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Friday, May 06, 2005


Date With The GodsBy Ed Komarek2/3/05
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My main interest and intent in the field of Exopolitics is not to prove that ET spacecraft exist, and that various ET races with different ethical levels are very active on, in and around earth. I am already convinced of this fact. What I am interested in is to gain from the wisdom that the ethical ET's have to offer and share it with my fellow human beings. Therefore my main interest is in cases of contact where individual civil liberties are fostered and respected. I am not interested in cases of contact nor do I wish to involve myself with unethical ET races that violate basic human rights and liberties.

It is my intent to first communicate indirectly with ethical ET races and civilizations through those who already have achieved contact and hopefully from there enter into face to face discussions and negotiations with ethical ET races. Of course I understand that benevolent ET interactions with earth humans has been throughly trashed, both by frauds that claim contact but don't have it, and by those that believe all ET's to be dangerous and unethical. Its been my job to sort through the garbage for those golden nuggets and diamonds that have been trashed and tossed aside by the UFO/ETcommunity along with the waste. I intend to concentrate my time on benevolent contact cases where there are actual sighting of craft in the vicinity of the contact person by other individuals. I know of a number of contact people, some who I am in contact with.

I am not yet in contact with Charles Silvia author of Date With TheGods, but I intend to be soon, as well as my good friend and fellow investigator Steve Moreno. Date With The Gods is a obscure book first published in 1977. The ET contacts began in 1974 which is the same date as two other large contact cases that Steve Moreno has been investigating for years; one in Peru and one in Canada. Charles Silvia was the man known as David, in Shirley Mclane's well knowbook, Out On A Limb. Shirley's credits David as her mentor for a number of years and possibly her lover, as Charles seems to be quite the international jet set playboy. His sexual affairs seem to have landed him in hot water a few years back when he was accused and convicted in the US under molestation charges.

From what I have read on the internet it seems that some healing therapy's applied to a couple of ladies went too far and crossed over the line. He was deported back to Peru with a girlfriend where it says in the articles a number of years ago that he was trying to be allowed back in the US. Of course all this is enough for traditional mainstream investigators to pitch this case into their circular file because of the shallowness of their investigations. Anybody with any sense should realize that all people have their dark sides and a case should not be thrown out simply based on human failings. Anybody investigated thoroughly enough is going to find skeletons in every closet. Important contact cases should be throughly investigated and the pluses and minuses totaled up at the end of the investigation to determine the legitimacy of a contact case.

The edition I have been sitting on for years was published in 1986 soI must have acquired it about that time. When I first read it I suspected that all the material on the ET's was fabricated and used by the author to some how push his Christian Apocalyptical beliefs on members of the public who believe in UFO's. If I had known at the time of his connection to the book, Out On A Limb that I had read around this time, I would have taken a much closer look. Instead thebook sat around my cabin with other books for years and occasionallyI would pull it out and read a little. I always seemed to find something interesting but not enough to really get back in the book again. About a year ago with nothing better to do I found myself rereading the book with a lifetime of involvement within the UFO/ET community behind me. I became even more intrigued and told my friend and fellow contact investigator about it and read some passages which caught his interest but never seemed to stick with him either.

But over the past several months as he told me about his two major contact cases he was working on I began to see parallels. The extraterrestrial lady in Date With The Gods was called Rama and the group down in Peru that Steve has been working with for years is called the Rama group.

Charles first met with his ET friend and lover in 1974 the same date apparently that the Rama group began.The large contact case in Canada also began in 1974. When I started communicating this with Steve it began to blow his mind and he finally found a used book on the Internet and is now reading it.Could it be possible that an alliance of ET races that are human like ourselves is interacting with all three groups? Another interesting correlation is that Rama refers to her group as The Brothers and this connects to other ET contact groups around the world that deal with humans going back into the 1950's.

The apocalypse was supposed to have taken place by 2001 but that has not happened. Rama tells Charles that they are the apocalyptical angels of the apocalypse here to maintain balance in the Universe.The ET lady did say to Charles that the time was known only to God but the ET's were pretty definite that it would be by the end of the century. What happened? Things still seem to be heading in a verydestructive direction worldwide. Were the ET's wrong, is Charles lying, or has the date of the apocalypse slipped or is being modified because of some unforseen circumstances even by the ET's themselves? I have a lot of questions to ask Charles if and when I catch up with him.

The tack that the ET's are taking in the book is in support ofChristianity, a religion that they say they had something to do with from the beginning. I also suspect they may have had something to do with the foundation of other religions around the world like in India and are also supporting those religions as well as cleaning up the accumulated garbage that has confused the world religions over theyears.

When I did a word search on Rama I came up with the ancient scriptures of India that go back at least six thousand years. The word for spacecraft in Indian Sanscrit is Vimana and this is what Charles's ET's called their spacecraft.

Interesting correlations in that Rama said their group had major underground bases at the poles and a number of minor underground or underwater bases elsewhere, one being under Lake Titicaca in Peru that Charles was flown to. With all that UFO activity in Northern India of late is that one of their bases being upgraded? Rama also says they have a base on Ganymede and elsewhere in the solar system but apparently in other dimensions as some of these places are habitable.

Here is a example of this upgrading and rehabilitation of Christianity on page 231. Rama says, "Christianity in your world is divided beyond hope. I couldn't turn you on to religion because I wouldn't know which church to send you to. Knowing Jesus is having the strength to look for wisdom and understanding, to live in perfect harmony with yourself and your fellow human beings, which is life's greatest joy." " I say to you, follow Jesus's teachings, that doesn't mean you have to embrace a religion. You people on earth have made religion a screwed up mess in this part of the universe."

Not only does Charles describe his relations with ET's but also his work for the CIA and under one of their top people Richard Welsh who was assassinated in early 1976 when Charles was writing his book.All through the book Charles is talking about real places, realpeople and real events. All this stuff can be correlated. He gets into why he was recruited by the CIA and how he was helping American business interests in Peru and spying on some school friends of his who attained high level posts in Peru's government.

He talks about how the world is being run by one group of people who are immoral and without scruples. That these people's greed and avarice are bringing the world to eventual destruction.

The more and more I reread this book the more I am intrigued. If a person wants a copy of this book there may not be many used copies around as this book is out of print, so if you are interested in this best act fast. Steve only found eight used copies on the internet when he got his.


  • At 2:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear sir.
    how do you plan to get in contact with Charles Silvia??? May i ask? do you know his whereabouts??

  • At 10:16 PM, Anonymous debz said…

    Hello sir,
    i too have read the book made by Charles Silva, i also would like to know how can you make a contact with him.


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