Infinite And Finite Travel
by Gabriel Chiron

1.     Finite travel is for the purpose of ending a journey at home with gains of the journey — souvenirs, photographs, films, memories — that one can show or tell about to others at home.  Infinite travel is for the purpose of continuing to journey with inner growth from inner gains of traveling.  An infinite traveler cannot arrive back at home because his journeys are changing him.  He cannot share his infinite gains with those at home either, for they could receive such gains only through themselves undertaking infinite travel.

2.     Finite travel is comprehensible because it achieves known destinations and anticipated experiences or acquisitions.  Infinite travel is incomprehensible because it encounters unknown destinations and unanticipated experiences or inner gains.  In finite travel, one knows what one will get from the journey and has planned accordingly.  In infinite travel, one is uncertain what one will inwardly get from any particular journey, so one travels with room for changes of plan.  Thus a finite traveler is nervous about unforeseen contingencies; an infinite traveler is fascinated by unforeseen contingencies.

3.     For a finite traveler, inconveniences are unpleasant and threatening.  For an infinite traveler, inconveniences are educational and adventurous — they bestow information and training for further, more extensive journeys within continuing travel.

4.     Finite travel crosses over known borders into expected scenes and activities for a definite or limited time.  Infinite travel crosses over unknown borders into unexpected scenes and activities for an indefinite or unlimited time.

5.     Finite travel is undertaken with others of one’s language and culture so as to bring one’s home and conditioning along to prevent inner change of oneself.  Infinite travel visits other languages and cultures so as to modify one’s home and conditioning through inner change of oneself and thus become a deeper, more universal being.

6.     Finite travel has limited sensitivity to new surroundings and minimal scope for fresh thinking.  Infinite travel has unlimited sensitivity to new surroundings and maximum scope for fresh thinking.

7.     A finite traveler does not undertake any given journey to restructure his worldview, but only to add to it.  An infinite traveler undertakes any given journey as a learning experience to help restructure his worldview.  The travels of an infinite traveler do not accumulate in his brain so much as they distill or blend into his living, growing Essence of Being.

8.     A finite traveler travels temporarily as a physical organism having sensations of superficial newness.  An infinite traveler travels continuously as a psychic being having inner experiences of deeper unfolding of new impressions within new meanings of life.

9.     A finite traveler is a body whose final destination is death.  An infinite traveler is a Spirit whose destination is never final even in apparent death.







©2006 Gabriel Chiron