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"UFO Contact At Pascagoula," by Charles Hickson and William Mendez

"UFO Contact From Acart:
 From Utopia To Reality"
      by Artur Berlet

     "Berlet, a county roads grade driver in Sao Paolo, Brazil, was walking a short cut through fields from his bus stop, when he came upon a landed disc with the occupants out and collecting plants from the field.

     Believing him the owner of the field, they abducted him aboard their ship and took off for their home planet called Acart, about the size of Earth with some 20 billion inhabitants, thinking he could help them propogate successfully.

     When they discovered on Acart that he knew nothing of such agricultural practices, they apologized for their error and prepared to return him. But, saying that it would take about 2 weeks to get another ship ready, they would treat him as their guest of honor in the interim.

     He was escorted about the planet observing life there for the waiting time, and he took careful note of their society. Upon return he filled seventeen notebooks with narrative about his observations. This book is a summary of those notes."

"UFO Contact From Mars (Among The Saucers): The Autobiography of the Mitchell Sisters," details the sisters' contact with human beings from Mars in 1957.

     Also included is material covering Earnest L. Norman and his book, "The Truth About Mars." Earnest Norman claims to have made many trips to Mars in out-of-body form via a personal escort.

     "UFO Contact From Mars" offers an interesting overview of possible interactions and UFO contact on Mars in the late 1950s between Earth humans and extra-terrestrials inhabiting Mars.

"UFO Contact From Coma Berenesis: The Paul Villa Story," by Apolinar Villa and Wendelle C. Stevens.
     One of the more interesting yet seldomly discussed UFO contact cases, occuring for many years and peaking in the mid-1960s. The case involved long-term contacts since Villa was a youth, and the contact followed Villa through a series of changes of location. The contacts were both face-to-face or via long-distance telepathic communication. He boarded the extra-terrestrial aircraft several times, even to another planet. As contact progressed, he took many photographs, especially in the mid-1960s in the Alberquerque, New Mexico vicinity. Villa was attacked by debunkers, even while sharing discreet information with controllers inside NASA.

"UFO Contact From Planet Nep-4," by Oswald Gonzalez and Wendelle C. Stevens.

     Mr. Oswald Gonzalez' experiences with alien E.T. beings began in 1936 when he was only five years old, and continued for many years, through the advent of the popular phase of the phenomenon in 1947. By then he was an old-timer, with a number of profound contacts behind him. His late twin brother was also involved in these E.T. contacts, but he has passed on in middle-age.

     By ten, he was making notes on his contacts, and then began keeping a diary of them and his dialogue with those brilliant E.T. humans. He even succeeded in getting photographic proff of the ships himself.

     By 1949 he was typing up his contact notes, and filled twelve notebook binders with them. He was an avid researcher and read all he could on the subject. The E.T.s offered new explanations and the true meanins of numerous biblical passages which had been distorted by various translations over the centuries from their original meaning prior to intervention by roman emperors and early roman church leaders. In fact, the E.T.s went so far as to tell the Gonzalez brothers that Jesus Christ did not die on the cross, but instead survived to live out the rest of his life in India and Kashmir.

     He was led to Giant Rock, California for a contact on April 12, 1958, and discovered on the following day that others were gathering there for a convention, and he met other interested individuals there for the first time. His contacts with the alien E.T. beings continued until 1972 when events in his life changed for him.

     This e-book is an amazing record of actual contacts that began eleven years before the description "flying saucer" was coined by the press after the Kenneth Arnold report. Many subsequent cases have proved a great many things that Gonzalez experienced decades ago.

"UFO Contact From Planet Apu," by Vlado Kapetanovic and Wendelle C. Stevens.

     The Kapetanovic Case encompasses a multitude of repeated extra-terrestrial visits by human E.T. visitors to the Indian shepherds of Altiplano, Peru, where the human E.T.s healed the ill and injured native Peruvians in remote areas where they had no other real medical support.

     These E.T.s performed rescues where necessary, and provided rain when it was badly needed. These human visitors can fly individually in space suits, and have a variety of different spacecraft, devices and equipment they use in their operations. The local Peruvian natives refer to them as "brothers from the sky," and maintain that the human E.T. visitors have been coming to Peru and the Earth for a very long time.

     Kapetanovic and his wife Milena were both born in Yugoslavia but emigrated to Peru, and became Peruvian citizens well over forty years ago. Kapetanovic has written four books on his experiences with the human E.T.s from a planet the Peruvian natives know as Apu.

"UFO Contact From Planet Zeti In Orion," by Wendelle C. Stevens.

     A printing press repairman in the Tucson, Arizona area was abducted from his small trailer home in Marana and taken elsewhere to view ancient historical sites and operations in the southwest area of the United States.

     The E.T. beings were even unusual compared to the usual descriptions of E.T.s in that these beings appeared to be made up on swirling dots and particles of light that suggested a human form but were not comprised of flesh and bone.

     The humble contactee, Raphael Chacon, was finally convinved by the E.T.abductors that he was one of them in a previous life incarnation thousands of years ago. The E.T.s finally convinced Chacon to retreat from Earth as they were doing, and so Chacon told his wife and family, who also agreed that Chacon should leave Earth with the E.T.s and rejoin his parent society.

     Chacon voluntarily left Earth with the visitors, and so far has never returned.

"UFO Contact From Planet Baavi In Proxima Centauri of the Centaurus Group," by Wendelle C. Stevens.

     The Baavian E.T.s have made contact with humans a number of times throughout the ages, and in 1964 they took Monsieur "Y" from the Algerian desert to their home planet Baavi for two months, where he worked and lived among them. "Y" returned to Earth with texts of their language, mathematics, sciences, systems of weights and measures, and their philosophy, and these texts remain secretly hidden in a French language university, withheld from public scrutiny. Those language scholars who have studied the Baavi language brought back by "Y" have stated that it bears all the characteristics of a useful language system, and also state that it is unlikely that "Y" or anyone else contrived the language here on Earth.

     "Y" had a dozen notebooks filled from his trip to Baavi, which orbits with several cold planets around the Proxima Centauri star in the constellation of Centaurus, 4.3 light years from our own sun, which is very close in relative terms to the rest of the galaxy.

"UFO Contact From Alcyon of the Pleiades," by Lloyd Zirbes and Wendelle C. Stevens.

     A Minnesota farmer, checking his trap lines, is abducted on his way home at night, an taken aboard an alien vehicle, along with a neighboring family, who were already aboard. The farmer, Lloyd Zirbes, was shown on viewing screens the deficiencies in our understanding of physics, and also shown the forces behind all motion and creation. The "Falling Bodies Theory" demonstrated is so profound that Zirbes had to begin taking college-level physics courses in order to understand the Alcyon E.T.s' theories.

     Zirbes has now become a professor of physics, and offers the alien's "Falling Bodies Theory" concepts to academia.

     The Zirbes case is also noteable in that it is another valid case of UFO Contact from the Pleiades star cluster, demonstrating again that the Pleiades is an area of our galaxy from where a number of  ET contacts on Earth are originating.

"UFO Contact From Planet Korendor: Another Advanced Society: Volume One," by Robert P. Renaud, Gabriel Green, and Wendelle C. Stevens.

     A young high school graduate, Robert P. "Bob" Renaud, living in his parent's basement and working for General Electric in a radio assembly plant back in the 1950s, built his own radio and television sets from kits, and then encountered strange transmissions which spoke to him directly, and told him how to modify his radio set for better reception. Then, the ETs did the same thing with his home-built television kit, and he was soon able to receive their visually transmitted messages.

     These communications evolved into face-to-face contacts on a regular and frequent basis until Renaud was taken to view their Moonbase on the Earth's Moon, and the Korendian underground operations base under Massachusetts. He was also taken to their underwater operations base in the South Pacific.

     This e-Book also contains research material from Gabriel Green, who was an early UFO publishing pioneer, and who took Renaud's case seriously and it was Green who was dedicated to the most genuine and thorough investigation into the Renaud case in the 1960s, when many UFO investigators considered the case too exotic to be real.

"UFO Contact From Planet Korendor: Another Advanced Society: Volume Two," by Robert P. Renaud and Wendelle C. Stevens.

     Bob Renaud's personal contacts with alien E.T.s from a planet they call Korendor resulted in his regularly going aboard their craft, and to their Korendian facilities in our Earth's vicinity. Renaud was, in fact, the first Earth man to "walk in space" when he stood on top of one of their expeditionary craft with his escort looking back at the Earth below them on February 4, 1964.

     He was eventually taken to their home planet of Korendor, where he discovered that their animals roamed free and unrestrained, and that none of the animals had become predators as on Earth. His contacts are still ongoing to this time, and at last count, over three hundred Korendians, who are humans, have integrated into various levels of Earth society to help bring benevolent, peaceful evolvement of Earth humanity. Korendians are in a number of government positions, guiding thoughts towards more benevolent pursuits.

"UFO Contact From The Pleiades: A Preliminary Investigation Report," by Wendelle C. Stevens

"UFO Contact From The Pleiades: A Supplementary Investigation Report," by Wendelle C. Stevens

"Messages  From The Pleiades: The Contact Notes of Eduard Billy Meier Volume Two,"  edited and annotated by Wendelle C. Stevens

"Messages From The Pleiades: The Contact Notes of Eduard Billy Meier Volume Three, " edited and annotated by Wendelle C. Stevens

"Messages From The Pleiades: The Contact Notes of Eduard Billy Meier Volume Four," edited  and annotated by Wendelle C. Stevens

"Earth Humanity In Evolution: The Meier Prophecies," by Michael Hooten and Wendelle Stevens

"Earth Cosmology: The Effects of the Giant  'Destroyer' Comet," by Larry Driscoll and Wendelle C. Stevens

"UFO Contact From The DAL Universe of Asket of the Timmers Society," by Eduard "Billy" Meier and Wendelle C. Stevens.

     As a young man, Eduard "Billy" Meier began experiencing contacts with a female cosmonaut, named Asket, who said that she came from what she called the DAL Universe, a counterpart universe to ours, and the reason for which we exist.

     Asket led Meier through all of the world's great religins, and Meier became a lay teacher of each, in preparation for his future role in disseminating Pleiadian understanding to Earth humanity.

     Asket took Meier to the very doors of death on a number of occasions to prepare him for his future role with visitors from the Pleiades.


"Meier Presentation: 15th Annual International UFO Congress: Photos and Sketches of Beamships," by Wendelle C. Stevens

"UFO Contact Starwards III: Richard Miller Contacts with Solar Cross Brothers," by Wendelle Stevens

"UFO Contact From Beyond Rigel," by Lucius Farish, Wendelle C. Stevens, and Phyl Pierceall.  An ethnic Cherokee Indian girl and her mother were sitting on a fallen tree trunk watching the sunset when a moving brilliant pulsating light approached from beyond the treeline directly in front of them and hovered a couple hundred feet away.  Phyl, the 19 year old daughter, jumped off the log and ran toward the object.  As she did so a container descended from it directly in front of her and touched down on the grass.  A being came from it and put a pancho-like cover over her and took her aboard the craft with him.  That began a series of ongoing experiences with those "green-skinned" ETs who told her that they came from beyond Rigel.

"UFO Contact From Planet Norca: The Shocking Truth," by H. Albert Coe and Wendelle C. Stevens.

"UFO Capture of Two F-14 Jets," by Jorge Martin, Wendelle Stevens and Amaury Rivera

"The Blue Planet Project: Alien Technical Research" by Anonymous

"S-4 Leak: The Connor O'Ryan Story," by Wendelle C. Stevens

"UFO The Dulce Story: An Incredible Deception," by Thomas E. Castello and Wendelle C. Stevens

"UFO Contact From Planet Venus: We Are Not Alone," by Edward James and Wendelle Stevens

"UFO Contact From Planet Ummo: Volume One," by Antonio Ribera

"UFO Contact From Planet Ummo: Volume Two," by Antonio Ribera

"UFO Contact From Planet Ummo: Volume Three," by Fernando Sesma Manzano and Wendelle C. Stevens

"UFO Contact of an Erotic Kind: Children Of The Sun," by Kelli Clark

"UFO Contact of an Erotic Kind: The Assignment (Sirius B)," by John Harrington

"Nazi Flying Discs of the German V-7 Weapons Development Program," by Wendelle C. Stevens

"UFO Crash At Aztec," by William S. Steinman and Wendelle C. Stevens

"UFO Contact From Planet Arian of Aldebaron," by Wendelle C. Stevens and Martin Wiesengruen

"Hitler's Treasures of the Ancient World," by Wendelle C. Stevens

"UFO Contact From Planet Itibi-Ra," by Ludwig F. Palliman and Wendelle C. Stevens

"UFO Contact From Planet Klermer: Possibilties of the Infinite," by Rodolfo R. Casellato, M.A.O. Bianca, and Wendelle C. Stevens

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UFO Abduction At Botacatu," by Rodolfo R. Casellato, Joao Valerio da Silva, and Wendelle C. Stevens

"UFO Abduction At Maringa," by A.J. Gevaerd and Wendelle C. Stevens

"UFO Abduction At Mirassol," by Dr. Walter K. Buhler, Guilherme Pereira, and Prof. Ney Matiel Pires

"UFO Photographs: Volume One," by Wendelle C. Stevens and August Roberts

"UFO Photographs: Volume Two," by Wendelle C. Stevens and August Roberts

"UFO Contact From Reticulum," by Wendelle C. Stevens and William J. Herrmann

"UFO Contact From Reticulum: Update," by Wendelle C. Stevens

"UFO Contact From Planet Iarga," by Stefan Denaerde (alias) and Wendelle C. Stevens

"UFO: George Adamski, Their Man On Earth," by Lou Zinsstag

"UFO Contact From Angels In Starships," by Giorgio Dibitnto, William T. Sherwood, and Wendelle C. Stevens

"UFO Contact From Andromeda: Extraterrestrial Prophecy," by Zitha Rodriguez-Montiel, Prof. R.N. Hernandez, and Wendelle C. Stevens.

"UFOs Over Modern China," by Wendelle C. Stevens and Paul (Moon Wai) Dong

"UFO Contact The Four," by Donna R. Butts and S. Scott Corder, assisted by the extraterrestrials

UFO Contact From Undersea," by Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo and Wendelle C. Stevens

"UFO Art In Full Color," by Wendelle C. Stevens

"The Mormon Gold Plates: An Unusual Account," by Solar Eden and Wendelle C. Stevens

"World War One: Combat Aircraft Volume One," by Wendelle C. Stevens. Price: $25.00

"World War One: Combat Aircraft Volume Two," by Wendelle C. Stevens. Price: $25.00.

"World War One: Combat Aircraft Volume Three," by Wendelle C. Stevens. Price: $25.00

"World War One: Combat Aircraft Volume Four," by Wendelle C. Stevens. Price $25.00

"World War One: Combat Aircraft Volume Five," by Wendelle C. Stevens. Price: $25.00

"World War One: Combat Aircraft Volume Six," by Wendelle C. Stevens. Price $25.00

"World War One: Combat Aircraft Volume Seven," by Wendelle C. Stevens. Price $25.00

"World War One: Combat Aircraft Volume Eight," by Wendelle C. Stevens. Price $25.00

"World War One: Combat Aircraft Volume Nine," by Wendelle C. Stevens. Price $25.00

"World War One: Combat Aircraft Volume Ten," by Wendelle C. Stevens. Price $25.00

"World War One: Combat Aircraft Volume Eleven," by Wendelle C. Stevens. Price $25.00

"World War One: Combat Aircraft Volume Twelve," by Wendelle C. Stevens. Price $25.00

"World War One: Combat Aircraft Volume Thirteen," by Wendelle C. Stevens. Price $25.00

"World War One: Combat Aircraft Volume Fourteen," by Wendelle C. Stevens. Price $25.00

"World War One: Combat Aircraft Volume Fifteen," by Wendelle C. Stevens. Price $25.00

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