The dichotomy in reactions to my provocative presence reflects the time-condition on the planet.

B.V:  May I say that I find the obvious lack of a cult-following here at your private home in Lappland rather surprising?  In spite of the modest photographs you have given out on the Web, I expected that you would have lots of disciples assisting you and there is virtually nobody here with you.  How do you get things done?

G.C:  It’s a kind of magic.

B.V:  Ha!  You mean like the Immortal Highlander?

G.C:  Something like that.  Or perhaps a shape-shifting Sphere!

B.V:  Seriously, I do not know how you have managed to accomplish what you have done with so few resources.

G.C:  I have hidden resources.  I am a Nagual, a Starry Magus, a Godself, Shivo’ham, I am Shiva.  All must evolve, awaken and learn to do what I do in principle.  All have a spark of Godself potential in their causal body, their Soul in the Heart.

B.V:  Having been through your Note Sessions, it is clear to me that you enjoy mindfucking limited and petty self-enclosed ordinary or normal minds.

G.C:  Yes, I enjoy my work there.  To initiate a real Learning Process in as many people as possible is part of my Mission here.  Among other things, I must serve now as Maitreya Buddha, the new, modern Zen Master beyond limited, culture-bound Buddhism, just as I must serve now as Qutub Sarmouni, the new, modern Sufi Master beyond limited, culture-bound Islam.

B.V:  Well, you are obviously pissing off a lot of Eastern Buddhist and Islamic Sufi authorities and vested interests.

G.C:  Greater Divine and Cosmic Truth and Praxis always upset false spiritual authorities and their hypnotized, gullible followers who themselves become false spiritual authorities.

B.V:  May I ask what is your relationship with Neil Oram whom you have linked to on your Gary Chicoine website?

G.C:  Neil was John-the-Baptist and Bodhidharma.  We are ancient friends.  He has been one of my more advanced disciples and associates in more than one life.

It is interesting that you ask, for Neil was just here with me at Björkudden for a few days to get tuned-up to what we need to do about the overall spiritual scene on Earth at this time.  We had some fantastic conversations about a variety of issues.

B.V:  What is your relationship with Matty Sphere?

G.C:  Matty Sphere was My disciple in a previous life and recognizes his Teacher.  He easily picks up My signals and is receptive to My Godself Energies or Shaktipat.  He quickly learns without needing long explanations to clear away doubts.

B.V:  Am I a reincarnated disciple of yours?

G.C:  It is possible.  Let’s investigate it together in deeper meditation.

B.V:  I see: you are not going to do for me what I have to do for myself or find out for myself.

G.C:  Exactly!  My ancient Gurus never did for me what I had to do for Myself.

B.V:  I found it very stimulating when you said that Padma Sambhava was your sanity.  Should I do the same thing?

G.C:  It is good to study the life and presence on Earth of Padma Sambhava.  It is even better if you are not a culture-bound, heavily conditioned Tibetan Buddhist.  Those poor sods never got the full Cosmic Transmission.  It has been too easy for ages to remain culture-bound and ignorant on the planet Earth.

B.V:  A lot of people are upset or disparaging of you over your criticism of normal, everyday people.  How do you really feel about human beings?

G.C:  I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t care.  I have no points to defend about Compassion.

B.V:  Do you ever just mingle with down-to-earth regular people?

G.C:  Of course.  I divide my time each year between intense Web Work and Private Yoga in Lappland and spending the winter months in the Balkans, particularly Serbia, where my wife, who is Serbo-Croatian, and myself have a nice cottage on a mountain side.  We try to always bring a little Light and Healing Love to fragile “normals” wherever we can, even though we know they cannot get the Flyers off their backs or become Yogis or Yoginis.  Without contact with Basic Earth, our Spirit becomes distorted.  This will always be a big issue for spiritual aspirants everywhere.

B.V:  What is that big weird owl on your cottage?

G.C:  That is a blow-up of an original painting of a friend of mine on Basic Earth, an Italian Naïve Artist.  I first bought the painting in an art shop in Bled, Slovenia, where I first encountered Naïve Art.  I have filled my cottage in Serbia with Naïve Art reproductions.  Our everyday friends and family love our cottage there and take care of it for us when we are away.

B.V:  I take it you have no overt cult in Serbia?

G.C:  That would spoil everything.  However, there are many hidden saints in the Balkans, as well as individuals with huge spiritual potential beyond all the pretentious crap going on on the Web.  These individuals do not go on the Web and have maintained their magical innocence.  I love working with such people in the Balkans.  They learn more easily without the insane crap about “cults” and “cult leaders”.  When I do somewhat magical or “miraculous” things with these people, they don’t get fucked-up about it, but just get on with it.  There is a lot of spiritual potential there.

I also find the Orthodox Christian Holy Places more congenial to My Spirit than Catholic or Protestant establishments in Europe as a whole.

B.V:  That’s amazing to hear from “Lord Pan of Kefalari”!

G.C:  Kefalari is an Orthodox church!  It is not as amazing as it looks on the surface, but I appreciate your humor.

B.V:  Do you think I should try to find the time and money to spend time in the Balkans?

G.C:  Only if you feel a deep inner calling to do it.  Otherwise it could just prove to be a huge distraction that is not to the point.  The Basic Earth is available everywhere to some degree.  You just have to be alert to it.

B.V:  Do you have any unusual experiences of Basic Earth in the Balkans you would share with me?

G.C:  My wife and I attended a live gig of one of the top world-ranked Gypsy bands called “Kal” in a nightclub in Čačak, Serbia.  We got high on that.

B.V:  Yet you do believe humanity is generally stupid and insane.

G.C:  Of course.  It is heart-breaking.  Truly spiritual human beings have to rise above the shit and get on with Kriya Yoga and unprejudiced search for Divine and Cosmic Truth as I have repeatedly pointed out.  Masses of Flyer-ridden Normals are going to die in huge disasters.  However, the Basic Earth, the Essence of Man, will survive.