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The Revelation
A unique, dramatic commentary
on the book of Revelation.
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You'll never think the same way again. . . The Revelation
... CSETI (Opens in new window) is an acronym which means, "Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial
Intelligence". ... It is we here at The Revelation have focussed on ...
www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/etphonehome/ - 12k - Cached - Similar pages

You'll never think the same way again . . . the Revelation
Purchasing books at AMAZON.COM helps support The Revelation. ... of The Brotherhood
of the Serpent giving startling evidences of "Extraterrestrial" control and ...
www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/bookstore/amazon.htm - 45k - Cached - Similar pages
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Extraterrestrial-Aliens.com - Nature Of The Alien.
... s). If my understanding of scripture is anywhere near correct, Satan & a third of
the angels (dragon and 1/3 of the stars in the Book of Revelation), will soon ...
www.extraterrestrial-aliens.com/28.htm - 29k - Cached - Similar pages

Extraterrestrial-Aliens.com - Other Intelligent Beings Exist.
... AF: Monsignor, where does your interest in extraterrestrial intelligences spring
from? ... the spiritual life of Christians, given that the Divine Revelation is a ...
www.extraterrestrial-aliens.com/15.htm - 31k - Cached - Similar pages
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PROJECT REVELATION....In search of the Truth!
... It is our fervent hope, that by increasing awareness of extraterrestrial activity,
we might ... To join the PROJECT REVELATION team, please send us e-mail and will ...
www.geocities.com/Area51/3858/ - 11k - Cached - Similar pages

aliens and angels,ET.related links,revelation,solarsystem,space
... Alien Scalpel, Extraterrestrial Implants ? UFO BC Homepage, Update UFO related
links. ... SETI Homepage, Search for extraterrestrial life and intelligence. ...
www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/2071/aliens.html - 17k - Cached - Similar pages
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Amazon.com: Books: Ufo Revelation: The Secret Technology Exposed ...
... whether any publishers have the guts to print UFO Revelation Update ... most convincing
literary companion for those who reject the extraterrestrial hypothesis that ...
www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0713727330/qid=1024874720/ sr=1-3/ref=sr_1_3/104-8341987-4163133 - 47k - Cached - Similar pages

Amazon.com: buying info: The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial ...
... has been given a new name: "The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters." In
his Preface, Story relates that he experienced a "revelation" while working on ...
www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISBN=0451204247/ - 56k - Cached - Similar pages
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The "Aviary" is worried about fundementalist reaction to ALIENS . ...
... will experience spiritual, if not ontological, shock at the revelation of ET ... to
be widely accepted as fact since at least "ET The Extraterrestrial", if not ...
www.mt.net/~watcher/raviary.html - 17k - Cached - Similar pages

Anti Revelation Antichrist Anti Christ Conspiracy
... THE ANTI-REVELATION Antichrist & New World Order. ... [A public announcement in conjunction
with physical proof of extraterrestrial life would cause most Christians ...
www.mt.net/~watcher/ufoantirev.html - 19k - Cached - Similar pages
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REVELATION - Outils de Travail pour les Canadiens - [ Translate this page ]
... Second e-mail suggéré. Résumé du Livre. Résume le livre du Dr. Steven
Greer "Extraterrestrial Contact, the Evidence and Implications". ...
disclosure.free.fr/campagne/canadiens.htm - 42k - Cached - Similar pages

REVELATION - Témoignages de Faits et d'Engins Extraterrestres - ... - [ Translate this page ]
... En 1977 il a travaillé sur le projet de communication extraterrestre de la Maison
Blanche (Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Project) par l ...
disclosure.free.fr/rapport/ temoins_ovnis_gouvernement_nasa.htm - 56k - Cached - Similar pages

Welcome to Miroslaw Magola's Home Page
... Human, Blasphemy, Boddhisattva, Book of Revelation, Buddha, Channeling ... Eternal Life,
Eunuch, Evolution, Evolutionary, Extraterrestrial, Freedom, Fulfilling ...
users.aol.com/mmagola/MMagola.htm - 14k - Cached - Similar pages

UFOSeek: Extraterrestrials
... governmental forms in the Universe. Includes revelation of Carter White
House 1977 extraterrestrial study. (Added: 20-Jun-2000 Hits ...
www.ufoseek.com/Extraterrestrials/more6.html - 11k - Cached - Similar pages

Alien Ideas: Christianity and the Search for Extraterrestrial ...
... [Quoted in Steven Dick, Plurality of Worlds: The Origins of the Extraterrestrial
Life Debate from Democritus to Kant]. ... Evidence? Revelation? Reason? No. ...
www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/808178/posts?page=72 - 69k - 18 Dec 2002 - Cached - Similar pages

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community - Revelation Rationality Knowledge and ...
... diverse and wide range of subjects including the concept of revelation in different
religions, history of philosophy, cosmology, extraterrestrial life, the ...
www.alislam.org/books/revelation/ - 16k - 18 Dec 2002 - Cached - Similar pages

UFO's in the New Age: Extraterrestrial Messages and the Truth in ...
UFO's in the New Age : Extraterrestrial Messages and the Truth of Scripture
by William M. Alnor. Paperback (October 1992) Baker Book ...
philologos.org/guide/books/alnor.william.1.htm - 3k - Cached - Similar pages

The 2003 Shift - A Revelation to Mankind
... The revelation provided by ET awareness will usher in nothing less than a new ... that
it can only represent the valid channeled work of an extraterrestrial race. ...
home.earthlink.net/~samsara2003/main-page.htm - 57k - Cached - Similar pages

Alien Stargazers Info Ring ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence Great ...
forces limited themselves to one main form of revelation to us! A BOOK! ...
www.anzwers.org/free/beyondstars/alien.htm - 91k - Cached - Similar pages

Alien Stargazers Info Ring ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence Great ...
... pilots? Real Aliens or secret Humans? More. REVELATION OF OUR FUTURE
What will happen to our system infested world and us? Get to ...
www.anzwers.org/free/beyondstars/ - 80k - 18 Dec 2002 - Cached - Similar pages

HallMemoirs.com :: The Stargate Conspiracy: The Truth About ...
... The Lost Book of Enki: Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial god at ... The Templar
Revelation: Secret Guardians of the True Identity of ChristThe Templar ...
hallmemoirs.com/.../browse/ 169909/page/1 - 22k - Cached - Similar pages

Seven Prophetic Plagues
... Nephilim, DNA, cloning, biblical prophecies,last days, Satan, angels, half human,
offspring, locusts, Revelation, bottomless pit, extraterrestrial,even Vials ...
www.revelationofjohn.org/revelation/SevenPlagues.html - 11k - Cached - Similar pages

Daniel and Revelation - Current Issues
... possible it would fool the very elect" The beast power in Revelation uses great ... The
forces of evil are preparing us for an extraterrestrial visit from the gods ...
www.teachinghearts.org/dre08currentissuesnotes.html - 101k - Cached - Similar pages

Daniel and Revelation - News
... The prophetic significance is the alliance of such a large population on earth
with the third global force - psychic and extraterrestrial communication. ...
www.teachinghearts.org/dre00news.html - 42k - Cached - Similar pages
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Extraterrestrial Contact - Steven M. Greer
... Project and the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. ... Aliens ufo
news natural revelation alien conspiracy Advanced Civilizations alien species ...
www.paradigmbooks.biz/Extraterrestrial_Contact.html - 18k - Cached - Similar pages

Disclosure - Steven M. Greer
... The technologies that are of an Extraterrestrial origin, when publicly ... Aliens ufo
news natural revelation alien conspiracy Advanced Civilizations alien species ...
www.paradigmbooks.biz/Disclosure.html - 15k - Cached - Similar pages
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Evidence for Extraterrestrial and Interdimensional Contact and ...
... The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters is not a mere collection of information
about alleged UFOs and ETs. It contains the revelation of whether or ...
elifritz.members.atlantic.net/et.htm - 64k - Cached - Similar pages

Yahoo! Science > Alternative > Paranormal Phenomena > ...
... Folklore; UFO Library Magazine - source for information on the extraterrestrial
activity of ... of the Global Government and the Beast of Revelation; the Cydonia ...
dir.yahoo.com/Science/Alternative/Paranormal_Phenomena/ Extraterrestrial_Life/UFOs/ - 19k - Cached - Similar pages

Yahoo! Science>Alternative>Paranormal Phenomena>Extraterrestrial ...
... site in a new window - source for information on the extraterrestrial activity of
our ... figures of the Global Government and the Beast of Revelation; the Cydonia ...
ca.dir.yahoo.com/Science/Alternative/Paranormal_Phenomena/ Extraterrestrial_Life/UFOs/ - 34k - Cached - Similar pages
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USA Today Article on Clues to Extraterrestrial Life
... Now, many scientists say we are poised for another titanic revelation about our ... water
on other planets together are rewriting the odds on extraterrestrial life ...
www.microbe.org/news/usatoday_article.asp - 16k - 18 Dec 2002 - Cached - Similar pages

66/40 - The Bible: An Extraterrestrial Message
... Part 5, The Bible: An Extraterrestrial Message - Part 5. ... tales of Exodus, the lasting
wisdom of Proverbs, or even the enigmatic imagery of Revelation with the ...
www.khouse.org/6640/creatorseries/BP041.html - 20k - Cached - Similar pages

[UFORC] Two types Extraterrestrial Intelligences By Masuya ...
... in the heaven, which was prophesied in Matthew, Revelation, Nostradamus and ... which
carries the message from the good-natured Extraterrestrial Intelligence, who ...
www.uforc.com/research/page28.html - 12k - Cached - Similar pages

Paper Ships - UFO / Extraterrestrial / ET
... A bold, urgent and extraordinary revelation about Earth's hidden million-year history,
and secret truths of human ... Extraterrestrial Vision - Gina Lake - $13.50. ...
www.starhawk.com/et.html - 17k - Cached - Similar pages

Extraterrestrial Base On Earth, Sanctioned By Officials Since ...
... also disclosed that in 1954 the US had four extraterrestrial corpses in ... The following
additional revelation will permit you to ignore those Boeing commercials. ...
www.think-aboutit.com/Underground/ extraterrestrial_base_on_earth.htm - 11k - Cached - Similar pages

Possible Extraterrestrial Strategy for Earth
... Because of the extreme potential military applications of extraterrestrial technology. ... the
embargo ended, because again, there would be sudden revelation of ET ...
home.infostations.com/ttoal/EtStrategy/ - 11k - Cached - Similar pages

Volume 4 Studies In The Book Of Revelation
... Why were the locusts of Revelation chapter nine imprisoned in the bottomless pit? ... invasion
of the Nephilim and the mixing of human DNA and extraterrestrial DNA ...
www.revelationofjohn.com/Volume4Revelation.html - 17k - Cached - Similar pages

Book Of Revelation - Cutting Edge Ministries
We believe that our present study of the book of Revelation is the
most comprehensive study available today on audio cassette tape. ...
www.revelationofjohn.com/Revelation.html - 101k - Cached - Similar pages
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Roswell Revelation: Interview with authors of ICE MAN DOWN
... But if you take the original people who were interviewed then, I don't
think any of them are lying. CC: Do you think it's extraterrestrial? ... - 17k - Cached - Similar pages

EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE Analyzing a Mysterious Prospect
... would also include a preponderance of the occult and of extraterrestrial or trans-dimensional
demonic intervention (Genesis 6:2; I Timothy 4:1; Revelation 9:1 ...
www.ldolphin.org/unruh/alien/ch4ph.html - 30k - Cached - Similar pages

The Revelation Revealed
... Revelation means; a manifestation of Divine Truth or the dramatic disclosure of ... think
is possible from outer space visits from extraterrestrial civilizations. ...
focusonjerusalem.com/revelationrevealed.html - 17k - Cached - Similar pages

Some Christians' Stated Perspectives In Brief
... evil extraterrestrial who is impersonating the biblical Jesus as a means of using
religiously based fears to gain control over the humans of Earth. (Revelation ...
www.lastchanceministries.com/ some_christians_perspectivs.htm - 24k - Cached - Similar pages

Passages in the Holy Writings That Give Referance to ...
Passages in the Holy Writings That Give Referance to Extraterrestrial Life. ... Through
His potency the Trees of Divine Revelation have yielded their fruits, every ...
www.bci.org/reno/passages.htm - 25k - Cached - Similar pages

Intelligent Life in the Universe and Exotheology in Christianity ...
... This article discusses theological statements of the possibility of extraterrestrial
life (ETI) in the universe in Christianity and the Baha'i Revelation. ...
bahai-library.org/unpubl.articles/ extraterrestrials.html - 65k - Cached - Similar pages

Inside Eastwood's World - Prophecy and Stuff
... Maitreya, maitreya, end times, endtimes, end-times, Revelation, revelations, Bible ... UFO,
ufo, ufos, UFO's, ET, extra terrestrial, extraterrestrial, Art Bell ...
home.sprynet.com/~eastwood01/ - 21k - Cached - Similar pages

... FINDINGS / SCORING: ET The Extraterrestrial, 20th Anniversary Special (1982) CAP
Thermometers Wanton ... It has a strong revelation about the entertainment media. ...
www.capalert.com/capreports/et-20thanniv.htm - 26k - Cached - Similar pages

Torah From Where? Extraterrestrial Reception and the Nature of ...
... Extraterrestrial Reception and the Nature of Authority. ... Every other so-called prophet
claimed to have a personal revelation from Gd and then expected the masses ...
www.koshertorah.com/sample8.html - 22k - Cached - Similar pages

PriceMinister - Blue Oyster Cult : Extraterrestrial Live - CD et ... - [ Translate this page ]
... et vente Ajoutez ce CD à votre liste de souhaits : Blue Oyster Cult : Extraterrestrial
Live - CD et ... 21:11 Vomitory : Revelation Noseabond 11,05 € / 72,48 F, ...
www.priceminister.com/offer/buy/59497/AD080/ad01 - 23k - Cached - Similar pages

Adequacy.org || The Scriptural Proof of Extraterrestrial Life
... But even the most enthusiastic believers in extraterrestrial life claim that it's ...
(Revelation 1.3) adequacy.org needs to stop all this fence-sitting and start ...
www.adequacy.org/stories/2001.7.18.112022.112.html - 27k - 18 Dec 2002 - Cached - Similar pages

Book of Revelation-A Blueprint for World Dominion
&. "The Book of Revelation" (A Blueprint for ... This Awareness suggests that these
are extraterrestrial entities who have long lived underground in this area. ...
home.iae.nl/users/lightnet/creator/ bookofrevelation.htm - 15k - Cached - Similar pages

Krill UFO Revelation
... Krill UFO Revelation. ... manner, we must review what has been really happening right
under our noses: direct interaction with extraterrestrial biological entities ...
www.t0.or.at/mutilate/krill.html - 101k - Cached - Similar pages

Pravda.RU Marcia Miranda: Brazil - shock drugs revelation
... 12:31 MARCIA MIRANDA: BRAZIL - SHOCK DRUGS REVELATION Until recently, Brazil has ... of
this group propose to listen the evidences of extraterrestrial existence. ...
english.pravda.ru/culture/2001/05/19/ - 52k - Cached - Similar pages

Conspiracies draw attention of extraterrestrial watchers
... Anyway, this revelation about the CIA coming out just when I'm reading about ... Why either
an extraterrestrial, or a prankster, would send me something like this ...
www.spub.ksu.edu/issues/v100/fa/ n072/opn-Hamilton-col..html - 8k - Cached - Similar pages

Krill UFO Revelation
Krill UFO Revelation. ... manner, we must review what has been really happening right
under our noses: direct interaction with extraterrestrial biological entities ...
www.alienobserver.com/files/text/krill.html - 101k - Cached - Similar pages

... Yardbird <klittle@IS2.DAL.CA> Subject: Allah is an Extraterrestrial Comments: To ... inform
yourself and your brothers and sisters of : this fantastic revelation. ...
www.rumormillnews.net/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=4525 - 15k - Cached - Similar pages

... 666, which is obviously used further along in Revelation to indicate ... as being a simplified
reference to some form of extraterrestrial technology, especially in ...
ascension2000.com/revelation2.htm - 63k - Cached - Similar pages

Revelation on the Revelation
... concept of “sorting” is also referred to in Revelation, and ultimately ... would have
been the final, complete disclosure of extraterrestrial intelligence that ...
ascension2000.com/revelation1.htm - 101k - Cached - Similar pages
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[PDF]Is the Idea of Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life Compatible with ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... institution behind the "Great Whore" symbology of the book of Revelation. ... Is the Idea
of Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life Compatible with Conservative Judaism ...
www.facadenovel.com/SitchinImage.pdf - Similar pages

[PDF]Extraterrestrial Life: What Does the Bible Say? * Planet Hunters ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... Archaeology and King David * The Vision That Won't Die Extraterrestrial Life: What ... states
that Jesus Christ will reign on earth for 1,000 years (Revelation 20:4 ...
cgca.net/ucg/gn/gn98jf.pdf - Similar pages

An Urgent Message from Beyond the World (book review)
... Summers acknowledges that the revelation of an extraterrestrial intervention on
Earth may precipitate profound ontological shock (as it did for him), calling ...
www.visibiliti.com/alliesreview.htm - 19k - Cached - Similar pages

The Allies of Humanity: An Urgent Message About the ...
... 032-0 The Allies of Humanity: An Urgent Message About the Extraterrestrial Presence
in the ... in the books Greater Community Spirituality: A New Revelation, Steps ...
www.visibiliti.com/newallies/frontmatter.htm - 10k - Cached - Similar pages
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Religion and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
... implications follow not only from the possibility of extraterrestrial life, but ... be
seen as unique and special, reinforcing the biblical revelation of human ...
www.asa3.org/ASA/PSCF/1998/PSCF9-98Spradley.html - 62k - Cached - Similar pages

Extraterrestrial Life: What Does the Bible Say? The Good News ...
... media, yet it is by no means silent about real extraterrestrial life in ... 9). The Bible
records the existence of many millions of angelic beings (Revelation 5:11 ...
www.gnmagazine.org/issues/gn14/extraterr.html - 25k - Cached - Similar pages

Amazon.co.uk: At a glance: The Stargate Conspiracy: Revealing the ...
... The Templar Revelation: Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ) now take
their turn at debunking books on the pyramids, early extraterrestrial contact ...
www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0316648612/ - 59k - Cached - Similar pages

Revelation 17:12-13 - Part II: The Black Nobility
... Revelation 2:9, "I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty ... program for disarmament,
an international police force, an extraterrestrial threat, massive ...
www.biblebelievers.org.au/bb980306.htm - 64k - Cached - Similar pages

7.16: Timewyrm: Revelation
... (see 1.001: Excerpt from Timewyrm: Revelation for more ... fictional); The Stone Roses;
Fifi Trixabelle Geldof; SETI=Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligences; Art ...
www.users.csbsju.edu/~msinner/drwho/details/716.html - 11k - Cached - Similar pages

- Chandra Levy Address - The Connection to Revelation? The ...
www.greatdreams.com/sacred/agreements.htm - 77k - Cached - Similar pages

Revelation 6:9-14
... brings forth the idea of spiritual "trees" as is seen later in Revelation: ... entities
and UFOs, see, "An Authoratative Torah View on Extraterrestrial Life," by ...
www.yashanet.com/studies/revstudy/text/r6_9-14.htm - 52k - Cached - Similar pages

You'll never think the same way again. . . The Revelation
... Were they extraterrestrial, or perhaps even supernatural? The answer is not yet
clear. ... The early Egyptians were under the rule of extraterrestrial "gods". ...
members.tripod.com/therev67/ ancientcivil/greatpyramids/ - 24k - Cached - Similar pages

MARIANNA VEZNEVA - Esoteric consecration
... contact Medium contact Telepathic contact Intuition contact Independent contact
Traveling to the Next World Extraterrestrial contact. REVELATION OF MEDIUM ...
members.tripod.com/~alexvolk/vezneva/esoteric.html - 23k - Cached - Similar pages
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... interpretation, and we have already learned form our study in Revelation that John ... on
earth, in fact the scenes depict cosmic or extraterrestrial phenomena. ...
www.centerce.org/BIBL266/ SevenUnnumberedDescriptionsGod'sAuthorityPart2.htm - 54k - Cached - Similar pages

[PDF]Paradox: Contradictions in Reality - Questions Regarding UFO's, ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Page 1. Paradox: Contradictions in Reality - Questions Regarding UFO's, Extraterrestrial
Intelligence, and the Future of Ufology Timothy Cooper Hyatt Newporter ... - Similar pages

Re: Huna
... to the author by God, : mysterious kahuna, anonymous teachers, and even : extraterrestrial
contact or channeled "higher : entities." Revelation is fine and it ...
www.masterworksinternational.com/ BBarchive/messages/92.htm - 7k - Cached - Similar pages

... In regards to these two works the term "extraterrestrial" may be intentionally ... chapter
of Genesis, and the New Testament prophecies of Revelation chapter 12]. ...
www.beyondweird.com/ufos/ Bruce_Walton_The_Underground_Nazi_Invasion_21.html - 25k - Cached - Similar pages

Mark Kimmel
... Extraterrestrial contact exists. ... The realization that we are not alone in the
universe may be the most important revelation in mankind’s history. ...
www.markkimmel.com/ - 21k - Cached - Similar pages

The Extraterrestrial Phenomomena
... This implosion or revelation is coming about, but not in the ... These extraterrestrial
people contain the basic evolutionary development of soulic intelligence. ...
www.unarius.org/et_phenom/et-home-frame.html - 60k - Cached - Similar pages

Revelation - Chapter 2 - Coffman's Commentary of the New ...
... word (wood) for all four passages where it occurs in Revelation, and in ... F37 Paradise
is most certainly an extraterrestrial location, because the tree of life ...
www.searchgodsword.org/com/bcc/ view.cgi?book=re&chapter=002 - 96k - Cached - Similar pages

CGG | Article: Will Aliens Invade the Earth?
... destroy itself—will be exposed and imprisoned a thousand years (Revelation 20:1-3 ... 1.
He inspires the notion of extraterrestrial aliens coming from outer space ...
www.cgg.org/index.cfm/page/ literature.articles.0606b.htm - 39k - Cached - Similar pages

... Wolf expanded on his previous revelation that a secret military spacecraft retrieved
an extraterrestrial space beacon, dubbed The Monolith, from its position ...
www.drboylan.com/wlflk2a.html - 8k - Cached - Similar pages

WorldBook General Reference Encyclopedia > Industry & Technology ...
... Documents 111 - 120 of 155 on the subject : Extraterrestrial intelligence (Add to
my e-mail alerts). 111. ... Narrator A distant star offers a startling revelation. ...
www.surfablebooks.com/.../Space%20Exploration/ Extraterrestrial%20intelligence/12.htm - 20k - Cached - Similar pages

EW News: 05-17-01 The Allies of Humanity
... The other Disclosure that needs to happen," he says now, "is the revelation of
who the extraterrestrial visitors are and why they are here." In response to ...
www.virtuallystrange.net/ufo/updates/ 2001/may/m17-003.shtml - 14k - Cached - Similar pages

Pamela Stonebrooke's Reptilian Encounters
... I and countless others know that extraterrestrial contact is real, and that the discovery
of this worldwide phenomena is the most profound revelation in human ...
www.virtuallystrange.net/ufo/updates/ 1999/nov/m18-016.shtml - 15k - Cached - Similar pages
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GuestCity: Dominion Revelation 1:6 Guestbook
www.guestcity.com/cgi-bin/ view.fcgi?book=Joe%20Woodriff - 25k - Cached - Similar pages

The Greater Community Teaching
... I have come bearing a gift of grace, bearing a new revelation and a ... For a free booklet,
"Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Mental Environment: Ten Big Ideas ...
www.greatercommunity.org/Interview.htm - 10k - Cached - Similar pages

LA Weekly: Music: Reverb: Are You . . . Experienced?
... She retreated from music and focused on unraveling the nature of her extraterrestrial
adventures. Her revelation that this planet could be "one big ...
www.laweekly.com/ink/99/52/reverb-alfvegren.shtml - 47k - Cached - Similar pages

UFO Folklore Center
... announced the convening of the First Scandinavian Conference on Extraterrestrial
Intelligence and ... Dr. Kilde also made the startling revelation that "we go to ...
www.qtm.net/~geibdan/newsb/boylan.html - 14k - Cached - Similar pages

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... In cited verses #(F-1) ALLAH (SWT) Says "HA M (the letters HA and M). A revelation
from The Most ... Others assume that this word refers to extraterrestrial worlds ...
www.scienceinquran.com/Book/APPENDIX%20F.pdf - Similar pages

World Watch Daily Editorial: Different <i>Signs</i> of the Times
... always a strong contingent of Trekkies and X-philes, but extraterrestrial believers
became ... The book of Revelation also talks about an end-time unification of ...
worldwatchdaily.org/index.cfm/fuseaction/ home.showEditorial/article/525.htm - 26k - Cached - Similar pages

Above Black - Music CD Information and Reviews
... Legion and the rhythm-oriented Lagowski) whose search for extraterrestrial contact
lead ... grey drone, heard in tracks like the opening "Revelation" and "Ghosts ...
www.aboveblack.com/music.html - 20k - 18 Dec 2002 - Cached - Similar pages

Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Contact at Epinions.com
... God's creatures, etc. Would the revelation that extraterrestrial life
exists destroy mankind's belief systems? Would chaos ensue ...
www.epinions.com/content_39050710660 - 53k - Cached - Similar pages

A 21st century interpretation of the book of Revelation
A 21st century interpretation of the book of Revelation. ... stimulated me to think about
the impact the discovery of an extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) would ...
www.timeenoughforlove.org/Revelation.htm - 101k - Cached - Similar pages

... is my throne, and the earth is my footstool." Yes, God is an extraterrestrial Being
not ... evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death." Revelation 1:14 ...
www.shma-ministries.org/seti/setieng.htm - 25k - Cached - Similar pages

New World Order - The Conspiracy Theory is Now a Conspiracy Fact ...
... Alien UFOs - Extraterrestrial Conspiracy Theories Alien UFOs - Extraterrestrial
Conspiracy Theories. The Forbidden Knowledge - The Revelation The Forbidden ...
www.theanalysis.net/ - 9k - Cached - Similar pages

National Institute for Discovery Science: The Impact of UFOs and ...
... If an advanced extraterrestrial civilization proclaimed responsibility for producing
human life, it ... The certainty of my faith rests on the revelation of Jesus ...
www.nidsci.org/articles/alexander/ statistical_analysis.html - 6k - Cached - Similar pages

The Devil, UFOs, and Invaders from Space!
... This is indeed a formidable objection to the possibility that extraterrestrial visitors
are ... ascend into heaven, and the apostle John in the book of Revelation. ...
www.hope-of-israel.org/devilufo.htm - 24k - Cached - Similar pages

Alien Books
... Dimensions; A Casebook of Alien Contact. Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The Science
of Aliens. ... Ufo Revelation : The Secret Technology Exposed? by Tim Matthews. ...
shop.monstrous.com/alien_books.htm - 45k - 18 Dec 2002 - Cached - Similar pages

Heaven's Gate - How and Why It May Be Avoided
... Beyond Human, Blasphemy, Boddhisattva, Book of Revelation, Buddha, Castration ... Eternal
Life, Eunuch, Evolution, Evolutionary, Extraterrestrial, Freedom, Fresh ...
www.mebbs.com/tenny/rabidingo/ - 30k - Cached - Similar pages

iss 58 questions
... 17. Do you believe that the revelation of past contact with extraterrestrial life
forms could profoundly transform our world for the better, giving us all an ...
www.parlom.org/iraq%20if%20iq/58%20questions%20iss.htm - 32k - Cached - Similar pages

EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT. I' ve ... beings . Despite this, i've did not
have interest in studying the extraterrestrial beings. However ...
planeta.terra.com.br/saude/bioenergia/ extraterrestrial.htm - 6k - Cached - Similar pages

OpinioNet Contributed Commentary
... webpage claims that in 1973 Claude Vorilhon met an extraterrestrial who revealed ... those
who came from the sky." Upon receiving this revelation, Vorilhon changed ...
conservativetruth.org/opinionet/ archives2/ccfm/ccfm14.htm - 9k - Cached - Similar pages

The Eternal Gospel - Revelation 14:6-8
... Hebrews 1:1 tells us that in the history of His revelation, God has ... this scenario,
men will also believe initially that these are extraterrestrial beings from ...
www.ehbc.com/ministries/sermons/archive/010311_pm.htm - 17k - Cached - Similar pages

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