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Text: Elaria spiritual support.Image: Star

September 11, 2001

My thoughts and prayers goes out to all who is personally affected by the immensely sad and unspeakable tragedy in the U.S. today. We seem to live in a crucial moment where time has stopped and our planet has come to a crossroad. On my home altar, incense and a white candle is burning to carry my prayers for protection and healing of the survivors and the brave rescue teams. I have also asked God/Goddess/the Universe/All-that-is to guide all victims, whose spirits probably are in great shock after a sudden and violent death, safely to the other side and to welcome His/Her/Its beloved children Home.
I pray that the U.S. government, the world leaders and the citizens of America may not let their emotional fear and rage rule their actions and that world peace will prevail.
What we all need now is positive and constructive thoughts and actions.
Love and light,

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