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  1. Revelation: The Divine Fire. by Steiger, Brad.
    $5.50 - Item#: 1517g27 - hardcover book
    Condition: Used - Very Good - 1973 hardcover, no dustjacket.

  2. Journeys with La San, A Master Teacher from the Sixth Dimension by Don Weldon
    $9.50 - Item#: 1438g7 - mass-market paperback

  3. How to Develop Your Esp Power: The First Published Encounter With Seth
    $9.75 - Item#: 1408g34 - trade paperback
    Condition: Used - Acceptable - 1974 trade paperback. Worn copy but okay for reading. Coffee stain on corner of first few pages. Slight moisture damage.

  4. The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression (A Seth Book) by Seth; Roberts
    $7.50 - Item#: 1328g6 - hardcover book
    Condition: Used - Very Good - 1979 hardcover, no dustjacket.

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