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Situated on 67 acres of virgin land is the future landing site of 33 spaceships representing the Interplanetary Confederation. Here on this pristine, elevated plateau will be the home of Star Center One, the campus of the Unarius Academy of Science.

UNiversal ARticulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science
The Landing Of Starships On Earth

The history of humankind reflects a misalignment of a basic harmonious note which has resulted in the breakdown of social systems throughout the history of civilizations on planet Earth. The explosion of atomic weapons of war was the "last straw." Other humankind on extraterrestrial planets in our galaxy have been recognizing the grave danger to the evolutionary continuity of not only earth, but other planets who have begun the preconditioning of people for that future time when spacecraft will land on our planet.

The motif of the Interplanetary Conclave of Light is the reality of extraterrestrial life, and the future of humankind within an interplanetary confederation. Man is not alone in the Universe. The landing of a spaceship from another planet will not be the last! It is a preparatory development to bring to the earth people, the natural evidence of life on other planets, and of other civilizations.

The preparation for the landing of starships on Earth is the first stage in the alignment of 33 planets, of which planet Earth is to be the thirty-third and final linking member, forming an Interplanetary Confederation for the Spiritual Renaissance of Humankind on Earth!


Who Are The Pleiadeans?

The galaxies are the spawning ground for the development of intelligence, an evolutionary mandate in the recognition that homo sapiens are the product of an Infinite Creative Intelligence. The Pleiadeans are individuals living on seven planets called the Pleiadean cluster of planets within the constellation of Taurus. Our history gives mention to the Pleiadeans as a positive force who are cosmic visionaries with an understanding of their spiritual identity.

The Pleiadeans are Space Brothers who are working for the benefit of humankind by preparing to leave their home and remain on Earth during the development of a new age of logic and reason that will initiate a spiritual renaissance. As elder brothers, the Pleiadeans will help rekindle the flame of spirit through the introduction of advanced electronic devices to correct disease of the mind and the body.

In addition they will provide us with information that will raise the consciousness of humankind and our connection to other planets forming the Interplanetary Confederation. A Pleiadean starship will land on a rising portion of Atlantis in the area of the Bermuda Triangle in the Caribbean Sea in the year 2001!


The Interplanetary Confederation: A Cosmic Brotherhood

The history of our planet describes the rise and fall of civilizations, particularly a 150,000 year span on Earth. Yet, the prehistory of man goes back a million years lived on countless planets in constellations throughout our galaxy.

Such history reflects the war between darkness and light, between materialism and spirit posed against the backdrop of regressive and progressive evolution. Planets that were positively biased taught the principles that led to the development of the higher consciousness. Alternatively, the materially biased worlds emphasized the physical brain/body system.

No planet can live separated by itself! The purpose of life is to evolve all of its organisms. Therefore it is the responsibility and prerogative of each person to know of his cosmic structure.

The Interplanetary Confederation is a larger wheel, a vortex of great power made up of 33 worlds and the billions of people who are attuned to a higher frequency. Such a joined consciousness extending the principle of love in action would mean the end of all war, poverty, and disease. Technology will then be an arm to the development of the higher consciousness.


All institutions that form the culture of society will reflect a new spiritual force in the realization that we are all brothers and sisters of the infinite under the guidance of advanced spiritual beings.

How to Prepare for the Arrival of the Space Brothers

The arrival of the Space Brothers on planet Earth will signal the beginning of an age of logic and reason. As a result of these positive changes, all institutions and the very infrastructure that is the bedrock of our society-science, government, religion, education, will be affected. The recognition of extraterrestrial civilizations describing the reality of intergalactic life will be a major shift in the psychodynamics of all people.

In this workshop you will learn about a science of life that forms the basis of an advanced educational system which is preparation for the development of Cosmic Consciousness. Most importantly, all participants will have the opportunity to speak openly and freely of various barriers that have kept them prisoners of their past. You can expect a rich and fulfilling experience in the "user-friendly" atmosphere of this important workshop.


The Cosmic Connection

Alta, the Ambassador of the Interplanetary Confederation, will provide information via direct mental hookup on the role planet Earth will take as the 33rd connecting member in what will be a giant step forward for humankind. As the senior scientist for the Pleiadean planet Vixall, he will speak about Earth's Atlantean connection with the Pleiadeans, as discussed in many previous transmissions given.




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