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by Gabriel Green, and Wendelle C. Stevens Robert P. Renaud (Author), Wendelle C. Stevens (Editor, Introduction, Preface)
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1 used & new available from $25.00

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UFO CONTACT FROM PLANET KORENDOR: ANOTHER ADVANCED SOCIETY Volume One. A young high school graduate, living in his parent's basement and working for General Electric in a radio assembly plant back in the 1950s, built his own radio and televison sets from kits, and encountered a strange transmission which spoke to him directly, and told him how to modify his radio set for better reception. Then, the ETs did the same with his home-built television kit, and he was soon able to receive their visually transmitted messages. These communications evolved into face-to-face contacts on a regular and frequent basis until he was taken to view their Moonbase on the Earth's Moon, and their underground operations base under Massachusetts. He was also taken to their underwater operations base in the South Pacific.

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