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UFO PHOTO ARCHIVES was established in 1964 when retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens began to make available his personal collection of UFO photographs and the substantial UFO case reports with which the photos were associated.

In 1979 UFO PHOTO ARCHIVES published its first UFO book, "UFO Contact From The Pleiades," a coffee-table pictorial filled with the most amazing collection of UFO photos taken by a single individual, Eduard "Billy" Meier, a humble, one-armed farmer living in a remote Swiss village. "UFO Contact From The Pleiades" was a worthy hit, and was followed by many book-length UFO case reports in the UFO PHOTO ARCHIVES Contact series,  and several book-length case reports in the UFO PHOTO ARCHIVES Abduction series.

In 1980,  Stevens began the preparation of an all-comprehensive series titled "UFO Photographs Around the World." Volumes 1 and 2 are published in bound volumes, and volumes 3 and 4 were recently finished as electronic books (E-Books).

UFO PHOTO ARCHIVES has recently undertaken the publication of many electronic books (E-Books) in mini-CD format, a format that allows Stevens to publish lengthy books filled with photos, illustrations, charts and schematics on a single mini-CD.

The ongoing mission of Wendelle C. Stevens and UFO PHOTO ARCHIVES is to make accessible to the public the voluminous evidence available regarding extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional beings and their craft which continue to interact with Earth humanity and other lifeforms on our planet.