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  Eugenio Siragusa


  Il Segreto di Fatima
   Secret of Fatima
   El Secreto de Fatima
   Le Secret de Fatima
   Das Geheimnis von

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Warning of the extraterrestrials pilots
to the civic and military pilots
of all the nations of the Earth

We believe opportune communicate you that our spatial carriers that you earthlings calls Flying Disks, have moved by a powerful fluctuating energy, unknown by you and by the scientists of your planet.
There we exhort, friendly, for your safety and for the certainty of the passengers that you carry with the yours airplanes, of don't exceed in the curiosity, and of avoid absolutely, of chase us and of put you on our wake of flight.
Chiefly we address the blind sense of irresponsibility of the men provosts to the command of the military airplanes person in charge of intercept our spatial means, of approach them most possible for photograph them or demolish them. We exhort also you, dear brothers, to don't do it for your good and for our calm of conscience. We become notice well gladly and with all the necessary heeds, but you don't do likewise and, often, the your absurd zeal procures you serious and deadly accidents.
To part the fact that our means could achieve speed for you impossible and inconceivable, the yours arms, any they are, they won't can ever affect on the absolute certainty of our means, neither could put in danger our existences.
It is instead extremely dangerous for you and for your airplanes channel you in the wake of our spatial means in navigation.
You know, and they know your scientists, that our means travels in the absolute void also and to the speed of the light using the same energy that consents to the celestial bodies, inclusive the planets of the Solar System, to remain in the cosmic space in a perfect state anti-gravitational respects to the other planets.
Still you, and in distinctive way your scientists, you don't know the enormous energy that impends the zones until today explore from your artful satellites. The imprisonment and the enslavement of this energy are for us possible and easily feasible thank to special apparatuses that we consent this operation, already since many millenniums. Additionally this energy comes from us tabloid to our desire and according to the voltage of required projection from the circumstances.
The push of projection of our spatial means is then adjustable, and we bring it to the extreme limits when we meet with your apparatuses, for these two principal motives:
  1. Consentire to your visual power of observe us and to your intelligence of deduce.
  2. Avoid most possible the widening of the energetic halo with the intention of annul a contingent clash of him with your airplanes.
But it often happens that you address your airplanes on our means forcing us to accelerate the push of projection and, then, the adjunct widening of the halo of the fluctuating energy.
From that bear serious eventualities that could induce you in extremely dangerous situations and also deadly. Invest the cinder of energy also still in a relative state of condensation, that comes left from the our means, it involve for your airplanes complete breakup and then the your sure death. Therefore we there invite, with brotherly love, to don't risk you with insensibility to such enterprises, and we there exhort, with spiritual affection, to cheer you of our meetings, as like us cheer us of it, with calm and peace in heart.
We want only help you to incite you to do you understand our conscience and the our Holy Mission of Well Universal and of Divine Truth.
We build the ideal presuppositions for the Saint Advent of the Celestial Justice for Holy Wish of God.
We streak from you on the Earth animated from your Saint Love and from the your Sacred Laws. Reform you! You pay attention and counseled.
This we there have communicated through our mind on the Earth for point out you and render you awake. The Peace and the Calm is on you and on all the humanity.

From the Extraterrestrials
In faith Eugenio Siragusa
June 18, 1963

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