By means of spirit-to-mortal communications received by Mr. James E. Padgett from 1914-1923, Jesus of Nazareth and other high Celestial Spirits delivered Divine Truths that all mankind should know about true soul salvation and immortality.

As an interdenominational church without walls, a through-the-mail nonprofit church incorporated in January, 1958 in the District of Columbia, the Foundation Church of the New Birth exists for and is founded upon these channeled truths revealed in the volumes entitled TRUE GOSPEL REVEALED ANEW BY JESUS. These volumes in their original published form are available nowhere else. Volumes I and II of this title are included at this site.

The unique contents of these revelations disclose the availability of our Heavenly Father's Divine Love into all souls of His children who would seek and ask for this Love through prayer, of their own free will which He has given us. 

These revelations and the instructions as to how to receive this Divine Love was the true mission of Jesus of Nazareth in coming to earth rather than the commonly accepted orthodox version of salvation through Jesus' sacrifice and death on the cross. 

This transformation of the human soul into the Divine Essence and Nature of the Heavenly Father qualifies the soul for an entrance into the Celestial Kingdom of God which is above that of the Kingdom of God on earth or in the spirit world. 

The distinct and differing nature of the latter heavens from that of the Celestial heavens will enable mankind to understand the difference between Jesus' mission on earth and that of all other great teachers and religious reformers. 

No founder of any race or sect has ever taught the New Birth or the inflowing of the Divine Love in contradistinction to that of the natural love, and the true teachings of Jesus of Nazareth are the only ones that reveal to mankind the existence of this Divine Love and the true immortality of the soul.

(Previous title: Messages from Jesus and Celestials)

Presenting spirit to mortal communications from Jesus of Nazareth and other high Celestial spirits delivered by means of automatic writings through the Divinely developed psychic mediumship of Mr. James E. Padgett, a Washington, D.C. attorney, from 1914-1923. Representing the Second Coming of Jesus to earth and forming the basis of teaching of the Foundation Church of the New Birth.

These volumes contain the original unaltered transcriptions of these communications approved by Jesus in title and contents, revealing the true and only way to soul salvation which he first brought to light during his public ministry in Palestine. Their contents explain how his soul was completely transformed from its human nature into the Divine, Immortal nature of God the Heavenly Father through yearning for At-onement with the Father and receiving into his soul inflowings of the Father's Divine Love.

The volumes explain Jesus' public ministry as God's Messiah, and how he proclaimed the Glad Tidings of the rebestowal by God, the Father of His Divine Love on mankind, teaching his followers to pray and long for Its inflowing into their souls. The volumes reveal how this Love's entrance into the soul bestows the Kingdom of Heaven by causing the New Birth of soul into the Father's Immortal nature; and how these simple truths were lost after Jesus' death, when men of lesser faith changed them without pursuing the true and only way to the Divine Kingdom of Heaven which he had taught. They contain answers to the following questions and many more:
-- What is our true relationship to God, our Heavenly Father? How can we become At-one with him?
-- Is Jesus God? How and when did he become the Christ? What was his true mission on earth?
-- Does Jesus' blood save us from our sins as the Bible teaches?
--Why did the Father, our Creator, put us here on earth? Do we possess a Divine spark within?

Vols. I & II of the series were referred to by Jesus in 1960 as the holy texts to which all other editions must refer as the source and inspiration. Included are many of his formal messages augmented by writings from other high Celestial spirits on these subjects: God, His true nature, His Divine Love and Immortality; the Celestial Kingdom of God; the Spirit of God versus His Holy Spirit; the true Resurrection and At-onement with God versus the vicarious atonement; Jesus' birth, his public ministry and crucifixion; the human soul and how it receives the New Birth; and more.

Vols. III & IV furnish additional communications from Jesus and Celestial co-workers as well as personal testimonials of spirits inhabiting the moral/intellectual spheres and lower planes at the time they wrote through Mr. Padgett, all of which help to complete the picture from the high Celestial heavens to the lowest hells of the realm of spirit.


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