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There is a great deal of observer reported evidence in support of the existence of Extraterrestrial and Interdimensional Visitation and Observation of the Planet Earth and its Inhabitants ; i.e.- Humans, their related Lifeforms, and any Undiscovered Inhabitants.

First of all, there is overwhelming evidence now for the existence of both other Sun Like Stars and Extrasolar Planets. Secondly, there is good evidence for the universality of Physical, Chemical and Biological Law and Order in Nature. Finally, there is substantial (although rather dubious) evidence for the existence of Intelligent Life on the Planet Earth. All of this evidence points to the Universal, indeed Cosmic, Origin of Life and Form.

One of the presumed requirements for the evolution of Intelligent Life is a predisposing set of Physical, Chemical and Biological Laws of Nature, over which Intelligent Life is able to exert some sort of control. Another requirement would be a sufficiently stable and benign Environment over a long enough period of Time, in which Intelligent Life can evolve sufficiently without the threat of destruction.

Our Cosmos, with its Universal Set of Mathematical, Physical, Chemical, Biological and Natural Laws of Nature, and our Solar System, with its extremely stable Sun and regular set of evenly spaced Planets, certainly satisfies those requirements.

Additionally, Intelligent Life presumably requires some sort of mild Environmental Stress to drive the the process of evolution. Perfectly stable environments, such as the Jurassic period of the Dinosaurs, are not necessarily optimum for Intelligent Life , whereas slow environmental change, such as ice ages, greenhouse effects and climatic periodicity, is conducive to the evolution of Intelligent Life. On the other hand, abrupt extinctions, brought on by impact events, or the activities of Intelligent Life Itself, is obviously not conducive to the continued evolution of Intelligent Life.

Therefore, the continued evolution of Intelligent Life requires an environment stable enough for life to evolve in the first place, but not so stable that the Intelligent Life does not advance at a rapid enough pace, or it advances too rapidly, that the end result is self destruction. All of these scenarios are well documented in the historical fossil record of Intelligent Life on the Planet Earth.

With these conditions in mind, it is highly probable that Intelligent Life has evolved somewhere in the Universe to an extremely high degree of Intelligence, such that they (or them, or whatever they are) have certainly by now achieved complete control over the Mathematical, Physical, Chemical, Biological and Natural Laws of Nature.

In fact, the existence of Intelligent Life in the Universe at all, and the existence of the Cosmos Itself, is indicative of success of the evolution of Intelligent Life.

And last, but not least, a sure sign of Intelligent Life in the Universe is the fact that they haven't tried to openly contact us at all.

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Dr. Carl Sagan (The Astronomer)

From : Cosmos - The PBS Television Series (Cosmos - The Book, Random House, Inc., 1980).

"Physics and Chemistry permit such Lifeforms. Nature, however, is not obliged to follow our speculations. But if there are billions of inhabited worlds in the Milky Way Galaxy, perhaps there will be a few populated by the (Lifeforms) which our imaginations, tempered by the laws of Physics and Chemistry, have generated."

"A few million years ago there were no humans. Who will be here a few million years hence?"

"The choice is stark and ironic. The same Rocket Boosters used to launch probes to the planets are poised to send nuclear weapons to the nations. The radioactive power sources on Viking and Voyager derive from the same technology that makes nuclear weapons. The radio and radar techniques employed to track and guide ballistic missles and defend against attack are also used to monitor and command the spacecraft on the planets and to listen for signals from Civilizations near other Stars. If we use these technologies to destroy ourselves, we surely will venture no more to the planets and the Stars. But the converse is also true. If we continue to the Stars our chauvinisms will be further shaken. We will gain a Cosmic Perspective. We will recognize that our Explorations can only be carried out on behalf of all the (Lifeforms) of the Planet Earth. We will invest our Energy in an enterprise devoted not to death but to Life : the expansion of our understanding of the Earth and its Inhabitants and the search for Life elsewhere. Space Exploration - unmanned and manned - uses many of the same technological and organizational skills and demands the same commitment to valor and daring as does the enterprise of war. Should a time of real disarmament arrive before nuclear war, such exploration would enable the military - industrial establishments of the major powers to engage at long last in an untainted enterprise. Interests vested in preparations for war can relatively easily be reinvested in the exploration of the Cosmos."

Earth Home

"For we are the local embodiment of a Cosmos grown to self awareness. We have just begun to contemplate our Origins : Starstuff pondering the Stars; organized assemblages of 10 billion billion billion Atoms considering the evolution of Atoms; tracing the long journey by which, here at least, Consciousness arose. Our loyalty is to the (Lifeforms) and the planet. We speak for Earth. Our obligation to survive is owed not just to ourselves, but also to that Cosmos, ancient and vast, from which we spring."

UFO Bibliography and Selected Astronomy and Physics References.

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The Encyclopedia of UFO's, Ronald D. Story (1980, Doubleday, Garden City, New York).
The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters, Ronald D. Story (2001, Penguin Putnam Group).

The Encyclopedia of UFOs   The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters - CD Edition   The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters

Ronald D. Story (The Researcher)

From : The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters - Editor's Preface

"This may sound a bit wild - especially for a skeptic - but during the compilation of this encyclopedia I experienced a revelation. If this sounds alarmist, it was meant to be.

To my mind there is no question but that we have come to a crossroads in our evolution that will determine whether we enter heaven or hell for real. And real or not, this is what the ETs are saying; their messages coinciding exactly with the teachings of our greatest philosophers and religious teachers for at least the past two millennia.

As the reader will quickly become aware, The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters is not a mere collection of information about alleged UFOs and ETs. It contains the revelation of whether or not we have visitors from elsewhere, the significance of the UFO-ET phenomenon is that the human species is in big trouble, and if we do not implement the teachings of the Space People, - which again, match the perennial wisdom of the wisest Earthlings - we really are doomed. We will be an extinct species whose tenure on Earth won't even come close to many others that have since perished.

It is easy to poke fun at the "contactees" and "abductees" as I used to do, but now I believe it is wiser to examine the Meaning behind it all. I think that most things happen for a reason, and that includes the UFO phenomenon and the experiences that are part of it. Of course it is easy to debunk so many of the stories as complete nonsense. But I think it behooves us to Interpret the phenomenon - as one would interpret a dream - to understand the sense within the nonsense."

"It is up to all of us to figure out the truth - and then what to do about it ... while there is still time."

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The UFO Encyclopedia, Jerome Clark (1992, Omnigraphics, Detroit).

Isle Trinidade Sighting and Photographs (Multiple Scientific Witnesses with Photographs).

Stella Lansing's UFO Movie (Her Very First Experience - Filmed in 8 mm).

UFO Dynamics

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Betty Andreasson Luca (The Gospel Truth).

From : The Andreasson Affair, Raymond E. Fowler (1979, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N.J.).

This is an analogy of my own.

Extraterrestrial Communications

Booklets I & II Available - $40.00

From : Extraterrestrial Communications - A Step Beyond Tomorrow, Book I, by Betty Luca.

"At first glance many messages recorded in this book may look abstract and incoherent. But when one dares to become a future pioneer and take a hard look beyond the structured norm, they might just see a new horizon appear. It takes an open deeply spiritual and intellectually free agent to bring with them the well of basic knowledge, and include the ability to climb above any of the world's misleading educational bonds that may limit the view. We must think in new and different directions and awake to the clues given by the Extraterrestrials. All those including hard core scientists who have closed their mind, and think that which is given has no value and is foolish, let them turn away, for they have no part in this knowledge. The Beings long ago gave notice that the scientific community must break down the walls that hold back advancement. New space discoveries alone have kicked out many old, worn out ideas along with incorrect theories. So let not personal wisdom or ego hold back the truth. For in the spiritual scripture of the bible it states, 'God uses foolish things to confound the wise'. Humility opens the way. May you be blessed with what you read and discover. May your mind awaken to step beyond tomorrow."

From : Extraterrestrial Communications - A Step Beyond Tomorrow, Book II, by Betty Luca.

"It makes me think of what the tall Elders said to me, that they were the Ambassadors of "O" (Oh). Are they trying to teach us quantum physics which many UFO abductees lean toward after an encounter? Or are they trying to teach us the importance of "O" the circle? (They said the answer was in the circle.) Or does "O" represent the ONE, where everything fits together in the world of light beyond the great door, and is far different than we comprehend? The oneness of unity and love, which is Spirit, our God, our One, where the universal mind of conciousness is. The residence of our true identity! That we are both Particle and Wave, Matter and Spirit - Soul!"

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Books written by Raymond E. Fowler : (The Investigator).

The Andreasson Affair   The Allagash Abductions   The Andreasson Affair Phase II

The Watchers   The Watchers II   The Andreasson Legacy

Look Here for Ray Fowler's New Book.

From : The Andreasson Legacy, by Ray Fowler.

"The Andreasson Affair has transmitted a double edged message of the Elders to humankind. The bad news that humankind is going to become sterile should come as no surprise if we size up the cumulative and ongoing disastrous effects of a host of environmental threats to Life on Earth. The good news that Humankind Survives Death and is held responsible for this life's actions reaffirms the central teaching of various religions. But humankind, in so many terrible instances throughout the world, behaves with utter irresponsibility as if death were the final end.

The documentation contained in this last book on The Andreasson Affair has been the means of probating the many faceted contents willed to us by the Elders through the median of The Andreasson Legacy. It should give both reader and researcher alike much to ponder in the truths revealed therein. There is nothing that we can do about death. It will certainly come sooner or later.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, an expert on the dying process, observed five stages that patients and their loved ones go through in the dying process : denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Despite environmental warnings coming from all corners of the Earth and Sky, we are, for the most part, in a stage of denial. Admittedly, there are environmentalist individuals and organizations who have passed the first stage. They are angry. They understand the ominous handwriting on the wall. Their efforts at curbing ecological disaster are analogous to the bargaining stage. Some are reaching the depression stage as they see many of their efforts go for naught.

Nevertheless, there is much that still can be done to delay the death of our Slowly Dying Planet. We owe it not only to ourselves but to our grandchildren and future generations to do our utmost to attempt to heal the wounds that are causing the "dark spots" on Planet Earth. This is the challenge that is contained within The Andreasson Legacy!"

"Has it come to late for us to fulfill it?"

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Books written by Jacques Vallee : (The Scientist).


From : UFO's in Space; Anatomy of a Phenomenon (1965, Henry Regnery Co., New York).

The Scientific Problem

"What is required here, therefore, is not a change in official policy, or a sensational disclosure of the fact that "We Are Visited!" but a careful, quiet and necessarily slow series of analyses on the material already on hand and of reports to come. Such a study, oriented towards the investigation of the nature of UFO's as a phenomenon rather than their individual "explanation", could possibly produce (after three or four years of work) material worthy of congressional attention, and by-products that would be of interest to several branches of science."

Modern UFO Reports

"The answer to the question these sighting present is certainly not trivial. It can lead psychologists to elaborate new theories of human motivation. It can lead physicists to improved models of atmospheric optics. But it could also project us into the fantastic, even though it may not be easy to accept this possibility"

Flying Saucers and Human Reason

"We could extend this entire chapter into a book without reaching the limits of the extraordinary, not even the limits of fraud and lunacy. But these few pages may have been sufficient to give our reader a clear image of what the human mind can produce, when it does not work within the boundaries set up by rationalism, and denies the necessity of control. Our problem is not original in this respect."

"Beliefs and theories; imagination and dream and pretension; tormented human souls, trying to reach for their small infinite, fancy they catch a star. In a forest of theories, each man climbs his own tree. He reigns on his branch and directs insults at the mockingbird. Undisturbed, lines of facts stretch across the horizon with patience. But night falls on the scene and men go to sleep. In this night, they remain, unidentified in their relative Universe. A hand from heaven reaches down into their dreams, and they wonder."

Theories and Hypotheses

"Through UFO activity, although no physical evidence has yet been found, some of us believe the contours of an amazingly complex intelligent life beyond the earth can already be discerned. The wakening spirit of man, and the horrified reaction of his too-scrupulous theories: what do they matter. Our minds now wander on planets our fathers ignored. Our senses, our dreams have reached across the night at last, and touched other Universes. The sky will never be the same again."

On the Probability of Contact

"Although space travel as we imagine it (i.e., with some sort of rocket propelled vehicle) is probably a basic step in the establishment of a technical civilization, it could by no means be considered an ultimate accomplishment. And the common sense idea that only propelled vehicles can bridge the gap between adjacent solar systems may well turn out to be as erroneous a view as our fathers' conceptions of the ether. The publicity given to some recent technical feats makes us forget too often that physics, not technology, holds the answer to the problem of space travel. Only when a general solution is found to the grave questions physicists are debating now, will it be possible to formulate satisfactory models for the rational exploration of the Universe by scientific communities. The answer to some of the basic problems discussed here undoubtedly lies at this level."

From : Dimensions : A Casebook of Alien Contact.

A Challenge to Research

"Emerging fully armed into our local Universe, the UFO's provide the physical support for our own dreams. We do the rest. Our brains erect a ladder of symbols toward the darkened skies where the machines hover, and we meet them more than halfway across the bridge of their strangeness - perhaps because we vaguely perceive that their irresistible, pathetic adventure is closely related to our own. But the extraterrestrial theory is not good enough, because it is not strange enough to explain the facts."

Conclusion : Exploring other Dimensions

"For many years, UFO phenomena have served as a support for human imagination, a framework for human tragedy, a fabric of human dreams. We react to them in our movies, our poetry, our music, our science fiction. And they react to us. They are not trying to communicate with a few individuals, with any group, with any government. Why should they? The phenomena function like an operational system of symbolic communication at a global level. There is something about the human race with which they interact, and we do not yet know what it is. They are part of the environment, part of the control system for human evolution. But their effects, instead of just being physical, are also felt in our beliefs. They influence what we call our spiritual life. They also affect our politics, our history, our culture. They are a feature of our past. Undoubtedly, they are part of our future."

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The Philosophy of Aime Michel : Position Statement (The Philosopher).

The Encyclopedia of UFOs

From : The Encyclopedia of UFO's, Ronald D. Story, page 231.

Position Statement :

"I do not think that one can capture the essentials of UFOlogy in a brief article. In effect, thinking about UFO's requires a reconstitution of the mind more drastic than the Copernican Revolution. The most sensible approach is through Astrophysics. The two basic facts to keep in mind are these : (1) the great numbers of Stars and Planets, and (2) the age of these Stars, billions of which are billions of years older than the Sun.

If the attainment of the level of psychological complexity of human beings is a normal, non-miraculous phenomenon, then one must admit the existence of a "Cosmic Psychic Milieu" which would have surpassed the human level of complexity some millions of years ago. This "milieu" can be presumed to be present everywhere in one or more unknown Forms, and probably exceeds our own level of complexity, as much as ours exceeds that of the lower animals. It is not a question of a "club of advanced civilizations"; this is an anthropomorphic idea which supposes that the human level is the final one in the evolution of every intelligent species, and that after it is reached, the species can evolve its culture but not itself. It is the last and the most nave of the pre-Copernican superstitions.

It would take a long and very difficult effort of reflection to imagine the rational means for studying even the aspects accessible to us, of a psychic milieu so far superior, without falling into superstition. It is up to astronomers, biologists, specialists in evolution, epistemologists, and other philosophers to tell us whether the observed phenomena of UFO's corresponds to the predictions one could make about the behavior of such a psychic milieu. To my thought, based on premises too complicated to explain here, UFO's are a manifestation of this milieu, present, through some unknown manner, since the origin of the solar system. I think that it would be a great mystery if something like UFO's did not exist, since this would contradict everything we know about astrophysics, biology, et cetera, For the existence of UFO's in all their unfathomable strangeness conforms to what Science would lead us to expect.

The short amount of time in which Western Science has existed (a few centuries) is a very brief passage in Cosmic evolution. The Earth itself, which twentieth century men see is a transient phenomenon, and thus at any instant a very rare one. We are perhaps the only beings at a "human" level throughout the galaxy. What action (if any) does a cosmic psychic milieu exercise on this brief passage? Are we treated in any special manner? Is this passage through the human stage something cosmically precious (similar, for instance, to infancy for human beings)? Is the lack of open contact the proof that we are something rare and precious? I think it is, but I will not attempt to demonstrate it here.

One of the means of measuring the effects of this action on us is the constant surveillance of the global UFO experience, through opinion polls. There are more Direct Methods, but they remain to be invented.

In my opinion, the non-contact phase will last until we ourselves discover the method of contact. To discover the method will require a profound transformation of mankind. It is not certain that we will find it. It is not certain that our evolution has already missed the path that will lead to contact (good or bad). Nonetheless, my opinion is that the scientific path is the right way, but it is long and dangerous, and contact may have good or bad results.

At present, UFOlogy is not yet a Science. To my thinking, it will not become a Science unless there is a change of paradigm in the classical sciences. I think that the New Physics is in the process of discovering the new paradigm, by introducing the phenomenon of Consciousness into its theories. I also feel that the phenomenon of Consciousness will take an expanding role in the New Physics, perhaps as far as becoming the sole object of Science. It is thus, I believe, that Humanity, transformed by itself, will enter the Cosmic Psychic Milieu."

(See also : Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, Psychic Aspects of UFO's, Scientific Approach to UFO Research.)

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From : Extraterrestrial Communications - A Step Beyond Tomorrow, Book I, by Betty Luca.

Booklets I & II Available - $40.00

Extraterrestrial Communications

Supra Betra Mega Alpha Triam

Encased within the fiery shell,
The ball of light shall always dwell.

Power steeps the atom small,
A billion trillion suns of all.

Seeping liquid oms within,
The chaos clones the triggered Ras.

E seas cone the core like band,
Invisible forces backward strokes.

The center reed expands the cast,
Enveloped suns formed a pass.

Clasp the lightning within the reed,
Light forces seal the orbits breed.

Eons flow the triple play,
Locks of light the atom tray.

Solar crystals etch the cast,
Egglit sickles web the light.

Supra angles wedge and link,
Radiant power at lip of brink.

Silver Sheckles,
Livened Coals,

Diamond Spheres,
Compacted Light,

Waves of Sound,
Ocean Sprays,

Total Night,
Concaved Flight.

Earth Home

Iridescent Dolomite.

Secure the Shores.
Advance the Gates.

Hollow the Cliffs.
Expand the Way.

(Nature is the Question. Simplicity is the Key. Love is the Answer.)

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