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SpiritWeb: Higher Realms And The Coming Changes

From very metaphysical thoughts (Pleiadians Book) until forecasts (Earth Changes) and more poem-like thoughts:

Excerpt of "Angelic Whispering":

Where the Light of a growing world illuminates each Soul on its path,
Where the Light of each growing Soul illuminates each heart,
And where this Light flows outward, ever expanding, ever growing, then
THERE is Home; THERE is Peace, Love and Joy.

The Channeling process can be summarized as the way to opening our consciousness to a bigger reality, we live in. May our perception be able to expand, as the following understanding of it then too.

Channeler Sorted:

Abby Haydon

"My spiritual awakening happened back in 1973. I was going to college in Mexico. I was sitting home one night when a wonderful energy came over me. It felt blissful and side of the room. In the course of conversation, I could feel a change in energy and I felt that I was consciously channeling spiritual information for them."

More articles of Abby Haydon you find here.

Alloya Ye Ra

Alloya Ye Ra Har is the spirit name of Nikki Huckfield. She is a newly recognized author, facilitator, healer, psychic and channel. She is a trained Hands on Healer with the College of Healing. Nikki is a trainer of the Weiss Transformational Healing Process, she works very closely with various energies most of which are Extraterrestrial.

More articles of Alloya Ye Ra you find here.

Barbara Marciniak

Barbara J. Marciniak has been a student of Metaphysics for many years. She gives credit to the Seth material channeled by Jane Roberts for her insight into the necessity for conscious, intentional creation of personal experience. Barbara travels extensively. Unfortunately she is not online by intention as it seems. The most material was posted by Don Showen, a friend of hers, and so we are able to present some of her most important Pleiadians Channelings which was indeed essential for the spiritual movement the past 15 years.

More articles of Barbara Marciniak you find here.

Celeste Korsholm

Celeste Korsholm is a visionary artist, clairvoyant, teacher, and lecturer with a master's degree in fine arts from Penn State University. Her visionary soul portraits, paintings, prints, and greeting cards can be found in fine galleries, offices, and homes throughout the country. Celeste has developed a unique way of expressing the soul's essence and thus making vast spiritual resources accessible for use in everyday life. During a session, she meditates with the individual subject in person or in a photograph.

More articles of Celeste Korsholm you find here.

Darryl Anka

Darryl Anka is an internationally recognized channel and author for the extraterrestrial being called Bashar. After experiencing two close-proximity broad daylight sightings of UFO's in 1973, Darryl's exploration of UFO's and metaphysical phenonmena eventually led him into a channeling class in which Bashar first made the telepathic contact and Darryl simultaneously remembered having made a past life agreement to perform the service of channeling. Since that time fifteen years ago, Darryl and Bashar have provided unique, cutting-edge information on the nature of the universe, the mechanics of how reality creation occurs, and practical methods and techniques for creating the life that you desire. This channeled material is renown for its high degree of clarity and the power of the transformative tools.

More articles of Darryl Anka you find here.


Inward Journey - Gateway to Expansion is an organization founded in 1993 to empower people through spiritual self-awareness. We assist you on your journey of personal self-discovery through this web site, live events, experiential workshops, enjoyable retreats, books and audiocassettes. We provide you with the tools to discover your inner source of power that contains the solutions for life's everyday challenges.

More articles of Diandra you find here.

Donna Kinniburgh

Donna Kinniburgh is a Deep Trance Medium who works in the style of Edgar Cayce with her husband Steve who acts as her director/conductor for these sessions. For 16 years Donna has channeled a large grouping of Spiritual entities who call themselves "REFLECTION", Donna and Steve have worked with and trained Deep Trance Mediums for over 20 years.

More articles of Donna Kinniburgh you find here.

Jane Roberts

Her work has been a major impact to the spiritual and new-age movement when her first book "Seth Speaks" came out. As a master-guide Seth spoke of the self-responsibility of creating your own reality, a concept nowadays almost promoted by any other channeled being. It was a major step in quality of channelings, and still set standards for channeled material.

    More articles of Jane Roberts you find here.

    Jani King

    Jani King was born and educated in New Zealand. Her first contact with the Pleiadian entity P'taah was in 1947 and occurred near the remote home of her parents among the pine forests near Putararu, New Zealand. The second conscious contact took place in 1961. The reason for the contact, and the emotions and thought patterns emerging from that contact made no sense until 1987, when Jani made contact with a channeled entity, St. Germain.

    More articles of Jani King you find here.

    John Payne

    John Payne is a gifted trance channeler who brings through a wise, witty and informative guide Omni. Together with Omni, John offers workshops, lectures and private consultations in Holland, Germany, Croatia, South Africa, Botswana, Brazil and the U.S.A. John is an Awakening Your Light Body teacher and a member of the Discovery Group. This group is made up of dedicated Lightworkers and teachers who study advanced light body techniques with Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman, together with their guide Orin and DaBen.

    More articles of John Payne you find here.

    Lisa Holloway

    Lisa Holloway is a teacher and student of higher learning and the process we call the "Awakening." She is honored to be a light/medium trance channel for Spirit Teachers who wish to assist on our journey home. Lisa channels Hilarion and other Beings of the Light to provide comfort, reassurance, and guidance to those who seek their connection with Source. Her work is published internationally. She is a Reiki master/teacher, an interfaith minister, and a practitioner of energy/vibrational medicine. Lisa conducts public and private channeling sessions.

    More articles of Lisa Holloway you find here.

    Lyssa Royal Holt

    Lyssa Royal Holt is an internationally recognized author, lecturer and channel. She was raised in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. While getting her B.A. degree in Psychology, she developed an interest in hypnosis and learned to place herself in altered states of consciousness for the purpose of stress management. This ability helped her to develop the necessary skills for her later development as a channel.

    More articles of Lyssa Royal you find here.

    Ronna Herman

    Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, new age practioner and teacher. She is also an internationally-known author, lecturer and fully conscious channel for Archangel Michael. Ronna holds workshops, and lectures and channels before large groups.

    More articles of Ronna Herman you find here.

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    Adventist revelation, huge book with 2000 pages about Local Universe to Life and Teaching of Jesus.
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    Metaphysical Channelings:

    Online Books: (comprehensive material)

    • Pleiadians-Book (Barbara J. Marciniak)
      Sixteen chapters, aprx. 90 pages long - first quality channeling, highly recommended
    • Mission of the One Star (Alloya Ye Ra Har)
      Full online-book, aprx. 130 pages long - first quality channeling, highly recommended
    • The Polaris Writings (Yoni, Shannon Dean Russell)
      Over 100 chapters on various metaphysical topics.
    • Relationships of Transformation (Bill Davidson)
      Twelve chapters on metaphysical view on the Self, its expression through human beingness coming from the inner worlds
    • Spirit Teachings (William Stainton Moses)
      Out of print spiritualism book online (published 1870), thirteen chapters with profound teachings
    • The Teaching (Kathleen Long)
      Divine teachings about the purpose and task of mankind and its relation to the thought world.

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    Misc. Channeling Information:

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