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Amazia (The Teaching, Die Lehre, La Enseñanza)
Account of a woman who could travel into the thought world to find out the purpose of life and the physical plane and channel it all to earth.
Lazaris Web Site
We are the organization that publishes and distributes the work by Lazaris. This includes over 200 titles of books, tapes, and videos that have been produced over the last 21 years that Lazaris has been communicating. We put on approximately 60 workshops per year all over the country. Our site contains a every growing public library of articles by Lazaris and Jach Pursel (channel for Lazaris) dealing with a wide range of topics in the new age spirituality and metaphysical areas. There is also a private library and forum for those that want to join.
Marcia's Garfden of Light
Current higher Dimensional channeling.
The WOOOF Zone is a resource for pathwalkers. We are dedicated to sharing information of assistance to all who walk the spirit path. We are continuing the healing mission of Stanley Burroughs, author of "Healing for the Age of Enlightenment". We are the source for "The Peace Commanding Presence Information", information, techniques, and a way of BEing for health, harmony, and tranquility.
The Portals of Light: Channeling Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy
Telepathic messages from the Spiritual Hierarchy, Space Command. Featuring the Conclave writings by Tuieta. Books and Tapes for Sale.
Abraham-Hicks: Discover Happiness, Prosperity, and Health in Abundance
Abraham-Hicks Publications sponsors workshops with Esther Hicks, a motivational speaker who delivers a message of Joy and Creation through dialogue with a group of spiritually evolved teachers who call themselves Abraham.
What is Channeling?
by C.C. Raphael and Lynn&xE9;a Deva Raphael. This excerpt from C.C. and Lynn&xE9;a's book reminds us that channeling has as many unique forms as the universe has beings
Anne Morse and the Transeekers
Trance-Channeler. She has been channeling The Transeekers since 1985 and has had over 1,500 private, public and research channeling sessions.This site explores channeling and New Age concepts.

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