by Kyle Griffith

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This virtual copy of WiH is based on the Second Printing, issued in the fall of 1990 by Spiritual Revolution Press. It was prepared from a digital scan of the original, which was photocopied on 8-1/2 by 11 sheets and spiral bound, and is intended for free downloading by anyone who is interested in the ideas it contains.

The RC “War in Heaven” Discussion Board contains a complete copy of the book, with each chapter in a separate thread and each page as a separate message. Members who have questions or comments about the material in a particular chapter can post a message in that thread and receive replies there from me and other members. And of course, members who wish to conduct a more general discussion of the WiH ideas, can create a new thread.

The RC “Reality Revolt” Discussion Board is intended as an archive for all of my notes for the futurist book I’m now working on, which has the working title of “Informationism: Revolutionizing Reality”. The “As Below/So Above” Board was started with a collection of my working notes for a book of that title, intended as a sequel to War in Heaven. And in addition, there is a “General” Discussion Board, intended for discussions that represent both “radical left-wing philosophy” and “thinking outside the box”.

All of the message boards can be read just by going to the address above, but only members can post messages. However, all four of the Discussion Boards are intended for active discussions, and I try to answer any message that’s addressed to me as promptly as I can.

Kyle Griffith

August 29, 2006


Part One: A Breakthrough in Spiritual Consciousness

  1. Chapter - The Search for Spiritual Reality

  2. Chapter - The Shaver Mystery

  3. Chapter - Conspiracies

  4. Chapter - The Sixties

  5. Chapter - Religions and Revolution

  6. Chapter - Passport to Paranoia

  7. Chapter - The Invisible War

  8. Chapter - The Breaking Point

  9. Chapter - The Breakthrough

Part Two: Theocracy

  1. Chapter - The Theocrats

  2. Chapter - Theocratic Bands

  3. Chapter - Religious Mind Control

  4. Chapter - Soul, Mind, and Consciousness

  5. Chapter - Electronic Mind Control

  6. Chapter - The History of Theocracy

  7. Chapter - The Invisible College

  8. Chapter - Satan and Buddha

  9. Chapter - The Age of Reason

  10. Chapter - A Revolution in Consciousness

  11. Chapter - The Aquarian Age

Part Three: The Second Breakthrough

  1. Chapter - Hitch Hiking Spirits

  2. Chapter - Elementals

  3. Chapter - Gods

  4. Chapter - The Fifth Stage of Theocracy

  5. Chapter - The Technology War

  6. Chapter - The Last Days

Part Four: The Spiritual Revolution

  1. Chapter - Toward a General Breakthrough

  2. Chapter - The Spiritual Revolutionary Movement

  3. Chapter - Spiritual Politics Today

  4. Chapter - The End and The Beginning

  1. Appendix - Summary – A Revolutionary Cosmology

  2. Appendix - A Symbol for the Spiritual Revolutionary Movement

  3. Appendix - Summary


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