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Friday, April 29, 2005


Dorothy Izett lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. For years she has taken pictures in the dark off of her balcony of the apartment where she lives. The pictures she receives are so unusual. I remember one was of a light house and a harbor. There is nothing like that near her. Another one was of a window in a space craft with two "men" in flight suits standing against a wall, relaxed, and talking. You could see the frame of the window with bolts in it.

Dorothy wrote a book about her experiences and pictures. The following was excerpted from her book because I felt it was important for us to read.


Occasionally, because there have been so many UFO sghtings over the years somebody will ask if I know why the ETs are coming here. Actually, there are all sorts of them coming here, and it's primarily to help us, not to hinder us. We seem to be so self-destructive. They know the struggle mankind is going through, man with his impulses and weaknesses, and that even the best of intentions somehow go awry. Man is like a twig in the wind, bending this way and that, according to the forces pushing him. They see man as a puppet yielding to the negative impulses within himself. Even man's senses are limited. People have eyes but can't see, ears but can't hear, and even when guidance comes loud and clear, they act as if they must deliberate on whether or not to follow that guidance. How people see my films is an example. Many people have seen my pictures and feel no impulse to pursue the light within, to question their valuies, or to even stop and think about what it means. I had one scientist fall asleep while watching my films. He woke with a start, rubbed his eyes, and said he thought it was dust on the lens. Other learned people guess at what my films show, but it is always a guess that leaves them comfortable with whatever they believe. We don't try to connect to our inner beings; instead, we rely on our own cleverness rather than ask, "What can I learn from this? Many people already have an opinion and walk away satisfied.

The Light Beings, like some high order ETs, want to help us. But they can only help in subtle ways because human beings have to pull themselves up by their own merits. We've got to want to do it ourselves. It's no good if somebody does it for us; there's no permanent growth in that. I don't know why this is such a hard thing for some people to understand. To learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of our ancestors, to experience and grow and to reach the eternal is really the reason we exist. Otherwise there would be no purpose to suffering in this world of uncertainty. There would be no reason for the world to exist.

Among other things, the role of the Light Beings is to keep us from committing suicide. When people began experimenting with nature, things started to get dangerous. Take the atomic bomb for instance. I know that sounds corny because we've seen this theme in movies, but a lot of people laugh at the idea that the bomb brought UFOs to earth. But silly-sounding or not, it really happened. Even the men who invented the bomb weren't sure if they were about to destroy the world. What people don't realize, and this was something given to me many years ago, nuclear experiments were extremely dangerous, not just to the people who were killed by the experiments and by the bombs, but to the subtle energies that bind dimensions This posed a real danger to other life forms as well. From what I gather, there is a dimension quite close to ours, and the membrane that divides the two is fragile. When we tamper with nature, and it has gotten worse in recent years, by using atom bombs, or experimenting with strange chemicals that pollute our atmosphere, we weaken this membrane. If there's a break, there will be chaos on a huge scale because both the earth and its nearest dimension will be changed. The light Beings and the ETs have been concerned about this for a long time. This is why some of the ETs have been coming here.

Man has reached a level of technology that is quite familiar to the Light Beings. We've not only fooled around with nature, but we're trying to alter, and even create life by means of transplants, cloning, and other kinds of genetic experiments. Without a spiritual life, without spiritual awareness and respect for what was created, for who we really are as whole beings, the results of these things can be quite devasting to the future of mankind.

ETs have been aware of what we do here since the beginning of our history. Space and time don't exist for them, or the Light Beings either, since none of them are of this earth. The ETs from planets out there don't travel through space; they just POP IN AND POP OUT INSTANTLY. Of course all of this is from my own experience, or from what I've learned from the Light Beings.


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