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"Amazing" Randi Now Retracts Claim Meier UFO Case Hoaxed! Will Have to  
Pay $1,000,000!

LOS ANGELES, CA - In an absolutely stunning reversal of position, one  
that is sure to leave his skeptical cohorts in disarray and focus new  
international attention on the case, noted children's magician and  
professional skeptic the "Amazing" Randi, today effectively withdrew  
his unsubstantiated, defamatory claims (made on Tuesday, April 15,  
2003) that the Billy Meier UFO contact case is a hoax.

In correspondence received by Michael Horn, the Authorized American  
Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts, on Sunday, March 28,  
2004, Randi clearly states, "... Now, Michael has divined that I called  
the Meier case a “hoax.”  His powers of perception are REMARKABLE; he  
finds things where they don’t exist! Wonderful!"

The staggering implications to his credibility, and that of a whole  
extended team of professional skeptics and debunkers, who have been  
publicly defaming Mr. Meier for years, is astounding. At stake, in  
addition to their reputations, is an award by Randi of $1,000,000 for  
proof of the paranormal. Since Randi now withdraws his claim that the  
Meier case isn’t paranormal, it logically (and legally) follows that  
the award is now due Meier.

While conceding the truthfulness of the Meier case, and thereby  
obligating himself to a rather substantial pay out, Randi may also be  
attempting to avoid having even more public attention directed to the  
failure of his associates at CFI-West, the Los Angeles branch of the  
international professional skeptics' organization, to duplicate the  
Meier photographic evidence, a challenge accepted by CFI-West in  
February 2001.

Undoubtedly concerned by the international criticism generated by  
CFI-West representative Mr. Vaughn Rees' public refusal, in front of  
millions of listeners on the Art Bell radio show (March 7, 2004), to  
submit recently produced photos from CFI-West to the same scientific  
standards and testing Mr. Meier's were, Randi has effectively ended the  
challenge to Mr. Meier.

It is clear now that after failing to sully Mr. Meier’s reputation  
Randi has no other means of redeeming his own except by forwarding the  
$1,000,000 award to Mr. Meier. There is also a $5,000 award due Mr.  
Meier by CFI West since they have failed to duplicate Mr. Meier’s  
photos, which they called “easily duplicated hoaxes”.

More importantly, this remarkable development is sure to open the eyes  
of scientists and other interested people around the world to the  
authenticity, and actual content, of the Billy Meier contacts.

                                Application for $1,000,000 Award from James
                                                   (And $5,000 from CFI-West)

I, Michael Horn, known to countless millions everywhere as the  
unwavering (t)horn-in-the-side of pseudo-scientists, poseurs,
charlatans and frauds everywhere, do hereby make the following  
predictions and submit them as proof of my paranormal abilities. In so  
doing, I am applying for all financial awards offered by the James  
Randi Foundation, CFI-West and any and all other affiliated or
non-affiliated individuals, groups and organizations offering such  
awards for proof of paranormal abilities:

1. I PREDICT that CFI-West will not submit their photographs, that  
attempt to duplicate Mr. Billy Meier's UFO photos, to the same known,  
specified, rigorous, scientific standards and protocols Mr. Meier's  

2. I PREDICT that James Randi will not demand that CFI-West have their  
pictures thusly tested in order to fulfill the challenge that CFI-West  
accepted (February 2001), i.e. to duplicate Mr. Meier's "easily  
duplicated hoaxes", as any objective, principled scientist would  
emphatically demand.

3. I PREDICT that James Randi and CFI-West will continue to attempt to  
shift the focus of the original challenge away from CFI-West's failure  
to meet the challenge.

4. I PREDICT that these predictions will be fulfilled up to and  
including April 15, 2004, a very taxing day in itself.

The odds against these predictions being fulfilled is actually  
astronomical since no professional, reputable, credible, scientific,
honest and genuinely objective entities would ever allow, encourage or  
promote such dishonest, slimy and despicable conduct, (i.e. avoidance  
of fulfillment of the terms, and misdirection and obfuscation, of the  
challenge they accepted), as a means to avoid meeting its obligations  
to pay these awards to any parties who have demonstrated paranormal  
evidence or abilities. Since there is an objective, scientific standard  
for the paranormal, and since James Randi and CFI-West, among others  
have offered awards for proof of such, failing to meet the challenge  
that they accepted in regards to such evidence would constitute proof  
in and of itself.

I will also, at my own expense, voluntarily promote, publicize and  
announce the results of my challenge, unlikely as it may be that such  
predictions could, or would, be fulfilled.

But, unimaginable as it may seem, should the above occur as I have  
predicted, I would expect the promised sums and awards to be made  
payable to me, Michael Horn, within 10 days of April 15, 2004.


Michael Horn

Accepted for CFI-West by:__________________________________

Accepted for the James Randi Foundation:________________________________

March 29, 2004


UFO Prophet Right Again?

LOS ANGELES, CA:  Just days after Michael Horn, the Authorized American  
Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts, appeared on the  
internationally broadcast Coast To Coast radio show with Art Bell,  
relating the uncannily accurate prophecies and predictions preemptively  
published by Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier, it appears that Meier has  
been proven right again, unfortunately so in one case.

While millions of listeners heard Art Bell play the role of devil’s  
advocate to perfection, challenging Horn about almost every detail of  
the proof that he claims authenticates the Meier case, Horn read from  
prophecies allegedly given to Meier by his extraterrestrial visitors in  
1987. In addition to highly disturbing information foretelling enormous  
destruction to America, if its military policies and governmental  
leaders are not immediately changed, Horn read the following excerpt  
from a much more lengthy, and equally ominous, section dealing with  
massive destruction in Europe:

“And it will be that the fanatics of Islam will rise up and cover the  
lands of Europe with war, all will shake and quiver.”

Three days later, Spain was struck by terrorists who are now believed  
to be linked to Osama bin Ladin’s Al-Qaeda Islamic terrorist group.

Another New Confirmation

Contrasting the gloomy forecast of worldwide turmoil, should people  
everywhere not heed the warnings in time, an announcement first made on  
February 24, 2004, and recently reported again on March 15, regarding  
the discovery of a new planet beyond Pluto, was shown to have been  
again preempted by Meier’s own foretelling, published in 1978, of the  
ultimate discovery of not one but two such planets.

Bell Confirms Meier’s Amazing Accuracy

While Art Bell maintained a healthy skepticism regarding Meier’s  
prophetic accuracy, he readily admitted that not only were the renowned  
scientific experts who confirmed the authenticity of Meier’s physical  
evidence beyond reproach in their credibility but Horn was right when  
he stated that Meier’s prophetic warnings about a half-dozen specific  
events, including the U.S. attack on Iraq, the increase in Islamic  
terrorism, the appearance of SARS, the spread of Mad Cow Disease, the  
renewed public concern over chemical warfare and the near accident at  
the nuclear power plant near Lyon, France (all predicted by Meier in  
1995) were all in Bell’s own possession in a book published in  
2001…also years before they occurred!

Skeptic Shot Down On Air

The show had a moment of unexpected light comedy when Mr. Vaughn Rees,  
Case Investigator for the professional skeptics’ organization CFI-West,  
who has the dubious distinction of accepting and subsequently failing  
Horn’s challenge to duplicate Meier’s photo and film evidence, tried to  
claim that the photos of UFO models CFI-West finally published (after  
three years) should be exempted from being subjected to the same  
scientific scrutiny as Meier’s were! Bell himself made short work of  
Rees and any credibility he’d hoped to establish with his attempt at  
redefining scientific standards of proof.

  Anti-American Rhetoric or Wake-up Call?

While Bell, and some of his listeners, were clearly upset by the  
critical tone regarding American policies in Meier’s information, Horn  
tried to point out that, while these were warnings designed to wake us  
up to take corrective action and, as such, are not couched in pleasant,  
flattering terms inappropriate to the situation, an equally harsh tone  
was also directed at numerous other nations and leaders. During this  
unprecedented, four-hour, in-depth exploration of the Meier information  
it was noted that, for his troubles, Meier has been the target of  
unsuccessful assassins a documented 19 times, which, while it may be  
consistent with the time-honored human idiocy of “shooting the  
messenger”, certainly contradicts the idea that any kind of “hoaxer”  
would warrant such negative attention.

Full Prophecies Now Available

In addition to the new, comprehensive, two-hour long DVD "The Meier  
Contacts - The Key To Our Future Survival", Horn also announced that  
the full English translation of the Henoch Prophecies from 1987, from  
which the information regarding the Islamic attacks in Europe, the  
forewarning of the World Trade Center destruction by terrorists and the  
American-led wars to follow were culled, is now available in the new  
book “And Still They Fly!” from
Bruce Stephen Holms

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