Part 3-summary of the UFOcontacts of Bob Renaud from the 60-ths



Still in the year 1964 and late winter:

Contact on radio 21feb to Orii-Val

And now he talked about "sport" on their home-world – a lighter theme. They had no kind of football, but:

    1. A form of tennis-played by 4people in 2 teams
    2. A variation of basketball with foam ball w.some water inside, which shifts about in flight to give absolutely unpredictable trajectories to the ball. The nets are electronic hoops.
    3. A kind of "air-pylon-race" with antigrav-jets and magnetic ships.
    4. Kind of sports car-racing with "cars" without wheels. They also claim the have copied our form of drag-racing!! (what a wild idea, but for a siv.with enough recourses it may be ok…)
    5. And: "We have other sports, too. Our water sports do include swimming, boat racing and water skiing. In our short winter we enjoy skiing, ice skating and ice boating."


In part 37 of book they tell how the information from the Space People was transferred to Bob - by "beaming" information to him via psychprinting. When he was ready to write the information seemed to just flow into his mind. Later they give him a post-hypnotic suggestion (while he was in an electronically induced hypnotic state) that whenever he contacted the Space People, he would remember every detail until he had written it down. After that his memory would revert to normal and details would gradually be forgotten.

The pleiadian(pleiaren) spacepeople (from –75 in Switzerland) seemed to have used a similar method for letting Meier writing down the contact-reports literal/ word-for-word. ("semjase-berichte"- which contains many hundred(-or thousands) pages). And some similar method used in the case of the Iarga-contact of Van Denaerde in Holland in the 60ths too.


4.march-64 and face-to-face-contact #6

Bob stood waiting under the stars after pre-instructions when one "star" came down – the scout ship. The pilot inside was the familiar Orii-Val who said they were going to "Outer Space." As he said, they built their scouts for travel in any medium, from deep water to deep space.,,

They rose to a kind of carrier-ship with a tubular hangar inside with a hundred feet (30m)in diameter and (later told) 550 feet (16,5km) in length! A good sized tubular scout carrier could be parked in that great shaft!

They said this was the ship from which he had got the first radio-contacts in –61. It showed up to be a big ship and many floors/levels.

In one of the many rooms he was shown "a copy machine" that took a 3d atomic "picture" of the body.

He wrote about this: "I took my place on the red circle on its floor and assumed the correct stance. Orii pressed a button. I felt what could only be described as a wave of energy pulse through me. It was so brief as to be almost unnoticeable. It felt sort of like an instantaneous but very mild electric shock.

"That’s it", Orii said, "you can come down now."

My curiosity aroused, I said to him:

"What was that all about?"

He explained that three things had been accomplished. First that I had been photographed in the usual manner, and second, my psychic make-up had been recorded! Third, and perhaps the most astonishing, he said that in that brief instant he had taken my atomic photograph!

"As you remember", he continued, "teleportation is merely the transmission to a receiver of a pattern of signals corresponding to your atomic structure, where raw material is built up into a body, an object, etc. This unit, instead of transmitting these signals, records them in a brief instant on a blank Pattern Block, which consists of a compressed atomic structure containing as many atoms as a ten-foot cubed block of the densest natural material. The signals impressed upon this block cause the atoms to align themselves in certain ways. When the aligning is completed, a Locking Pulse is sent through it to freeze them exactly as they are. The atomic photo is then completed. There is one taken for everyone that comes on this ship at any time, and that is so for every ship in our Korendian fleets.’

"The purpose is quite simple. If a person’s body should be damaged beyond normal medical treatment, by accident or otherwise, his body is annihilated and a new one is built up from the ‘picture’ in the Pattern Block, which he then occupies, and picks up where he left off. You might say it is a sort of suspended teleportation."


In another room he was observing as some people were teleported to Andromeda- galaxy some million light years away! He says he was told that all the control and communication inside/out-from this ship was controlled by computers + only ONE man alone: the Co-Captain, Quinn-Tatrill.

Also here were big screens + 1wall-to-wall showing all outside like real windows, as they also showed depth. The pictures were composed of many thousands of single-pictures composed together by computers and shown on the screens. Some also showed near-look/enlarged live-pictures of the moon and the sun – the last in shielded lights, where the sunspots were seen.

"…a special room was where all the control and in/out info from the telemeter-discs were gathered. On he right wall a segmented telescreen, divided into four parts, monitored the video transmissions from the discs. Only one of them was in use, showing a clear view of the Pentagon in Washington. I was told that it was also monitoring brain waves from inside the five-sided military command center. These patterns were being displayed on the output rack."

He also saw an earth-man that was teleported up inside this ship in the intention of tapping his sub-cons. - as he was working in a military inst.and they had to get the overview of all happenings regarding them, as they overlooked the dangerous development of the weapon race. (have not red if this man was awaken – but it’s written as he had volunteered:) "… He works at a military base, on Top Secret devices that we need to know about in order to further our research. When he is brought back to Earth, his memory of all this will be erased. We had to pick him up while he was on vacation in the mountains, in order to avoid suspicion."

In this big ship there were 700private rooms – all with plenty of room/furniture. Last in this visit he was able to meet the other (+more) persons he had earlier listened to by radio – fx "the masters".

Nearly 50 years ago this must have sound like fairytales when he wrote such of the hightech he saw, but today in 2006, much of this is not so unbelievable technically seen, for those being high-tech oriented/updated.



THE next contact the book refers happened many months later – 30.july-64

– 2-5in the morning, when they told him to be outside a minute later. Then they remotecontrolled from a bigger ship above - a small ship landing– inviting him inside. He did, and was guided by radiovoice to take off and "drive it" himself: but a little too quick – up to 800m in second! Of course they could have remote-controlled it back/up, but they did let him try to fly it live. At last he managed to maneuver it into the bigger, as he had also earlier tried to fly one under some instruction.

He says he only felt a light feeling of movement when the big ship accelerated away towards Washington for a special task: They "parked" 8000m above pentagon – and was invisible on radars. From this ship they sent down small "spy-balls": 

" Our purpose here", Orii began, "is to plant three small psychoprobe monitors on the roof or the building, directly over three offices that we wish to observe. The three men are at work now, so our job is greatly simplified. Lets go over to the disc board, and well begin phase one."

The 5cm probe was set into the (concrete) roof by a small device that burnt a hole some into it, and after the probe was in place, it was sealed by the same laserbeam-eq.

On the screens they saw all: "…. I saw a tiny metal sphere neatly deposited into the hole, just below the surface of the roof. Then the Heat beam was projected and the roof melted in around the globe. It was no longer visible, and when the roofing material cooled it would be undetectable. I felt a deep sense of relief that nobody inside had suspected the carrying-on over their heads. The disc by now had returned to its berth in the ship, and the control panels (on the mothership) shut down automatically. "

"These probes", Orii elaborated, "are attuned to specific mental frequencies, and will disregard all others. They will monitor all brain activity on the conscious level, relaying it to our instruments in the base located out in the ocean near here. Their power source is the weak, but useable, radiations emitted by the buildings wiring. We placed them as close as possible to cables, for maximun sensitivity and power output for the transmitter."

It is distinct to see that the "overseers" took this overseeing –task serious as they here claim they had used ten thousand probes on only Washington! But from what I have red from other such "sources" – other races have an even more advanced high-tech – with no use for "physical probes" for doing this same job.

But those here were not so "behind" – as can be read here that those probes could also tap the electric impulses from the nerves in the brain from the eye, ears etc. of the men inside the buildings, so that the the ship could "translate it" to pictures(+sound) on a screen up there, or translates it directly into the brain of the spacemen - who "experienced" the same!!

And not only that –they had made a type of helmet that was coupled to the wearers brain via the probes "down there"– and the "ufo-men" then experienced what the man "down" saw, heard, felt etc. – and with two-way function. Here a cut on that:

" …needless to say, I accepted. Orii plugged its connectors into a panel and placed the helmet-like apparatus on my head. Abruptly, I was in a comfortable chair in a spacious office. Before me on a mahogany desk, was a copy of a manual on one of our bombers. A typewriter was nearby with an unfinished page of type in it. Assorted papers, pens, and a pair of phones completed the desk array.

Orri (the "spaceman in the ship with Bob) interrupted me momentarily by switching the gear to standby. He said:

"Were going to give YOU control of his mind for a while. What YOU want him to do, he will do. Since you are an Earthman, you are not affected by the laws of non-interference as we are. Im going to switch you over now."

So saying, he threw a switch from Monitor to Control. The headgear then returned to life, and I was back in the office. I noted that only when I directly willed it did I control him. He still reacted normally to his surroundings, however.

I turned my/his head to observe the room. It was quite comfortable for an office. The floor was covered by a carpet, which blended nicely with the cream-white walls. Several pictures hung on the wall, along with a number of documents that gave his name in full. Since to give it here would put him in jeopardy, Ill say only that his first name was Joseph. It was very light in the room, the ceiling being one of those with wall-to-wall fluorescent fixtures. The door was at the right of his desk, with a chair on one side and a coat tree on the other. The light switch had a chrome plate on it, with several fingerprints clearly visible.

In the room were other chairs, a table, a bar and TV, a radio, and miscellaneous bookcases and cabinets. On one of the cabinets a picture of his family faced him. It showed his very lovely wife and two children, a boy and a girl.

A secretary came into the room. They conversed a moment about a visitor who was waiting to see him and then she left. Moments later, a tall, distinguished looking gentleman entered , carrying a briefcase. They greeted each other with a handshake and began to talk about matters of which I had no understanding. I took off the helmet then, figuring that what they had to say was none of my business.

Over the speaker, Josephs voice came clearly:

"You know, ED, I had the weirdest feeling a moment ago, as though I was being watched. Then I felt a distinct urge to make motions I ordinarily wouldnt have done. I dont know --- it was just an odd sensation, as if someone else were in the room here!" He said something about working too hard, and they both laughed. Joe sounded just a little uneasy, though

I shuddered to think of psychic atrocities this could be used for if it fell into the wrong hands! People could be forced to kill themselves or others. There could be no privacy. In fact, war could be precipitated by simply controlling various world leaders, and making them declare war. If this were impossible, then the military leaders could be made to begin the war without the leader’s consent. In this age of atomic weapons awaiting the push of some buttons, how easy it would be to begin the end of mankind! Thank God such power isn’t within our grasp. If it were, this Earth would truly be a worse hell than it is at present. "

(it is here to comment on the Norwegian contactperson Arve Jacobsen’s experiences onboard a big mothership he claimed to have been taken into in the early 70ths – where they among a lot of other experiences/adventures let him wear a some similar helmet – from where he describes a sensation of observing through another mans eyes on a distant and more primitive planet that they seemingly observed or flew over. Link to Norwegian report on that)

And here an excerpt of how they can zoom into the subcons.of a given people and find out all about them, and they use this information in fx selecting the right people for being contactpersons: 

"……Orii turned a control labeled Magnification, and the scene was exactly as you might see through a zoom lens. The ground came up quickly, and soon we could pick out individual people on the street, what few there were. Orii said:

"Pick one of them."

I chose a taxi driver who had stopped temporarily for a break.

Orii then went over to another panel called the Remote Psychprobe. He switched it on and focused its beam on the man three miles below. Then he pushed a button marked Computer Analysis. From within the depths of the ship a whirring noise sounded that lasted about five seconds. During this time I noticed that the man was apparently aware of some unseen influence, as he stopped smoking and looked around curiously, as if trying to figure out what had attracted his attention. When the beam stopped, he started puffing on his cigarette again and then scratched his head in bewilderment

Orii had the typed sheet from the printout unit. Now he read it off to us.

"His name is Peter _____ (last name deleted here for privacys sake), he is 36 years old, lives in Washington, has a wife and three children, two boys and a girl. He drives a 1961 Chevrolet, white and red, two door hardtop style, on which he owes three payaments. He will be off duty at 06:00. He thinks Barry Goldwater is a nut "


About a month later he was again in physical contact with them, and was this time taken to the Massachusetts Base, where a conference was to be held by the people involved in controlling and coordinating ‘Project Terra’. A model of Earth was hanging in the

‘Project Terra’:

  1. Scientific and sociological research.
  2. Education of the Terrans in the Universal Laws.
  3. Prevention of warfare, inevitably to become atomic-.

Else it was to influence the people on earth- from schools to government - of Universal Philosophy etc. Plus to display landings, and to inspire/support anti-atom movements. And back up an establishment of a powerful world government under the United Nations direction.

They also admit here that it is seemingly some different interpretation of the universal Laws of Non-Interference between the different "cosmic helpers" that are here – those here seem to go some longer than fx the Erra-pleiadians having contact to Meier, who seem to have been very careful, c-notes in interacting with common earth-people.

Bob was now shown a film of a scene from the war in VietNam where the us-army were torturing a young "enemy soldier" - and where the Korendors admitted having broken the law of non-interference: they landed and scared the us-torturists and freed the prisoner, took him with them and treated him, and brought him back to his very grateful parents.

They also measured that the us-army had atom-weapons onboard some of their airplanes, and how the us had fired at their crafts many times. Another film they showed him at the meeting was when a Korendor-man had been teleported down to a military –meeting in pentagon: (bob reports what he saw as a film in the conference:)

" …a few seconds later there was a view of the ship’s interior. A man was standing inside a teleportation cabinet, dressed in a space suit, and carrying in his hand a telescreen camera, about the size of a cigarette box, which included the recorder and transmitter. A moment later he vanished. The next view was of a large assembly of military men in a conference room. They were all gaping, wide-eyes and slack-jawed at the figure that had appeared on the platform in front of them."

The intruder then talked some short with them, and demonstrated the reality of this what they saw by making one of the generals there floating in the air – then the Korendor-man dematerialized himself back to the ship!!


if this is correctly refereed and true, it is no surprise why the military are afraid of this to be known: they would loose their jobs - there would be no need for them/the military, in a high-tech society with abundance of everything - nothing to fight for!!


here a statement from this conference that came to be true when looking at the happenings from today- 40years+ later, in spite of a lot of scaring rumors on the net:

" Then there are those who predict a shift in the Earth’s magnetic poles, and foresee incredible disasters as a result. Let us inform you that your magnetic poles have reversed eight times since the Earth began, once only a few hundred thousand years ago. The sun’s poles have shifted three times, the last only a few years ago, with no effect whatsoever to anything. By our calculations your magnetic poles are due to reverse themselves within ten years. This does not mean polar flip, and the effects will cause little for you to be concerned about" (in the norwegian edition of "Illustrert Vitenskap" #3/95 (illustrated science 3-95) had on the cover this sentence "the sun has lost its soutpole" (translated from "solen har mistet sin sydpol") this was from measurements of the suns missing magnetic south-pole done of the sonde ULYSSES at 13.sept-94, when it passed the – missing - south pole of the sun.)

The conference else took up the problem with the development of the cobalt-bombs on both sides of the iron-curtain.

Last in this part 3 of the summary I’ll refer from a radiocontact that happend a year later – 11nov-65 – with master Kalen-li Retan.

Short from that: " After thousands of years of despair and destruction, we feel that you are entitled to a better life, one free of fear and hate. Too long have your people been snared like helpless animals in the giant steel trap of war. Too long has the spectre of death and violence haunted you in your very dreams. Too long have you lived from minute to minute, expecting the next moment to bring the end of all things on Earth. Too long have your children grown up in an atmosphere of sadness. It is now time for a great change."

"We are at present engaged in direct encounters with dark forces which control your nations. As each day passes and they realize more fully that their days on this Earth are numbered, they show their colors more and more. They are in panic now, my brother. "

This was said more than 40years ago and the dark’s (and/incl.the powerpeople behind ‘s) own fright are now stronger than ever – that’s why they now orchestrate "terror attacks" in the hope that the world can be captured in their evil grip for more centuries. But this thoughts are in vain – the earthman is now in the process of being filled up and thereby "satisfied" with pain and sorrows, and begins to wake up their inner true LIFE-ESSENCE and ability to recognize the real TRUTH.

Link to more on this contact and their homeplanet 

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Norwegian conversations in sound(this link for mediaplayer alone)/ here Mp3 on this case in norwegian talk taken from:


This site/article here is a summary from the book, which can be found and bought on - Site of Wendell Stevens:

Stevens (once an usaf-pilot) is one of - or just THE ONE - most serious and important ufo-investigators in the last half a century, and began his own research and collection effort, eventually amassing the largest private collection of UFO photographs in the world. He began to publish reports on the events, and wrote many illustrated articles for many UFO publications. Disenchanted with the dearth of detail on contact events reported in books and journals of the time, he began preparing detailed reports of his own investigations. He has published more than 22 of these extensive reports in book form. He continues his investigations at his own expense, still seeking the elusive answers to the many questions raised by this phenomenon. Wendelle has been a Director of the International UFO Congress since its inception. ALL HONOUR!!



link to a short video clip of a low-flying craft taken in Russia?? / east Europe? in the early 90ths - this seem to be just similar to the personal/small Korendor -ship that Bob was sometimes taken into/used as drawn most down below.  For mediaplayer.