Recent Interview With
Sree x 1008 Shivavatar Kalki



Why are you now letting people physically visit you, even if it is only until November?


It is a temporary cosmic duty that comes with the cosmic job.  An ugly new wave of evil from the New World Order will soon pass over the planet and make free travel even more difficult for aspiring individuals.  So, it was “now or never” for me to “come out of the closet” and provide some access to those who need it, which obviously includes yourself.


I deeply and sincerely appreciate this, but won’t it wear you out to suddenly start meeting with probably desperate or severely confused and spiritually greedy people after years of simple professional life and spiritual privacy beyond cults and traditional authorities?


Well, for me it is like suddenly deciding to do the dishes after letting them pile up for a long time.  Each visitor I am getting lately is like a dish I have to wash.  It’s an onerous chore I have been avoiding.


The Naqshbandi Sufis appear to be very afraid of your Sufi Master Oracle and your Qutub Sarmouni articles.  They have been slandering you endlessly as an allegedly psychotic person or dangerously deluded cult leader.


They are in great danger in Western countries due to their intimate associations with Muslims of the East.  Muslims are being demonized by the New World Order.  Unfortunately, they are quite insane and full of shit about themselves due to a misunderstanding of Real Sarmoun Principles.  I can only reach and liberate a few of them.  The majority will perish over the next five to twenty years.

Another issue is the slander about “insanity”, which is hardly worth commenting on.  I am definitely not an average dull member of any mechanical, conditioned culture or society on Earth.  As a real individual I am an extreme misfit, or what is called a “deluded” or “extremely maladjusted” person.  Of course, during my career as an international management consultant, no senior manager ever said to me that they believed I was “insane” and should seek help.  In fact, the American Academy of Science invited me to join their organization because of significant research I had published in the field of cognitive science.  Again, those scientists did not react toward my work in the manner of emotionally disturbed and frightened Naqshbandi Sufi authorities who hate greater spiritual truth than they possess.

As for the “Cult Leader” thing, it is true that I deliberately formed a kind of “cult” over twenty-five years ago which I deliberately collapsed after having teams of people carry out extensive spiritual research projects in India and the Mideast, the fruits of which I am finally in a position to start releasing to the public for the good of all aspiring souls on Earth.  Until now the technology was not available to disseminate these fantastic blessings free of charge.  For instance, if you will go on my Rudra Chakrin website, you will notice that you can download “Voices of Yoga” which brings a huge blessing to any sincere listening heart that can assimilate it.  That is just the start of what is coming.  And none of it will require that anyone join a Gary Chicoine Baba Kalki Cult.  If I put out good seed on my bird-feeder, I do not require that the birds come and sit on my windowsill and worship me over it.  Besides, I have already experienced being worshipped as Shiva for thousands of years in India: Why would I suddenly want worship from cynical, doubting Westerners?  To what end?  I am not another Da Free John or Guru Maharaj Sant Ji.  And look at poor Sathya Sai Baba.  He obviously loves bloating himself with worshippers.  And look at his private life!  He has become a scandalous Hindu Michael Jackson because of his sex-life with little boys and young men.  If he wants to be a Real Avatar, he will have to do better!  But how few know that he was not Shirdi Sai Baba?  No!  He is the reincarnation of a disgruntled Siddhani Woman, Babajan from Maharashtra who was jealous of Shirdi Sai Baba’s popularity.  That is why she changed her name from the feminine Bibijan to the masculine Babajan.  And look at an old photo of her and how she wore her hair all bushed-out the way Sathya Sai wears his!  It is a dead giveaway.  Besides, only a reincarnated lady would love boys as a big secret appetite.  The poor dear is very seriously confused about herself in a very occult way.  Who else could tell you all this but a real Seer of Souls?



Do you really have a Big Divine Power working through you?


I’m afraid the answer is yes, but it does not work as a personal faculty of my bodily self as such.  It is both too vast and too potent to operate other than naturally and innocently.  What should happen happens, whether it is ordinary or extraordinary.  The greater the Power, the more useless it is for people to clutch at it or try to gain it as a personal power for impressing others who would then do things for them in exchange for divine favors or empowerments of them.  Therefore, I have no personal power, yet Cosmic Power is an aspect of My Cosmic Self.  In this respect, I am more of a Taoist than a Hindu Siddha or a Muslim Sufi. My present cosmic mission does not include being an impressively miraculous dogmatic Eastern spiritual leader.  The more potent the Power at work, the fewer the people who can perceive it or identify it with the individual it works through and around.


How do you feel about people gloating that they have discovered your given name as Gary Chicoine or that you came originally from America?


That seems to mean to them that the Cosmic and Divine Truth I speak does not have to be heard by anyone for some reason.

As a Divine Spirit, I am not from America.  My body is from America, but I am a global and cosmic citizen of the Universe.  Parabrahm is My Native Land.  It is a state of Pure Being.  Only ignorance of outer social selves wants to imagine that My Real Self should be called Gary Chicoine.  But in Cosmic Language, AUI, “Gary Chicoine” vibrates as a very positive and uplifting name.  My detractors would be fortunate to have such a wonderful personal name, but of course they do not know “what’s in a name” in the Total Universe.  For them, it’s that “He’s only a Westerner” shit.  It just means they do not want to meditate on the benefits of having Shivavatar Kalki in a personal physical body on the Earth at this time.



How, then, are people going to recognize you?


Recognize?  Do you mean emotionally disturbed prisoners of their conditioning who believe this or that Eastern Religion is Truth?  Are such “people” actual people?  An authentic individual may intuitively sense My Presence, but a mere social animal can only emotionally believe or intellectually disbelieve.  You need to look more deeply into the unreality of terms like “recognize” and “people”.


A lot of people believe you make too many outrageous claims, but some believe your oracles and articles are slightly useful.  What is your opinion of their opinions?


The opinions and judgments of immature, undeveloped so-called “people” reflect their current level of spiritual potential.  Whoever or whatever they have opinions about cannot be seen as a Divine and Cosmic Superperception sees such beings and things.  Look more deeply into the opinion-holders and what is driving them.  Learn to stop being a Social Self and Awaken in your Cosmic Self.  Your Cosmic Self sees clearly what the whole social “Spiritual Scene” is really about.  What sheep and goats imagine about the farmer tells us nothing about the farmer or what he is really doing on the farm.


Why do you place so much importance on people reading through your Note Sessions?


It breaks up cognitive blockages, prepares real Yoga and transmits Cosmic Information to prepare the future for surviving authentic individuals.


If you yourself were not You, but some other individual just privately living a basic life on Earth that includes spiritual development, what would You say about You?


I would say, “This guy is either utterly, hopelessly deluded or so far-out that he is beyond ordinary human comprehension.  Now, since the Earth and humanity are in such deep shit, we probably should get clear about this guy before it is too late.  Even if he isn’t exactly what he says, he is a huge provocation we probably need for our learning process.  It is too cheap and easy to just ignore him without looking into the kind of questions and issues he keeps bringing up.  I do not, for instance, often meet anyone with his scope of knowledge and variety of insights into the human condition.  If he isn’t God, he ought to be!”


I see that you can empathize with the dilemma of the spiritual seeker about those who claim to be Avatars.  On my part, I am not sure that “Avatar” is not just an ambiguous title created by the mass mind of India, just as Christians and Jews have the idea of The Messiah and the Buddhists The Maitreya Buddha.  For me, what I like about you is your Oracles and Articles.  The Oracles are often uncanny and put me in another dimension of myself, giving a fresh sense of direction; the Articles resonate with my own inner truth and often contain powerful spiritual insights I either do not find elsewhere or at least not as articulate and broad-minded.  So, does it really matter in the end about having a title like “Avatar”?


It is all about Intuition and Faith in the Heart, regardless of what terms or titles they are expressed in.  So, the question becomes:  What are the necessary functions of Intuition and Faith in the Heart of an aspiring causal-bodied Soul, a reincarnating ego or human individual?  Faith is a natural Divine Gift arising in the Heart through the Atman, Real Self, which is a potential Godself Awakening beginning to stir in the Inner Core of the Heart.  So when someone says that he or she is “God”, it cannot really mean that you, the considerers, of such a claim or announcement are at core different from “God” in the essence of the Divine Realms beyond the physical, subtle and causal worlds of Existence.  If the Divine within you suddenly sees the Divine manifesting in this person, then the Divine within you causes you to bow with respect and feeling faith because the Divine in you is grasping the opportunity to accelerate the Divine progress.  Hence, the transactions of belief or disbelief, faith or skepticism, are arranged in the Divine by Divine Power, Shakti.  They aren’t in the hands of the outer causal egos working in the physical brains that try to judge by appearances or social gossip.  This is why the numbers or quantity of social units who believe or disbelieve, accept or reject, any claimant to a spiritual title or honorific has nothing to do with the quality of the faith or skepticism in any given individual.  On the sociological level, what is happening is merely sociological one way or the other.  The social self, whatever its belief, disbelief, acceptance or rejection, about anyone, is not the real self or authentic individual.  All the big spiritual gossip forums on the Web are collections of social selves and not real individuals.  Almost anything can trigger their hopeful greed or their nasty disdain.  They do not belong to themselves.  Each has what the Nagual Seers call a Foreign Installation or Flyer controlling their mind, judgments and so-called “free choices”.  They are victims of what Colin Wilson calls the Specter, what Rudolf Steiner calls the Guardian of the Threshold and what Gurdjieff calls Buffers and False Personality.  To actually see what is really going on with the vast majority of “spiritual” seekers or adherents to this or that “spiritual” hero, authority or traditionalist can be quite horrifying.  It requires tremendous inner strength.  In fact, psychologically, I would recommend that you spend a lot of time on my Carlos Castaneda and Vernon Howard oracles to increase your Heightened Awareness and Inner Strength.  In fact, the greater your Awareness, the more you will need Inner Strength because your social normalcy is going to be completely fucked over.  You will have to learn what the Nagual Seers call “Stalking”.  You will have to adopt a whole new personal policy to psychologically and sociologically survive your relationships and the ordinary world of masses of zombies who call themselves “sane and normal” and who claim they live in the “real world”.


I notice that you give a lot of attention to a probable connection of the Nagual Death Defier, Xoxonapo, with Padma Sambhava.  May I ask what is your relationship with Padma Sambhava?


Padma Sambhava is always here on Earth.  I could not and would not have come without His supportive presence or I would truly have gone mad.  He is My Sanity!  He is what Chögyam Trungpa calls “Basic Sanity”!  Strangely, Basic Sanity functions toward humanity, including ordinary seekers, as what the Tibetans call Crazy Wisdom.  In short, the more aware a spiritual master on Earth is of the Real Universe, the Dharmadhatu, which includes zillions of “Aliens”,  as well as of N-dimensions of Existence as tattwas (levels) of bodies and worlds, the more He is bound to be regarded as “Crazy” or “Insane” by Earthbound and ignorant everyday “people” or Flyer Puppets.  Padma Sambhava provides a living Cosmic Sanity reference framework.


Does He then function as a kind of Superguru or Overguide of Avatars or extremely advanced Godmen and Godwomen who carry out Divine missions on Earth?


Not really.  That is a human perspective, whereas it is more of an inhuman plus superhuman perspective that you would need to understand as the Basic Sanity Cosmic Support System.  You will have to meditate on all that for a very long time to just get a glimpse of it.


Is Padma Sambhava an example of the kind of Supramentalized Physical Human Being that Aurobindo and the Mother were aiming to personally produce but failed to?


Yes, you could most definitely say that!  You are fortunate to make that connection.


Does Your Divine Mission entail working on anything like that?


Publicly for humanity as a whole, it does not.  Privately, for myself, my wife and my closest associates, it is everything.


Then you are living a very heavy, far-out double life.


You can count on that!  Any mature and genuine individual must learn to live such a double life of Service and Sadhana, both of which will be unfolding forever.  Mine is a Universe of Eternal Realization with no self-deceptive Final Achievement.


Since you are lately opening a door for a few souls like myself to actually meet you personally, is there any profile You would suggest as to the kind of person You are willing to allow an audience with You?


It doesn’t work that way.  It is all up to the Supreme Power, ParamShaktiShe decides.  If someone should come here, they will feel an inexplicable strong impulse from within to suddenly take a mad adventure to and in Lappland at whatever expense with even some possible risk to their affairs; whereas if someone should not come here, they will find themselves deeply at peace to remain where they are and work on an Inner Connection though a Communion and possible Telepathy, which they will find themselves rationalizing in accord with their cognitive pattern of spiritual judgment.  Everything is Shakti!  Virtually nothing is in the hands of the seekers.  Some will even necessarily be plunged into dilemmas and contradictions of indecision, which will also secretly be Shakti, Power, at work!  Only Divine Beings of the Mahakaran sharir or Supracausal Body have Icchashakti, True Free Will.  Below that, everything is mainly self-deception and Maya, illusory considerings.  That is why nothing less than genuine Intuitive Heightened Awareness and Faith are needed to form a bridge in the Soul, which implies tuning-in to Inner Guidance.

Also, since I live in such a remote place in an arctic wilderness, and since there is a near future time-limit, time-window, the whole thing is also a test.



I don’t suppose you would explain to me how the Test works?


No.  It could potentially spoil it for others.


Is there anything you could tell me about your connection with Extraterrestrial Intelligence?


I will tell you a story about My Cosmic Support.  When it became necessary for me around 1980 to form a temporary cult in order to gather extensive spiritual information through research teams in India and the Middle East, I was visited by leading authorities of the Institute of John G. Bennett.  One of them in fact was a Lord from the House of Lords in England.  My home at that time was at the foot of the Beartooth Mountains in Clark, Wyoming.  It is the most holy place of the Crow Indians, who themselves had frequent contacts with the Little People, the Little Grays, in fact, the Lunar Ancestors.

One evening around twilight, one of the Bennett Institute authorities came excitedly rushing into the house yelling that UFO’s had circled around Buffalo Heart Mountain.  Everybody, myself included, rushed outside where we watched six glowing red UFO’s soar westward and disappear over the Beartooth Mountains after passing high above our house.  Everybody was just standing there stunned just behind my house.  After about ten minutes the six ruddy glowing UFO’s swept into view over the Beartooth Mountains in a line, heading toward Heart Mountain again.  They circled around behind Heart Mountain, then turned Northward and flew over my house again and disappeared Westward over the Beartooth Mountains.  It is possible that visitors in Yellowstone Park may have been witnesses to those UFO’s, but we never heard any reports of it.

We then waited if they would come back for what would be a third round of Heart Mountain.  Sure enough, they again were flying one behind the other in a line from behind the Beartooth Mountains heading East toward Heart Mountain.  But this time, they were flying slower and lower, being much bigger and brighter.  The one at the back of their alignment kept bobbing down and up again over and over again as if to say it was looking for a landing place.  At the time this felt both wondrous but also rather scary and ominous to everybody there.  The six obviously piloted vehicles again circled Heart Mountain, flew slowly over my house and disappeared behind the mountains to the West.  So, again we all waited to see if they would come a fourth time.

They did indeed come to circle Heart Mountain.  This time they were extremely large and even slower.  The one at the back was even more prominently dipping down and up in its yoyo maneuver.  As they came extremely slow and low over the house, there were a lot of frightened people there as it appeared the “Aliens” were about to land.  Each Alien Vessel had an oblong squarish shape, flat at the front and the rear.  They were so low, that we could hear their engines humming and see metal plating on their undersides with scorch marks on them.  They gave the impression of being very old models, virtual antiques, utilized for the purpose at hand.

Strangely, they did not land there at the house.  A day or two later however, a neighbor told us that a UFO had landed behind her house and she had watched it anxiously for a long time, but eventually it just took off.  During the landing period, I had a vivid astral contact and telepathic exchange with the Little Gray occupants.  It seems that in very primordial times I was myself a Little Gray, so they had brought out the old model UFO I myself used to ride around in as a deep reminder!  Things were also said, but I will not talk about that.

The Bennett authorities were heavily impressed, of course, that “cosmic” things were connected with my spiritual work, that their turf in the Gurdjieff Work was in good new hands, which enabled me to carry out the needed project.

A few years later I read an Alien Abduction book, The Andreasson Affair by Raymond E. Fowler.  In that book, Betty Andreasson describes the event at Clark Wyoming:



“BETTY: Oh-tookûrah bohûtûtah mawhûlah dûh dûwa ma her dûh okaht tûraht [sighs] nûwrlahahtûtrah aw-hoe-hoe marikoto tûtrah etrah meekohtûtrah etro indra ûkreeahlah [sigh].

FRED YOUNGREN: Betty, what are you saying to us?

BETTY: I’m just saying it. I don’t know what they’re saying to you.

FRED YOUNGREN: Are you repeating things that they are saying to you?

BETTY: I don’t know what it is. They’re just saying it to me. I don’t know what they are saying.


Betty again broke into a foreign language. Then:


Base 32 — Base 32 — [sigh] Signal Base 32.

FRED YOUNGREN: Betty, can you tell us any more about that? Does that refer to a number or a place?

BETTY: [Softly] I don’t know. [Softly, to herself] Is it a place? Is it a place? Curvature, curvature. Sombleado. Star Seeso. Sombleado. Star Seeso.


(She continued with more strange language.)


DAVID WEBB: Betty, is this a message we are supposed to understand?

BETTY: I don’t think it’s from the book. I think it is coming from something.

FRED YOUNGREN: Is this a message that you got then? Or is this a new message?

BETTY: No, I didn’t get it then. It must be from now.

FRED YOUNGREN: Do you feel you’re in contact with them now?

BETTY: I don’t know, but my hands feel like it’s the same as it was then. So do my feet and my legs.

DAVID WEBB: Betty, is there something that they want us to understand right now?

BETTY: [After a pause] Yes.

DAVID WEBB: Do you know what it is? Can you tell us what it is?

BETTY: [Pause] Something about scientists must bury the past.

FRED YOUNGREN: Say some more. Tell us some more!

BETTY: There is an even flow. There are waves that are being sent out. And there are old walls that need to be broken down.

DAVID WEBB: Can you tell us more?

FRED YOUNGREN: Does this relate to the formulas that they gave you, or is this different?

BETTY: This is different, something about circling the plain. Circle the plain, P, L, A, I, N. Uh — count three and four. Counting three and four is very important.

FRED YOUNGREN: Can you tell us what the three and four relate to?

BETTY: It’s something about a door, and it’s going to be opened. Oh, my hands!

JULES VAILLANCOURT: Betty, you mentioned Star Seeso. Is that a place?


JULES VAILLANCOURT: Is it in our galaxy?


DAVID WEBB: Is that where they’re from?


DAVID WEBB: What does that mean to them?

BETTY: It means something about a two and a four and zero, zero, line under zero, zero, zero, line under zero, zero, line under — it keeps going on!

DAVID WEBB: Betty, did they ever tell you, give you, the name of the place where they are from?

BETTY: I can’t pronounce it.

DAVID WEBB: Did they ever show you a map?

BETTY: All I see is a line straight down and — one, two, three, four, five lines. There’s something like [pause] circled. I don’t know what it is.

JULES VAILANCOURT: Can you draw us a sketch of it?

BETTY: If I can remember it, I’ll try and draw it.

FRED YOUNGREN: Try to fix it in your memory so you can draw it for us later.

BETTY: There’s an anchor there.

JOSEPH SANTANGELO: Are you still in the living room, Betty?

BETTY: No, I’m right here.”



Another fascinating coincidence is that Buffalo Heart Mountain is in the very Northwest corner of Wyoming, whereas Devil’s Tower is in the very Northeast corner of Wyoming.  The fanciful cosmic event depicted in the movie Close Encounter of the Third Kind was placed at Devil’s Tower, which parallels a genuine cosmic event at Buffalo Heart Mountain.