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Dr. Joshua David Stone : Easy To Read Encyclopedia of Ascension Trapped Essences Mantra Yoga Yantra Yoga Turning Lemons Into Lemonade: A Millennium Pe.. The Art of Loving from A Spiritual Perspectiv.. What is The Negative Ego The Solution To Every Problem Holy Spirit Transcending Armageddon Within Self and Socie.. Developing A Full Spectrum Relationship with .. Who Am I? Why I Am Here? How to Develop an High Functioning Immune Sys.. Integrating Traditional and Nontraditional Mo.. Spiritual Tests Where Am I Going? Borealis Arcturians Miscellanenous Alien Cultures Elementals and Devas Implants Between Lifetimes Bardo Experience

Easy To Read Encyclopedia of Ascension

written by Dr. Joshua David Stone
Posted Fri, 3-Mar-1995 23:35:57 GMT

Dr. Joshua David Stone

Dr. Stone has a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor. He is the founder and director of The Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy. Dr. Stone is a leading spokesperson for the Planetary Ascension movement and has written a 20 volume Easy-To-Read Encyclopedia of the Spritual Path. He has written some of the most cutting edge books ever written in the field of Ascended Master teachings and spiritual psychology. He is overlighted in his work by the inner plane Ascended Masters, a few of which are: Lord Melchizedek, the Mahatma, Metatron, Djwhal Khul, Sananda, Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, Lord Buddha, Sai Baba, The Divine Mother, Quan Yin, Mother Mary and Archangel Michael.

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  • From Ascending Times magazine Issue #3.

    The article is called Dr. Stone's Easy To Read Encyclopedia of ASCENSION by Joshua David Stone, Ph.D. This article was extracted from Dr. Joshua David Stone's newly published book, "The Complete Ascension Manual".

    When I first got started on The Path many of the people asked me if I had read about Edgar Cayce and I told them that I hadn't. Finally after so many did ask me this question, I did read such books as There Is A River and others. Let me be the first to tell you that when they told me the information was good, they were telling the truth. I will now put down some information that sounds a lot like the way he would explain something. He always had an odd way of explaining our past history. Sometime it's not exactly literal but it is one way of looking at things. I hope you will become a fan of his. He is now on the other side.

    The following story of creation is quite an amazing, and often unbelievable story. I just want to qualify this chapter by saying that I didn't make any of this up myself. All of this information comes directly out of the universal mind channelings of Edgar Cayce, and other sources such as Djwhal Khul, Ruth Montogomery, The Tibetan Fonndation and other similar types of channelings. The amazing thing is that all these different sources tell a basically similar story, so I know that I am very much on the mark, although some of it may be quite surprising to some readers.

    In the beginning was this one source of light, the one presence, called GOD. God, In His great joy and love, had a desire to create, to express himself. From this undifferentiated state God created suns, moons, galaxies, universes and He liked what He had created. Something however, was missing - companionship. God wanted to create self conscious beings who could share His joy of creation. Out of the infinity of God came trillions of sparks of light made in His image.

    Out of this expression also came Amilius, the light, the first expression of the Divine mind; the first manifestation of spirit. All souls were created in the beginning and all souls were androgynous. The unique thing about our cretion was the aspect of free choice.

    In our creation we went jetting out into the universe creating like God creates, with our mind and extending God's kingdom. We were perfect, and this was the Edenic state. In our travels through the infinity of God, we discovered the physical or material universe and we were intrigued, for in the beginning we didn't have physical bodies, but rather just spiritual bodies.

    Then we began projecting a part of ourselves into, let's say the earth, to explore the beauty of matter. There was, in actuality, nothing wrong with this, for the entire infinite universe was a playground of sorts. We began projecting a part of ourselves into a tree to see what a tree was like. Then we would project ourselves into a rock to see what that was like, then into an animal to experience what it was like to eat grass and interrelate with other animals.

    In each case we would do this and then we would leave and project ourselves back into the spiritual planes. We would also, then, with the incredible power of our minds create thought forms of animals, through the power of our imagination. These thought forms would begin to densify and we would inhabit these thought form creatures like we would an animal that had already been created.

    This was all fine until that moment in creation which the bible refers to as the fall of man. It was in this moment that we forgot who we were, because of our over-identifcation with the material universe. We got caught in the density of matter and thought we were the animals or thought form animal creatures we had created.

    In falling under the illusion that we were material instead of spiritual in identity, began the downward spiral of creation. In this moment "ego" began. Ego being a thought system and philosophy based on the illusionary belief in separation, fear, selfishneess, and death.

    This phenomena of souls getting more and more deeply caught up in the illusion of matter continued at an alarmig rate. Amilius (an incarnation of Jesus) and other higher beings who had not fallen, knew that something had to be done to help their fellow brothers ans sisters, for man was continuing to create a conglomeration of monstrosities to satisfy his out of control desire.

    He created cyclopes, satyrs, centars, unicorns, animal bodies with human heads, beings with hooves, claws, feathers, wings and tails. Man had become trapped in the grotesque bodies that were not suitable for sons and daughters of God. Man even created the first female whose name was Lilith, the forerunner of Eve. This projection was created to again satisfy his selfish carnal desires.

    The plan that God and the Godforce created to rectigy this situation was the creation of five physical races on the five continents of the planet. Each race was a different skin color. Each skin color was not better than another, but rather was for the different climate conditions. Certain skin colors were better for certain climates.

    The plan was that all those souls who had gotten caught up in matter would use these more perfectly fitted human bodies to incarnate into, that were more fitting to a son and daughter of God. So man did not descend from monkeys as the evolutionist would suggest, we were created.

    After the creation of the five races there were 133 million souls on the earth. The red race lived in Atlantis and America. The brown race in the Andes and Lemuria. The yellow race in the Gobi Desert of East Asia, and the black race was in the Sudan and the upper West Africa. The white race in Iran along the Black Sea and the Carpathian Mountains of Central Europe.

    The basic plan that God created was reincarnation, that souls would incarnate into these human, rather than animal bodies to reawaken to their true identity as God beings and learn to demonstrate this on earth and hence begin their accent back to the Creator.

    This act of creation occurred 10 1/2 million years ago. The animal influences created by the fall, and the initial thought form projections of animals, didn't completely disappear from the earth until around 9,000 B.C. Remnants of these pathetic creatures were later depicted in our mythology and in Assyrian and Egyptian art.

    Another factor that added into these grotesque animal creations was the fact in these earliest of times that human beings were able to procreate with the animal species and with these grotesque beings. After human souls separated into male and female, God imposed divine laws making it impossible for human beings to produce offsprings with another species.

    Amilius (the first incarnation of Jesus Christ), Himself descended into matter and became the first Adam upon the creation of the five first root races. Adam was the first of the perfected race. The first of the sons of God as opposed to what the Bible refers to as the daughters of men. Adam was an individual, but also a symbol of all five races as was Eve.


    Sanat Kamara, our planetary logos incarnated into this planet at this time. We are currently living in the Aryan root race. This term was completely distorted by Hitler and Nazi Germany, so please don't think of it in those terms. The Aryan race has been in existence for over a million years and will continue for some time more.

    The Meruvian root race is just beginning to come into play, so there is kind of an overlapping of root races going on. The name of the seventh root is the Paradisian.

    I would also like to add tht Dywhal Khul has told me that the first two races, the Polarian and Hyperboean are often referred to a the Pre-Lemurian root race. This is also how the Tibetan Foundation has referenced them. This is because the first two races were not completely physical, as we understand physicality.

    Tara, the continent for the final seventh root race is a continent that has not emerged yet from the ocean floor in the distant future. The Polarian, or first root race had huge filamentous bodies, and were more etheric than physical. They were also totally sexless. They multiplied by a process of what scientists refer to as fission or budding. For this reason they were basically immortal. They have been called the "Archetypal race". Their bodies were more gaseous in nature, which is a good way to describe them.

    The Hyperborena or second root race were similar to the first, however they slowly but surely began the process of materializing more. Dywhal Khul and the Tibetan Foundation has often just called these two root races "Prelemurian", because they weren't totally physicalized as the Lemurian or third root race was. Human beings, as we know them, began with this third root race.

    When human life first manifested on earth in these first two races the only dry land was at the north pole. The rest of the earth was covered with water. This polar continent looked like a skull cap on the head of the earth. This is the only continent that will never submerge under water in the entire manvantara, or world cycle of all seven root races. One other interesting point was that Lemuria was called the "land of Shalmali" at the time it existed.

    It is also important to understand that the seven root races all have seven subraces. This makes a total of 49 subraces in a manvantara. An example of this would be in our present Aryan root race. The Hindu began 62,000 years ago. The Arabian 42,000 years ago. The Iranian 32,000 years ago. The Keltic 22,000 year ago. The Teutonic 22,000 years ago. The sixth and seventh subraces of the Aryan root race are evolving in America and in a continent that will be arising in the Pacific Ocean. To make God's plan even more intricate, every subrace has seven family races, which I am not going to get into.


    There were two great avatars that came in these early Pre-Lemurian times. The first avatar focused on the earth an energy of spiritual attunement. He came forth as a scientist, through a highly developed civilization. His message was to blend the scientific and the spiritual understandings. Humanity didn't accept His message at this time. They weren't ready for it. So this great teacher left. He has since returned into that full fledged cocreator state.

    Another great avatar was sent to earth at a later pre-Lemurian time. He was a very tall man and He was fond of wearing a silver robe. He was the first great teacher that really made an impact on the earth. His name was "Lo Chi". Lo Chi anchored courage, wisdom and love in their beginning stages. He took a war torn civilizaiton and began to build a spiritual communnity, and temples all over the land. At the end of His reign a mass ascension took place.

    The next great teacher that came changed His approach and stressed the emotional qualities and occupations rather than the scientific as the first avatar had. Some of the greatest art was produced, however the scientific side of society began to shut down. In a sense, a pendulum swing took place, from a more masculine to a more feminine based society. Great strides were made in art, music and dance, but the mental creativity and potency was not there because of this pendulum swing. This began to change over a long period of time and became more balanced and another mass ascension took place.

    Vywanus has called these two previous mass ascensions a period of spiritual harvesting. He says that we are again approaching a harvesting time in this century. This has to do with the Planetary Logos. Sanat Kumara in His cosmic evolution has reached another plateau. Each time He reaches one of these plateaus it is time for "harvesting of souls, or mass ascension."

    We are currently completing a six thousand, twelve thousand and thirty six thousand year cycle. Each time more than one cycle comes together that period is extremely important. We are in that period now. This harvesting window is approximately 100 years. The end of this one hundred year cycle is from 1995 to the year 2000. The closer to the end of this one hundred year cycle the greater the harvesting. To be incarnated at this time in history is a very great opportunity!


    It was also in this Pre-Lemurian period that the planet earth was attacked by another group of beings from another planet who wanted to take it over, called the "Electrical one". Humanity began to defend itself, and this war lasted for 500 years. Earthlings eventually won this battle. The electrical ones were not really evil, but rather simply scientists looking for a new place to live. They came from a very great distance. This war is part of the fear of space ships that still exists to this day in the race consciousness. For these electrical ones took people and animals aboard space ships and did painful experiments on them. A lot of our present day fixations and patterns of attack defense programming stems from this period in the earth's history.

    The electrical ones were actually seeking to bring their technology of light to the planet to aid in the trip back to the Source. Humanity and the earth, however, were moving towards greater material density. This was not a negative thing on the part of the earth. The earth was saying that we want to learn everything we can within the densest part of physicality.

    A truce was finally declared after 500 years of war and many of the electrical ones left promising to return when the earth was ready. Some stayed in specific areas given to them. The electrical ones stimulated an impatience for this downward materialistic cycle.


    Lemuria or Mu was a land mass lying in the Pacific Ocean, that extended from the part of the United States all the way to South America. The Lemurian stage of existence had to do with the race consciousness learning the lesson of physical attunement. Humanity as a whole progresses in stages, and physical attunement was the key lesson during this period of history.

    The Lemurians were very philosophical and spiritual people. Much more so than the Atlantean civilization which was much more technologically advanced and focused.

    At this period of history great dinosaurs roamed the earth and because of this the Lemurians, to a great extent, had to live underground. They lived in caves hiding from the dinosaurs except to hunt for food. They would make beautifully and artistically decorated caves. The Lemurians were rather small physically. Men were five feet and women a few inches shorter. The survival rate of children was not very high. They lived on grain, berries and fruit.

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    Dr. Joshua David Stone : Easy To Read Encyclopedia of Ascension Trapped Essences Mantra Yoga Yantra Yoga Turning Lemons Into Lemonade: A Millennium Pe.. The Art of Loving from A Spiritual Perspectiv.. What is The Negative Ego The Solution To Every Problem Holy Spirit Transcending Armageddon Within Self and Socie.. Developing A Full Spectrum Relationship with .. Who Am I? Why I Am Here? How to Develop an High Functioning Immune Sys.. Integrating Traditional and Nontraditional Mo.. Spiritual Tests Where Am I Going? Borealis Arcturians Miscellanenous Alien Cultures Elementals and Devas Implants Between Lifetimes Bardo Experience

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