Star, Triangle, Circle Symbol "OUTWITTING TOMORROW" By Valiant Thor
Co-published By I.E.C. and The Hover Company.
Given to mankind to help with issues of personal growth, this little book packs a lot of punch in a few pages. The author presents, what to me is water to my soul, a way to really grow. I hate to admit that I had heard very little of this material or these concepts before coming across this booklet.

If I were to help somebody prepare for the future, I might try and guess what will happen event wise, tell them as best I can what to expect and then hope that they do or buy or act accordingly. Outwitting Tomorrow takes a different course. Val Thor gives us ways to improve our lives today so that when tomorrow comes we will not be surprised by anything and will have expanded abilities to tackle any challenge that is thrown in our way.

He does not use an exhortation approach. No Sunday morning style pep talks. No behavior rules or codes of conduct. No platitudes. And it turns out there are very many practical ways to improve our lives starting right where we are.

Among the items discussed in the book:

To me, this is radically simple stuff but oppposed to the way I have been taught to think. It seems that as I stand at the "South wall" with the masses, in all my endeavors, I'm striving to perfect the nuances of each activity I do. How to be better at... than the next guy in order to win fame and fortune (I'll settle for the fame, if you won't hand over your money!). You get the picture. Val Thor's message is that there is no limit to the amount of betterment in our lives (expansion). That there are only a few items that must be attended to in our daily lives in order expand. It's that easy? It actually makes a lot of sense and leaves me with the thought that there is unlimited time and room in the universe for me and you to grow and succeed for eternity! There's no competition only improvement within our selves. Part of the process is helping others to see their way to expansion and the new age. What a worthwhile endeavor!

I'm not sure I can reconcile this book and its concepts right now with my personal belief in the veracity of the Bible and the message of salvation as taught by the Church. I'm still working on this. There's a lot of tradition in the modern Church. The Bible also clearly states that many religious people will not be ready for when the Lord returns. You can go both ways with this stuff, it seems to me. Believe in extra-biblical sources and you risk missing heaven. Follow blind Church leaders and you risk missing heaven. How do you follow God?

Todays Church clearly teaches that man is incapable of doing anything of his own accord to please God. Most Christians, in my experience, live stagnated lives. Posessing an attitude of low self-esteem that seems to project piety. What can man do on his own? Val Thor seems to say that we can do a lot and in fact, if we don't, we will not be fulfilling God's will in our lives. A central theme of this book is that we take only what we have developed in our lives into the new dispensation. The Church would counter this with the idea that we will be made perfect when we are transformed instantly when we join the Lord in the air during the tribulation. So there definately is a gulf between Val Thor's approach (who, I'm told, stands with the Church regarding the truth of the Gospel) and the Church.

Anyway, if there were only two books that I was allowed to take to a desert island, this would be one of them. It gets to the heart of the human situation like the Bible does, but in a contemporary manner.

This book simply relates how we can overcome our personal fears of the present and future including the obstacles and to be prepared for the massive changes that are on the world's horizon. It seeks to introduce us to the ideas on character that will be accepted in the new age. Since it doesn't rely on standard religious or self help ideas, I like it a lot! Some books help you to conform your life, this book is helping me to inform my life. Highly recommended.

Available from:

P.O. Box 73
Van Nuys, CA 91408
$9.95 English or German

If you would like to learn more about the author, Valiant Thor, you'll find a transcript of a radio interview of the co-publisher of "Outwitting Tomorrow," Dr. Frank E. Stranges very interesting.


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CREATED: November 21, 1995
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