Take Note of Something Different



Welcome To Notes

This Note is a Note.  You will probably not want to see it is different and strangely necessary.  The easy way out of this cognitive predicament is to not even know what “cognitive” means, make some witty comment and declare that this website is “too heavy and serious” and that “it doesn't really do anything” or “it's just a lot of words” or “I can't see why so-and-so gets into it”.


This Note is for the superficial, witty and restless person who is so distracted and stupid that he or she is already feeling sort of insulted and bored about reading these things and has already decided to leave and not bother to read any more of this “psychological” shit.


This Note is for anyone who wants to feel mindfucked about the reason they would get curious and want to read it.


This Note requires too much thinking, so it is best to either leave or just skip ahead to the next Note.


This Note is about the weird thought, “How come these Notes pretty much know what goes on in my head?”


This Note is for anyone who wanted to check out this website just a little more before deciding there is nothing much here to get excited about, for, after all, seeking excitement is always more urgent than finding a way to learn and develop real intelligence.


This Note is for the mediocre reader who says, “The Notes Author is on some big intellectual trip and thinks he is in contact with Extraterrestrials.  Not only that, he thinks he is some sort of advanced Yogi or Zen Master or something like that”.  So why read more Notes?  It's a waste of time!  Paris Hilton doesn't read Notes.  What does that tell you?


Notes have to be read with greater concentration and higher awareness.  For most people that is too much to expect.  Why would anyone want to go to so much mental effort if it is not going to bring some new sex, a lot of money or some personal popularity?


Concentrate on the real meaning of this Note until you realize you do not want to concentrate and you don't give a shit what the real meaning is.

This Note is the end of this Note Session.  It means you are through and you do not have to ever think about Notes again!