An Interview With Gary Chicoine

Q:  What did you experience as an international management consultant for twenty years after you dropped out of the New Age spiritual scene?


G.C: It became more clear to me than ever that people in positions of secular power and authority are more false, unnatural and personally inadequate than everyday, natural and down-to-earth people.  They live in a phony and twisted world they have created for themselves as a kind of anti-evolutionary ghetto.  They are unbelievably unnatural and anti-spiritual.  Their list of undiscussable subjects borders on bottomless.


Q: How will genuine truth and harmony come into the world if all the leaders are false and unnatural people who keep the most important evolutionary issues “off the table”?


G.C: If you want to serve real truth and harmony in the world, you must not conform to and coddle the pride and prejudice of apparently important, influential people.  You must courageously speak real truth wherever you can sense there is someone there who might hear some of it without making nasty trouble for you.  In fact, you must be centered yourself in absolute honesty with yourself and others on the Basic Earth.  You must make no artificial, pretentious efforts to attract or hold others to you where there is no actual mutual resonance.  Your main method of service to the possible evolution of Humanity must be simple, silent radiation of truth and goodwill from the center of your Heart.


Q:  How can I be sure I am in the real and natural center of Spirit in my being?


G.C: Do not take a petty, tense and rigid brain-centered position about spiritual or evolutionary issues.  Take an open, vast position of natural and real energy and life that burns up your bad habits and avoids doing harm to others.


Q: What in your opinion is the most central and important self-help, self-improvement or evolutionary self-realization teaching or method?


G.C: Each human individual needs to awaken in their Godself beyond their limited and unhappy personal ego.  The Godself is cloaked and darkened by the limited, tense, manipulating and ever-arranging or busy unhappy personal ego.  When the Godself is no longer cloaked by that foolish and ignorant everyday ego, the Godself shines forth as unlimited Bliss of Being.  One becomes totally natural and down-to-earth with a real feeling of being everywhere in everything


Q: That sounds too far beyond ordinary mortals like myself.  Don’t I have to first do my duties on Earth and experience a few personal fulfillments?


G.C: You do not understand the real order of things.  The Earth-life is not actually separate from the Universe or the Divine level of being.  The Earth-life is fundamentally a God-making School.  Everything that happens to you in your carrying out of “duties” (as you conceive them) or trying for “fulfillments” (as you conceive them) is secretly arranged from behind-the-scenes to provoke your Godself awakening.  As long as you deny or avoid the very idea of “Godself Awakening”, you must come repeatedly to shocks, delays, disappointments and sufferings.  To put Godself awakening on back-burner is a stupid misunderstanding.

Q:  How then can I get the kind of higher help or opportunities I need for the Godself awakening you are talking about?


G.C: It is a Law of the Evolutionary Universe that no aspiring individual anywhere can be deprived of what they need or have it taken away if they have it.  You need to intuitively trust this.  You will then increasingly see that it is true and trustworthy.  You cannot ever lose anything you have that you truly need; you cannot fail to obtain at the right time what you will be needing.


Q: What do you see as the key of your particular life as an individual at this time?


G.C: My inner world, the World of God, is present on Earth in the form of everything truly natural and beautiful, whereas the false world, the world of Humanity and its leaders, is present on Earth as everything unnatural and ugly.  I would like to inspire a few awakening Souls to focus My World and live according to its Godly Principles rather than remaining hypnotized idiots of the false world.


Q: May I ask what you consider to be the key to both material and spiritual success?


G.C: Do not be in a nasty envy toward any obviously happy and successful person as if they “do not deserve it”.  Keep your heart free of envy and jealousy and just do your best on all levels of life that matter for you.  Always appreciate where someone does well in something even apparently mundane.  Watch the old National Geographic documentary, The Living Treasures of Japan and let the Spirit of Excellence rub off on you.


Q: Do you have any personal mundane area where you pursue the Spirit of Excellence just for the sake of it?


G.C: Yes I do.  It is the deepest possible computer research into Chess Openings.  I believe that I have gone farther into the French Defence in particular than probably anyone on Earth.  I have been doing this research as a hobby on the side for over twenty years.  For me, it has always been my personal code that anything worth doing is worth doing well.


Q:  Who is your favorite poet?


G.C: The Spanish poet, Juan Ramón Jiménez.

Q:  Which of his poems do you like the most?


G.C: A poem that refers to Absolute Recursion intuitively.  The key verses read, in English:


                   “The river flows beneath my soul,

                   Undermining me.

                   I can hardly maintain my strength.

                   The sky doesn’t sustain me.

Even the stars deceive me:

                   They are not above,

                   But below,

                   Down there in the depths….”


Q:  What is your favorite pseudonym of all your various Websites you have created?


G.C:  Nobody, the Taoist.

Q: Why?


G.C:  That requires a Zen answer, but your usual state of mind does not do well with Zen answers, for such answers are always created for an unusual state of mind.


Q:  Would you teach me Zen?


G.C: You would have to first undertake a very serious preparation.


Q:  What would that entail?

G.C:  You would have to first read all the books Osho Rajneesh wrote on Zen.  In parallel with that you would have to read all the books of Wei Wu Wei Terence Gray.  And in parallel with Rajneesh and Wei Wu Wei you would have to read through all My Note Sessions on Take Note of Something Different.  During this long period of study you would have to question the Zen Master oracle extensively everyday which can be found on my Note Zen Website.

Q:  I thought Zen required going beyond all book reading and scriptures.


G.C: That is a typical spurious idea about Zen.  First you have to reach a requisite level of genuine understanding.  Once the ground is prepared, the breakthrough interaction can take place, but until then it would be like trying to ignite a wet log.


Q:  I did read Suzuki’s book, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind.  Is it helpful to practice Zazen sitting in meditation in the way he describes?


G.C: No!  That is premature at best and permanently erroneous at worst.  Suzuki is not real Zen, I am sorry to have to say.  Do the preparation I have laid out and you will see this for yourself.  Remember, your aim is a Great Awakening, not to become a traditional oriental Buddhist, not to try to become Chinese, Korean or Japanese.  Zen is not training in a foreign culture as such.  Also, Zazen is a trap.  Stay out of that trap!


Q: I like Krishnamurti.  I like his natural outdoor meditations on beauty and sensitivity.  Sometimes I feel something that way.  Is that useful to a Zen Awakening?


G.C: Consider it an aspect of preparation.  Include Krishnamurti, but do not get trapped in his limited approach.  Krishnamurti is only good for one thing; he is incomplete.  Beyond a certain level, he will only block you off.  Study Tibetan Mahamudra and the writings of Chögyam Trungpa in parallel if you want to unfold a Krishnamurti aspect of all this.


Q: My preparation could easily become very complicated and confusing.


G.C: Then it would no longer be a preparation for Zen breakthrough interaction.  It would be your brain bogging you down in too many secondary considerations.  You must remember your preparation is for Real Zen Breakthrough or you are lost.


Q: Maybe my request to learn Zen from you was too fragmentary, irresolute and spurious.


G.C: It begins to look that way.  You, like all modern seekers, are too much of a consumer who does not want to be serious and thorough about anything.  So the real question is:  What can you be serious and thorough about?

Q: I am not sure what the decisive target is.  Deep inside myself I am vague, confused and feel like a spiritual failure in some sense I cannot put my finger on.  What should I do?


G.C:  Face your condition totally and honestly.  Study teachings that help you do this.  Get real about being real.  Make up your mind to learn everything that really helps you.  Leave no stone unturned in your spiritual quest.  Develop a real Learning Process.  Develop your intuition.  Listen to Inner Guidance.  Find a way to eliminate your bad habits.  Do not waste your life in dull normalcy.  Learn to leave people who just drag you down.  Work toward your liberation.  Stop believing the World.  Do some original thinking now and then.  Practice Quantum Yoga with the right mantra.  Be a cosmic shaman, an explorer of the Unknown.  Awaken Godself.  Fulfill your truly deepest aims in life.  Try wife-swapping with an honest, clean and congenial other couple.  Learn the way of Tantra.  Enter the Temporary Autonomous Zone of Hakim Bey.  Be a free spirit beyond mechanical morality.  Develop devotion toward the Supreme Guiding Spirit beyond all Earthbound religions.  Read Carlos Castaneda books and learn to move your Assemblage Point, your Center of Consciousness.  Blow your mind with a far-out movie or book now and then.  Travel somewhere new occasionally.  Commune with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.  Stop trying to cut down on the scope of what has to happen.  Allow others to happen to themselves and do not expect to be understood by old familiar people in your life.  Always make a fresh start in life when the time comes for it.