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The dust jacket illustration was accurately painted by Jim Nichols from the descriptions in Chapter 6 of the landed mother-ship and four smaller craft that came out of it and parked on the grass- Three human beings got out of each of the smaller craft and came up to the two witnesses and introduced themselves. The cigar-shaped mother-ship was estimated to be 300 to 350 feet long and the smaller craft were about 20 feet in dianeter. The play of light and color was astounding.The starships in this case were occasionally observed to surround themselves with a cloudlike white vapor to protect themselves from unwanted observation. The photograph on the dust jacket rear face seems to show this operation in progress. This picture was taken by Mr. Lauersen as he was walking his dog near Viborg, Jutland, Denmark, at 09:00 on 17 November 1974.Photo Credit: Maj. (Ret.) Hans C. Petersen and Maj. (Ret.) Colman S. VonKeviczky.Fu11 color reproductions of the original cover painting may be ordered directly from Jim Nichols, 2989 West Orangewood Dr., Tucson, AZ 65741
This book will, at first reading, be greeted by many with amazement and disbelief. One must read it a second time before asking oneself the question, "—and what if it is true?" For, in reality, it may all be true. And, actually, it is true! All that which is described in this book really happened. To be sure, aside from the claim of the author and the corroboration of companions in the adventure, the 'proof' is meager, but it is precisely this that assures that the message will be entrusted to men of good will, because they will sense in their hearts the deep truth of it all.And now the facts: Giorgio, Tina, Paolo, and other friends have a number of 'eye-to-eye' contacts with space brothers, with rides in starships, and with conversations, in which it is revealed to them that they are the so-called 'angels' of the Bible, or mediators and messengers of those who served God's will, and still serve, to reveal the truth to men of Earth, and to guide them on the path toward higher development.In the course of such meetings, the group received important revelations and messages of utmost seriousness, which concern all the inhabitants of this afflicted planet. The invitation to follow paths to a better way of life is well advised, for the time of great catastrophies and dreadful happenings about which the Apocalypse speaks is coming nearer; the day in which "one will be taken away and the other left behind." On the occasion of one of these unusual meetings, the Earthly friends, who had been entrusted with messages and teachings, and had been guests on the flying saucers and the 
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