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CE-VI: Close Encounters of the Possession Kind

By Dr. William J. Baldwin

Psychologist William Baldwin, Ph.D, of Enterprise, Florida, is one of a number of practitioners of a new therapy called spirit releasement. Spirit releasement is based on the notion that sometimes the spirits of the newly-dead, still addicted to some aspect of earthly existence (alcohol, smoking, fear, etc.), attach themselves to a living human with a similar addiction, and thereby compound the addiction in the human, often causing him or her severe depression. The aim of practitioners of this psychotherapeutic form of "exorcism" is to coax the spirit of the deceased addict out of the human host gently and lovingly, into the white light of the afterworld where it was intended to go in the first place. Over the past years, Baldwin and other spirit releasement practitioners have discovered that, on occasion, discarnate ETs enter the body of a human being, take it over, and try to run it. Baldwin has become experienced at meeting attached discarnate ETs, talking to them, and persuading them to leave and return to their home world. In a new book, CE-VI: Close Encounters of the Possession Kind (Headline Books, 1999), Dr. Baldwin explains that he finds himself primarily dealing with three kinds of attached ETs: scientists, researchers and technicians; colonists and invaders; and lost, hiding or abandoned ETs. Following are two selections from Dr. Baldwin's book, reprinted with permission of the  case study with aliens...

[From the Preface]

Through the voices of the clients in altered states of consciousness, these alien beings reveal their purposes for being here, they describe their homeworld civilizations, and many express the desire to go "home." In some cases, the ET commandant on a nearby spacecraft, and even the leader of the ruling High Council on the homeworld, will speak through the voice of the client.

The ETs offer many reasons for their presence here. Many are here to gather data and information on human life forms. They are technicians and scientists. There seems to be some kind of long-term genetic experimentation and manipulation in progress. Some ETs may be able to help troubled humans. A few apparently have the ability to heal physical ailments. Some people claim to have been spiritually transformed as the result of an abduction and interaction with aliens.

In other cases the ETs announce they are here to take control, to simply take over the human race, beginning with our client. They often threaten that we will be next. Such threats clearly indicate DFE (dark force entity) influence.

This channeled information could be totally fabricated by the client, consciously or unconsciously. It may be a product of the collective unconscious mind, triggered by a subliminal mass hysteria over an urban myth of alien domination. A more sinister possibility reflects the fears of the conspiracy theorists; the alien abductions may involve elements of our own government who have formed some kind of alliance with ETs, beings from other worlds or other dimensions. Equally repugnant is the possibility that the entire UFO/ET enigma might be nothing less, nor more, than field testing of mind control technology by earth's own intelligence agencies or military personnel.

However, it may be exactly what it appears to be: actual communication with an alien race. Whatever the case, the information voiced through the clients forms a consistent body of knowledge about the alien beings and their motivations for coming to our planet.

[From a case study]

Mona and the ET Controllers

Mona expressed dismay at her unusually high sexual appetite and her promiscuity. This condition had existed in her life since late adolescence. She had difficulty maintaining monogamous relationships and this caused her deep sadness and confusion. In session, she discovered an ET group experimenting with sexuality. The ET researchers would intensify her sexual desire, like turning up the volume on a TV set, then observe her behavior and her reactions to her own behavior.

We discovered a large network of DFEs [Dark Force Entities] of various levels controlling the ETs in this activity. This particular experimentation involved a broad segment of the human population, and Mona was just one of many people affected. The ET technicians divulged this information, and further revealed a sordid picture of the intrusion. Some of the DFE-influenced ETs had become personally involved in human sexuality, purposely stimulating licentious and depraved sexual activities. Not only were they distorted in their scientific observation, they were participating in the experiments.

Mona was sickened by the discovery of this information. She had known something was very wrong in her life and suspected entity influence, but had not dreamed of this kind of extensive involvement, particularly the ETs. She was deeply relieved to finally get relief from this terribly intrusive and very personal violation.

Human beings are so terribly caught up in sexual issues from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood, even old age as senility sets in. The entire issue is compounded by the social issues regarding sex, marriage, monogamy, adultery, promiscuity, the religious taboos and imposed guilt, the very real problems of unwanted pregnancy and abortion, disease, human possessiveness and jealousy, and other issues. It is a fertile field for dark force entity influence.

These experiments on emotions and sexuality are ostensibly designed to study human feelings and behavior. The technician simply turns up the volume on some aspect of emotion or behavior and records what happens with the human subject. This behavior or emotional outburst causes anguish in the human. This is the desired result. The anguish is the underlying goal of the project.

The energy emanation of the anguish of human suffering is harvested by the DFEs. It is used as energy, sustenance, food. In most cases we have found, and other therapists report the same situation, it seems the experiment is a cover for the activity of the DFEs. This is the true purpose of the "research" conducted by the aliens.

In most cases of ET attachment where such a group is operating, the ship captain or the base commander may be evasive, deceitful, even defiant, and refuse to remove the intrusive devices and alien beings. They will usually divulge the information that there is a high dark being who controls their people. A client will sometimes describe a sinister and menacing dark figure on the craft, clearly exerting powerful control, and always situated near the ship's captain.

The ET technician is usually unaware of the dark influence. The commander of the space craft is conscious of the dark presence in about half of such cases. The ruling council members on the homeworld are aware of the dark lords in charge at various levels. They acknowledge that they, or their predecessors in the council, struck an alliance with the dark forces long ago for the purpose of gaining personal and political power. However, once that dark contact was established, the DFEs took power over the council. The DFEs assumed "ownership" of the alien civilization, and there was nothing that could be done about it.

The council members, usually from three to eleven in number (though once it was reported as a senate of about 1800 members), are grateful for the assistance in separating themselves and their citizens from the DFEs. With the assistance of many light beings, we facilitate the total removal of the dark force entities, from the lowliest DFE attached to the ET technicians, through the dark lords on the craft, to the high-level dark beings wielding power over the council members and the overseers or enforcers who lurk behind the scenes.

After the release of the DFEs from their civilization, the council gladly orders the removal of the implants, monitors, communication devices, various and assorted headbands and skullcaps, and the ET technicians. They order the return of all the craft orbiting this world and any other, and the space stations involved in this hideous project. A tremendous piece of work is completed in a very short time. The effect on consciousness cannot be measured.

Clients have discovered not only these attached ET technicians and their equipment, but also unattended probes and other devices in various parts of the anatomy and in the chakras, or energy centers of the body, both on themselves and other family members. These probes are non-physical in nature, yet connected in a way which allows for the transmission of information to the ET scientist's location. The probe, or connector, may also allow the ET to remotely control some aspect of the physiology or mental/emotional functioning of the person.

In an altered state, a client can visualize the probe, often a black cord, leading to the ET laboratory. We direct the question to the alien researcher. This communication passes directly to the ETs along the attached connector, and the surprised ET will answer through the voice mechanism of the client. This can be surprising and distressing to the client, but with our assurance that the control is only temporary, and that many people have overcome this intrusion, most clients continue with the dialogue.

In acknowledgement of his pioneering exploration of science and spirit in his groundbreaking work, Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual, Dr. William J. Baldwin was honored with the 1994 Franklin Loehr Memorial Award by the International Association for New Science in Ft. Collins, Colorado. He has received other awards for lifetime achievement and contribution to the transpersonal field in the tradition of bridging Mind, Body, and Spirit. For further information, contact the Center for Human Relations, P.O. Box 4061, Enterprise, FL 32725. CE-VI: Close Encounters of the Possession Kind is published by Headline Books, P.O. Box 52, Terra Alta, West Virginia 26764, ISBN 0929915224, $10.95 per copy. It is copyright 1999, 2000, Center for Human Relations.



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