Human Bodily Existence
Is An Holographic Mirror
Of Total Existence

by Gabriel Chiron

Human bodily existence is an holographic mirror of Total Existence.  This existential experience reflects the principle of Cosmic Recursion.  Each physical human being on any of virtually infinite planets is one of the virtually infinite human beings that dwell within the body of the Grand Entity, just as each of us recursively contains virtually infinite living human bodies whose lives pass in what for us is an infinitesimal moment of our physical life.  Recursively, everything contains an everything.  This immense overflow is present in every cell and atom of our body, as well as in every cell of every plant and animal, as well as the bodies of all other people.  The same is true atomically, for every atom or molecule contains timespace quantum universes in the brick or stone atoms, clods of dirt, ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, oceans, hills, mountains, air, clouds, the sky.  All things around our everyday body are holographic mirrors of Total Existence, just like our body.  The interpenetrating cosmic rays create a need for cosmic experiential knowledge, which is existential Hereness and Nowness.  Neither abstract thinking nor psychedelic drugs can give real or lasting experience of all this.

Basic living and experiencing on the Basic Earth is utterly simple in its infinitely rich complexity of differentiation.  Human Being shares in All Being.  Holographically, each being contains All Being.  Everything is Everywhere, each moment is an Eternal Now.

Glandular fluids or blood in the human body are inseparable from sap in the trees.  To directly experience this is to see and feel the truth of sexual loneliness that is Life Itself on all planets in all humanities.  Even the great deities fuck, which was brought out by the Ancient Greeks in their wonderful descriptions of Mount Olympus, which was originally on the peninsula (and later the island) of Cyprus, the original location of Eden.  After that, Olympus relocated to what is now Turkey because of the eternal fires that burn on the mountain, which made it the source of the fire-worshipping Zarathustrians.  After that, when the Greeks were driven out of Turkey, they brought Olympus with them by designating a new Great mountain in Northern Greece as Olympus itself.  The Greeks alone are the true earthly caretakers of the earthly home of the Gods and Goddesses Who had first settled on Earth in Eden from the Sky, from Outer Space.

In Adamic superancient times, the Atlantian Greek pilgrims would take the slow, leisurely Aegean sea-voyage from Argos to what is now the Temple of Solomon at the root of the phallic shape of the Cypriot peninsula that was Eden.

The Balkans, especially Greece (Ellada), is still a rich preparation of Basic Human Life and Sexuality to visit the Gods and Goddesses on Earth.  When we look deeply into Naïve Art of Croatia, for instance, we see the Pagan Renewal of Real Human Life springing up anew from the Basic Earth in spite of the sterile stupidities and hypocrisies of Christianity.  In one early Naïve painting, a rooster is crucified!  In another, the Crucifixion of Jesus is attended by mad orgies of chaotic people.

All of this, I would like to say, reflects Absolute All-Pervasive Recursion of Life, Consciousness and Nondual Awareness of Being.  Hence an open field is like a Galaxy and blades of grass are like stars.  The American poet, Walt Whitman, saw things like this, for instance.  That too is Basic Earth and Naïve Singing.

Not too long ago, I attended a Modern Gypsy gig in a nightclub in Serbia of the group Kal.  Kal in Hindi in India means Time.  For the Sikhs of the Punjab, Kal, Time, is the Lord of Karma, who the Mexican Naguals call The Eagle.  And, of course, the Gypsies are originally immigrants from the Untouchable Lower Cast of Hindu thieves, scavengers, whores and criminals.  Hoping to better themselves by migrating Westward, they brought their bad tendencies.  Just the other day I was waiting at a traffic light in Kragujevac in Serbia when two grim looking young Gypsy boys started forcibly washing our windscreen.  Someone with us then advised us to pay them something even though we did not request the work.  We were told these little bastards might otherwise attack and scratch up our car!  So we paid them a couple of euros.  It was rather disgusting, so it was suddenly horribly clear why Europeans looked the other way when Hitler did genocide on the Gypsies great as or greater than he did on the Jews.  For thousands of years we have loved Gypsy music and visited Gypsy whores, but we have hated their thieving, cheating and aggressive begging on the streets!  All this creates an intense ambivalence toward Gypsies on the Basic Earth level.  Yet, what is most ugly is that the Nazi Genocide of the Gypsies is virtually never mentioned in the contemporary media of Europe and America.  Only the Nazi Genocide of the Jews is kept artificially and dramatically alive as a big issue.  People are kept in jail in Germany for the “thought crime” of questioning the official story of the Nazi Genocide of the Jews.  Clearly there is something inhuman and vicious about Holocaust Denial, but no one is in jail in Germany for Gypsy Holocaust Denial!  Why is that?

The more extensively we go into the politics of Horror, the farther we depart from what Chögyam Trungpa calls Basic Goodness, which pertains to Basic Earth.  We cannot simply ignore the fact of fresh cruelty and horror being pursued by the wretched American Neo-Nazi Neocons with their random torture of innocent Muslims nor their semi-genocide war crimes against Iraqis or similar cruelties and war crimes of Israel against Lebanese or Gaza Palestinians.  In some respects, like Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, we have to “make a friend of Horror”.  But, this can also make us insensitive and further veil Heightened Awareness.  Reactive emotional and confrontational politics are like a hammer that shatters the holographic mirror of Cosmic Consciousness.  When brutal tyrants with their police and armies make us anxiously focus on their lies, corruption and crimes, it distorts our Basic Being and drains us of our true Lifeblood and Self-realization, our Magic.  All the more reason we should pay careful attention to the counter-politics of what Hakim Bey calls Immediatism.  There are no cyber-substitutes, Web-Forums or Chat-rooms that we should allow to engulf us and replace our natural sexuality and vivid awareness of Nondual Being directly in and of the Immediate Here and Now.

Real Individuality is not confrontation with Political and Financial false authority, but is Immediate Self-realizational Real Life on Earth.

Like Lawrence Durrell, we connect with the Spirit of Place, whether exploring a Greek Island or wandering about in Southern France.  Like Henry Miller, we discover that if our Life is not Art itself, it is no real life at all.  We must not become spiritually dead through money and security.  Money and security must serve our real inner life, our Magic, the inner birth of our hidden Godstar, our True Will.  The Illuminati Satanists “sacrifice” children and drink their blood in positions of political power.  David Icke brings all that out, but he hasn’t got a clue about authentic personal living.  For that he needs Hakim Bey, Osho Rajneesh, J. Krishnamurti and Henry Miller.  Real individuality is deliberately getting lost by car driving around in a purely Greek village on the South-Eastern coast of mainland Greece somewhere between Porto Rafti and Lavrio.  Real individuality is found in any directly personal Basic Earth experience you are deeply drawn to that has nil utilitarian value or necessity.  It is something you do that you cannot explain to those biological robots you call your “relatives”, “friends” or “the people at work”.  Your Father or Mother, your Brother or Sister, your Son or Daughter, is just not going to get it.  That pitiful person is simply too empty, normal and boring for Basic Earth Awareness.  When you try to awaken that person, you are just throwing good money away after bad.  It is a deep rip-off based on your own internal biological robotics.  You have some potential or you would not be here reading this, but your asshole “loved one” isn’t going to make it.  Be truly kind-hearted and compassionate, but do not expect anything real there or you will fail to be real.





©2007 Gabriel Chiron