The Amazing True Story of
David Hamel

Ask David Hamel, contactee, where the aliens he is in contact with come from: "They are from planet Kladen". Planet Kladen is located on the other side of the sun. This is not the reason why we don't see it. The reason why we don't see it is because it is vibrating at a different frequency that cannot be perceived by the human consciousness.

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David also discusses Einsteins theories of multidimensional time and relativity in simple layman's terms, and then in his terms. "In Time, Space, and Matter, Time has three coats of air. This is the mystery of the unseen".

Can YOU Figure Them Out?
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What ever it says, this is the magic formula:


David Hamel also talks about the splitting of the atom, and what you actually do when you split it. This magnetic principle is the same principle as the atom!

A rare UFO report talking about suppressed technology - But don't worry, you can still find the information - in this 1921 BANNED technological manual!
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"When you split the atom, you open up the cloud! This is the strength of nature". You mutate matter and mutate power. This is the same as the turbines of the airplane using air as power. No air, no power to lift. "These UFO things that you see are riding on air. This is how they do it - a mutation of matter". David caries on with a demo of how the wings move. This is a little boring, but it is also exciting.

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Next we look at some of the actual models!...

"The Aliens are from Planet Kladen!"