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Anthropological Research Foundation


In 1967 William Ralph Duby, the leader and channel for the Organization of Awareness (see Cosmic Awareness Communications), died. Over the several years following his death, the organization splintered into several groups. The Anthropological Research Foundation was founded in the early 1970s in San Diego by Jack T. Fletcher and Pat Fletcher. Among the members of the group was Danton Spivey, a trance medium who claimed to be a continuing voice for "Cosmic Awareness", the universal mystical voice who spoke through Duby. In 1972, the foundation began to issue a magazine, Aware, and announced plans for the organization based upon the messages given through Spivey.

The foundation saw itself as composed of ordinary people who had been exposed to extraordinary information. It viewed its task to expose those forces which divide humans from each other and from the divine, and to discover the new culture which is characterized by wholeness. To this end it proposed projects that looked at ancient cultures, especially those of Atlantis and Lemuria.

There is no indication thet the foundation survived more than a few years.


Aspects of Light

12540 Braddock Dr., Ste. 218B Los Angeles, CA 90066

Aspects of Light is a channeling center built around the messages of a group of entities termed collectively the Counsel of Light as channeled by Cherryl Lynn Taylor. Taylor began channeling in the mid-1980s and established the present center in 1991. The counsel members have indicated that they have appeared to assist individuals to get in touch with their soul urges, to discover higher identities and bring those into manifestation. Human beings are Divine but often live in a state of separation from that Divinity. Such separation produces fear and leads to all variety of pain and suffering. The answer to fear is learning to love the self. To facilitate the process of learning to love, Taylor has prepared a set of tapes of dictations from the counsel that include both teachings and meditative exercises that the students learn and use in their life. Students also learn to picture themselves in three major aspects, physical, emotional, and mental, and to use the techniques as they monitor each aspect.

Aspects of Light carries on an intensive program that includes weekly healing and development classes and group channeling sessions. Tapes of a wide variety of previous channeling sessions are available.

Membership: Not reported.

Periodicals: The Counsel of Light.


Association for the Understanding of Man


The Association for the Understanding of Man (AUM) was formed in 1971 as an organization to focus the psychic accomplishments of Ray Stanford (b. 1938). He is the brother of noted parapsychologist Rex Stanford. Ray Stanford began to manifest psychic abilities in his youth. In 1960, meeting with a meditation group, he slipped into an unconscious trance-like state from which he was able accurately to answer questions by group members. The next year he began giving readings to the general public. Over the years, five types of readings evolved: self-help, questionand-answer, dream-interpretation, group-help and researchreading. The self-help readings include reflections upon past lives; research-readings explore various issues in depth. In 1972, a book containing the research-readings on the Fatima prophecy was published. The book discusses the significance of the appearance and words of Mary, the mother of Christ, at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917.

The "Source" of the Stanford readings is not a disincarnate entity, but is described as the unconscious and superconscious of Stanford, which contacts the object of the reading (the person the reading concerns). Recordings of all the readings have been kept. While no creed or dogma has been established, a consistent world-view has emerged. It includes Hindu concepts. The basic psychic/spiritual nature of man and the universe is accepted. Transcending the earth plane are various spiritual regions, including the lower astral and causal planes and, at the top, the "Abode of the Most High." From the higher planes emanates Aum, the great sound, and the music of the spheres, the audible life stream which underlies and sustains all creation, called by Hindus, "Nam." Among the inhabitants of the high planes are the Great White Brotherhood, beings advanced beyond the need of reincarnation.

Man is a spiritual entity, spirit individualized. Soul is the enduring vehicle of individual form which records all past experiences. Component parts of the self are the seven psychic centers (chakras) which serve as contact points between soul and body. The third-eye center (in the forehead, above the nose) is a point of contact with higher levels of consciousness.

Headquarters of AUM were established in Austin, Texas. Members could be found across the country and were of two kinds: recipient and full-participant members. Both a newsletter and the Journal of the Association for the Understanding of Man were published, as were a number of books and booklets. AUM was disbanded in the early 1980s.

Remarks: Stanford also possessed a lifelong interest in UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). As teenagers in the 1950s, both he and his brother had professed contact with the space beings. Associated with AUM during its years of existence was Project Starlight International (also established by Ray Stanford), a sophisticated UFO detection system in Austin, Texas. It published the shortlived Journal of Instrumented UFO Research.


McCoy, John, Ray Stanford, and Rex Stanford. Ave Sheoi…From Out of This World. Corpus Christi, TX: The Authors, 1956.

Speak Shining Stranger. Austin, TX: Association for the Understanding of Man, 1975.

Stanford, Ray. Fatima Prophecy, Days of Darkness, Promise of Light. Austin, TX: Association for the Understanding of Man, 1974.

——. The Spirit Unto the Churches. Austin, TX: Association for the Understanding of Man, 1977.

——. What Your Aura Tells Me. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1977.


The Association of Love and Light

3399 Bennett, No. 28
Hollywood, CA 90068

The Association of Love and Light was founded in the 1980s to facilitate the work of Lyssa Royal, the channel for an entity named Raydia, described as a multi-dimensional consciousness system. Royal, a former secretary, began channeling in 1985. More recently she has also worked for Shirley MacLaine's Higher Self Seminars. Raydia is a non-physical entity who is seen as assisting people to discover their own potentials and the possibilities of ecstasy and joy. The work of Raydia is a natural part of the process of human evolution that occurs over many lifetimes. Individuals are seen as a part of the God force that exists immanently within each person rather than as an outside force. Each person can, by turning within, connect with Universal Energy.

The Association of Love and Light offers weekly events at various locations in the greater Los Angeles area including group channeling sessions, basic and advanced channeling classes, and a support group. Tapes of previous channeling sessions, including sessions on after death experiences, AIDS, and extraterrestrial contact, are circulated.

Membership: Not reported.


Church of Amron

2254 Van Ness
San Francisco, CA 94109

The Church of Amron is a metaphysical church growing out of a spiritualist tradition founded in San Francisco in the mid-1980s. Its program is built around spiritual healing and channeling (mediumship). It holds weekly worship services each Sunday and midweek activities that include a Tuesday evening forum, healing circles, and an AIDS support group.

Membership: Not reported. In the late 1980s there were two congregations, both in San Francisco.


Church of the White Eagle

2615 St. Beulah Chapel Rd. Montgomery, TX 77316

Alternate Address: International headquarters: New Lands, Rake, Liss, Hampshire, England GU33 7HY.

History. The Church of the White Eagle Lodge was establised in England in 1934 by Grace Cooke (d. 1979), affectionately known as Minesta, and her husband, Ivan Cooke (d. 1981), known in the lodge as Brother Faithful. For many years, Minesta worked as a medium in the Spiritualist church of England, primarily associated with the Stead Borderland Library in London. In 1930 she was contacted by a member of the Polaire Brotherhood from France, who informed her that a recently deceased author and Spiritualist, Arthur Conan Doyle, had chosen her as an instrument through whom he wished to speak. She was also given a six pointed star, symbolic of the Christ star (perfect balance) and asked to train men and women to work with and through the light of Christ to help the world through the "years of fire" into the coming of the "golden age." The star became the symbol of the lodge.

Clairvoyant from childhood, Minesta had long been guided by one whom she knew as White Eagle. Instead of giving personal spirit messages, as is commonly done in Spiritualist churches, she was used to transmit (or channel) a vast series of teachings, which provided the base of the training she had been asked to do. White Eagle, it is believed, is the symbol of St. John, the Beloved Disciple, a sign of the "age of brotherhood," the golden age, and a title given by the American Indians to a spiritual teacher of great wisdom.

The work spread to the United States in the 1950s and eventually a lodge was established in Texas. More recently lodges were opened in California and in Canada.

Beliefs. The church is built around the teachings of White Eagle. They convey the teaching of the brotherhood and emphasize the coming of a golden age when human intuition will arise as a greater force in human affairs. White Eagle's teachings are summarized in the "principles" of the lodge and include a belief in God as Father and Mother; the Cosmic Christ whose light shines in the human heart; and the five cosmic laws of reincarnation, cause and effect (karma), opportunity, correspondences, and compensation. The church teaches that every man, woman and child has in their heart a little spark of light which is the Christ Light, the spirit of Divine love.

To church members happiness is a realization of God and a quiet, tranquil realization of God's love for all of life. They seek a life which is gentle and in harmony with natural and spiritual laws. The basic law which controls life is love–love for God, for humanity, and for the animals and nature. A vegetarian diet is encouraged. Since God is the creative power within all life, individuals can look within and learn to contact the love of God, the Christ within their own hearts, and use that love to comfort and heal others. As one gives oneself in a life of service, joy and blessings from God are received.

Organization. The work in the United States is headquartered at the daughter lodge located on a 70-acre rural tract, the St. John's Retreat Center, where both spiritual guidance for humans and a sanctuary for wildlife is provided. The Texas lodge is one of 15 daughter lodges located around the world. Among other services, it provides training for center group leaders. The American daughter lodge oversees centers located in various parts of the United States, as well as work in Canada, Brazil, Chile, Japan, and Mexico. Conferences and retreats are held on a regular basis.

Membership in the church and lodge is open to all who feel in harmony with the basic teachings. Meditation and healing are an integral part of the work and there is a special program for children. Sacramental services are held around baptism, marriage, and funerals (with an understanding that there is no death, only eternal life). Members are encouraged to set aside a time daily for prayer using the six-pointed star, the Christ Star, as a focus while sending out the light of Christ. Members may also apply for the brotherhood, an order of men and women within the church who are committed to trying to follow a spiritual way of life and discipline while still living and working in the outer world. The work of the brotherhood includes using and working with the Christ Light for the healing of the planet as well as individuals. The motto of the lodge is "I Serve."

Membership: In 2002 the church reported 982 full members and 3,000 active supporters in 18 United States centers. There was one minister. There were four centers in Canada. Worldwide membership was more than 15,000 with centers located in Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and South Africa.

Periodicals: Stella Polaris. Send orders to Newlands, Brewells Lane, Rake, Liss, Hampshire, England GU33 7HY. • Newsletterfor the Americans. Send orders to 9 St. Beulah Rd., Montgomery, TX 77356.


Cooke, Grace. The Illuminated Ones. Liss, Hampshire, England: White Eagle Publishing Trust, 1966.

Cooke, Grace. Minesta's Vision. Liss, Hampshire, England: White Eagle Publishing Trust, 1992. 60 pp.

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The Living Word of St. John. Liss, Hampshire, England: White Eagle Publishing Trust, 1985.

The Story of the White Eagle Lodge. Liss, Hampshire, England: White Eagle Publishing Trust, 1986.

The Wisdom of White Eagle. Liss, Hampshire, England: White Eagle Publishing Trust, 1967.


Church of Universal Love (Texas)


The Church of Universal Love (Texas) is a New Age organization founded in 1968 and chartered in 1972. It was built around the channeling of Rev. Linda Forman, its founder. Forman channeled from the Cosmic Masters, believed to be extraterrestrials. Some of the channeled material is published for church members in the bimonthly newsletter, Cosmic Channelings. Members are scattered around the country and have access to Powers through private channelings, which are recorded and sent to members via mail. The single church center in El Paso offers a weekly schedule of worship and healing services, classes, and study groups.

Remarks: The Church of Universal Love (Texas) has no connection with the church of the same name which is headquartered in Washington state.


Circle of Inner Truth


Marshall Lever was a Presbyterian seminarian who developed the ability of trance mediumship. As a medium, he began to receive messages from a guide, Chung Fu. Chung Fu is viewed as a spirit last incarnated as a student of Lao Tzu in China. The Circle of Inner Truth was begun in 1970 by Marshall and his wife, Quinta Lever, as an instrument for the expression of Chung Fu's work and teaching. Through counseling in trance, Chung Fu offered help to individuals on personal problems, particularly health, and works with groups to teach spiritual truths. Health readings resembled those given through Edgar Cayce, the founder of the Association for Research and Enlightenment.

Lever taught that man has an immortal spirit within, which has evolved through many life forms and previous incarnations. This spirit is continually reincarnating until it breaks the cycle of reincarnations; man must identify with his spiritual self or God Force during an earth cycle, after which he is spiritually free, eternal and universal, and will not again incarnate. To aid its members, circles were developed for inner awareness through affirmative meditation, nutrition and health, and direct lessons from Chung Fu.

During the 1970s, the Levers had no home and spent all their time traveling among the several groups of the Inner Circle, which were widely scattered across the United States. One was located in London, England. A monthly, Our News and Views, was issued from San Francisco and mailed to approximately 600, of which 400 were in the United States. During the 1980s the Circle has ceased to exist and the Levers have moved into other psychic endeavors.


Fu, Chung. Evolution of Man. Circle of Inner Truth, 1973.


Circle of Power Spiritual Foundation

Current address not obtained for this edition.

The Circle of Power Spiritual Foundation was established during the 1980s to spread the teaching of Tawa, a spiritual entity, who speaks through Rey Fletcher. During the 1960s, when the Fletchers lived in a Chicago suburb, Rey's wife, Candy R. Fletcher, began a spiritual search that led her to reading metaphysical books and experimenting with the ouija board and hypnosis. Thus it was on August 22, 1968, that Tawa first made contact during a session in which Candy had convinced Rey to join her in asking questions of the ouija board. Tawa identified himself as a Blackfoot Indian in a previous incarnation though currently in a disembodied state. He also asked if he could speak using Rey's vocal cords. Prior to this time, Rey had also proved himself a good subject for hypnotism, and in the future Tawa spoke to him while he was in a hypnotic trance. Tawa's first spoken communication was on September 3, 1968.

Tawa continued to speak through Rey until the end of 1970, but for a time the material was put aside as he pursued a successful career. Meanwhile Candy considered writing a book based upon the teachings Tawa had given them. She began work on the text in 1979. Shortly thereafter, the Circle of Power Spiritual Foundation was formed. In 1984 the book was published at about the same time the Foundation moved to Victor, Montana. Assisting the Fletchers are Richard and Bobbie Graham who head the Foundation branch in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tawa identified himself as a contemporary of Jesus and the person who served as Jesus' original spiritual teacher. He remained with Jesus through his life, death, and resurrection. The resurrection was the proof that Jesus had been sent by God. According to Tawa, Jesus was reborn in the flesh somewhere in the Orient in 1962. At the time of Tawa's dictations, the reincarnated Jesus was not aware of his mission as Messiah. However, at some point in the near future he will take on his Christ essence and reveal himself to the world. This time he will be fully accepted. However, prior to his coming forth, the anti-christ, a person now residing in England, will exert power for one year.

The Fletchers see themselves as part of a chosen circle of followers who will be the messengers of the coming Messiah. The Foundation is bring together an initial group of 52 families/persons who will become the spearhead of the mission leading to Christ's next appearance. The Foundation plans to establish a network of lodges from which the message can be disseminated.

Membership: Not reported.


Bjorling, Joel. Channelling: A Bibliographic Exploration. New York: Garland Publishing, 1992. 363 pp.

Fletcher, C. R. Spirit in His Mind. Victor, MT: Circle of Power Spiritual Foundation, 1984. 618 pp.




Cosmerism was the name of a short-lived group which began in September, 1972, when the Book of Cosmer was channeled by seven angels, the most important of whom was named "Ashram." Receiving the communications were a couple simply known as Luke and Mark (the latter a female). In accordance with the entities' instructions, an original group of thirteen was collected and each member received a Cosmerite name: Matthias, Matthew, Judas Secarius, Josephus, Ananda, Peter, James the Elder, Thomas, Paul, Thaddeus, John the Beloved, and Luke and Mark. In the summer of 1974, the first circle to begin the formal study of the Book of Cosmer was held, and the first issue of The Moon Monk, a periodical, was issued.

Cosmerites termed their message "the Way" of Cosmer, the creative force, innate in all things and the source of creation. The power of Cosmer focuses in small groups and goes out with them into the world. The Way is a beginning toward peace, both external and internal. Under the oversight of Cosmer, man is on a path toward final absorption, or the building into oneness of men and angels creative force.

Headquarters of Cosmerites in 1974 were at Winter Park, Florida, and the small group of followers was drawn from eastern Florida and Canada. Plans included the building of Ichikama, a wilderness Ashram (a secluded retreat) of peace and tranquility. These plans were never brought to fruition as a brief time later the group's address became obsolete and the periodical discontinued. No sign of the group has appeared since the mid-1970s, and it is presumed to have disbanded.


Cosmic Awareness Communications

Box 115
Olympia, WA 98507

In 1962 a voice describing itself as "From Cosmic Awareness" began to speak through the body of ex-army officer, William Ralph Duby. In response to the question, "What is Cosmic Awareness?" the group with Duby was told it was "total mind that is not any one mind, but is from the Universal Mind that does not represent any unity other than that of universality."

As the voice continued to speak, its words of wisdom were collected. In 1963, instructions were received for the formation of an Organization of Awareness as a means of giving to individuals the teaching of the voice. The real organization is said to be composed of 144 entities on that inner plane known as Essence.

Communications from Awareness have covered the whole scope of subjects about which people have questions, but, through it all, a few central ideas have emerged. God is seen not as a personal deity, but as natural cosmic law. The spiritual life is stressed, as is compassion in our dealings with men. Man's purpose is to move toward cosmic awareness.

A summary of the voice's stance is contained in the "Laws and Precepts of Cosmic Awareness," printed below.

The Universal Law is that knowledge, that awareness, that all living things, all life has within it that vitality, that strength to gather into it all things necessary for its growth and its fruition.

The Law of Love is that law which places the welfare and the concern and the feeling for others above self. The Law of Love is that close affinity with all forces that you associate with as good. The Law of Love is that force which denies the existence of evil in the world, that resists not evil.

The Law of Mercy is that law which allows one to forgive all error, to forgive equally those who err against you as you err against them. This is to be merciful. To be merciful is akin to the Law of Love, and if one obeys the Law of Mercy there can be no error in the world.

The Law of Gratitude is that sense of satisfaction where energy which has been given receives a certain reward.

Judge Not. Be Humble. Never Do Anything Contrary to the Law of Love. Resist Not Evil. Do Nothing Which Is Contrary to the Law of Mercy.

Duby died in 1967 and a major splintering occurred in the organization. No fewer than seven bodies were formed, each claiming to be the continuation of the original. Disagreement over the publication of materials which some thought should remain secret was one major issue in the schisms. Largest of the several splinters is Cosmic Awareness Communications, which continues the 1963 organization. About four months after Duby's death, a channel emerged through which Cosmic Awareness continued to speak. In the late 1960s, messages received through this new channel, Paul Shockley, both clarified and altered the older material. The new voice revealed that the Organization of Awareness has helped to accomplish a vast shift of consciousness–a return to the Godhead, which for thousands of years Essence has willed would eventually occur. The return to the Godhead is equated with the return of Lucifer, the fallen angel of light.

The group's Internet site is at

Membership: Not reported, but in 1995 the newsletter reported a circulation of 3,000 copies. In the 1970s, Cosmic Awareness Communications claimed 75 centers (including three in Canada) and 144,000 members.

Periodicals: Revelation of Awareness.


Cosmic Awareness Speaks. Olympia, WA: Servants of Awareness, n.d. Vol. II & III. Olympia, WA: Cosmic Awareness Communications, 1977,1983.


Divine Word Foundation

c/o Edmund Spitzer
1999 Pine Grove Rd.
Rogue River, OR 97537

The Divine Word Foundation was founded in 1962 by Dr. Hans Nordewin von Koerber (1886-1979), formerly professor of Asiatic studies at the University of Southern California. The purpose of the Foundation is to disseminate the revelation of Jakob Lorber (1800-1864). An Austrian-born musician, Lorber in his fortieth year heard a voice in his heart, "Jakob, get up, take your pencil and write." Obeying, he began to function as the scribe to this Voice, which he believed to be none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. Through Lorber, the Voice dictated twenty-five books and other, shorter works. The revelations did not end with Lorber. In 1870, Gottfried Meyerhofer (1807-1877), a retired Army officer living in Trieste and a student of the Lorber literature, heard the Voice, which began to dictate through him. Since Meyerhofer's death, others have continued in succession: Leopold Engel, Johanne Ladner, Bertha Dudde, Johannes Widmann, Max Seltmann, Johanna Henzsel, George Riehle, Johannes Friede, and others.

The works of Lorber were published primarily by Christoph Friedrich Landbeck of Bietigheim, West Germany, who headed the Neutheosophischer Verlag (after 1907 Neusalems-Verlag or New Jerusalem Publication House). In 1924, the Neusalem Gesellschaft (New Jerusalem Society) was formed. Adolf Hitler suppressed the Lorber work, but it was quickly re-established. The Society became the Lorber Gesellschaft and the publishing arm, the Lorber Verlag. In 1921, the Lorber revelations were discovered by Dr. von Koerber. As he accepted them, he began to translate them into English and introduce them to others.

The new revelation fills 42 volumes of approximately 450 pages each. For Lorber, God is the Infinite Spirit behind the universe. The Holy Spirit is the "external life ether" that permeates the universe. The universe is the expression of God, made up of tiny spiritual primordial sparks created to grow into the divine likeness. It is God's desire to create a society of living love.

The plan of God was thwarted by Lucifer who revolted with the spirits below him and became entrapped in matter: impure spirit condensed. God is using matter as a filtering plant through which the impure spirits can be purified. Earth is the place where the rebellious spirits are being given the chance to return voluntarily to God. God became man in Jesus to accelerate the redemptive process. The cross is a perfect example of love.

A human being is intended to learn, through the imitation of Christ, to love God and his neighbor as himself. He thus achieves rebirth and is allowed to participate in the work of redemption. At death, each soul discards the body and begins life as a spirit. It ascends, beginning from its point of development in the body, ultimately to the New Jerusalem. Christ will return in the near future to recreate the earth and establish the millennium, the first signs of which are worldly conflict and turmoil. The present period will culminate in Lucifer's making his final choice and a war of destruction of the most rebellious ones.

The membership of the Lorber Society is concentrated in German-speaking Europe, but has spread to every free continent. In the United States, individuals around the country study the revelation in the books published by the Divine Word Foundation. Study groups are located in San Diego and Newark, California; Denver, Colorado; and Salt Lake City, Utah. Since Dr. von Koerber's death, his widow, Hildegard von Koerber, has continued his translating efforts. There is also a translator residing in Salt Lake City. Dr. Fred S. Bunger, the Foundation's first president, died in 1979 and was succeeded by Earl G. Fox of Melba, Idaho. Bunger co-authored with Dr. von Koerber the Foundation's basic text, A New Light Shines Out of Darkness.

The Foundation has a friendly relationship with the Lorber Verlag in Germany, though organizationally independent. It is also associated with another English-language translator in Great Britain. The organization's web site is

Membership: Not reported.


Bunger, Fred S., and Hans N. Von Koerber. A New Light Shines Out of the Present Darkness. Philadelphia: Dorrance Company, 1971.

Lorber, Jakob. The Three-Days-Scene at the Temple of Jerusalem. Bietigheim, Wuerttemberg, Germany: Neu-Salems-Society, 1932.


Doctrine of Truth Foundation

Current address not obtained for this edition.

The Doctrine of Truth Foundation was established in the mid 1970s to promulgate the research and ideas of Lewis E. Cook, Jr., and Junko Yasui, as contained in their book Goldot: Guidebook of Life and Doctrine of Truth. Following the Korean War, Cook (1925) worked in Korea as part of the reconstruction program and stayed on as head of a construction company. In 1964 he moved to Japan to establish a prefabricated-home business. There he met and fell in love with Junko Yasui. They were married in 1967, and soon afterward moved to the Philippines. In the islands, both began a period of heightened attention to their spiritual lives. They began to practice yoga, read metaphysical and occult books, and meditated.

The couple moved to the United States in 1970 and immediately began to teach all that they had learned in the Orient. They assembled a summary of their ideas in Goldot, and founded the Doctrine of Truth to disseminate those ideas. Goldot is acclaimed as the modern Bible and Guidebook for humanity. It covers all dimensions of life beginning with its origins. Creation was, it teaches, an emanation from Spirit. Spirit beget the Oversoul, which in turn led to the development of universal mind, the universe, light, darkness, heaven (the astral universe), and earth (the material universe). The astral light entered the material universe and all life forms resulted. God then released the individual soul within Itself, and these "gods of creation" then created the world and all of the plant, vegetable, and human life within it. The human life was in their image and likeness. The Astral gods took on physical bodies. However, the God Men violated their own divine mandate and began to intermingle with that segment of the human race who were not God Men.

According to Goldot, earthly life is governed by Truth, universal principles and laws. The principles produce life while the laws govern it. Underlying reality is Unity-Equilibrium, the infinite eternal presence within all phenomena, also known as Spirit or God. Unity-Equilibrium manifests as Mind, the essence of all phenomena. The Unity-Equilibrium particle of each human manifests as pure mind, also known as soul or ego. The universe is the result of the creative expressions of the Universal Mind, the collective ego of all souls. Every instant and every detail of an individual's life is the result of mental creative activity. Life equals creativity. We experience life through sensory perception. Our limited perceptions in the material realm create illusion.

The Life and its sensory experiences are governed by the laws of harmony, duality-polarity, cycles, cause-effect, and karma. The universe exists in harmony, disrupted only by human ignorance. Humans should strive for harmonious life and relationships. Since harmony undergirds the universe, in order for it to be perceived, it must manifest as either the negative or positive aspect of a neutral equilibrated image. Thus phenomena functions to produce the illusion of our world. The world of illusion goes through cycles of formation and dissolution. The ongoingness of the cycles follows a pattern of cause and effect. The law of cause and effect in human life manifests as karma, the consequences of the thoughts, words, and deeds, of individuals.

The Doctrine of Truth Foundation builds upon the basic principles and laws of life and disseminates teachings that explain the meaning of these principles and laws for all of life. In this endeavor, it publishes Goldot and other related literature. Related to the Foundation are the Doctrine of Truth Church, the Doctrine of Truth School, and the Doctrine of Truth Research Center.

Membership: Not reported.


Cook, Lewis E., Jr., and Junko Yasui. Goldot: Guidebook of Life and Doctrine of Truth. Oceanside, CA: Doctrine of Truth Foundation, 1976. Unpaged.


EarthStar Alliance

Current address not obtained for this edition.

EarthStar Alliance was founded in the mid-1990s by Sara Mattoon and Scott Myrom to assist what they believe to be a planetary transformation now occurring on Earth. They view themselves as two of a number of masters who have incarnated on Earth during this generation who, having lived some years as just a normal human being, now have become aware of their task to aid in the creation of Heaven on Earth. They believe that Earth is in the process of becoming a star as the planet moves from one of dense physical reality into a radiant body of light. The movement produces stress in humans' dense earth bodies, and EarthStar Alliance provides a way of viewing the world, specific techniques, and new technologies to support the body during this change. These include bodywork, channeling sessions, and group events.

EarthStar Alliance teaches that each individual is both of the One, or God, as well as a separate unique individual. As being of the One, persons exist in one reality or dimension; as a separate individual, persons exist in a multitude of realms or dimensions. Most individuals live totally in the third (physical and mental) and fourth (astral) dimensions where the game of good and evil is played out. Individuals also exist in various nonphysical dimensions from the fourth (light) to the twelfth (experience of the One). Understanding the multiple existence of oneself on these various dimensions (including the lower ones) assists in one's comprehending one's divine nature. On the eighth and ninth dimensions, individuals see their Spirit manifesting as individual identities that represent groups, i.e., as part of a group soul. Individuals from various group souls are now on planet Earth.

In shifting one's perspective on who one is, the illusion of reality is