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Abraham Knowledge Site - an introduction from channel Esther Hicks with additional material at
Academy for Future Science - research organization and source of The Keys Of Enoch: The Book Of Knowledge by J.J. Hurtak
Derek - famous British spirit medium, clairvoyant & fortune teller
The Afterlife Experiments - double blind research by Dr. Gary Schwartz
Afterlife-Knowledge - "The truth about life after death"
Amaritha - channeling via Elena Diana
George Anderson - grief support program from this accomplished medium
Angelic Inspirations - includes material from angel books by Rose Schwab
After-Death.Com - reports of direct contact from a deceased family member or friend, without the use of others
Agni Yoga - overview from Spiritweb plus Nicholas Roerich Museum and Helena Roerich
Alexander Material - from a discarnate spirit teacher who has been channeling through his human host, Ramón Stevens
Rosemary Altea - famous author of Proud Spirit and other works
Archangel Raphael - channelings about awakening, love, and Joy.
Arton New Age Page - articles, free books, well annotated Channeling Booklist
The Ascended Master Network - Ascended Masters, teachings, karma, reincarnation from Church Universal & Triumphant also see
Disengaging Church Universal and Triumphant - a critical view
Sylvia - some short excerpts from her books here
Laurie Campbell - spiritual medium featured on HBO Life Afterlife
Center for Soul Evolution - includes free intuitive guidance - Ask Antera Edgar Cayce Official A.R.E. Web Site - with no channeled content
Ken Carey Books - brief critical aclaim of his many books
Channelling links from
ChannelRing - a web ring group of over forty channeling sites, see also Open Directory and for link lists
Christmas in the Trenches - lyrics of this popular channeled song also here
Church of the White Eagle - based on Grace Cooke's work
Conversaions with God - book's official site by Neale Donald Walsch
Course in Light - channeled by The Order of Melchizedek thru Antoinette Moltzan (Toni)
A Course in Miracles - ACIM, background material and resources
ACIM Current Workbook Commentaries - full text of workbook lessons
Principles of Miracles - attributes of Miracles within the context of the Course
Marianne Williamson's Official Web Site
Miracle Studies - a Course in Miracles site in Australia, also in Britain - after death communications-also here
Elaria - messages from a highly evolved spirit Light guide/angel who is channeled by Moonsnake
Virginia Essene - author of "You Are Becominge A Galactic Human" et al
Great Dreams - nice link list for channeling
The Greater Community Teaching - via Marshall Vian Summers
I Am America - tapes of channeled prophecies from Lori Adaile Toye
Iasos - explains core concepts of channelers, compares 3rd vs 4th density and lists Hot Links
Jerhoam - "The Teacher From The Light"
Kuthumi - teachings of the Master Kuthumi as channelled by Ruth A. Craig
Robert James Lees - a historical site about the life of this medium
Lucis Trust - based on the Arcane School teachings of Alice Bailey
The Mediumship of George Valiantine - intricate discussion of his abilities
MessagesFromBeyond - spirit-side communications after the passing of the author's wife - channeling by Stephen Cocconi of The Michael Teaching, a Channeled Philosophy
NewReligiousMovements - academic background and classification of New Age groups
Noahs Ark Society - promoting physical mediumship-series of articles
OAHSPE, A Book Of Kosmic Knowledge - and anti-Oahspe
Orin and DaBen - Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer
1,000,000 Paranormal Links - section on edgar cayce
QuanYinSpeaks - learn about Quan Yin via Reverend Charlotte Tinker
Ramtha's School of Enlightenment - home of J.Z. Knight happenings
The Realms of the Universal Healing Energies - Wolf Khan channeling
Kevin Ryerson - popularized by his involvement with Shirley MacLaine
Ron Scolastico - Los Angeles channel, author and counselor
The Seance Website - by Suzane Northrop, medium to contact those that have passed over into the spirit world
Spirit of Maat - online community by Drunvalo Melchizedek
National Spiritualist Association of Churches and NSAC News
Saint Germain Foundation - source of Guy Ballard "I AM" books
Soul Journey - info about and from Angels Akasha and Asun
Spiritual Awakenings - L'Éveil Spirituel
Spiritualist Directories - lists of churches and mediums
Spiritualism - a profile of beliefs and groups
Spiritualism - Amish to Zoroastrian...religion and spirituality on the web
The Spiritualist Religion Page
The Stars Still Shine - Michael via his psychic father-in-law, Robert Murray - excerpts from "Death: The Beginning"
ToDanceWithAngels - by Linda Pendleton, biographer of and now channel for Dr. Peebles
William Rainen and Doctor Peebles - long-standing source of spirit wisdom
Language of the Heart - Summer Bacon channeling Dr. James Martin Peebles
Trance Channeling Connection - info about trance research and entities
Spiritualism, Spiritualist and psychic sites
A lawyer argues the Case for the Afterlife - by Victor Zammit, a detailed study of what happens at death
The Swedenborgian Church - also see info on Swedenborg Periodicals
Swedenborg Foundation - publishes works of Emmanual Swedenborg - cult awareness and support for "those in recovery"
Twintrees - new site called
Urantia Foundation - publishing head office for the Urantia book
World of The Spiritwalker - channeled and inspired writings concering Native American spirituality
World Channelers Directory - listings from spiritsearch

Important Note: due to the close relation between channeling and contactee communications, be sure to visit our Contactee area

Channeling: The Process

Channeling FAQ - a detailed discussion with links on the nature of channeling
Channeling Glossary - an extensive list of terms defined
Channeling Rules of the Road - list of tips from Allan Kardec
Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science - full download of early work by Nandor Fodor
A Short History Of Spirit-Channeling
The Mediums' Book (acrobat format) - Guide for Mediums and Invocators by Allan Kardec [full text] or browse excerpts here
What is Channeling? (
What is Channeling?
What is Channeling?
St. Germain About Channeling
Channeling as Method for Self Discovery
Channeling - A Natural Skill Easily Learned
First Spiritual Temple - explanatory material from Christian Spiritualist Church
Mishlove interviews - Arthur Hastings and Jon Klimo
Nature of Channeling
Noahs Ark Society
Physics of Trance Channeling
How to Channel Links - from SpiritWeb
Metaphysical Bookstores List - Links to book sites by category

Channeled Content

Channeling Examples - a few samples from well-known U.S. Channels
Channeling Anthology on September 11 - 9/11 channeled collection
Aaron - several books via Barbara Brodsky from Deepspring
ACIM Current Workbook Commentaries - full text of workbook lessons
Angelic Messages - shares messages received from the angels
Answers From The Lord Maitreya - based on questions from readers
Archangel Gabriel - several transcripts via Robert Baker
The Ascended Master Network - teachings of the Ascended Masters from Church Universal & Triumphant - includes both Channeled and Ascension Articles
Ascension Research Center - pages of Ascended Master quotes prepared by students
AskAlana - over 1000 pages of answers from Alana via Sandy Breckenridge - "Messages from Cassiopaea, channelling, Armageddon, Quantum Future" from the Perseus Foundation
Edgar Cayce Readings - index to text of many readings from AUM~Sparky
Edgar Cayce CDs of readings - Mac CD  Windows CD - transcriptions of Cayce on various topics
Celestial World Mission - classic received through James Padgett
Channelings - a major Australian archive of over a dozen channels
Channelings From Around The World - nice variety from many sources
Concept:Synergy - includes the Lazaris public library of channeling via Jack Pursel
Conscious Creation - Becky Burke and Kristen Fox channeling their "higher" selves (Gradius and Ragon)
Cosmic Internet Academy - received teachings from Jasmuheen and others
Cypress Online - psychic digest dedicated to seth matrial and consciousness
The DOMA Way - full text of the book
Doors of Peace Channelling - from Phillip Brown and Louise Tincombe
Elias related Information - extensive transcripts from Gerhard Fuchs - selected quotes channeled by Pat Rodegast
Energy Channelings - a potpourri of material from many sources
Flower of Life - Abby Haydon channeling the Assembly of Light
Foundation for "A Course in Miracles" - ACIM Articles

Gaelic Manuscripts - full length book via Betty White
Gibbon's Channeling Research Site - a variety of channels represented

Golden Eagles - original channelings from Kuthumi and other sources thru Aisha - Valerie Donner, The Great One, and Earth Changes - excerpts of channeling from Quado in "There is a Garden"
The Hilarion Page - material as channeled by Jon C. Fox
Hilarion - over two dozen chapters via Andrew Buttner
House of Light - dedicated to ascension and ascended master channeling via Jaraya and Sel-en-a
Kirael's Inward Portal - includes transcript excerpts via Rev Fred Sterling
Annie Kirkwood - messages from Mother Mary
Korton - four chapters from spirit via Susanna Thorpe-Clark
Kryon - includes samples of recent channeling
Life After Death - excerpts from The Next Life by C. C. Zain (a born clairvoyant)
Lord Maitreya - channeled material from a World Teacher via Margaret Birkin
Direct From Spirit - more channeling from Margaret Birkin at Karinya - channelings by Kathleen Murray, John Armitage, Brian Grattan, and many others
Marcia's Garden of Light - channeling by Marcia Wilson - full text of several dozen discourses and lectures - an archive of dozens of monthly lessons from the Master Djwhal Khul via Kathlyn Kingdon
Metatron - channeled articles and more Metatron Channelings
Michael Teachings - resources, channeling, and spiritual teachings of the entity Michael, see also the FAQs
the Nvisible: Solara & 11:11
Orvotron - archive of newsletter that ceased web publication in 1994
Path Of Light - a full length book by Emanual via Gerrit Jahn
Service and Servitude - by El Morya via Tuieta
Seth Network Intl - Jane Roberts channeling & Seth Material & Seth's Concept
About Seth and Seth Quotes - biographical info, book recaps, letters & FAQ
Seth Codicils and Library Information - plus concordance & webring
Seth and Jane Roberts - a bookstore and audio collection
Share International Foundation - includes channeling from Benjaman Creme
Paul Solomon Foundation - including a bio of Paul Solomon
SpacesBetweenThings - Ray Donnelly and Rosalie Miles
Spirit Teachings - full text of this classic work through William Stainton Moses
Spiritual Connection - answers to life's big questions via Daniela, Gerrit Jahn and others at
Spiritual-Endeavors - varied noteworthy archive for channeling
Joshua David Stone - also see his Corner on SpiritWeb
Tatiachas Spirit Nexus - a multifaceted resource site including spirit messages and an audio library
Teachers-of-Light - sells the transcribed lectures of Yada di Shi'te via Mark Probert
The Teaching - a trilingual presentation of this book length work through Kathleen Long in New Zealand ( also at SpiritWeb)
Teachings of the Clear Light - five books by Thespian Michaels & Esmi Fernau
The Urantia Book - the full text on-line
Vibrani's One Source - from E. Nora Amrani and other contributors
Wirral Light Cirlcle - channellings from Bartholomew, Sananda, Ashtar and others plus ascension and ET material
A World of Compassion from Majahnae and Spirit - spirit channelings (200k+)
World Light Center - material on Seth, ascension
Zareth's Teachings - several dozen channelings on many topics

Smaller collectons:

2012 Unlimited - ascension, prophecy, alternate realities
Abigail - insights on life's most significant dilemmas
Archangel Michael - channeled messages of Love, Inspiration, Faith, Hope, Wisdom and Truth via Carolyn Ann ORiley
ArchangelAriel - (and others ) via Isaac George
Ascension Transmissions - via Karen Danrich 'Mila' and Thomas Weber 'Rama'.
Awakening Rainbows of Light - travels, episodes & Archangel messages
Beacons of Light - reminders from home, channelings from The Group via Steve Rother
Blue Rose Productions - Orpheus Phylos channeling, prophecy from Archangel Michael
Channeling and Channeled Materials - via Marina Michaels
ChannelingSpirits - (and its sister site) full of material from Lysa Moskowitz Mateu including audio
Christah - Gateway to Oneness
Council of Love - 13th octave channelings through Linda Dillon
Crimson Circle - a collection of channeling from Tobias
Joseph Dreams Channeling Directory - material by Al Bouchard
Earth Changes Weekly - by Peter P (suspended) includes channelings
Chris Hamilton - Australian channel for Astara
Inspirations from the Light - from Yeshua, Anthony and Aloria through Diana
InwardJourney - archives monthly lessons from Salem via Diandra
Sam Johnson - friend of Bigfoot (site includes some channeling)
Light messages from Johannes - modest collection of transmissions
Lightsmith - Earth Mother channeled by Michele Mayama including audio
Ellen Meredith Channeling - author of Listening brings wisdom from The Council
Melora - messages of light through Jyoti-Alla-An as published in Sedona
Mona Rolfe - a small collection of channelings
Mystic Planet Presents Channeling - from a variety of popular channels
Osirians - multidimensional beings from the Sirian star system
Pathwork - Eva Pierrakos interview and quotes
Revelations of Awareness - some free issues of Cosmic Awareness newsletters
River of Inspiration - mix of channeled and inspirational writings
School of Living Light - a long page of excerpts from Ortan via Lita de Alberdi
SherrySherry - transcripts of channeled sessions by Sherry Smith
Spiridex - from Ascordia Center via Amy Bortner
The Temple Of Truth And Light - ISIS site with material from different sources
United Circle Of Light - hear from God, Ariel, Lord Maitreya, John, the Earth, Mylorian, and more on all kinds of topics
Veronica's Corner - trance channeling from Veronica
Visitations Excerpts - deep trance samples from Rainbow Lady ( Donna Kinniburgh)
Wisdom from the Light - light warrior Tehannah mixes art with two messages

SpiritWeb Channeled Archives - sorted by channeler or by subject

Ascended Masters - an overview with links to channeled articles
Connecting Link - a collection of excerpts from this print magazine
Earth Changes - a full length channeled book by Tom Smith
Relationships of Transformation - a full length channeled book by Bill Davidson
Toraya Ayres - counselor for interspecies and interdimensional understanding
Celeste & Jananda - channelings from John, Josephus, Kuthumi, Kwan Yin, Monka, Sananda, Soltec, Wind of Change, White Eagle, more
Diandra - founder of Inward Journey channels a universal consciousness
Caroline Fitzgerald - counsellor & channeler of Ascended Masters
Abby Haydon - channeling the Assembly of Light (also at
Ronna Herman - cosmic telepath channeling Archangel Michael
Lisa Holloway - a channel for Hilarion
Donna Kinniburgh - trance medium channeling "Reflection"
John Payne - messages from his spirit guide Omni
Polaris Writings - from a cosmic, centralized and evolved Intelligence
Julie Presson - doorways to knowledge "carried to you on the wings of the servents of God, the Angels"
Andrew & Lillian Whalley - two UK channels that focus on ascension topics
Adamski Foundation - official site of the first published contactee
Abduction and Contactee Messages - an analysis of common factors
Aetherius Society - UFOs, Yoga, and Channeling by Sir George King.
Alien Eyes - includes a book called "The Mission of the One Star". More material on Spiritweb as Alloya Ye Ra Har - the spirit name of Nikki Huckfield
Allies of Humanity - full text of this book by Marshall Vian Summers
Arcturians - an overview from SpiritWeb
Norma J Milanovich Ed.D. - "We, the Arcturians" summary, Celestial Bodies and Entities, other messages
Are you a Starseed or Contactee? - UFO contactee/starseed profile list
Ascension2000 - from contactee David Wilcock - Ashtar Command channeling through Soltec
The Ashtar-Command - an overview from SpiritWeb
Ashtar-Command - channeled by Dana Summer from Spiritweb - smaller site, has some interviews - includes bbs
Galactic Server - more material from the Ashtar Command and reports of physical contact
Orvotron Newsletter - a long sample of Ashtar channeling
Star Esseenia Temple - another home for Commander Ashtar
Starfleet A.C.F.R - home of Ashtar Commander Lyur - "Dedicated to elevating the consciousness and health of humankind," based on teachings of Earlyne & Bob Chaney
Bashar - Darryl Anka's extraterrestrial channeling, a must read, core concepts as well as many tapes and additional files on SpiritWeb
Blue Star Speaks - "channeled teachings from a Pleiadian theta master"
Channeled Information - a political hotspot, a place for discernment
Elan - profound insights from the Essassani civilization via Andrew
Flying Saucer Religion - two cases studies, a more academic outlook***
FromElsewhere - article about walk-in book by Scott Mandelker plus an interview
HeavensGate replica site and Links
Lyssa Royal Holt - and more at SpiritWeb and
Interdimensional Doorways and Starseeds
Intergalactic Anthropologist - by Marcia Schafer blurbs and introduction
International Raelian Religion - contactee site based on beliefs of Frenchman Claude Vorilhon
Sam Johnson - friend of Bigfoot (site includes some channeling)
Birgit- Kein - Danish voice of interplanetary Federation (as Archos) and ascended masters on SpiritWeb
L/L Research - contactee research by James Allen McCarty and Carla
Rueckert, Law of One article and sample
Lia Light - Pleiadian material from Lia Shapiro including an article on SpiritWeb
Lightwork - the way to integrate other realities, ETs, walk-ins, starseeds
MARK-AGE Period and Program - Preparing for the Second Coming
Nibiruan Council - learn about the flagships of the council and their involvement in Earth's history
Only Planet of Choice [800k] - transmissions from The Council of Nine through Phyllis Schlemmer [also available in Polish]
Planetary Activation Organization - Galactic Federation rundown from Sheldan Nidle
Reptillian TransMissions From Alpha Draconis
Semjase Silver Star Center - a multilingual site in Switzerland by Billy Meier
Billy Meier Web Site - by an authorized Los Angeles chapter of FIGU
UFO - The Pleiadian Mission - by Randolph Winters. UFO from the Billy Meier contacts from the Pleiades.
Barbara Marciniak - links to Pleiadian material and book
Who are the Pleiadians and Barbara Marciniak? - an interview about the Pleiadians from the 'Codings' tape
P'taah and Jani King Online - Pleiadian contact with sample transcripts and more at SpiritWeb
Pleiadians - overview from SpiritWeb
Quantum Awakening - Pleiadian energies via Gillian Macbeth-Louthan
Yvonne Moore - channeling from masters and space commanders
Starbuilders - from walk-ins Aldin and Malchora
UFOmind: Contactees - excellent link list of contactee resources
UNARIUS Academy of Science - founded by Ruth and Ernest Norman - experiences, articles, conferences and newsletter
Claire Watson - channels members of an intergalactic consortium, but mostly Solon Centurion
ZetaTalk - a Zeta emissary, Nancy. tells us of a Pole Shift and the coming millennium transformation

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