Documentary Claims to Reveal Underwater Maya City and Contact with ETs

Calakmul Archaeological Site - P 2012

Producer calls it the most important archaeological finding in the history of mankind.

MEXICO CITY -- An underwater Maya city, a millennia-old landing pad once used for spacecraft, and human contact with extraterrestrials. These may sound like the makings of a blockbuster Hollywood film, but they're actually the alleged discoveries behind the documentary Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond.

Los Angeles-based producer Raul Julia-Levy, the son of late actor Raul Julia, is billing the movie as a game-changer.

"It is the most important archaeological finding in the history of mankind," he says. "It's going to open the eyes of humanity and elevate the consciousness of every human being on the planet. I guarantee it."

Revelations is set to begin production next month deep in the jungles of Mexico's Gulf coast state of Campeche, at the Maya ruins of Calakmul. Julia-Levy, who is producing alongside Ed Elbert (Paraiso Travel), says the mother of all secrets will be revealed at the Calakmul archaeological site, though he declined to specify what could possibly trump the aforementioned findings.

The underwater Maya city, which Julia-Levy describes as "a city that was built under water, and not a sunken city," was found at the bottom of a lake in Guatemala, according to the producer. He says audiences will see underwater shots of the city.

Further stretching the mind, the actor-turned-producer claims the documentary also unveils a 3,000-year-old spacecraft landing pad that was allegedly built atop a rock structure capable of holding electromagnetic energy.

Julia-Levy won't divulge the production company and distributor backing the 3D documentary, though he says they are "major" Hollywood players. An official announcement of the project is expected in the coming weeks, and a tentative release date has been set for August.

A collaboration between archaeologists, scientists and the governments of Mexico and Guatemala, Revelations is the fruit of a decade of research that purportedly draws on classified information.

Initially, acclaimed Mexican documentarian Juan Carlos Rulfo (Those Who Remain) was attached to the project, but he recently exited the venture due to conflicting schedules with his other films. Producers have yet to announce his replacement.

The documentary comes at a time when the Yucatan Peninsula has seen a flurry of Maya-themed productions. Some depict apocalyptic scenarios tied in to alleged prophecies that hinge on the end of the Maya calendar.

Experts have dismissed such notions. They point out that Dec. 21, 2012, the exact date when the 5,126-year calendar cycle comes to an end, in no way signals Armageddon. In fact, they argue that the calendar resets with each new cycle. But that hasn't stopped many TV producers from focusing on the doomsday aspect.

In recent years, TV crews from Mexico and the world over have flocked to Maya turf to explore the matter first-hand. Nat Geo, Discovery Channel and History are just some of the production companies that have filmed on location in the region. 

Even the Mexican government is seizing the moment to make a strong push to promote tourism with an ambitious cultural program dubbed Mundo Maya.

"It's exploding in all directions," says Rene Blanco, head of production at Cancun-based production services company Riviera Maya Films. "It's going to be a huge year because everybody is working to exploit the end of the world theory."

Be that as it may, Julia-Levy insists that Revelations does nothing of the kind. He calls it a historical documentary that shows a deep respect for Maya culture.

"The problem with most of the productions going on now that are related to the Maya theme is that they're doing them in an erroneous and irresponsible manner," he says. "This documentary is going to shake the world."


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  • NewDon Moderator 4 weeks ago
    to chanak.......
    billions of stars, millions of earth like planets, the very real possiblity that life was seeded here from elsewhere in the universe and a world filled with structures that pre date the accepted invention of the of the tools that could have created them (check the machine made grooves on many south american monoliths). surely to dismiss the possibility of alien life existing or visiting earth has less to do with actual science and more to do with the 'faith' you place in its current conclusions. the earth was flat once you know, and we were at the center of the universe, then man using science proved otherwise. Science is the means not the end. We are not alone.
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  • none of what the claim will be proven true.

    any true scientists or archaeologists wouldn't wait for a movie to be made before telling the world.

    "This documentary is going to shake the world." I think not.
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  • how can people like yourself b so arrogant to think you know whats going on without having a background in these subjects! "true scientists"? These people invovled have been pioneering individuals in ancient mayan research for the last 10 years, heads of archaelogical institutes across Mexico. Not to mention Mexican government officials who have helped declassify "anomalise artifacts" not just now but 3 years ago and also 8 years ago.
    So hold your arrogance and have a bit more respect for the academics who actually know and do this stuff for a living
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  • Hi! Granthaycock, read my comment, then you'd understand what Winn means. He probably meant no offense.
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  • I Can Answer Your Question To 'How'.  You See, This Makes HIM Th Bonified Expert.
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  • Why not just wait and see?
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  • It would probably be a good entertainment piece, but nothing more. For very few, the documentary will probably mean something. BUT you are right that the movie will not shake the whole world. What I mean by my statement is that, even though we have ancient documentations such as the Tablets of Sumer, and hieroglyphs of the Babylonians, Mayans, Incans, and even Aztecs sharing very detailed information about the existence of ExtraTerrestrials and their involvement with humankind since the "beginning" of physical life on earth. The documentary will be good entertainment and nothing more for the masses of people.
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  • By saying "The Tablets of Sumer" immediately indicates that you don't know what you are talking about. You may use your words, but you cannot use an understanding that you lack. They are the Enuma Elish and the Atrahasis... not to exclude the Epic of Gilgamesh. We have a word for people who talk about what they do not know of with purported authority, Ignorant. Now go educate yourself.
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  • P.S.
    The masses of people that watched the documentary or will watch the documentary will probably have the attitude, "O, that's nice!"  They may find the documentary entertaining. And then they will go on their merry way. But to the very few, the documentary may become like the holy grail to them.
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  • That's like Saying Any True Mother Would Have A Degree In Social Science After Psychology.
    Scientists R Prejudice, Mostly.  Facts 2Them Arent So Important.  Thus, Truer Research Needed.     THANKS!!
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  • Chariots of the Gods Moderator 5 days ago
    I am from the island of Atlantis.  Me and the Mayans are homies.  This movie is some straight up bullllshit!  Nanoo, nanoo.
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  • Someone should destroy u, just like the city
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  • Nature8384 Moderator 3 weeks ago
    Can't wait to see what they discover
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  • Klemen Prosenc Moderator 1 week ago
    we all know that aliens exist.but no officall will comfirm that.this will be yust one more evidence.
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  • HatersGonnaHate Moderator 3 days ago

    I encourage
    you all to think critically about the theories here. If you're not familiar
    with it, read up on the Drake Equation,,
    which is an attempt to quantify the likelihood of intelligent civilizations
    overlapping each other in the timeline of a galaxy (Not universe, as it's just
    too big).

    Further, if
    these people are promising the truth then I condemn them for trying to profit
    by one of history's greatest findings by hoarding such knowledge. If they
    aren't, which seems more likely given the number of people involved and the
    unlikely situation where they are all that evil, well then they are just so
    many more carnival workers hoping to sell more tickets to their show.

    One more
    thought to consider for the "true believers." What makes humans so
    special that another civilization would invest the vast resources, time,
    materials, and energy to make the slog all the way to Earth and
    meet/conquer/conspire/whatever with us? Sure you can argue curiosity and
    boredom, scientific endeavor, a dire need for precious resources, sex, or what
    have you. But honestly consider for a moment that it is a monumental
    undertaking to get here from anywhere but here and then consider just how
    unlikely it is for most civilizations to consider us worth the time or effort,
    if they're even aware of us in the first place. (Yeah, we're not actually that
    special. Our "presence footprint" isn't even 75 light years out!)

    You can go
    on believing that the aliens are all around us, but without concrete and
    indisputable evidence to demonstrate as such, it does each person about as much
    good to "know" so as it does to "know" that the tree in
    your yard is what's keeping rabid tigers from mauling you each morning before
    work. That is to say it's probably never going to come up, and on the very off
    chance the matter is really pressed, my money is on your theory being
    incorrect. So while it does no harm for you to think otherwise, it's not going
    to do you much good either.

    Constantly evangelizing
    said beliefs in public though is about as productive, and enjoyable to listen
    to, as the mewling of toddler demanding attention at a grocery store. So
    consider this a lolli.

    But hey,
    let's go on a bender here in the name of academic interest. Let's say every one
    of these...
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  • It is not about us being special the way you see us as not being so. Human form is the highest evolution of spirit on a planet. Any "ET's" are also humanoid beings that evolved on their planets millennia ago.

    They come here to help us evolve as spiritual beings. The universe learns through our experiences. No matter how minuscule they may seem. And as we die and reincarnate, we learn more and evolve.

    The end of this year completes a galactic cycle for our solar system. We will be accosted by radiation that is emitting from the center of our galaxy. That will greatly assist us in our spiritual evolution.

    No, not everyone will survive this. Hell, not everyone will want to survive this. It will shake the foundation and utterly destroy the tyrannical rule that governed us for the past 2000 + years.

    The "ET's" are going to come back to help us. There is so much evidence to support this that it's purely exhilarating. Look up Nassim Haramein, David Wilcock and Billy Meier. They are all three separate people working toward and talking about the exact same things.

    I do not agree with this film being used for profit. But, in the world we live in right now, everything costs money to make. That will all get better starting after this year. But we can only exist in the reality we are given.

    Soon, very soon, we will all see the truth. It has been hidden from us far too long.
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  • chanak Moderator 1 month ago
    pseudoscience... I despise..
    *hangs self*
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  • Pseudoscience??? This is science fact we have scientists, archaologists, government officials that have confirmed this for over a decade! You chanak are one of the people who will struggle when this comes out, all you close minded people who live in your little bubbles will struggle with reality. This is science fact thats been proven FACT. I despise people who judge something that they really know nothing about
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  • Dude i love aliens but the documentary is listed as sci-fi now woul?d all these science and polotical people that are involed allow it to be listed as science fiction if it were provably anything more? I pray im wrong and they have solid proof that can change thinking as we know it but im hesitant to believe that that is the case.
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  • Teodorix Moderator 2 weeks ago
    It's viral ad. 
    Raul Julia-Levy starring in 
    Chronicles of the Mayan Tunnel (which is announced on december 2012)
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