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Subido por el 26/07/2006

From "The Kovalam Happening", A beautiful 2 hour DVD that is really worth owning because It lays out in such a clear way Ramesh's teaching of non-doership. Also very practical because he explains in a simple way how to flawlessly apply it to your life, and what will happen if you do. He de-mysifies everything.


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  • "sold into slavery" at scribd com... there was no freewill for that individual

  • I like him.


  • @trakomako Oh.

  • @trakomako Sounds like Daosim (Taoism). Are you familiar?

  • @trakomako I meant no offense. I think that discussing the mysteries of the universe can be very interesting and stimulated...but I have come to a point where I've grown weary of the round about arguments. I try to be simple minded (not meaning ignorant but instead at peace).

  • @trakomako I think that some of these very intricate philisophical questins are not to be bothered with. I just try to be happy. Mainyl by saying, "fuck it."

  • @trakomako Interesting.

  • That makes sense. I often struggle with the ego and cannot bring myself to believe that it is all there is. The ego seems to be the source of all sadness. But who knows for sure?

  • Your Being/Self is not separate from the pure Being/SELF of the murderer or a Sage. Only the mind divides and separates or imagines duality when there is actually none. The waking state is no different from the dream state while asleep. Both these states are in the mind and are mental creations and have no reality. They owe their existence to non enquiry. Enquiry puts an end to their imagined reality. Mind turned inward is pure Being, turned ouward makes the world appear to the mind.

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