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Author Topic: DUM STATEMENTS 2  (Read 934 times)
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« on: April 01, 2005, 18:18:45 »

the real thing)
 I was attracted to the way that she thought the same way as me; however after meeting her again my love for her had unusually subsided.

”Problem is now you have “invested” a load of feeling energy to the extent where you can’t simply walk away from it. But to me that is precisely what you should do. You took a chance and it didn’t work. It would have been wonderful… had it come about. Like I say, it’s the stuff from which storybook romances are made, and there is no shame in taking a chance. After all, life is there to be lived, to be experienced. Exploring our emotions and our sexuality is the very stuff from which physical life is made.”  

Again this makes me think of the situation I described in the Sexual Suppression thread, here I kissed my best friend simply because the Unmanifested Presence/ UP asked me too through the women in the Bar, at that time I would have done anything that this women asked me to do, it must be noted that I declared this women my wife (Symbolic Wife) obviously she was a little shocked, anyway she ran away giggling and I followed her outside, I asked her if I would ever see her again, herself being a Dumi (unknowing letting the UP speak through her) she replied “In the next life” at hearing this and decoding it on the spot I fell to my knees and exclaimed a long NOOOOO I realised I would never meet her again in this life, (however at that time I was thinking of Scarlet) On top of this I wrote what I considered to be a beautiful poem, the poem was a romantic gesture that was interpretated wrongly, for I too am an incurable romantic the poem was so amazing quite simply because she inspired me to write it for her and thus everyone else, it was a poem for everyone ‘You’ is a relative term just as time is relative, (The clocks went forward over here the other day) that poem was a perfect poem that came to me written by myself for myself, myself and the rest of myself, to have it deleted crippled my spirit it was the worse thing that the moderators could have done. It still hurts now thinking about it.

”I really do believe you should ground yourself more in the physical. For instance, you ask the question of why this man has detached himself. Well, if I may say, the obvious answer surely is to ask him. If he can’t just be forthright and honest with you, i.e. give straight answers to straight questions, then he’s definitely not worth bothering with IMO. “

I would say that this man through his medium friends was aware that he had to detach himself from the said Dumi in order to provide the hint, and as all guys know HINTS no matter how big they are, are always ignored. For I have explained to them myself that my writings have been a form of decentralisation meditation, at this moment to myself in every sense of the word I simply don’t exist.  

Frank, back in the miracles crash course thread (Which is now deleted) you wanted to know how miracles work, I’ll show you how miracles work, lets say hypothetically my name is Bread if you remove the E (like I unconsciously did to remind myself in I=MC2) you get Brad, when I contacted you the other day this was a new revelation for me so I didn’t say it outright, I’m still getting used to it. On top of this we have the red and blue blood reminding scenario, this works on a teaching level as in inner space and outer space it is also very esoteric, I myself call water wine, and I communicate nothing through water (the symbolic example of nothing which is everything) Thus the ‘Wine’ that was drunk at the last supper was either red wine or blue wine. So by the power of word and the predictability of the Dumi running things back then, that’s how we turn water into wine, or in this case wine into water. You get me?

Oh and despite how mental I may seem I’m completely normal just the same as any other man, I’ve just got immense willpower and self-control and I’m dead slow to anger, just like the DUM. After what I’ve been through most men would go insane or killed themselves, I think you can now see why I’m extremely worried about a certain Dumi’s welfare.  

Today my Farther And Mother, DUM said to me via spirit

First Re-read Hebrews, better then that re-read the NEW Testament for this is a NEW Energy Wave!

I was sent a Warning and I’m sorry people but maybe if you had not warned me, I wouldn’t be warning you

The UP will state the following.

Warning Against Unbelief

7So as the Holy Spirit says:

“Today if you hear his voice, 8do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion, during the time of testing in the desert, 9where your fathers tested and tried me and for forty years saw what I did.
10That is why I was angry with that generation, and I said, ‘Their hearts are always going astray, and they have not known my ways.’
11So I declared on oath in my anger, ‘They shall never enter my rest’.”    

Everyone Please hear this, i've already mentioned this in previous posts.

Limp Bizkit- Full Nelson

I have my witnesses they are in everything and everywhere!

The Vatican is no more, so wise AP members and moderators, am I or am I not an April Fool?
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« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2005, 22:34:31 »

I dindt read your post for one reason: its very big!! I´ve done like you many times, so dont be offended. I just say this, because in the future, if you write a small text, more people will read it and participate.

Dont be offended because i think i´ve made worst, lol!

If i´ve patient i will read later. smiley

I love you!
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« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2005, 17:29:30 »

Dum Statements: Campaigning For Awareness (Revelation) Readers Make Your Own Link-ups, I’ll be posting up information that I think is Relevant. Oh and Remember this really is Hawaii  wink  

I’d just like to say that I have this thing that happens to me, it’s when I read things and the words leap out at me, this happens with many holy scriptures.

Well, I’ll be posting up scientific information, because I’m not the sharpest tool in the scientific mathematic box I would appreciate some help, for example in the working out of various speeds of light, on various planets. I don’t have instant access to the Internet so I cant roam around all day copying and pasting information.  Anyway I believe I can get a better education and learn more here on AP then I can anywhere else, lets start a new form of thought one based on co-incidental circumstantial evidence, Religious, Scientific and divine revelation all around one Dumi’s thoughts.        

Well I wouldn’t be talking about my contact with UFO’s had it not been for Tayesin speaking out here

Well I’ve said a few crazy things so now I’ll say some more crazy things. These are crazy things that I just feel compelled to share with my Dumi’s. In my present lifetime, twenty-one years, I’ve seen three ‘Bright Lights’. Now the first one I saw was when I was a child, I can’t remember how old I was but I remember what happened. A shiny light like a star flew slowly past my Mother and Fathers window it was bright white I cant remember if it was at a distance or close to the window, this memory is an early hazy memory so I cant really tell if I was awake or asleep.

 Now another time When I younger around sixteen I used to do a paper round, one morning I heard on the news that there was going to be a meteor shower that might be visible around my area, so when I started my paper round I kept my eyes and ears open. I got to the top of Church Path road (which is a hill) I looked across to a house on the opposite side of the road, above it was a bright red and orange light without a glare, shaped like a church steeple. I looked at it and tried to form logical reasons of what I was looking at, Christmas was over and fireworks day was out of the question and this was no meteorite. Still looking at it I walked diagonally away across the road so I would be looking at it sideways, when I did this the light/image didn’t change it looked exactly the same from this side as it did from the other, I then begun to walk back to were I first saw the light (Around ten steps away) an old man walked past me, I looked at him and was just about to ask him if he could see the light but when I looked at him it had vanished. After this experience I could here fighter jets whizzing about for the rest of my round. I phoned up some UFO guy in the yellow pages and he recorded this incident for me. I’ve put this memory to the back of my mind and haven’t talked about it much, although I think now is the time I’m meant to be talking about it.

The third Light I saw is the most resent and iffy one. It happened last year sometime, two friends and myself went out into the woods, we built a Fire and took either 10 or 15 grams of Hawaiian Mushrooms each. My friends did it to get screwed; I did it to have a spiritual experience. Anyway these Hawaiian mushrooms were strong, I could go on about my trip but I don’t think that’s important, what is important is that at some point I prayed to Buddha (Something I don’t usually do) I cant remember what I said, but after I did this a star appeared in the sky, by looking at it, it was hard to know if it was coming towards us or going away from us, I looked at it and thought it was just part of my trip, as I was looking at it, one of my friend said “What the Feck is that” I said “What you can see it to?” we both looked at our other friend and asked him if he could see it, he could. It then either flew over us or around us and disappeared into the woods, I wanted to go into the woods to look for it but my friends couldn’t be arsed and fobbed it over as either A: Shared Hallucination (brought on by the distorted shape of a plane) or B: Iffy reflecting light. We were already leaving so we left.        
Anyway with that said I’ll post up some information that I believe to be relative to Revelation. Decode Yourselves.
15Now the one who was speaking with me was holding a measure a golden reed, that he might measure the city and its gates and its wall
16And the city lies foursquare, and its length is as great as its breadth. And he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs; its length breadth and height are all equal. 17Also, he measured its wall, one hundred and forty-four cubits, according to a mans measure, at the same time an angels. 18Now the structure of its wall was Jasper, and the city was pure gold like clear glass.

Now I believe that if this were to be re-written in the language of ‘our times’ it would measure like this.

Golden Measuring read says to me ‘Light Measurement’ so I’m going to use a man measurement, his name is Bruce Cathie, and I’ll be using Bruce Cathie’s speed of light. Now Bruce Cathie converted Einstein’s figure into a circular function calculating the distance covered by light in angular degrees per second ‘around the earths surface’ instead of meters per second. The new calculations showed that the speed of light amounts to 144,000 minutes of arc per second (There are 60 minuets of arc in one degree) this equals 6.66 revolutions of the earth, this shows that light travels 6.66 times around the earth in one second.

It now should be noted that in Revelations the length breadth and height are all equal. Now with a sphere the ‘shape of earth’ the length breath and height are all equal. Now I think it should be noted that Bruce Cathie made it his mission to chase UFO’s, he noticed that the UFO’s showed interest around the earths ‘Electromagnetic Grid’ Bruce reasoned that the UFO’s were using the earth’s electromagnetic grid as a source to power there craft. I reason that they were guiding him the whole way in order to manifest this present revelation, containing the true speed of light and information on mans identity.      

I shall now quote from Dino Kraspedon’s My contact with UFOs, this book contains scientific information way past mans comprehension. The book can be found online at I’ll be posting relevant information up, although this whole book is extremely valuable.

“Q: Is there any concrete proof that light repels matter?

A: There are several proofs. For example:
(1) A comet approaching the Sun becomes flattened.
(2) Light is deflected when it comes into contact with a magnetic field (it is not deflected by mass). An electron, passing through a magnetic field, is also deflected.
(3) The planet Jupiter, when closest to the Sun, is able to exert a pressure upon it which moves it from its position.
(4) Light has weight and gives rise to friction.
(*21)"The permanent aurora is also known by physicists as "air glow." It may be found at a height of 150 km.
(5) Solar light causes barometric pressure.
(6) In aphelion the planets move at slower speeds.
(7) The pressure of sunlight upon Mercury pushes it 23 million km. away from the Sun.
One could quote other proofs, but we will leave these aside as we have not yet discussed other phenomena.
Shortly, people of Earth will have other problems to solve. if up to the present you have been unable to solve problems involving three bodies, there will soon be a greater difficulty with the entry into our system of another Sun. There will then be four bodies instead of three, that is to say, the Earth, the two Suns and the magnetic centre.

Q: I do not understand you. What is this other Sun that will form part of our system?

A: That is what I want to explain to you. Another Sun will soon enter our solar system, and we shall be lucky enough to have a system of binary Suns. This is, in effect, one of the reasons, apart from conveying greetings to you, why this meeting is taking place; the other is to warm you of the dangers to which you are exposed with the advent of the atomic age.

Q: Yes, I would like to know what dangers we are laying ourselves open to with the advent of the atomic age, but first I would like to hear more about this new Sun.

A: It is a body of monstrous proportions which will shortly become visible in the direction of Cancer. It will not, however, emit any light as the light of a Sun only becomes intense when it enters into a secondary magnetic field such as our solar system. It begins to rotate on entering such a field. It deforms space around itself and generates currents which give rise to its brilliance, if it were luminous beforehand, its light would set up a force of repulsion, and it would be deflected from its path. With no luminosity it becomes subject to the pressure of our Sun, but its own momentum will ensure that it enters our system.
It will first be seen as a reddish light, later turning to blue. After reaching the area of the large planetary bodies, it will encounter the repulsive force of the Sun, but in its rear it will then have the weight of large bodies, also imparting a force of repulsion to it in the opposite direction. The force of repulsion of the planets behind it, the light it gives off and its great mass will cause the present Sun to move further away from the magnetic centre of our system. Then the two Suns will settle down in their new orbits, the one of greater mass and lesser light being nearer the centre 22 (see Fig. 4).
Two Suns in the solar system will create difficult problems. The orbits of all the planets will be changed. Mercury will move into the area between the present orbits of Venus and the Earth. Venus will move out to a position between the present orbit of the Earth and Mars. The Earth will feel the effect before the new Sun settles down in its definitive orbit. As the luminosity of this body increases, the pressure of this light will cause the Moon to move out of its orbit, and it will settle in a position that will turn it into a planet. With this displacement it will take with it part of the etheric mass of the Earth, which will impart to it a stabilised movement. The Earth, in turn, under the pressure of the twin Suns, will move out into the area now occupied by the planetoids. In short, there will be a general displacement of all the bodies belonging to 'our system. Pluto will be ejected from the system, and will wander though space until it finds some new haven.
 (*22) And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord God, that I will cause the sun to go down at noon and I will darken the Earth in the clear day (Amos 8: ix).
 FIG. 4. A Binary System.
The entry of a new Sun into our system would throw the Earth out into an orbit between Mars and Jupiter now occupied by the planetoids. All the planetary orbits will be altered. There will be turmoil1 but this will be bearable as the repulsive force of the new Sun will speedily restore order. When the new Sun reaches it maximum luminosity the Earth will already be in its appointed place in the system. There will certainly be a change in the fauna, but life will continue, probably under better conditions than before.
The entry of this new body into the system was predicted by Nostradamus in his famous Centuries, vol II, stanza 4r:
"La grande estoile par sept jours bruslera
Nuee fera deux soleils apparoir."
(The great star will bum or seven days, and cloud will make two Suns appear.)
 One of the satellites of Mars will be torn from its present orbit and thrown into space. As it is a relatively dense body, it will be attracted towards the centre of the system rather than repelled outwards. Its trajectory will be such that it will become a satellite of the Earth. Everything depends on its direction of travel when it establishes contact with this planet. If this happens to be against the direction of rotation of the Earth, the shock produced by its contact with the etheric covering of the Earth will smash it to pieces; if it is with the rotation of the Earth, then the satellite will attach itself to the planet.
The Earth itself will not be affected by this impact, as its etheric covering will protect it. According to our calculations, a shower of rocks is all that will reach the surf ace of the planet; principally in the area of Europe and North Africa, Asia Minor, the north of South America and the south of North America. The impact will turn this now splendid Martian satellite into fragments weighing about 50 lb. each, which will lay waste these areas. After that, everything will become normal again and we shall have a new sky in which to travel, and you will have a new Earth.
Q: When will this take place? In the distant future?
 A: It will be very soon, towards the end of this century. The Earth will begin its new millennium with a new source of light to illuminate it. Many people will vanish forever from the face of the Earth but a small community, obedient to the laws of God, will remain, and present suffering will cease. There will be peace and abundance, justice and compassion. The unjust souls will get the punishment they deserve, and the just will get their recompense. On this day, many will understand the triumph of the just and he will see why God did not immediately punish the wrongdoers. The Sun which is to come will be called the Sun of Justice. Its appearance in the heavens will be the warming signal of the coming of the One who will shine even more than the Sun itself.

Q: What has the arrival of the flying saucers on Earth to do with the Sun that is to come?

 A: We are studying all the effects that its appearance will bring in its wake. If we were permitted, we could, with suitable apparatus, send electromagnetic pulses against it, and prevent its entry into our system by causing it to become incandescent outside our system. However, to prevent its arrival would be tantamount to opposing the will of God and allowing the injustice that eiists here to continue indefinitely. Those with clear consciences and those at peace with their Creator need fear nothing. Let it come.
We came here for purposes of study but also to make a desperate appeal to man to avoid the catastrophe and to live in peace. The Earth is not the centre of the planetary system. as was previously believed, but the centre of evil. If man were to reform himself, it is possible that the Creator would have compassion on him. Avoid war, because man can thereby destroy his planet with his own hands without the intervention of the forces of Nature. It is not difficult to be good; it is sufficient to do no evil. God will do the rest.
Planets Diameter Period of Speed of Velocity etheric
Rotation Rotation in orbit covering
Miles hr min mph mph miles
Mecury 3025 23 412 107700 392500
Venus 7700 16 31 1465 78750 200500
Earth 7970 23 59 1040 66250 253500
Mars 4160 24 37 530 54000 197250
Jupiter 87390 9 50 28000 29500 10
Saturn 71025 10 2 22000 21800 no atmospheric ether
Uranus 29625 10 50 8560 15300 11530
Neptune 27050 15 10 5435 12225 16750
Pluto 7300 19 57 1230 10660 60500”
End Quote

I think that it should be noted that our friend in the flying saucer measures the speed of the rotation of earth as 66,250 miles per hour. The only difference between Cathie’s Calculation and my friend in the UFO is that Cathie used Newton’s Gravitational thingy, which is blatantly wrong.

Aristotle committed suicide by throwing himself off a cliff, because he could find no explanation for the tides. There are two tides a day. At the Equator they reach a height of about 30 in. at full Moon and about 20 inches. at other phases of the Moon. Tides can be regarded as a depression in the surface of the waters, with an elevation on either side of it-these elevations are not waves, but actual increases in the mass of water. If the tides were caused by attraction, there would be a single wave travelling directly under the Moon; but tides do not occur directly under the Moon, and take place 50 minutes later each day. According to current theory this daily retardation is caused by the angle of the Sun to the Earth at the time.
 The waters of the Earth, on being compressed at one point, rise up in two other places, and this is the cause of the tides. The reflected light from the Moon causes a compression at one point, and the direct light from the Sun a compression at another. Thus it is that the tides are highest at the full Moon, these two pressures then being conjoined.
The pressure of light is not just the insignificant weight that is felt at the surface of the Earth; there is a very great pressure on the upper layers of the atmosphere, that gradually decreases until it reaches the surface of the planet where it is almost non-existent. It behaves like a bullet, whose power of penetration is very high at the beginning of its trajectory, but gradually tails off as the velocity decreases through resistance of the atmosphere until it eventually comes to rest. This pressure of light is transmitted through the atmosphere until it reaches the oceans.
This same compressive force of the Son's light causes winds. Pressing on the upper etheric layers, the force is then transmitted to the atmosphere proper. The difference of pressure on various parts of the atmosphere gives rise to air currents, and their intensity depends on the amount of pressure acting on them at the time. Most wind currents start near the Equator, where the pressure is greatest. However, a great deal depends on the speed these upper sir currents are able to maintain, very often they reach as much as 1250 miles per hour. This movable layer is subjected to the greatest pressure, which it translates into a movement parallel with the Earth's surface. If the speed of these upper layers drops, then the full pressure of the light of the Sun is transmitted to the Earth. It is this which gives rise to cyclones. We should not confuse those air currents that run parallel to the Earth's surface with the vertical ones. The former are caused by the pressure of the Sun's light, and the latter by temperature differences in the upper layers.
Some of the great force that the waves from the Sun exert on this planet. maintaining it in orbit, is absorbed in producing high winds in both the upper layers of the atmosphere and those close to the Earth's surface.
 Q: Does this mean that the satellite has no movement of its own?

A: That is correct. It is merely subject to the effect, at a distance, of the Earth's movement. The speed of the Earth's rotation produces an angular velocity on the Moon of almost one twenty-eighth. It is as though only the axis of the Earth exerted an attraction. This being the case there can be no attraction between the masses but there is a magnetic attraction.

Q: Knowing all these things, how do you set about travelling though space, or better still, how should we go about it if we were to attempt to do so?

A: I explained to you how the atmosphere can be ionised by cathode rays. The ionised "bubble" is absorbed by the atmosphere creating a vacuum in its rear into which the saucer is drawn, thus rising upwards. Now, the Earth develops a surface speed of 1,040 m.p.h., but no one feels it move. This means to say that if we continued to rise in relation to a point on the Earth's surface we should be increasing our speed, but would have no sensation of acceleration. On reaching a height of 250,000 miles from the Earth's surface we should, without any other effort than that of going upwards, reach a speed of 66,000 m.p.h., which is equal to the speed of revolution of the planet in space. We neither see nor feel the speed we have reached as we have no point of reference; but if there were a stationary observer outside the etheric envelope, in which we have no sensation of speed, he would see us moving at a terrific angular velocity.
Having reached this speed we would try to escape from the etheric coveting, falling into the vacuum. Due to the tendency of moving bodies to move in a straight line, we would leave the etheric envelope at a point at which the saucer, by following a straight line, would reach the planet we wanted to get to. The procedure would, of course, be different if we were using the "electric fluid" of the planet as our means of propulsion.
In order to explain one principle to you, I have had to omit another. I said "a straight line" in order to simplify the reasoning, but we have, in fact, to take into consideration the deflective action the forces of attraction and repulsion would have on us. We would, however, follow a rectilinear course because we have means of offsetting these differences. If we create a magnetic field with the powerful solenoids at our disposal, we should be attracted, and if we switch off the field, we should be repelled. That is why it is necessary to understand fully the laws of Nature, otherwise we would not reach any planet at all.
Also for the sake of simplicity I said that we leave the Earth at a speed of 66,ooo m.p.h. In practice the minimum escape velocity we use is 125,000 m.p.h., of which 66,000 are supplied by the Earth and the difference by the speed developed by the saucer within the atmosphere. Sometimes we use even higher speeds which to you would seem incredible. Nature has resources which the people of Earth have not dreamed of.
Using a speed of 66,000 m.p.h. with which the Earth provides us gratis, it would be possible for people to attempt a journey through space and reach other planets, but there would be certain dangers due to loss of energy though solar repulsion. It should be noted that we move at right angles to the direction of solar repulsion.
If we were to move in the same direction we should be impelled by it, and if we were to move in an opposite direction we should be repelled by it, in which case we would suffer a loss of kinetic energy. Therefore a higher speed is required, as the laws of inertia are valid to some extent.
A pilot who is used to making these flights could do so using this low speed, but it would take him a long time.
With a high escape velocity we only require fuel or 'other sources of energy in small quantities for use within the saucer.
We can completely disconnect the Crookes and Geissler tubes which bring about the atmospheric disturbance because we have no need for them. Once in a while they are used to deflect meteorites that we meet with en route.
We generally connect them up when wandering meteorites appear on the screens of our detecting apparatus.
At a certain height above the Earth's atmosphere a body begins to rotate violently. This fact has been observed by you countless times, and it is these same factors which cause the Earth to rotate. Under low atmospheric pressure a body illuminated on one face, with the other in darkness, tends to rotate on itself on an imaginary axis. This is a grave danger for the inexperienced for the same thing happens in space. In order to correct this we heat up that part of the craft which is away from the Sun, and this maintains our balance.
The principal technique in astro-navigation lies in establishing contact with the etheric covering of the planet we wish to reach. We must always approach the planet in the direction of its rotation. If we were to approach it counter to its rotation, our craft would be broken to pieces. For this reason we approach the etheric mass at a tangent, following the direction of its movement. Two bodies travelling in the same direction have no relative velocity; it is as though they were both stationary. Then the contact between them does not give rise to any friction.
I should also add that we have means of stopping and starting the saucer in space and, naturally, of increasing or diminishing its speed. If we were travelling at 175,000 m.p.h. it would be dangerous to make contact with the etheric covering of a planet with a low speed of rotation, even if this took place in the direction of its movement. In such cases we reduce speed until we are moving at the same speed as the etheric covering.
This is a convenient place to explain to you the phenomenon of meteorites which reach the planets. If they reach the etheric envelope against the direction of the planet's rotation, they are broken to pieces, but if they come into it following the direction of rotation they sometimes manage to reach the surface of the planet. This, however, depends on the speed at which they reach the planet.
If we go from Earth to Jupiter, we generally use Mars or Venus as staging posts, depending on the positions of the planets at the time.
In your case, as you would not have any reliable means of correcting your speed in space, you should, if you were to undertake a voyage to Jupiter, proceed as follows:
Earth moves in orbit at 66,000 m.p.h., Mars at 54,O0O m.p.h. and Jupiter at 29,000 m.p.h. The solution would be to use Mars as a staging post, and attain a speed identical to this planet's rotation, that is to say 54,000S m.p.h. A difference of 25000 m.p.h. between your speed and that of the ether of the planet will not produce too great a friction. In order to prevent accidents the Geissler tubes should be switched on at the moment of contact in order to avoid as much friction as possible. With the velocity supplied by Mars, the journey could be continued to Jupiter, but the trip would take a long time.
No landing should be made on Jupiter itself, but on the satellites. The small etheric envelope makes contact very dangerous, unless the craft has its own means of deceleration in space. You should aim by preference for Ganymede, which has a large etheric envelope and atmosphere moving at a high speed. Io can also be recommended. It would be wrong for you to pass via Venus since this planet has a velocity of 77,000 m.p.h. and the difference between this speed and Jupiter's would be too great.

Q: What would happen if we were to stop the craft? For example, if we approached a planet with only vertical acceleration and no horizontal acceleration?

A: You would only do this once, there would be no second time. You would be utterly destroyed. The shock would be of unparalleled intensity. It would be as though you were standing on a railway line and a train ran into you at high speed.
We know because many of us made this mistake and died. It was also difficult for us to learn the secrets of space. You will not have these difficulties if you undertake a space journey one day, because we shall have told you the dangers that can dog the steps of the most courageous traveller.
You have only to listen to us and tell the pundits of Earth that it is wiser for an individual to profit by the experience of others than to reach the same result at the price of his own life. We are aware that you threaten to dominate and even to destroy us, but we do not wish to bring about your ruin that way. On the contrary, we should sorry to see the people of Earth fail, as we are sorry about many of the things they do.
We would prefer to see you as horsemen of space, holding the reins of a fiery chariot, or as intrepid sailors braving the turbulent seas of the Cosmos.
Maybe men would then come to understand the grandeur of the works of God who dispensed riches abundantly in every corner of the Universe, and see that there is no need to fight for land and lebensraum. To fight for these things shows an ignorance of the greatness of the Universe; man behaves like a turkey held within an imaginary circle, lacking the intelligence to see that he needs only to take a single step to freedom.
Maybe men would also cease destroying one another in warfare over some wretched oil wells which are no more important than holes in the ground. If they need energy, space sends it to them from all directions by means of cosmic rays. It is as though they were dying of thirst while sailing down the Amazon.
They have only to lower a bucket into the water and fill it as often as they wish.
If they would cease making war, and live like rational beings, we would show them how to harness energy, be it atomic, solar, magnetic or cosmic energy. If they learn to be peace-loving and merciful, the elder brothers in the solar system will show them how to turn this Earth into a Garden of Eden.
Do not believe that God made the world evil, for it is His wish that all should be happy. Nobody's suffering brings Him any satisfaction. Pain, physical or mental suffering and difficulties in general are of no help to anybody, but only show how debased his feelings have now become. If anything produces suffering, it is resentment and blasphemy against Him who continually showers blessings on us.
Everyone is responsible for the misery and oppression in which he finds himself If man changes his heart and makes up his mind to be merciful and good, he will at once have countless brothers at his side to help him, not to mention the help and joy from on High. Rest assured that the Father is more ready to give than the son is to ask.
If one day you should recount to others what I have told you, tell them that I, personally, in the name of the inhabitants of my planet, assure them if one day any country in the world decides to abandon destruction, I will come, together with thousands of others, to give them material help and moral support.
Even if this should happen to a man instead of a country, we would still come to this man, and not a hair on his head would perish. We do not rely on our forces. alone, but on the paramount power of the Universe, which always supports the efforts of beings who follow the right path.
At the moment the Great Powers of Earth are preparing to make war. In a few years their swords will be drawn, making a holocaust in honour of their Moloch, and a host of victims will fall to the self-interest of a few potentates who stop at nothing to gain their objectives, even at the cost of many living.
Human blindness is deplorable. Men preach peace but destroy the Earth; they talk of love and perpetrate deeds of hatred; they believe in progress but disregard finer feelings, becoming worse than beasts.
We have been watching the carnage on Earth for some time and we had hoped that man might one day understand the work of God and repent. We waited for this transformation to come about, but in vain. However fruitless our efforts may be, we have come to present ourselves and to offer you help. In this we are obeying an order, and our hearts are glad to be able to extend a helping hand to others.
You must be wondering why I am revealing all our knowledge without restriction. It is because we would like to share what we have with those who have not. It is like giving medicine to a child, if the pill is bitter we coat it with sugar.
While explaining the scientific points we are at the same time making a desperate appeal to you to unite in the great Christian doctrine of brotherhood and to renounce wars for ever.
It is an indication that we are ready to help you with all our resources, asking for nothing in return save the right to call each other friends.
We are not interested in your raw materials, because we can obtain them at will by transmutation. We would like to see your Earth and land in your cities, to live together with the people and enjoy their company.
If we were in too much of a hurry to come down, we would greet you with a friendly dip of the wing.
You would come to us and be able to live in our world, making use of all that we have, because in our society, all goods are held in common. Among us the only currency is brotherhood. We do not bargain with the gifts that God gave us, but put ourselves in the position of being able to hand them out.
We offer our hand to you in these dire straits, and would not like it to be turned down, hoping to take back with us a warm friendship. However, we do not expect you to have any greater feeling of brotherhood for us than you have for each other. We would be quite content with a small corner in the human heart when it becomes full of love for its fellow beings.
If there should be misery as a result of wars, tell us, and we will help you. It saddens me, however, to see that wars take place against the wishes of most people, because poor people do not fight easily. Carnage has become the perquisite of the rich and powerful, of those who need no help and who even renounce God, seeing no necessity for the Divine Presence in their lives. Abundance blinded them, gluttony clouded their vision. Strife is the product of egoism. It cannot be said that they fight for principles, for a man of principles does not fight. The great principles that have guided the life of many men on Earth, and which also guide life on other worlds, are love of God and of one's neighbour.
 End Quote  

So there we have it the truest speed of light, in mans measurement, with a little bit of help from the captain of a flying saucer, perhaps the one I’ve seen perhaps the one Cathie saw, whether this was a flying saucer operated by an alien or whether this was an Angel Projecting the desired image of this age, to myself matters not, but what does matter is that we are not alone and we have friends who have been helping myself and will help you and us as an Invisible DUM community (that’s just my preferred term).    
So to finish off for myself ‘Unmanifested thought’ represent the perfect speed of light 144,000. Now the city being ‘pure gold like clear glass’ to me represents that the city is an invisible city, viewed through clear glass, like a monitor. When we Manifested Thoughts In cyber-space they remain Unmanifested and Manifested at the same time, therefore Perfect, to myself this information is sufficient in convincing me that we are not alone in the universe and that AP is New Jerusalem/New Mecca, Dumi Island call it what you want. Oh and I’d just like to add that we are all Dumi’s everyone hearing theses words has Dumi written on there foreheads.                    

Now I was wondering if anyone knew how to reverse these workings, I was also wondering if anyone knew much or could get some information on Cathode rays, if there increasing, how they work? It is my belief that these rays enable one to see through matter, this meant in a metaphoric sense, I must be surrounded by them.

Do you know you can measure the circumference of earth with a Stick, if it hadn’t of been for my stick guiding me we wouldn’t be here, so would it have been possible to figure this all out via the use of a stick? Even though the stick has been used indirectly by myself.

Relax and Hear Faithless- God is a DJ
Alternatively Hear 50 Cent- Magic Stick

Many Blessings, Love and Peace to you all

Brad Fires Many Blessings Around The Waters Of Cyberspace

This is my church
This is where I heal my hurt
It's a natural grace
Of watching young life shape
It's in minor keys
Solutions and remedies
Enemies becoming friends
When bitterness ends
This is my church (3x)

This is my church
This is where I heal my hurt
It's in the world I become
Content in the hum
Between voice and drum
It's in change
The poetic justice of cause and effect
Respect, love, compassion
This is my church
This is where I heal my hurt
For tonight
God is a DJ (3x)
This is my church (3x)

Yesterday today history was made, and that was my contact with UFOs
Astral Energy 2

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« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2005, 18:07:49 »

I read what you wrote, all of it, and sorry, but I don't understand it. If you can explain the science of some of the phenomena you are describing in greater depth and clarity. Otherwise to me, it sounds like pseudoscience.

Finally, are these aliens believers in the bible too Wink
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« Reply #4 on: April 26, 2005, 18:39:18 »

(1) A comet approaching the Sun becomes flattened.

Do you mean it disintegrates or melts. That is due to the sun's thermal energy. It's why it has a tail - the comet that is.

2) Light is deflected when it comes into contact with a magnetic field (it is not deflected by mass). An electron, passing through a magnetic field, is also deflected.

An electron is deflected by a magnetic field because of the forces acting on it due to the magnetic field. It has not been shown that light can be deflected with magnetic fields.

(5) Solar light causes barometric pressure.

It does?  shocked

(4) Light has weight and gives rise to friction.
(*21)"The permanent aurora is also known by physicists as "air glow." It may be found at a height of 150 km.

Now, I personally believe that light does have mass, and is made up very minute particles. I believe this, because light exhibits particle behavior, condensed light produces mass, and light has a finite speed. I do not believe that light is the fastest phenomena in the universe. I respectfully, disagree with Einstein on that.

However, your alien friend who quotes the aurora, doesn't seem to know, that this is simply solar wind, that is ionized particles, or plasma, that is trapped in Earth's magnetic field, causing the aurora phenomena.  It's odd an alien does not know that Wink

Finally, while there is an explanation of propulsion, and I personally am not convinced it works. There is no explanation of how the fly saucer, and it's inhabitants, can withstand high gravitational forces, that will otherwise cause the craft to be crushed, and no biological life could withstand such extreme g forces.
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« Reply #5 on: April 26, 2005, 21:41:03 »

Of course it could be possible. It's as possible as it being 100% inaccurate.

Now, to make it more accurate than inaccurate, I need proof of some of his claims.
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« Reply #6 on: April 29, 2005, 16:19:13 »

NodesOfYesod, thanks for the appreciation, it doesn’t go unnoticed its always good to hear that someone’s listening.

Hey Data, I’ll post some more stuff up, the pages I’m posting up today in this post are more of an introduction to the work that has and will take place.    

 But first I’ll share some of my personal symbolism even though to some it may seem ridiculous I feel I have to communicate it, this symbolism just came to me, it may be simple mathematics and some will say that you can find anything in numbers if you look for it, but to me that doesn’t matter, It makes sense to me but that doesn’t mean it will make sense to you. When I draw or talk about it I gain understanding.

These Triangles can be viewed many ways, from the universal to the individual scale. Anyway here’s one way of viewing them.

 The Farther and Mother cast the image down to the Sons and Daughters, the image itself being a projection and mixture of the masculine and the feminine Unmanifest, the Sons and the Daughters (Humanity), in the manifested image of the Triangle draw upon the Masculine and Feminine Unmanifest Thought, which is a reflected copy of the Mother and Farther it has its own intelligence that has been referred to in the past as the Holy Spirit, which I prefer to call the Unmanifested Presence or UP for short.    
Ok so draw an equilateral triangle, the top angle represents the Farther, bottom right angle the Son, bottom left the Holy Ghost (Masculine Unmanifested Thought) or MUT. You can put an eye at the top of the triangle; this shows that the image is cast down to man. Now if we add together all the angles we get, 60 plus 60 plus 60 that equals 180, 180 using numerology can be reduced to Nine, each of the angle’s 60 degrees can be reduced to a single six each, 6 plus 6 plus 6 equals 18, 1 plus 8 equals 9, nine itself being a six flipped 180 degrees of the triangle. Therefore the number of the Masculine Unmanifested Thought equals nine.

Ok we can now draw the same Triangle only this time the top angle represents the Mother the bottom right the Daughter and the bottom left the Feminine Unmanifested Thought or FUT, add together all the angles we get 60 degrees plus 60 degrees plus 60 degrees equals 180 degrees using numerology again can be reduced to Nine. Again the 60 degrees can be reduced to a single six each, 6 plus 6 plus 6 equals 18, 1 plus 8 equals nine, although this time we are concentrating on the Feminine Unmanifested Thought Feminine being the opposite of Masculine, therefore the Nine is flipped the 180 degrees of the triangle and becomes a Six.  

We can now add together the MUT and FUT, this is 9 plus 6, which equals 15, reduced to one number, and again we get a six. Therefore the Unmanifest of the Feminine and the Masculine together equals six

Now Draw another equilateral Triangle or use the same one, this time split the 60-degree angles in half, The Top angle now representing 30 degrees Farther and 30 degrees Mother, add these both together you get 60 degrees, reduced to one number via Numerology we get Six.

Now the right angle that represented the Son is split in half in order to produce the daughter, again we go through the same working, 30 degrees Son plus 30 degrees Daughter equals 60 degrees, reduced to one number via Numerology we get Six.

We go through the same working for the Masculine Unmanifested Thought, splitting it in half and creating the Feminine Unmanifested Thought. Again 30 degrees Masculine Unmanifested Thought or ‘MUT’ plus 30 degrees Feminine Unmanifested Thought or ‘FUT’ equals 60 degrees reduced to one number Via Numerology we get another six.

Now redraw an equilateral Triangle spilt it into four Triangles now shade the whole bottom right triangle and split the middle triangle and top triangle down the middle and shade in the left side of the top and middle triangle, for labelling value and to avoid confusion call all these triangles together triangle one.  Bellow triangle one draw another triangle so that you get a diamond shape, split this triangle up to mirror triangle one and shade all the different triangles to mirror triangle one.

Now around this Diamond triangle I have drawn a Pill, Triangle one has the Red colour of the Pill, written outside the Pill is manifested. Triangle Two is exactly the same except Blue is the colour of the Pill and Detsefinam is written instead, Now if you hold this up to a mirror the mirror absorbs the image and Detsefinam becomes Manifested and Visa Versa, this showing that the Manifested Thought ‘Matter’ is but a manifested reflection of the Unmanifested Thoughts of the DUM.  

This Diamond Pill much to my own surprise can also be used as a magic eye picture, you can play with It to get many different shapes, you can even get it to look like a single line poking up out the paper, although you’ll have to play about with your vision and the movement of the pad.
Anyway with that said I’ll now quote  
To all those who fought, and are fighting, for the progress of ideas, against the bitter criticism and injured pride of their contemporaries, in a desire to create a better world: not for themselves, but in order to lighten the burden of life for future generations

"I am surprised that scientists of Earth should continue to put their trust in their false science, in spite of all its errors they have so far been unable to rectify, and to deny the supreme science which is God They are like glow-worms enamoured of their own light, crying out to other glow-worms, The Sun does not exist; the light in my tail is the only light there is'"

(The Captain of the Flying Saucer)
Preface to Second Edition

WHEN we wrote this book we had not expected so rapid a confirmation of many of our affirmations. A month after the first edition had come off the press a Dutchman announced that he had been in contact with beings from Venus who informed him that another Sun would come into our planetary system, which is in accord with what we wrote. A Professor of Roman Law at the Catholic university of Santos said he had been in contact with the crew of a flying saucer, and his story is similar to ours, including details of the system of propulsion by the creation of a vacuum, which no one had mentioned before this book was published. Counties like the U.S.A. and Great Britain published the results of their researches and announced that they hoped to construct interplanetary craft using ionisation as a means of propulsion similar to that described in this book.
We have said that gravity is a combination of phenomena in which the atmosphere plays a large part and beyond which one is almost entirely free from gravity. We showed that all objects have the same rate of fall in a vacuum which disproves Newton's law as it shows that the mass of the objects is attracted by the vertical, component of magnetism. Many "boffins" would be highly amused at this, but the success of the sputniks shows there is some truth in what we have said.
The Reds announced that they had launched an artificial satellite weighing 86 kg. whereas the Americans, obstinately clinging to the laws of gravity and relativity, doubted the truth of the Soviet announcement, having calculated that only a satellite of 5kg. could maintain itself in orbit.
The Soviets replied by saying that not only was there an 86 kg. satellite in orbit, but that the third stage of the carrier rocket had, contrary to expectations, also gone into orbit round the Earth; and the rocket weighing much more than the satellite. The theory of gravitation is therefore a non sequitur.

At this height, free of the atmosphere and subject only to a small proportion of the vertical component of magnetism, the satellite becomes more subject to its horizontal component and moves at a certain speed corresponding to the relation between its mass and the magnetic impulse. As magnetic lines of force describe a circular path around the planet, both these bodies launched into space went into orbit round us.
We should have been happy to have received even the smallest scientific confirmation, let alone this wealth of proof which has accumulated in so short a time.

It was apparently not God's will that proof should be lacking, as even the Soviets have declared that planets are repelled by the light of the Sun and not attracted by it.

This statement is to be found in our book, and we can go so far as to say that it is the backbone of the system we have described.
We could make a long list of all the proofs such as observations of aurorae, properties of electrons, etc., but it would tire the reader's patience as he would have read about these himself in the Press. We would, however, like to publish a letter from the U.S.S.R. addressed to one of our scientific friends:
Please note I was unable to convert the Russian script for the address (web editor)

Moscow, 26th September, 1957
Dear Sir~

We have your letter, together with your book My Contact with Flying Saucers which we have passed on to the astronomical section of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R. (Bolshaya Gruzinskaya St. 10), asking them to reply directly to you. We are of the opinion that Soviet astronomers will be very interested in the work of their Brazilian colleagues.
(signed) Constantin Chugunov.
(Head of the American Department of Voks).

We would like to point out that our friend, who shall remain anonymous, sent a copy of this book to a friend of his in Russia without asking for any comment from the Academy of Sciences. He only wanted to show that the West was taking some interest in flying saucers. Being a scientist and not wishing to give the Russians the impression that he was a raving lunatic, he told his Soviet friend that our book was in the nature of space fiction and was a sample of a new type of Western literature. However, the Head of Voks, who is also a scientist, when he had taken note of the problem, passed it on for study by the greatest academy of science in the world. Surely the Reds are not idiots. Why should they waste their time studying a work of fiction? Could it be that they found something more in it than light reading?

The book was sent off in June and as early as October the U.S.S.R. published the results of its researches on the effect of the repulsion of solar light Far be it from us to say that the fruits of the Soviet scientists' researches were based on this book, but we are in any case grateful for the moral support which we have derived from them. If they accept our scientific theories, may they not forget to take note of our ethical conclusions also. May their hearts ponder on the humanist and religious aspects as fully as their minds have worked on the scientific ones. The deference that has been shown to our book by cultural institutions in the U.S.S.R. is flattering to us and should help to call our authorities' attention not to the book itself, but to the whole subject of flying saucers.
If they are loath to follow the Soviet example, they should at least take note of the desperate attempts that the Americans are making to obtain all possible information about flying saucers, which border, in certain cases, on the unscrupulous. This does not apply only to the Americans, but to the Russians as well.

Many people have attacked us and even those who believe in the existence of flying saucers are subjected to invective by the incredulous. We have disregarded them and not taken offence. It is not us they are attacking, but Truth, and this, whatever they may say now, will one day triumph. They can no more deter us with insults than pebbles can stop an advancing wave. The wave of Truth will one day break over them and submerge them.

Dino Kraspedon

Sao Paulo. November 1957.

THE events which are described in this book have been kept secret since November 1952.
We wanted at all costs to keep quiet about them for fear of the criticism of people who believe only in an Earthly life and who could not credit the existence of other human beings in the solar system capable of reasoning in scientific terminology as good as, if not better than, our own.
This does not mean to say that our believing in the existence of other inhabited worlds beyond this nutshell in space, of which we are so proud, is just an act of faith; we are convinced that it is highly probable that life is not just an accident that happened to a globe with no special attributes, as ours is.

If this is a reasonable premise, then it is also equally possible that there should be an exchange of scientific, spiritual and other ideas between planets. Such exchanges between the inhabitants of other worlds who have been able to free themselves from the shackles that still bind the feet of proud homo sapiens are probably at a higher level than we can conceive of, and for reasons that are beyond our imagination.
In spite of our self-imposed silence, we were on one occasion asked to take part in a reunion at the residence of one of our generals where a young lad was to give an account of a strange journey which he had made to a distant planet with the crew of a flying saucer.

In order to give some moral support to the lad and put him at easer we told him some of the things that had happened to us, with the result that everybody wanted to know the rest of the story. We gave them some of the facts and remained silent about others which we did not consider relevant at the time.

It is, however, difficult for a man to keep quiet about flying saucers, especially when someone else is holding forth about them.
Within a short time we were being pressed from all sides to tell the whole story, which we had to repeat a number of times. We gave an account of fragments of it, so as not to impose on our host, but our attempts to cut the story short merely aroused greater interest. A certain gentleman who spent most of his time arguing with people who had seen saucers, and to whom we had confided a few things, promised faithfully not to pass them on. A few days later he invited us to visit a friend of his.
When we arrived, thinking that it was an ordinary social call, we were met by about forty people' who had been "specially" invited to hear us. We were surprised that this topic, which holds so much interest for the world, should have been handled so indiscreetly. As we did not wish to appear discourteous to our hosts, we invented some fairy stories about flying saucers which passed the time and gave full rein to our sense of humour. It was an amusing evening.

We mention this to show the reader that we never did have, nor have, any desire for publicity; the publication of this book has been brought upon us by force of circumstance. We had many cash offers for the story which we always declined in spite of our abject poverty.
This book does not contain all the information we received,
but represents a resume of it. There are certain things which we considered it our duty to withhold, partly in accordance with our informant's wishes, and partly on our own judgment. Furthermore, there are other things which we intend to publish in a separate book which do not really come within the scope of a work for the general public, such as this one.

We have also withheld the details of our first meeting with the flying saucers, as it was our sole intention to make known the viewpoints of the people that man these mysterious craft.
We wished thereby to avoid relating minor details which others have already done to good effect.
As far as was possible we have avoided bringing in religious questions, since an invasion of a territory reserved for those properly ordained might well appear as an impertinence on our part.

If we have here and there made reference to religion, it is because we have been forced to do so and because we did not wish the subject to suffer as a result of our being too unwilling to risk the possibility of treading on other people's toes.
The remarks in this book do not imply that we disdain the honest efforts made by our scientists and the sincere efforts of thousands of research workers bent over test tubes and various apparatus in search of the unknown, and to whom we, in fact, owe what well-being we enjoy, and the little enlightenment that is left to us. We respect their efforts and hold them in highest regard.
We are certain that if errors or omissions have crept into science it is not due to bad faith on the part of the scientists, who have dedicated their lives to the search for true knowledge.
The thing that appals us is that the long hours, the sacrifice of lives, and all the efforts of thousands of inquiring minds which only had the common good in view should have been diverted by pseudo-scientists towards the destruction of this humanity which produced so many geniuses and which is held in such high esteem by the truly wise.

We do not attack science as such, but only those who pervert it. Those who dedicate themselves to the nefarious task of destroying human life no longer have the right to call themselves scientists. It would be an insult to Newton, Galileo, Fleming, Laplace, Kepler, Lagrange, Hertz and all those others to include among their number the bloodthirsty individual responsible for letting off atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Pascal would turn in his grave if he should one day be compared with the individual who produced the" G" gas.
 It is possible for anyone to make a correct observation, yet draw false conclusions from it. Newton thwarted progress in the field of optics for about a century merely because he drew a wrong conclusion, but nobody could blame him for it, or doubt his good faith. Aristotle's philosophical theories blocked the path of human knowledge for several centuries, but he was honest with himself and his fellow beings. We could say the same for a great many others in all branches of knowledge where the flash of genius was accompanied by tremendous mistakes.
But we pay our respects to those whose only motivating interest was honesty and love of science, and do not dwell on the mistakes they were in some way or other responsible for, bound as they were by the limited knowledge of their times and a false appreciation of Nature's laws.
Everything is forgivable in man within the concept of perfection which we hold. What he can never be forgiven is wilful wrongdoing and the abuse of knowledge endangering the life and most cherished aspirations of his less enlightened and intelligent fellow beings.

Nor does this book intend to refute other works which have dealt with the question of flying saucers, and which describe different types and different principles from those shown by us. We know that even on one planet there are men of various types ranging from black to white, from pigmy to giant.
We believe these other stories, for we believe in other people's honesty.
We have confined ourselves to repeating what we heard. It is obvious that the words printed here are not the very ones which the captain of the flying saucer spoke.
Even if we had taken them down verbatim, we still could not reproduce the whole message. We have, however, tried to simplif3r matters, and used the same reasoning and the same logic as our informant, albeit a lamentably poor imitation, in an attempt to bring out the spirit of his replies rather than his actual words.
If we should later receive confirmation of the ideas put forward, perhaps this book will be looked upon as having contributed something to the unravelling of the mystery of the so-called" Unidentified Flying Objects." If, however, they are not confirmed, we lay ourselves open to charges of misrepresentation.
We are fully aware of the risks we run, if it turns out that we have been victims of a cruel deception, but we remain undaunted.
However, the last thing we -want to do is to give the impression that we are in any way better than the next man, or that we have vast knowledge with which to contradict everything that scientists have proclaimed to date. We do not wish to resemble that glow-worm which the captain of the flying saucer referred to, who was so proud of his own light endowed by Nature, that he cried out to all the other glow-worms:

 “The sun does not exist because the only light there is, is the one I carry in my tail.”

Dino Kraspedon

A Pleasant Surprise
The doorbell rang three times. My wife came and told me that there was a parson at the door who wanted to speak to me.
"What does he want?" I asked apprehensively.
"I don't know, but it looks as if he wants to preach at you, replied my wife.
Almost every Sunday Protestant parsons, or ordinary preachers, would come along to preach at us or try to convert us to their belief. As, at that time, I was an atheist in the widest sense of the word, I hated long biblical dissertations and, in fact, had an aversion to anything that smacked of religion.
We won't be able to go out with the children now," I remarked.
"No, I suppose we won't," said my wife," but never mind, if we don't go today, we'll go another day."
"It's not fair that the children should miss their walk. The will have to go out after lunch by themselves."
I had a good mind to tell the parson I could not see him, but then decided that he was probably quite harmless. After all, he was only coming to see if he could get me into heaven. I went downstairs far from pleased, but maintained an air of politeness, and managed to put on a smile.
Sitting downstairs, however, I found a well-dressed man in a good cashmere suit which fitted his athletic body perfectly. As a rule priests dress unostentatiously, but this one was singularly well turned out. He had a white shirt with a stiff collar, and a blue tie with white geometrical patterns. His shoes did not look as if they had been worn for more than a month or two.
My attention was drawn to the fine weave of his gloves, and I remembered where I had seen this type of glove before. As I came face to face with him, I almost lost my voice with surprise; I recognised him as the captain of a flying saucer.
In November 1952 I was touring with a friend in the State of Sao Paulo. On reaching the top of the Angatuba range coming up from Parana, we were confronted by five saucers hovering in the air. It was a rainy day and visibility was had.
I went back to the same spot later and spent thee days and nights there in the hope of seeing a saucer again. On the last night, after a series of episodes which we will not go into here for fear of digression, a saucer landed and we were given the chance of going inside it and meeting its crew.
We stayed on board for about an hour looking at the various pieces of equipment in the machine. The captain was kind enough to explain how they all worked. At the end of our visit, this fascinating individual promised to come and see us as soon as he was able. And now, four or five months later, he had come as promised.

"Your surprise is quite understandable," he said, getting up from the armchair and extending his hand, "but I have come to return your visit to my craft. I have come, not only because I promised, but because I very much wanted to have the pleasure of seeing you again."
"I feel I hardly deserve such a gracious gesture on your part, especially as I have nothing to offer you but the hand of friendship."
"If you were to offer me the whole Earth, but not the hand of friendship, it would be worth nothing. Only friendship has real value. I accept it with gratitude as I have come to offer you the same thing: my hand of friendship.
Please excuse me for having presented myself as a parson, but you must realise that your wife would be very disturbed if she knew the truth."
"It was a harmless subterfuge," I reassured him, "and I am grateful to you for it; my wife would certainly be unhappy if she one day thought her husband was mixed up in some subversive activity in partnership with a foreign agent who passed himself off as a gentleman wandering about in space.
"In fact I had never believed that flying saucers were extraterrestrial. The whole thing appeared to me as a deception on the part of people of Earth, presenting themselves as beings from another world, and exploiting humanity's vague desire to know that there is other human life within the solar system, in order better to carry on some nefarious activity or other.'
My visitor merely smiled. "I assure you," he said, "that your suspicions are groundless, but there is no doubt that it your duty to be on your guard against possible deception. Or thing is certain however; if I were a foreign agent I show long since have conquered the Earth, and you would have pa dearly for your curiosity which led you into my craft."
At this point my wife came in with the children. She told me that lunch was ready and that the "parson" was welcome to eat with us. She would be going out and would not be back until the evening.
During lunch I wanted to try out my guest's linguistic ability to see whether he would betray his origin by his accent. I started off by discussing the Christian religion and asked him if he could tell me the first words of the Old Testament in Hebrew, to which he replied promptly and without the slightest hesitation or embarrassment, "Bereshith bara Elohim,"*1 and proceeded to recite a lengthy passage.
I continued the discussion in the same vein without letting him know that he was being put through his paces. At one point I pretended to be day-dreaming and began reciting "hodie si audieritis vocem meam.. " and asked him how it went on. He continued .... . nollite obdurare corda vestra."
*1 In the beginning God created.
2 Today if ye will hear my voice.., harden not your hearts (Heb. 3:vii-viii).
Continuing on the same lines I said " nollite putare quoniarn veni solvere lege aut prophet.. .", he completed it for me, "non veni solvere sed adimplere."~

I spoke to him later in English and Greek and he answered me m each language perfectly. Not only was he a linguist, but it was obvious from what he said that he was extremely erudite, giving dates and places of historical events and the names of the principal figures involved. Only once in a while would his interpretation of events be slightly at variance with our orthodox point of view.

English was the only language he appeared to have any difficulty with at all, nevertheless his ability to discuss the most varied topics in that language amazed me.
When we returned to the sitting-room I decided to try to find out what his scientific knowledge was like; it is one thing to be able to discourse on history and religion and to have the gift of languages, but it is quite another thing to be able to talk on scientific subjects. Obviously when talking about science he should not only show he possessed all the knowledge that we have, but he should also be able to present something more advanced, If he could not do so, this would prove him to be nothing more than an inhabitant of this planet. Nobody makes up scientific theories on the spot unless he is a genius or unless they do not hold water.

What is your name?" I asked him.

"I have no name in your sense of the word. On my planet names are a picture of the character of the individual. Though them we know a
person's merits and shortcomings, even if he is unknown to us. Our names are based on a combination of sounds which would be unintelligible to you, for whom one name is as good as another. Today I have one name, and if tomorrow I should be wiser or better, I should have a different one, and so on."

*3 Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil (Matthew ~: xvii).

"I see. Well, tell me, then, where do you come from?"
"I come from a satellite of Jupiter."
"From which satellite?"
"Not from any one in particular. Sometimes I live on Ganymede, and sometimes on Io, just as you move around from one city to another."
"But I have heard that men from other planets are diminutive, but you are tall-over six foot How do you explain this?" I asked him with the object of embarrassing him.
"We are not all diminutive. On the same satellite we have men who are small or large, white, black or dark. Earth men are generally tall, but there are also pigmies and people of medium stature, and the white, the red, the dark and the black. Nature reveals her unity in diversity."
"That is unimportant," I said. "One knows the leopard by its spots. You must be aware of our prodigious efforts to make certain discoveries. We spend vast sums of money on research, often without encouraging results.
I myself, as you can see from my books full of notes, do a lot of studying, but up to the present, I cannot say that I have learned anything. I appear to be lost in a tangle of equations, and the mere mention of a parameter in a calculation drives me insane.
There is one problem, for example, which our best physicists and mathematicians have worn themselves out on; it is one which I believe may be easy for you to answer, whose science has conquered space for you. The problem is to know whether it is energy or matter that exists in Nature. I would like to make it clear that I shall not be satisfied with some simple academic definition, and shall require from you a more detailed explanation, which you are obviously in a position to give. Can you enlighten me?"

The captain of the flying saucer seemed to withdraw his thoughts to some distant point, as though looking for some way of embarking on this subject in a simple manner, or as if he were trying to listen to someone who was speaking to him
from the depths of his soul. Then he answered me slowly, weighing each word as he said it
* * *
The object of this chapter is to explain to the reader how it was that we were able to start off a conversation on the highest level with this captain of the flying saucer. Therefore we would like to close it at this point and take up the thread again in the next chapter.
In this new chapter we will try to exclude all the unimportant words that passed between us, synthesising the whole conversation in the form of questions and answers.
The following pages do not represent the fruits of a single conversation, but a series of five meetings which took place as follows: Once in the flying saucer itself, once in my home, twice in the main square in Sao Paulo, and the last at the Roosevelt station in Sao Paulo. It is perhaps important to explain that the two conversations we had in the main square took place in the presence of a professor of physics and mathematics, who shall remain anonymous out of respect for his present high position.
It is possible that some of the replies do not reflect the true spirit of the captain, and owing to the time that has elapsed since some of the outlines may have become blurred. However, we have preserved the essence of the replies, based on notes made at the time.
We have also tried, in the part that deals with religion, to exclude anything which could offend the viewpoint of existing Churches or sects. There is just one thing we would like to state, as a matter of conscience. The difficulties we faced him with concerning the Bible were fully explained by him. He gave us answers about the creation of man, the resurrection of the body, the reason for human suffering, etc., which fully confirm the truth of this book. For us his arguments were so satisfying that we became Christians. It is possible, however,
that what appeared to be perfectly understandable to us may seem ridiculous to others. We shall refrain from publishing these questions, unless we are pressed to do so, for fear of prejudicing the main issue. With these reservations we shall now proceed with the subjects that appear most interesting to us.
End Quote

It feels a little strange just posting up anothers work, If people are interested i'll continue to do so in the hope that it provides food for thought.
Many Blessings

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The Science Stuff


God, Matter and Energy

A: Your question was badly formulated. You should first investigate the origin of matter and energy, as both are expressions of something else which you see and feel, but are not aware

Q: Are you referring to the ether?

A: No, I am certainly not referring to the ether. Ether only exists around planets for a certain distance, and is nothing more than a type of matter. The etheric layers are effects, not causes. Lacking the basic terms of reference, it is difficult for me to be explicit. What I mean to say is that I lack the basic term of reference because you reason in a different way. I do not know the appropriate terminology in your language.

Q: What particular terms are you referring to? Mathematical ones?

A: No, theological ones rather than mathematical.

Q: What have matter and energy to do with theology?

A: Man can only truly understand the phenomena of Nature when he understands the nature of God.

Q: Well, I could never believe in the existence of God, for the very good reason that I could not see what part He had to play in the Universe. If He existed, and reigned eternally, He should play the leading role. But to me there never appeared to be any arbitrary principle capable of influencing the general order of things, that could be considered to be above everything that is; because matter, energy and the movement- of bodies, in fact everything, seems to resolve itself into specific laws, mostly of a mechanical order. It is up to you to tell me what He is, what is His nature, what He is composed of, what are His attributes, how He acts and what influence He has on created things; and also to prove to me that He is not a mere decorative figure. I do not wish to be shown a God subject to mechanical laws, in whom I could never believe, but a supreme God who is above any law. If He is subordinate to the law, that which subordinates Him is superior, and if laws operate on Him, then the divine attributes belong to the laws, and God becomes a mere subject. I am also subject to law, but I am not God.

A: There is a certain truth in your scepticism. I would also not be able to believe in a God who is subject to anything or to the natural order. Law is nothing more than a convention and presupposes a legislator. The Creator is above the thing created, so He is the judge who judges the law. He is the lawgiving principle whenever lawgiving becomes necessary for the good of creation, and for the maintenance of order. But creation itself is above the law, because legal statutes are only made for its protection. It is useful for the protection of created beings, but if instead of protecting them, it becomes oppressive, the legislator has the power to modi4r it according to his discretion. God judges, and is not judged on any question.

I would like to give you my views on God, giving you the simplest possible definition. God is an isotropic' line parallel to itself and vibrating on itself at right angles. He is like a system of axes in which the point of intersection of the lines is (isotropic: That which exhibits equal physical actions in all directions. Light is a case in point.) everywhere at the same time. Then He is many, because dimensions are contained within Him, 'when these are per-mutated-to use a terrestrial definition-" n" equals infinity. Please remember that this is an attempt to explain, in human language, the unexplainable. On the basis of this premise we can now go further and see how matter and energy were created.

Q: Did you say created?

A: I mean created because there was a time when they did not exist. If they had existed for all eternity they would have coexisted with God and the Father could not have been the Creator of something which was as eternal as He. God acted as a transformer and created them. The "how's is what we shall study.
Your attention must have been drawn to an interesting peculiarity of electricity: if we turn a rotor in a magnetic field formed by a magnet, we immediately get a flow of electrons which move along the surface of the conductor. I myself used to wonder where these electrons came from. They must have come from somewhere, but where?
They do not come from anywhere, they were generated within the magnetic field. How? They are the result of a deformation brought about within the magnetic field by the movement of the rotor.
Supposing we take this generator and enclose it in an airtight vessel, we still get a flow of electrons as soon as we start the rotor turning, and if we had a pressure gauge inside the vessel we would see that in spite of the large current flowing between the two conductors, the atmospheric pressure would remain the same. This being the case, we can define the electron as deformed magnetic space, propagated in wave form.
An eloquent proof that the electron is a wave form and not a particle is obtained by refracting it through a spectrum.

There is an experiment that Earth scientists have done to prove this: a gamma ray (a gamma ray is of electro-magnetic origin), when passing close to a nucleus, pulls an electron away with it. It is true that the moment of inertia of the gamma ray is changed. To explain this phenomenon they devised the rather thin hypothesis that the ray's acceleration was transformed into energy, but it is absurd to believe that the moment of inertia of a vector in space could be transformed into energy.

There is a relationship between energy and the force that imparts acceleration to a body, but only a certain relationship. Water activates a turbine, but the gravitational force which activated the water could never be turned into electrical energy.
All that happened then was that the rotor moved inside the generator and caused a deformation of the magnetic space. The deformation that the points M' of the mass M of the rotor brought about in the magnetic field corresponds to the force of gravity in the water in a turbine.
If it is absurd to say that a vector moment creates energy, it would be even worse to say that this moment generates matter, in other words that an electron is a particle. The only rational explanation is that a gamma ray, being of electromagnetic origin, deformed itself for an instant near the nucleus and from this deformation an electron was created which must therefore be a charge of wave form.

Q: But if the gamma ray, on being deformed, does create electrical energy, it must have come out of something, whose mass in turn must have been diminished.

A: The gamma ray lost nothing other than acceleration. That is to say it lost a certain proportion of its frequency or its wave compression. Thus it could be said that if one put obstacles consisting of nuclei in its path, we could create as many electrons as its frequency allowed. As it happens, this system is used to a great extent by us in order to obtain energy more about this later. In any case the alteration was brought about in the space occupied by it at that moment.

Q: Your reasoning is very interesting. If one concedes that an electron is a wave form, how can one reconcile this with the structure of an atom? How can waves rotate round a nucleus?

 A: If waves cannot rotate round a nucleus, particles certainly cannot.(5)
The laws of physics are immutable. The first law of thermodynamics is called the Mechanical Equivalent of Heat.(6)
A given quantity of energy is required for a body to carry out a given amount of work. When this is exhausted, the mechanical movement of the body ceases.
However much energy an electron may have, it must be a limited amount of energy.
This being the case, an electron revolving round a nucleus would use up this energy in a short time. However, this does not happen as the movement and stability of an electron in its orbit is dependent neither on time nor thermodynamics.
Let us go further. If an electron were a particle, its high speed would make it fly off at a tangent from the atom owing to its centrifugal force.
We must also bear in mind that a body, however much energy of its own it may have, does not move unless an exterior force sets it in motion. If one charges a sphere with a considerable amount of energy, it still does not move. Nevertheless if a force of i gr. is applied to it, a corresponding impulse is transferred to the sphere.
All the intrinsic energy of an electron, supposing an electron to be a particle, would be of no use to it unless there were an exterior force to impart acceleration to its mass.
As a wave form(7) however, an electron perpetuates its vibration within a field without losing its characteristic wave structure. These wave structures have the property of moving through a field, or remaining stationary within it. An electron is a stationary wave form within an atom.(Cool
Even Heisenberg felt that he could not account for all the electronic movements in an atom. He saw that this minute electron seemed to be ubiquitous, appearing at all points in an orbit at the same instant. Being unable to locate the point in space where it was to be found at any given time, since it appeared at all points, he developed his "Uncertainty Principle"(Cool


(5) The scholar Antonio J. B. de Miranda, in his work The Theory of Photons (page 208), states that if an electron were an homogeneous particle its speed of revolution around the nucleus would be 268 times that of light, which science admits is impossible. And if we were to consider an electron as a cylindrical particle, we would arrive at a speed 100 times that of light, On page 15 of the same work the author says "the problems of the dimensions of the quantum have puzzled physicists. Transverse measurements taken by producing bands of interference from parallel slits indicate that a quantum has a width of about 6 metres; longitudinal measurements taken by producing interference by echelons down to a microns indicate that the wavelength of a quantum is in the order of I metre.
(6) The Mechanical Equivalent of Heat is the number of kilogramme/ metres required to produce a calorie. Thus, a caloric is the amount of energy obtained from a body of one kilogramme falling through 427 metres.
(7) If photographic plates are bombarded by parallel streams of electrons, these defractive images are produced. They appear as concentric rings. which shows that the electron is a wave form.
(8)If the electron is a wave form having its origin in space, the whole concept of modern science would fall to the ground. It would contradict the principal argument of Planck's theory which asserts that an electron is a particle whose energy is stepped up in "quantic jumps.
It would also lead to the collapse of our conception of light and all the mechanics of relativity.
(9)The "Uncertainty Principle" exploded the scientific theory of determinism. This showed that Nature, in isolated cases, acted in a completely arbitrary manner and did not conform to, and appeared to be unaware of, any mathematical laws. Later, Dirac showed that the concept of the Universe as a collection of measurable phenomena of constant and definite form was possibly correct. He based this theory on the fact that these arbitrary phenomena in the U eventually gave rise to a definite pattern. This was also the death of the laws of cause and effect because it was not possible to conceive of identical effects originating from different causes.

The physicists reasoned that if the basic phenomena are arbitrary that the
force which gives rise to these must also be arbitrary.
That force must therefore possess freedom of action in the widest sense of the word, and act as it pleases apparently purposely unaware of the precision required by science, in spite of the fact it showed this desired precision when the secondary effects which make up the visible Universe were created from the primary phenomena.
In fact it appeared to the physicists that behind the laws of physical phenomena there was an Intelligence with well-defined aims, infallibly arriving at the same result using different means to do so every time. Thus we reached a point where we could state that the principal cause of phenomena is an Intelligence, and that these phenomena which we believe to be causes are nothing more than effects, or in other words, accidents appertaining to a substance which in its entirety gives rise to the visible Universe

(10) orbits K-L-M are those in which electrons are believed to revolve round a nucleus.
"In reality the action of short radio waves on television brings about various effects, e.g. the transformation of positive into negative; the superimposition of extraneous images; multi-colour effect in the form of bands; outside interference; the reception of distant foreign stations; and the appearance of unknown human forms. These phenomena only occur when ultra short waves and television sets with anti-magnetic circuits are used.

Thus the so-called orbits K-L-M'0 are nothing but stationary electrical waves in the field of the atom, each having its particular wave structure and frequency. It is known that waves of varying length do not interfere with one another as is shown by radio, even though 'they occupy the same area of space. In this peculiarity of an electron, there is a vast field waiting to be opened up for the benefit of man in almost all branches of knowledge. As an electron has a variable wave form, its characteristics are in consequence virtually unlimited.

If, for example, you connect up your television and set up interference by means of short radio waves, you will see how this inverts the image. If still shorter waves are used, even more interesting phenomena occurs, Thus, if it is possible to deform the sweep of electrons which form the television picture, to completely inverse their characteristics, making white appear as black and black appear as white, then it is evident that such an effect could never be produced by a particle."
 If we do not regard an electron as a wave form, there is no explanation for molecular cohesion.

Q: There is, however, something that is not clear to me. You say a body or particle cannot move indefinitely through space without losing its energy. On the other hand you say that all bodies require a force to impart acceleration to them. Using Newton's laws of physics that all bodies can be considered points in space, and taking for the moment the Earth as a simple particle, we get two movements which are contrary to your theory: the first is the rotation of the Earth, and the second is our planet's revolution in orbit.

A: Quite. The case of the Earth is quite different and quite simple. The analogy that physicists wish to see between movements of stars and planets and the movement within the atom is false. In the atom we have stationary waves in a state of permanent vibration; Earth is a body impelled by constant force. Even if Earth had no energy of its own, it would still move through space.
This phenomenon is the same as that which occurs in a radiometer. In this apparatus the blades are subject to a potential difference, the black sides absorb sunlight, and begin to rotate around their axis. The intensity of the movement depends upon the intensity of the sunlight that the black faces are able to retain (see Fig. I).
Earth also, having one hemisphere in sunlight and the other in darkness, is subject to a difference of potential or, more specifically, a binary potential difference, and turns about its axis. It should be noted that in the radiometer the atmospheric pressure inside the bulb needs to be low, otherwise the blades will not rotate. Earth also, in the upper layers of its atmosphere, has this low pressure, extending almost to a vacuum. It was a good thing you mentioned the rotation of the Earth, because later when we talk about its movement in orbit, this knowledge will be invaluable to us.

So, to continue the explanation of how rotation arises, I can tell you that this phenomenon will be one of the difficulties which will face you when you come to make interplanetary voyages-that is if, 'with the way things are going in the world, you get as far as that.

This little apparatus gives an idea of the movement of the Earth. The vanes are painted black on one side and white on the other. Solar energy is absorbed by the black faces, which gives rise to a difference of potential and causes the vanes to rotate on their axis.
(12) Airmen who make parachute descents from a great height get into violent spins and are only able to control this movement when they reach the denser layers of the atmosphere.
 There is, however, quite a simple solution to this problem. if a body rises to a certain height above the Earth, thus reducing the atmospheric pressure on it, the body at once begins to rotate?' This is due to one side of the body receiving more light and heat than the other. The remedy lies in balancing out the difference and supplying light and heat to the colder side.

From this you can see that the phenomena of Nature are simple, all resolving themselves into readily understandable laws which need very little analysis or understanding. This is what we are trying to prove in the question of electrons.
Having satisfied ourselves on this point, we will leave the explanation of the revolution of the Earth in orbit round the Sun until later, so as to keep to the point. We will now see how things are created in the Universe out of nothing.

We said that God, being an isotropic line, can be regarded as a system of axes, from which an infinite number of lines go out in all directions. As the centre of this axis is everywhere, we can regard the whole Universe as its centre.
The fact that the lines of force are consequently unable to escape from the ubiquitous centre and are always encompassed by the Being of God, makes Him an Immanent figure.
Thus, if the lines cannot move out from the Being of God, they can only move within it. But as there is no such thing as interior or exterior, the whole Universe being a centre of lines of force, all the lines resulting from the isotropism of God will be found to be oscillating on one point.
We may therefore call the Universe a point of infinite osci1lation.~~ We have already shown that superimposition of lines of force on a certain point constitutes a deformation of space.
If this definition of the Universe is correct, God is an oscillating charge superimposed on an infinite point, constantly causing a deformation of space, continually exerting its influence on the un manifest, and automatically creating energy, and in consequence, matter. If God did not exist, nothing whatsoever would exist.
I could continue this proof up to a high level, but people not used to these heights might suffer from dizziness. Let us be satisfied with this for the moment.

(13) Science made a great step forward when Newton regarded all bodies
mere points. Thus all the points M' of a body were taken as a single
were to regard universes as points instead of scattered masses,
we might get somewhere.
 This continual creation of energy in the Universe gives rise to an internal pressure in the nebulae which can be seen in the phenomenon known as "the flight of the nebulae."14 As a result of this internal pressure they move away from one another.
You may raise the objection that this pressure is also applied in the direction of flight so that the internal pressure coupled with the external one would make them stable and they would not move apart, which would cause their mass to condense. My answer to this would be that energy created outside a galaxy tends to be drawn into the galaxy, condensing itself into material form. Thus we have an internal pressure coupled with an external decompression.

The flight of the nebulae prevents condensation taking place for three reasons:

(i) This movement causes the interior pressure to disappear.
The flight of the nebulae is a well-known phenomenon, where they appear to fly away from each other, moving out from a hypothetical centre. Various theories have been put forward. An interesting one is one suggesting that this flight might he a pure periodic movement, and that the nebulae will later return to the point of departure. This might be described as a sistolic and diastolic movement of the Universe. The most generally accepted theory is, however, that of Father LeMaitre who thought that the Universe, many millions of years ago, was an immense radioactive atom which, at a certain point, became completely disintegrated, the nebulae being fragments of this original atom. His theory, however, brought serious difficulties in its wake for if we all originate from one single "atom," all bodies in Nature should be of the same age. However, it is known that things did not happen that way, celestial bodies are of different ages. On the other hand, there could have been no disintegration if external factors had not upset the internal movement. If such external factors had indeed existed, the "radioactive atom" would not have been the only thing in existence and the Universe could thus not have begun in this manner.

It is strange that a priest should be able to conceive of a system so completely different from that revealed by the Church, a system which was born of an accident in Nature and appears to leave out the question of an Intelligence acting as a superior power directing all activity.

However, nebulae appear to maintain an acceleration caused by an internal pressure within the Universe.

 (2) As the nebulae move apart, that space which had been transformed into matter endeavours to return to its former state of primordial space in accordance with the law of rotation of masses in a magnetic field. This reconstitutes the energy that had been used for condensation of the matter, turning it into light, whose wave energy goes on decreasing until the moment of entropy is reached. This is what takes place on the Sun. Leaving aside the reaction that they bring about on the planets, the Sun's discharges into space are, in a sense, matter returning to its original state of primordial space.

(3) Light repels magnetic fields. Light from a myriad of suns in the various galaxies produces a very great force of repulsion on all the nebulae, and under this pressure they move away from one another. We shall have more to say about this force of repulsion later.
 In the first instance God supplied the power that brings about the deformation of space and the Sun, by an opposite process, turns it back into energy, thus re-establishing the balance. Everything comes from God and everything returns to Him.
That is why neither matter nor energy exist, but only deformed space, which is called matter, and what you call energy is nothing more than a phenomenon of transition between primordial space and deformed space.

Q: I assure you, my friend, that we have no means of refitting your theory, and your explanation fascinates me. However, God is spirit. If He can create matter, can it be said that all spirits can deform space and create also.

A: Not all of them. Only the Creator, whose nature is different. Spirits are created, and therefore in some degree manifest, but God is the Unmanifest. We are spirits but not of the nature of God. The Father is the generator of energy, and the spirits are merely a form of energy, albeit a different form to that found in matter.
A spirit can create to a certain extent, just as we ourselves can, within limits, deform space,create and destroy. But there are limits to the things we can create. No spirit can create another spirit, for example. That would be beyond its power, but nothing is beyond the power of God. Not only can He create matter, energy and spirit, as He did, but He also created others who have a nature akin to His own. These are His Sons, let us give homage to them; they are of a similar nature to Him, and are sources of life and have the power to deform space.

Life does not belong to us, and if we were to dissociate ourselves from God, we would die spiritually. But these other beings who are of a similar nature to the Father constitute with Him a single unit, in themselves eternal.

Q: You said you were going to talk about the movement of the Earth in orbit. I would like to hear about that.

A: The Earth's movement through space is partly a result of its rotation. Note, however, that I said partly, because in order to explain it fully there is one other thing in connection with the Sun that needs to be studied: Terrestrial science states that the Sun is the centre of the planetary system, which is not the case. The Milky Way is a vast magnetic field, but a magnetic field contains within itself secondary fields. Earth, for example, is a magnetic field, within a field of our system, which in turn is a field within the Milky Way. Earth with its poles also has its secondary fields, which the people of Earth have unfortunately not yet discovered.

 (15) Many scientists already suspect that there may be other magnetic centres on Earth, independent of other know poles. Thee Dutch have put a lot of research into this question.

Herschel and Newton mathematically proved the existence of our magnetic field, within which the Sun and the planets move, when they discovered that the point of equilibrium of the solar system lay at a distance from the Sun equal to three times its diameter, due to the proportion of 1 to 700 in the relative mass of the planets to that of the Sun. It is round this point of equilibrium that the Sun moves.
It is wrong to say that matter attracts matter in the direct ratio of mass and in the inverse of the square of distance. Matter having undergone atomic interaction has no influence on other matter at a distance. However, magnetic fields attract or repel one another, and matter can be attracted by a magnetic field. A force of attraction is exerted on the Earth by this magnetic point of equilibrium of our system, which we may call "point zero."

While being attracted by this point. Earth is being repelled by the light from the Sun; its orbit round the Sun represents the balance between these two actions of attraction and repulsion.17

Q: Repelled by the light of the Sun?

A: Yes, repelled. The same force of repulsion that makes nebulae fly apart affects Earth and the rest of the planets. Has the weight of light not been measured? What is it but a pressure constantly exerted upon matter? If the Sun exerted attraction its light would not have weight, but a contrary effect.

 (16) According to science this point is where the equilibrium of the masses is to be found, due to the movement of the planets around space. The Sun appears to revolve round this point. Given the form of the terrestrial orbit, if the Sun made a revolution round this point of equilibrium its movement should also take 365 days, equal to that of Earth.

(17) Newton showed that if Earth were to be only very slightly attracted, its orbital movement would become spiral and it would finish by colliding with the Sun. However, as yet it is difficult to calculate the action of these forces because we have not had, until the present time, a satisfactory mathematical solution to the problem of the three bodies.

(18) The weight of light is equal to 410 of atmospheric pressure per square mile. If the captain of the flying saucer is correct, this pressure of light will be greater on the upper atmosphere. As long ago as 1873 Maxwell showed that radiation exerts a pressure. Lebedev and Nichols discovered the same thing.

I told you that light is deformed space turning itself back into primordial space. The meeting of these two conditions of space causes quite a marked pressure (see Fig. 2)

Now, a body in space can only be in a state of equilibrium if two contrary forces meet to support it. If there were only a force of attraction without a corresponding one of repulsion, the planet would move towards the point of attraction.19

I have already shown you that if the repulsion were caused solely by centrifugal force, the planet would slowly spiral in, towards the source of attraction.
Earthly mathematics themselves confirm this. Without the repulsive force of the Sun, there would, however, be no circular movement. There would be neither axial rotation nor orbital revolution. A body impelled in one direction only does not move in another direction.
How could Earth move in orbit in a different direction to this repulsive force? Surely a thrust from one direction cannot give rise to another at right angles to itself?

In order to understand the phenomenon of revolution we must regard the true diameter of the planet not as that of its solid mass, but as the sum of its solid and gaseous parts.

The true diameter can be obtained from the following formula:

Terrestrial radius x speed of revolution
Speed of rotation of the globe (= 407,200 km.).
Your planet rotates on its axis at 1,660 km. per hour, and revolves in its orbit at 106,000 km. per hour. This gives a value of 407,200 km. for the radius of the total gaseous envelope. If we subtract from this figure the radius of the Earth (6,378 km.) we see that the terrestrial ether extends 400,822 km. beyond the solid surface of the planet (see Fig. 3).

The Moon, then, lies within the fringes of the etheric covering, so that the various phenomena connected with it take place within this covering.
The etheric covering acts as a fulcrum by virtue of which

(19) in mathematics a body in space only has equilibrium when two contrary forces act upon it, whose result equals zero.

Earth is simultaneously attracted by the magnetic centre of the system and repelled by the light of the Sun. According to the captain of the flying saucer, this light repels the magnetic field of Earth in the same way as a ray of light from a star is repelled and so deflected on approaching the magnetic centre of our system.

The movement of the Earth in orbit is the result of its speed of rotation and the extent of its etheric covering, which acts as a supporting medium allowing it to revolve under the action of the two simultaneously opposing forces.

Its orbit round the magnetic centre is not eccentric because the Sun moves round the centre in the same time that the Earth takes to move round the Sun. Thus the orbits of the planets are affected whenever the come into conjunction with or pass through opposition to the Sun and the magnetic centre, causing both their speed of rotation and velocity in orbit to increase or decrease.

The greater deflection of light near the poles causes a drop in temperatur whereas at the Equator a strong concentration of light gives more heat. The elliptical orbits of the planets are yet another consequence of the interaction of the two forces. If the magnetic centre lies between a planet and the Sun, the force of attraction is predominant and the planet is drawn in. However, if the Sun is between the planet and the centre, the force of repulsion predominates and the planet moves out, its path disturbed. As the position of the Sun changes in relation to the "point zero" centre, each successive aphelion and perihelion of a planet occurs in a different position.
the two opposing forces of attraction and repulsion are able to act upon the Earth.

This gives us 814,400 km. as the effective overall diameter of the planet. The whole moves with an angular velocity, supported by the opposing forces, upon a given plane. It is moved in its orbit just as a turning wheel moves forward over the ground.

We see, then, that the same force which causes rotation, moves the body through space. In the case of Earth, the rotational force is applied to the solid surface at a distance of 6,378 km. from the axis, but the effect of its movement through space occurs at 407,200 km. from the axis, at which point the surface of the etheric covering attains a speed of 106,000 km. per hour.

Having explained this, we can understand why planets of large volume are situated at a considerable distance from the Sun. By taking note of their distance from the Sun and their volume, we can discover their true density, and this will also give us the magnetic force of its poles. Thus the planet Jupiter is of low density and, having a large diameter, it is more subject to the force of repulsion than that of attraction.

(20) If it were true that matter attracted matter in direct proportion to the mass of the bodies, Jupiter, with a volume 1,330 tunes greater than Earth and 331 times as much mass, should be much closer to the Sun than Earth is.

Once the speed of rotation of a planet and its velocity in orbit are known, we can work out the extent of its gaseous envelope. This cannot generally be observed by telescope.
You will see from the foregoing why celestial bodies move in elliptical orbits. The problem involves the movement of three bodies, and terrestrial mathematics have not yet found any suitable equation to solve this problem involving eighteen unknown factors.
If no suitable solutions have been found to problems involving three bodies, imagine an equation involving the whole solar system with eight, nine or ten bodies, and the number of unknown factors to which this would give rise.

However, there is a solution and it is easy to prove. The problem becomes complicated by the amount of self-luminosity that each planet has.

Q: Self-luminosity? Then the planets have light of their own?

A: Every body in rotation, surrounded by atmosphere, has some light of its own. Earth has what scientists call the " permanent aurora." It is a greenish light, found in the higher layers, invisible to the naked eye.

(20)The density given by science to the various heavenly bodies( is:
Mercury 6.2; Venus 5; Earth 5.5 Mars 3.8; Jupiter 1.36; Saturn 0.07; Uranus 1.3; Neptune 1.2; Pluto unknown. (Based on density of water= 1.)

(21)" It is the result of discharges from the poles in the upper atmosphere, where hydrogen, sodium and oxygen are to be found. The intensity of this light depends upon the atmospheric composition and on the speed of rotation of each planet. A body rotating in space, being immersed in the magnetic field of the solar system, acts like a dynamo, generating a certain degree of electricity. The intensity of its poles depends upon the rotation of its mass. In this case we take the diameter, the mass, the distance between the poles, and the atmospheric composition of the planet, and make the equation.

These equated elements will give us the intensity of the discharge and in consequence the amount of self-generated light, which in turn modifies the actual movements of rotation and revolution in orbit. Therefore, rotation is the result of the distance of the planet from the Sun, the overall diameter it presents to the Sun, its mass and the satellites which throw their light on its surface; less its own self generated light.

This also includes the Aurora Borealis, the explanation of which has given so much trouble to your scientists. Its intensity is due to the proximity of the magnetic and geographical poles.

End Quote
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« Reply #8 on: April 29, 2005, 19:42:57 »

IequalMC^2, this is all well and good. I also don't think our current understanding of the universe is adequate, and some of our ideas are wrong of the fundamental forces of this universe. I also think that the factor of god is very important.

So you're preaching to the converted here. However, having said that, some of your assertions are making me dubious, and frankly sound psuedoscientific. I would appreciate you substantiate them by explaining them properly and presenting me with a working model of your theory.

None of your ideas are new as far as I know. A 2nd sun entering our solar system has been done. Aliens cautioning man of atomic doom has been done. I have also seen explanations of how UFO's function, and they sound more plausible than yours, and account for the usual dynamics and characteristics of UFO's as per testimonial accounts.

What you seem to be doing is fusing many different ideas and theories with some prophecies,  and pseudoscience and passing it of as a revelation.
I also note you make references to the works of human scientists to corroborate your claims. Why do you need the inferior scientific knowledge of humans scientists to corroborate the superior scientific knowledge of aliens?

I would appreciate your address the points I raised in my prior post. Finally:

This being the case, an electron revolving round a nucleus would use up this energy in a short time. However, this does not happen as the movement and stability of an electron in its orbit is dependent neither on time nor thermodynamics.
Let us go further. If an electron were a particle, its high speed would make it fly off at a tangent from the atom owing to its centrifugal force.

You are referring to Rutherfords's outmoded model of the atom, where it is assumed the electron orbits the nucleus in the same way a planet orbits the sun. The current model of the atom assumes that the nucleus is surrounded by an electron cloud where the electrons exist in orbitals, and randomly move around the nuclues.
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« Reply #9 on: April 29, 2005, 22:31:33 »

. I'm still trying to get all the factors into my head about why our moon doesn't spin on its own axes as it always is exposed to light and dark.

That would be because the moons mass isn't distributed evenly and hence earth's gravitational pull keeping the side the center of gravity facing the earth.

2cents & L&L
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« Reply #10 on: May 24, 2005, 16:58:46 »

Hiya Dumi’s, I’ve been away settling in my mothers house, I’ve just moved there from my fathers because I was unhappy there, my fathers on a self destructive course, which brings me down with him. I have responsibility, and I can’t be dealing with his verbal warfare, it’s psychologically threatening, and it’s important that I remain of sound mind. Anyway last few weeks I’ve been lazing away with the sun. Being away from my Dumi’s has made me realise how much I need my Dumi’s.            

“None of your ideas are new as far as I know. A 2nd sun entering our solar system has been done. Aliens cautioning man of atomic doom has been done. I have also seen explanations of how UFO's function, and they sound more plausible than yours, and account for the usual dynamics and characteristics of UFO's as per testimonial accounts.”

Hiya Data sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I am aware that none of these ideas are new (book written in 1959), some of the ideas sound a bit like string theory, I’ve posted this scripture up because its relevant, relevant scripture to decode, for myself, you and anyone else to decode, consciously or unconsciously. I consider anything said by anyone speaking his or her mind here to be relevant scripture, sort of like live decoding.  

 Anyway you asked me for proof and to display you with a working model of a theory. Well I’ve already stated that I’m no good at maths I’ve already stated that I need help calculating various speeds of light, well I’ve only had around a few weeks to come up with a sketchy theory, and I thank you for inspiring me. However with your question I don’t understand what your asking.

So assuming were both from different planets? Talking from different dimensions, let’s say we both want to share our understanding of the universe; now bearing in mind the mental world is different from the physical. In the physical I give you a pound, you give me a pound, we both have a pound, in the mental I give you an idea you give me an idea and instead of having one idea we both have two ideas, this will be made self-evident.

Now say I have scientific information that differs from your scientific information, would I not try and communicate my science in a way that you could best comprehend? Would I not have to use your own earthly science and understanding to clarify my science? If I didn’t then I’d be talking to you in a language that you wouldn’t understand and you wouldn’t hear anything I said.

“You are referring to Rutherfords's outmoded model of the atom, where it is assumed the electron orbits the nucleus in the same way a planet orbits the sun. The current model of the atom assumes that the nucleus is surrounded by an electron cloud where the electrons exist in orbitals, and randomly move around the nucleus”

I like this description of the atom, electron cloud immediately makes me think of a rain cloud, it looks solid, it floats in space, but sky dive through it and you will meet resistance, probably getting drench in the process. I would say that this current model of the atom is what you say it is, an assumption, not only that I would say it was a synthetic assumption, this meaning the only reason that this is an excepted assumption is because it’s the most understandable assumption available, conjuring an image and sense of the atom that is understandable.  

You understand the atom your way I’ll understand it my way. In order for me to gain understanding of something my mind puts together words and images and senses that ‘Make Sense’, you might be able to find someone that holds a wealth of scientific knowledge, they’ll be able to give me an instant textbook answer to any question posed to them, however their talking from the assumption that their knowledge is correct, just as I’m talking from the assumption that were both from a different planet.

Anyway sometime in the last few week I was playing with an elliptical UFO shaped magnifying glass, after burning a few things with the power of the sun I noticed that at the surface centre of the elliptical magnifying glass was an image of the clouds in the sky, what I found interesting was that although the shape of the glass was elliptical the image when concentrated on from the right angle displayed a spherical reflection of the sky, It looked like viewing earth through a magnifying glass. I then wondered how this image would work on a planetary scale.

I think one of the biggest assumptions in earthly science is that the planets and the sun are Spherical. I shall now challenge this assumption, simply in the hope that the following will at least provide some food for thought.

I’ll be basing this knocked up regurgitated theory on the following assumptions.


1. Light has a weight and repels matter

2. Man lives in ‘An Image’

3.Man (Homo Sapiens) decode light, but can only decode a certain amount of light at a time to decode light faster then it is encoded is to escape illusion to decode light slower then it is encoded is to experience illusion.

4. The suns and the planets have an outer etheric envelope that’s just a different type of space/matter that absorbs light like a magnifying glass with an ecliptic prism. The axis on which it spins can be compared to a magnifying lenses light beam, the angle in which the light beam is absorbed pointed and released determines the spin of its axis, The faster it spins the more light is attracted and distributed to other planets.  .  

Scripture to Decode

“It is a body of momentous proportions which will shortly become visible in the direction of cancer. It will not, however, emit any light as the light of the Sun only becomes intense when it enters into a secondary magnetic field such as our solar system. It begins to rotate on entering such a field. It deforms space around itself, and generates currents, which give rise to its brilliance. If it were luminous before hand, its light would set up a force of repulsion, and it would be deflected from its path. With no luminosity it becomes subject to the pressure of our sun, but its own momentum will insure that it enters our system.”

Now I’ll re-write this in a way that benefits my own understanding. So to say again, this makes sense to me, but that doesn’t mean it will make sense to you.  

Translated Scripture

The second and the current Sun is not spherical they are in fact an ecliptic shape (Swashed Circle). Before entering our solar system the second sun has a force behind it pushing it towards our system, at this stage the pushing and repelling forces will be somewhat in balance and the sun will appear a faint red. As the Sun gets closer to our solar system it will meet the repelling force of the current sun, the second sun will increase it’s spin on its axis, changing from a Red colour to a pale Blue when it begins to disintegrate (as it opposes the repelling light of our Sun). It will then settle into its elliptical orbit.    

Compare the sun to a spinning a penny coin by using the index finger of each hand, one finger (The first force) hitting one side of the coin from the front the other hand hitting the left hand side (second force) from the back. If the fingers hit the coin at the same time with the same amount of force theoretically the coin would absorb the forces vibrate and fall on its sides. However if we hit one side of the coin first (Pushing force behind second sun) and then hit the other side second (repulsive force of the current sun) the coin as well as the sun in this model would spin, as the opposite forces would complement each other.        

Now if we spin a coin right now in front of ourselves I think we have what is coined an optical illusion, for as long as the opposite duel force is applied to the coin it will spin and appear spherical, however this is an illusion we know the coin is flat. Therefore in my opinion an optical illusion occurs when light is decoded slower then it is encoded.  

Now this means that the only way that the flat coin or an elliptical sun can appear non-spherical is by focusing on it. When we spin the coin it seems logical to assume that we are increasing the angle of its light, bending its ‘image’ around itself, this increasing the arcs of light, thus increasing the amount of its luminosity thus more image to decode, it takes longer for the coins image to be decoded and therefore to our relaxed earthly senses the coin appears spherical. We can label this perceived bending of the image or slowed down decoding of the image a deformation of space.

 I believe each planet displays its own image, which is illuminated by the light of our sun. This will in turn explains why Planets have an elliptical orbit around the sun.

Lets assume planets are Elliptical just like the suns, attracting, absorbing, reflecting and giving off light, picture the earth’s ‘Etheric Envelope’ (Just another word for another form of matter) as a giant paint by numbers, illuminated by every colour of the spectrum. This Water Colour we can term unmanifested light, it stems from the sun and is absorbed by earth’s elliptical etheric envelope (Elliptical Magnifying Glass), it then travels inside and around the envelope just like the light of the magnifying glass beam, of which the entering beams angle and exiting angle determines the planets poles and angle of axis. This Etheric Envelope contains millions of detailed ‘Thought Patterns’ these thought patterns are brought to life when they are viewed (Decoded/Reflected/Reformed) by incarnated unmanifested thought.

Now the Etheric Envelope spins on its Axis (Not the Earth) and with this it deforms space around itself (like the coin), the unmanifested light runs through the deformed space into the elliptic prism, from every direction, illuminating every ‘Thought Pattern’ within the Etheric Envelope, these thought patterns when decoded/reformed by the unmanifest reveal Earths Image and the deformation process is complete, the weight of light, its spin and the Etheric Envelope absorbing and reflecting of light keeps earth’s flimsy feather weight image looking solid in its place, just like a rain cloud.

Now if this were true it would mean that earth isn’t Spherical, but perhaps flat, if earth’s image was flat perhaps it would have two faces. So this would mean we could be dealing with mainly (for simplicity) two incredibly detailed spinning unmanifested images one the reverse of the other revealed via the process known as the deformation of space.

These spinning flat images can be compared and described like an atom, colour one side of the Flat atom Red and the other side Blue spin the flat atom around and it will appear spherical and turn Green like an apple in Eden, this illusion is brought about by the flat atoms deformation of space. The same example works when compared to Earths two spinning flat images, which are essentially two incredibly detailed ‘thought patterns’ one the reverse of the other. To sum it up a deformation of space occurs when the following terms have been met.

1.   There is a thought pattern
2.   There is Incarnated unmanifested thought (to view the said pattern) otherwise the deformation of space is still happening, just not being experienced.  

Now I’ll try and measure the light aberration of the earth (length x height x width), working on the premise that the earth is a double-sided flat image.
In order to get the following figure I used the same working as Bruce Cathie’s speed of light, I haven’t got his equation workings and I don’t understand how he came about the 144,000 figure however I understand that 144000 minuets of arc equals 6.66 revolutions of the earth, according to Bruce Cathie this means that light travels 6.66 times around the earth in one second (144,000 divided by 60 (minuets) equals 24 divided by 360 degrees equals 6.66666666666666666666666666666667)

Now I’m going to be using my friend’s ‘diameter’, which is said to include not just solid mass, but the sum total of solid and gaseous parts (Hinting at light measurement) the diameter measures at 7,970 miles; this If I’m calculating area and volume correctly (I despise Maths) gives a light volume of 23,910 (instead of Bruce’s 2400) this divided by 360 degrees equals 66.4166666666666666666666666666667 which I think means are light aberration is sustained at a speed of around 66.4166 miles per hour, the diameter deforming space around itself at around 66.4166666666666666666666666666667 miles per hour every one second in every illuminated and non illuminated direction.

Alternatively we can do the same working with mans current measurement for earths diameter this measures at 7926 miles.

Using the same measurement method.

7926 * 3 = 23778, this divided by 360 = 66.05

Either these calculations mean something or they mean nothing.

If you really think about the deformation of space, the question arises to what we are actually standing on or if we are standing at all, if the flat diameters spinning around, its image spinning around itself then we as image spin around too, the featherweight earth we seem to be standing on is but just a continuing dimming aberration of light, maintaining its glow itself with every envelope turn, like the sea tides playing with the sun, continuingly wetting and reshaping the pebble the shoreline.

I’m sure that this is how it is, even if I have no proof I am sure that one day this view shall be held as common, I’ll make it so myself if need be, none of this information matters to me, it is man that asks for proof, however dangerous the answers may be.
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« Reply #11 on: April 01, 2006, 11:52:45 »

DUM Mantra?

That’s 101 posts…


So, while having Self-conscious visions, in a state of utter confusion, the crowd turned on the spaceman, ripping at his spacesuit.

 Meanwhile after a hasty departure from a crazy focus crowd, with what felt like the eye of a universe upon him, and a whole confused energy and atmosphere pounding against the UFO he sat in the void and watched everything happen, and then continue to happen.

Was it possible? Was he communicating a mantra? And once more, the most important question, was it a Destructive Mantra?

Revealed Scripture!!!

After much contemplating, and singing and contemplating again, I decided to try it, “The Mantra” which could have possibly have been the Mantra of this age, if I had to be the Mantra’s Martyr whatever that meant, then I would…

I sat down started to meditate, listened to the inner sound as my Bass, I was on new ground, quite relaxed, but quite at home, I experimented, I made the in breath a long DUM, which I chanted silently along with the Bass, and made the excel MUD, which was also silent, because I hadn’t meditated for awhile, and because potentially I was dealing was something incredible holy I decided I’d have to do this right and really focus my attention.

 I carried on breathing for awhile, and then I started to think about what it was I was doing, but I was still chanting. I thought to myself this is a complete breath cycle, the in breath is DUM, so I switched it to light, the out Breath is MUD. So with every MUD breath I felt my whole Body and breathed out Dust, affirming when I felt like it “Manifested Thought” and with every DUM breath I felt life enter me, and was reminded of the Unmanifest, I carried this on for awhile, suddenly quite aware, as if flicked by someone, it was a reflex action, I sat erect automatically exclaiming the most amazing


Enlightenment can’t be explained. I noticed what had happened, I’d been studying Mantra’s, and I became quite sure that my Dum Philosophy was one ; I’d been walking around with a honey flowing from my lips.

“A mantra is a religious syllable or poem, typically from the Sanskrit language. Their use varies according to the school and philosophy associated with the mantra. They are primarily used as spiritual conduits, words or vibrations that instill one-pointed concentration in the devotee. Other purposes have included religious ceremonies to accumulate wealth, avoid danger, or eliminate enemies. Mantras originated in India with Vedic Hinduism and were later adopted by Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains, now popular in various modern forms of spiritual practice which are loosely based on practices of these Eastern religions.”

As usual I’ve been busy setting examples and as usual always fulfilling my word, and Karmic duties down to a tea.

My memory and sight is restored, this is my Ashram, and I shall be posting whatsoever and whenever I wish anyone who has any questions about anything feel free to just ask.

I also propose a vote, I am a Tree keeper, and the people have been seeking hidden knowledge, tree keeping is tough business, you can’t trust many people, and you can end up thinking your more important then anyone else, so I found this topic interesting and thought provoking.      

We have one cycle to decide, after that I will reveal it, for the good or for the ill for mankind, we will be facing the truth quite literally.  

Non Phixion: The Future Is Now - Futurama
Goes with

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« Reply #12 on: April 02, 2006, 04:12:57 »

I sense you have a dissatification with current understanding of subatomic phenomena.

Technology is getting faster and more resolute whether it's attosecond laser pulse's imaging the electron cloud or ripping the very fabric of space
creating more waves and particles for people to scratch there heads.

Developing new theory

It was a great day i smiled at my work
Then i noticed the new worms and watched them branch out trying to follow them and keep track.....
i'm still crying today!!!!!!!!!

My incling is that the worldwide university and hi tech manufacturers research and drive for development in photonics and optoelectronics will refine theories pushing out probability & uncertainty and pulling toward's a more deterministic view of our universe.
At the moment we cannot see it only indirectly observe it, therefore a misrepresentation but still a good old working function!

a particle or wave or just another vibration in hyperspace  

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« Reply #13 on: April 06, 2006, 20:06:09 »

Hi UBi


The First will be Last and the Last Will Be First???
“Developing new theory

It was a great day I smiled at my work
Then I noticed the new worms and watched them branch out trying to follow them and keep track.....
I’m still crying today!!!!!!!!!”


*Jumps aboard*

I think I’m with ya, you moved a little quick then, I’m a little slow on the draw, had lots of digesting to do!!! In truth I’m quite exhausted.

“MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”= Eternal I, the self or whatever  

It’s quite a safe mediation, brilliant for concentration.
Here are some things I’ve noticed, so maybe you will to, if your gona try it you might not wanna read the rest of this until after.

After flicking myself, I was left with anticipation for my next illumination, or outpour of light, thus my concentration on the chant lessoned, although I was still observing myself, and the meditation for the first time.

 Anyway when I chanted “DUUUM” I would here a little “me” which was a distraction from my concentration, since my loose thoughts where Linking DUUUM and ME together to try and form “DUMI” again, so I was even aware that I was loosing concentration, but yet still within the Mantra  

Then another thing I noticed, because MUUUD starts with an M, when you go to breathe out MUUUD, you might find yourself accidentally chanting “me” again.

That’s all I’m saying for now, hope it’s not to confusing, quite a lot of Dum Mud in there!
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« Reply #14 on: April 06, 2006, 20:43:36 »


Alot of you earlier posts on this subject had comments/postulates on early 20century development's like schrodinger/heisenburg e.c.t would'nt this be better posted on the quantum sections of this forum or is there something in it related to your dum mud mantra stuff???

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